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Exclamation mark.pngThis article or section contains speculation, opinions, or observations that may or may not be supported by official Square-Enix lore. It does not represent official lore or any sort of community consensus.

Tribal Details

Location: Scattered around Eorzea, with most living in either Gyr Abania or La Noscea
Race: Miqo'te
Clan: Seekers of the Sun
Tribe Indicator: J' (pronounced "jah")
Tribe Beast: The Jackal
Tribe Leaders: Unknown
Tribe Size: Unknown

Physical Characteristics

All Jackal tribe members are Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te. Beyond that, any trait or variation is possible, though some may be more common than others.

The majority of current NPC Jackal tribe members have pale or tan skin, brown or reddish hair, and vibrant eye colors (usually bright red, purple, or blue). The tail shape seems to be either straight or "lion-like", with the former being much more common.


Most information about the canon Jackal tribe structure and lifestyle is currently unknown. Thus, the following is a mixture of fanon and tidbits of lore obtained through observations and NPC dialogue.

Tribal Traditions, Rituals, and Beliefs

(Fanon) Some tribe members have popped up from Raincatcher Gully, who wear a bracelet or necklace with an Iron Acorn on it, a symbol to them, of strength, growth, and budding life. The tribe members from this area also are closer with nature, thus hoping to keep their home lush, fertile and growing like the area has been.

Tribal Law

Tribe Structure

Judging by the number of Jackal tribe members who seem to have integrated into other parts of Eorzean society, Jackal tribal structure is likely somewhat loose and spread-out. There seem to be a number of separate pockets of J tribe members, mostly scattered about Gyr Abania, La Noscea, and Thanalan. As there are no known nunhs, one can only guess as to how the tribe's hierarchy functions.

Combat Techniques

All of the Jackal tribe NPCs we have seen brandish their weapons so far are archers, lancers, or gladiators.

Tribal History

NPC numbers indicate that a large portion of the tribe hails from Gyr Abania. Before arriving there, the tribe would have migrated to Eorzea from Meracidia along with the other 25 Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te tribes during the Fifth Umbral Era.

What Outsiders See


"The Jackal tribe is all women, right? I hardly see a male.."


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None of record, females may mate with Nunh of other tribes to keep theirs going. Not accounted for in the lore.


J'zula Tia (NPC - Ala Mhigo)


J'rhoomale (NPC - Warrior of Darkness)

J'brohka (NPC - Wineport)

J'nangho (NPC - La Noscea)

J'nasshym (NPC - Limsa Lominsa)

J'dyalani (NPC - Ala Ghiri)

J'ghonako (NPC - Ala Ghiri)

J'nairoh (NPC - Ala Ghiri)

J Tribe Youngling (NPC - Ala Ghiri)

J'khebica (NPC - Rhalgr's Reach / Thanalan)

J'moldva (NPC - Rhalgr's Reach / Gridania)


Missing/Dead Tribe Members

J'arhll (1.x) (NPC - Limsa Lominsa)

J'ghonako (1.x) (NPC - Limsa Lominsa)

J'dyalani (1.x) (NPC - Camp Bluefog)

Family Tree


The Jackals of Ala Ghiri (canon characters, fanon lore)

There is a rather large population of J tribe members living in Ala Ghiri. No one is entirely sure how they came to be there, only that they are.

The Jorah Clan (fanon)

Currently, the "Jorah clan" (name unofficial) is comprised of three Jackal Clan Miqo'te: a father and his two daughters. The trio, originally from Ala Mhigo, fled shortly before the Garlean conquest of the area and resettled in the Black Shroud, where they lived for several years while bouncing around from settlement to settlement in search of a place to call home. (to be continued)



Please note that this is 100% a work in progress, and anyone can add information or characters whenever they like. The goal here is to accumulate all known J tribe lore into one place so that it is easy to locate and use. Feel free to create sub-pages or sections describing smaller groups or sects within the tribe; I would expect those to be commonplace!


The structure of this wiki page is based on the wiki page of the Sagolii Hipparion tribe (link here). The organization of that page is so beautiful that I just had to base this page upon it! Rest assured, though, that none of the actual lore will ever be copied; I'm just terrible at structuring information. ^^'