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Settled in the warm clime of Vylbrand, this small sect of the Jaguar tribe has carved out an existence alongside the native Lominsans with which they share the island. What began as a simple culture striving to survive in the hopes that they could enjoy the sun and stars, and live in peace, has turned into a well-structured tribe that deals in many aspects of the Lominsan hierarchy.

Tribe Details

Location: All over Vylbrand
Race: Miqo'te
Clan: Seekers of the Sun
Tribe Indicator: Y' (Pronounced Yah)
Tribe Beast: The Fierce Jaguar
Tribe Leader: Chief Y'rikke
Tribe Size: Large
Breeding Nunh: Y'ashake Nunh


Due to the Jaguar Tribe taking in any Miqo'te that they deem worthy or necessary, including Keepers, their appearances vary wildly and there seems to be no set pattern to a lot of them.

Tribal Structure


Settled in the warm clime of Vylbrand, this small sect of the Jaguar tribe has carved out an existence alongside the native Lominsans with which they share the island. What began as a simple culture striving to survive in the hopes that they could enjoy the sun and stars, and live in peace, has turned into a well-structured tribe that deals in many aspects of the Lominsan hierarchy.

While the tribe operates as most do, there is a divisory line that splits how the tribe handles their affairs.

Cultural is the first. The Miqo'te of the Jaguar uphold Seeker traditions in the knowledge that they are not limited by it. The tribe will always be home to those born of it, even if individuals choose a different path. Should an inability to sustain numbers become a threat, such openness will be temporarily restricted until a solution has been found. Until then, the members of the Jaguar are free to do as they wish, within reason.

The second is social. The integration of Lominsan traditions into Seeker ones, how it affects the tribe, and how open the tribe is with those who dwell in the settlements and Limsa Lominsa. The Jaguar have allowed themselves to adapt to La Noscea, and trade, work, and even friends cross from tribe to city without much difficulty. Several Jaguar Miqo'te can be seen living in the city itself, employed as Merchants, Yellowjackets, Maelstrom officers as well as in the Bismarck and Melvaan's Gate. Most Jaguar, however, do not stray outside of Vylbrand.

The third and final segment of the Jaguar tribe is combat. Most believe this falls under a combination of cultural and social, but that is not so. One key aspect of Jaguar tradition is hunting. Maintaining numbers of usually four or five members, the dedicated hunters of the Jaguar are known as 'Rahzarr Kahl'. The most elite hunters follow this path, either trained from birth, or allowed under exceptional circumstances. The Rahzarr Kahl, the name given to the idea of hunting amongst the Jaguar, has become this dedicated group amongst the tribe. The transition was first noted during usual hunts. Vylbrand, possessed of notable large beasts and dangerous monsters, required a change to the prey they were used to before coming to Eorzea. From there, the ages have transformed the way the Jaguar tribe approaches hunting. Defence of the tribe, while the responsibility of everyone in the tribe, falls most importantly to the Rahzarr Kahl. Eventually, in a time of struggle, the Jaguar allowed Limsa to hire the services of the Rahzarr Kahl to quell those most dangerous of beasts and monsters.

As it stands today, the Rahzarr Kahl are as much mercenaries as hunters, though their loyalty remains, rightly so, to the tribe above themselves. There have been exceptions, but this is the accepted way of things.

The tribe maintains approximately thirty members, give or take, with four to five per generation being selected as Rahzarr Kahl (Name subject to change). The tribe layout I have currently consists of three Tia for the current generation, two Tia and one Nunh from the older generation, and a newborn cub. The rest are (obviously) females. The Rahzarr Kahl does not discriminate by gender. Both males and females are welcome. A lot of this is open to be discussed, altered, and expanded upon, and I'd love the opportunity to collaborate with my fellow RPers.

Rahzarr Kahl

As the elite hunters of the Jaguar, the selection process for the Rahzarr Kahl is firm and strict. Not only must a candidate demonstrate skill and ability, they are also considered for their utility as part of the whole. Rahzarr Kahl rarely hunt alone.

In the early stages of the tribe, the Rahzarr Kahl were not known by name, but rather the techniques they were shown. Strength. Agility. A keen mind and an ability to work well as a team. These were the things that made up the hunters of the Jaguar Tribe.

It began with Kahl. Greatest Hunter of the Y. His list of accomplishments were detailed and many. Possessed of an innate magical talent, and an almost otherworldly skill at mastering all forms of weaponry, from axe, to blade, to bow, Kahl was heralded as a Hunter among Hunters, a new breed in what a Miqo'te Hunter should strive to be. Not content in his younger years to stay close to his tribe, Kahl wandered the realm in search of greater conquests. From the deserts of the Sagolii to the snowy tundras of Coerthas. His travels often brought him into contact with numerous beasts, but despite their size and aggression, which would send most running in the other direction, he slew those beasts he found. His reputation grew, and when he retuned to his tribe, the Nunh willingly gave up his position and offered it to Kahl.

Kahl bested him in combat anyway.

Y'kahl Nunh. The original Hunter.

Many in the tribe beseeched to learn from him, and eventually, he gathered the most promising hunters in his tribe and taught them. From the best of those, he formed the first group of Monster Hunters.

When Y'kahl Nunh passed, the group continued the tradition of passing on their knowledge and training. Generation after generation, the bloodline of the Hunter Kahl continues to this day. There are other Y tribes out there, but only can claim ancestry to Kahl. Eventually, they came to be called Rahzarr Kahl.

As the tribe currently is, each member is given similar training from birth. Cultural, social, and combat. Hunting, foraging, schooling and tradition are all taught. This training usually starts at birth to the age of 12-15, depending on the individual. Even as a trainee, each member is responsible for contributing to the tribe. During this time, the Tribe elders select the best hunters to be considered as Rahzarr Kahl.

In this fashion, even those that are not Tribe-born are given equal opportunity to become Rahzarr Kahl. Once selected, a member is offered extensive training separate from his peers, from Rikke himself. While they can refuse such an offer, it is extremely rare. To be Rahzarr Kahl is considered one of the highest honours. Regardless of age, one is not an official member of the RK until they come of age and are considered an adult. In the Y Tribe, this age is 16, though it is not unheard of for older members to join the Rahzarr Kahl as well. Usually, when a new member joins the ranks, an old one leaves. This ensures that each generation of Rahzarr Kahl remains in due shape. The young filter out the old.

While there is no official leader of the group, Rikke is considered to be head of the Rahzarr Kahl. When on hunts outside of the tribe, the group operates as a team, though in most cases one usually steps up to lead in an unofficial capacity. This is can be decided by several factors. Age. Length of time one has been a Rahzarr Kahl. Strength. And sometimes it's simple who gave the order first.

It is also not uncommon for members of the Rahzarr Kahl to seek outside training to further their knowledge and experience. Once chosen, they have leave to do what they wish in order to better themselves, under the agreement that their loyalty to the Y be unshakeable, and that they return at least once a month. Should a member be gone for a period of a year or more without contact, their membership is revoked and they are no longer considered Rahzarr Kahl. After all, what use is a hunting unit if there's no unit?

Tribal Law

All are welcome so long as resources will support them
The Rahzarr Kahl are free to travel but must return home every 3 months, a year without contact will result in replacement


The earliest relevant event is when Rikke defeated Ihz in combat and took over the tribe as the new Nunh. This occurred seven years before Amra was born, and I'll be using his age as a baseline for the sequence of events. Amra is 22 years of age.

As a member of the Rahzarr Kahl, Y'rikke Tia was inducted at the mere age of thirteen. Younger than most, but his exceptional combat skills set him apart from his peers. His fellow Tia, Y'ashake and Y'tyaka, were not offered a place in the RK. Not at first. During the initial trial amongst the three Tia, Tyaka was bested early, leaving Rikke and Ashake to vie for the right to challenge Ihz. The result of their match ended in a draw, though the bout was proof enough for Ashake to earn himself a spot in the Rahzarr Kahl, despite never quite achieving the same level of authority Rikke did. Rikke quickly established himself in the Rahzarr Kahl, and within the first ten years of his time as a hunter, he had adopted the role of unofficial leader. He was in prime position to take over as Nunh. At 20 years of age, Rikke bested both his fellow Tia in combat and challenged the Nunh, winning the bout.

He bore a few daughters during his seven-year reign as Nunh, and also fathered two sons. Kihba and Amra. During this period, the tribe saw a time of growth, their numbers swelling from 24 to 29 in that time, and the Rahzarr Kahl, while already established as a prime hunting unit in greater La Noscea, achieved official recognition by Lominsan society as Hunters of Notorious Monsters and other threats to the land.

Ashake, still in the Rahzarr Kahl at this point, ended up challenging Tyaka, and then Rikke to combat, and won the ensuing fight. His rise to Nunh-hood saw him leave as a member of the Rahzarr Kahl. Rikke, despite his defeat, maintained his authority as Chief, and to this day is still considered one of the greatest hunters the Rahzarr Kahl has ever seen. At the time when Ashake took over as Nunh, Ndelika was pregnant with Amra, making him Rikke's last-born child.

Ashake's time as Nunh has lasted for the past 22 years, and the tribe continues to grow and thrive. He had many daughters, and offered refuge to those few Miqo'te outsiders they found as well. Ashake recently fathered his first son, 2 year old Y'tahl Tia.

Over the course of those 22 years, the Jaguar Tribe was not without struggle. They were not the only tribe to inhabit La Noscea. An splinter N tribe settled close enough that they were considered a threat, and the I tribe, while small, presented both problems and help.

When Rikke first met with N'undai Nunh many years ago, before Ashake bested him, to say their meeting did not go well would be an understatement. To be fair, it was doomed regardless. The meeting was brought about because Rikke had taken not one, but two N tribe females into his bed.

At the same time.

Undai was not pleased, and demanded compensation for this betrayal. There were numerous offers, from the disbanding of the Rahzarr Kahl, to the stepping down of Rikke as Nunh, to having two Y Tribe females sent to the N tribe. All of these were denied, and the two tribes have been on sour terms ever since. Several times, the current generation Tia on both sides have engaged in non-fatal, but violent clashes.

The I tribe, on the other hand, are much more pleasant company. Unlike the Y Tribe, many of their Miqo'te possess magical abilities, and it isn't strange to see those few in the Y spend time with the I tribe to learn. They are led by I'kahn Nunh, who has held his Nunh-hood for more than forty years.

Other notable issues were presented by way of pirates, raiders, and even slavers at times who roamed the La Noscea wilderness.

The Calamity saw a major upheaval in the tribe. Three of the four members of the Rahzarr Kahl were killed at Cartenau, and Rikke was left searching for a way to fill out the tribes main source of income. He and Ashake both garnered much respect from the tribe for getting them through that time in one piece, and the tribe has been gradually returning to a thriving state.

One notable event is that the Rahzarr Kahl now maintain a loose partnership with the Grand Companies of Eorzea. Recent years has seen the GCs take over a large aspect of hunting, along with the implementation of the Raimdelle Codex, which the RK now have access to along with their already immense tribe records. On the surface, this partnership is amicable, but it was born of necessity, and Amra in particular is resentful of the way hunting has begun to be controlled so tightly by the GCs.

Outsider Speculation

From an outsider perspective the Jaguar Tribe that resides in La Noscea would seem to be a traditional tribe that has since modernized itself to survive and flourish in the ever evolving world around them, while keeping their roots in mind. They would see a band of skilled mercenaries and jacks of all trades that are not to be trifled with so long as one would wish to live out their days to old age, they might also see a valuable ally and resource should they get past the gates of their world.



Y'ashake Nunh


Y'rikke Tia

Tias (15-30)

Y'amra Tia (22) {Player Character}
Y'atoh Tia (23) {Player Character}
Y'kihba Tia (25)

Females (15-30)

Y'hrora Ashake (19) {Player Character}
Y'hime Ashake (24) {Player Character}
Y'dyalana Rohf (19) {Player Character}
Y'rhel Tyaka (18) {Player Character}
Y'anna Rikke
Y'ailaba Nandae
Y'whoka Nandae
Y'undele Umege
Y'aiyanna Raha
Y'irabe Frikka
Y'oschelle Pele
Y'lantaa Ashake
Y'tola Injaa
Y'terra Ashake
Y'luffe Odh
Y'senna Rikke
Y'irinna Okha

Children (0-14)

Y'anata Ashake (1)
Y'tahl Tia (2) {First male child of Ashake Nunh}
Y'sophe Inaba (3) {Orphaned child of separate tribe taken in by Jaguar}

Elders (40+)

Y'ashake Nunh (46)
Y'Rikke Tia (49) {Former Nunh before Ashake, and father of current generation Tia. Also in charge of training RK recruits and Tribe Chieftain} {Player Character}
Y'Tyaka Tia (47) {Hunter Teacher}
Y'ndelika Ihz {Magic Teacher. Amra and Hrora's mother}
Y'ahli Osha {Separate Tribe}
Y'umi Ihz {Huntress teacher.}
Y'roka Korra {Culture Teacher}


Y'ihz Nunh
Y'korra Tia

Tribal Associates

Note: This section is for those who have had dealings with the tribe in some way or another. Any players who express interest without being directly involved will likely be placed here. 
Rez Aria (24) {Spent a year with the tribe helping out in exchange for shelter when he fell on hard times. Left for his own purposes, but has recently returned} {Player Character}

OOC Afterword

Work in progress! Nothing is final! Characters are still up for grabs, and if you'd like to be part of us just send a /tell in game to Y'amra Tia or PM Y'amra on the RPC!