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"I don't like you."


Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon || Wolndara clan
Age 26
Nameday 28th Sun of the 1st Astral Moon
Deity Menphina, the Lover
Marital Status Unmarried
Occupation Unskilled Laborer || Tribal Huntsman
Height 5 fulms 10 ilms
Weight 180 ponz

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Described as prickly at first sight (at least by the men), Jinh'a Wolndara is an individual who can be characterized mostly by his seemingly intense dislike of males. The reasoning for this is unclear to all but those who have gotten to know his family, and he's not looking to change that anytime soon. Jinh is fiercely protective over his sisters to the point where it takes minimal effort to goad him into fistfights over their virtue and/or reputation. Those who have gotten past his thorny exterior and excessive suspicions, however, will find in him a true friend and unwavering loyalty, marked by occasional bouts of over-protectiveness.


His sisters
Sleeping in trees




Faults: Overprotective, Obsessive, Short-tempered
Favorite Flavors: Salty, Spicy, Selective Bitterness
Favorite Color: Blue

Childhood ❧


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(easy to overhear)
"Smells like Rat shit." - Cass Enciel probably.
" 'Eard he likes Tarantula's.. in his soup, his hair, his ladies.. I dunno." - Zeean Wraithor probably.


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(rumors from the characters of other players)
Romantic Interest Platonic Love Good Standing Poor Standing

Cass Enciel () - Because Cass more or less slid too close to Khoma for either of her siblings' comfort, Jinh'a's initial impression of the miqo'te was not a favorable one. It got even worse when the boy called the Brass Blades down onto him, ending up in Jinh'a spending a night in gaol that was cut short by Zaye's merciful hand. After a quick conversation with his long time friend, which revealed the importance of Cass to Zaye's organization, Jinh begrudgingly tucked away any grievances and looks after the boy as a little brother. An obnoxious little brother, but one all the same.

Diadae Niera () - A Highlander female Jinh'a met around the same time he encountered Patsu'a. Although Diadae didn't share the same dislike of Patsu and instead seemed insistent on singing praises of the Keeper, Jinh didn't really hold any negative feelings towards her despite how hostile he may have seemed. Meeting her again the second time was a bit more pleasant until he found out Patsu was in the pool nearby, but the woman's pleasant nature and reassuring attitude was enough to stem the tide of Jinh'a's annoyance, for the time being. His third encounter was a confusing one; talk of "marriages" and "weddings" and "bridesmaid's gowns" went completely over his head, but he's slowly coming to like her a little bit at a time.

Ehjo'sae Nhorsa () - A Keeper of the Moon Jinh accidentally propositioned during their first meeting. After the initial embarrassment, Ehjo'sae's sunny disposition and kind words were enough to help Jinh regain his composure, and the two became fast friends. The Keeper's naivete and positive outlook on the world around him speaks to Jinh's overprotective nature, and it's not too far of a stretch to assume that the blond would instantly leap to Ehjo'sae's defense and protect his well-being, should the need ever arise.

J'ndae Tia () - A loudmouthed, rude boy who came to bother Jinh while he was eating and winding down from a pleasant day in the Shroud. Having apparently borne witness to Jinh taking his frustrations out on the striking dummies in the Thanalans during his free time between jobs, J'ndae mistakenly believed Jinh to be a runner with the Pugilists' Guild and decided to demand some informal training from him. Jinh refused and ignored the Seeker's further goads, which only made the miqo'te angry enough to challenge Jinh to a match outside the city, in the hopes that Jinh would rise to the bait and give him an informative beatdown. After encountering J'ndae with his sister Khoma just beyond the city's walls, Jinh'a was finally incensed enough to brawl the Seeker like he'd wanted and the pair walked off with matching bruises and black eyes.

Khoma Wolndara () - Jinh's third youngest sister, at 23. Despite being a Wolndara (or maybe because of that) she has a lot more sense than her siblings and often acts as the voice of reason whenever Jinh gets too frustrated.

Lokhuri Wolndara () - Jinh's second youngest sister, at 22. Lokhuri's quiet, but her good looks and soft expression don't appease Jinh's worries in the slightest, and he's glad for any excuse to return to the Shroud to check on her.

Muru Wolndara () - Jinh's youngest sister, at 17. Though he worries for her the most out of all his siblings, her carefree, naive attitude works as a double-edged sword for any would-be suitors trying to gain her affections. Muru's greatest loves in her life are her adventurer lifestyle, her family, and fishing. Anything aside from that falls by the wayside.

Patsu'a Kett () - The first encounter with this suspiciously dark Keeper was not a good one. Jinh decided right off the bat he didn't like him, and rather than leave it at that Patsu'a spent a majority of the night teasing and goading him and trying to discover the root of Jinh's dislike. Even after branding him a witch, consecutive encounters with Patsu'a didn't end as poorly as expected; Jinh's sisters took an instant liking to him, and it wasn't until he glimpsed Patsu'a at a seemingly innocent party with all the Keeper's acquaintances that Jinh started reconsidering his decision. A rendezvous at the same pool suns later ended in a sweeter impression of the miqo'te, and Jinh would be lying if he said he didn't enjoy the Keeper's presence more these days.

Zaye'a Rashonti () - A Keeper of the Moon Jinh's known since childhood, and one of his most trusted friends. Jinh'a considers him a brother of sorts, enough so he will actually leave his sisters in the man's care while he takes care of business. His relationship with Zaye'a is complicated; while he has his moments where he feels like the miqo'te would turn him in for a sack of gil at any time, Zaye'a always keeps his loyalty at the end of the day, much to Jinh's relief. While not a comfort, Zaye nonetheless is generous with voicing his opinion and advice on Jinh's behavior and his antics, oftentimes with sharp words and a plying smile. Nevertheless, Jinh takes these remarks into consideration whenever he makes a decision, for even though they can come off as a double-edged knife, it's rare for Zaye to ever steer him wrong and so it's easy for Jinh to place his trust in that simple fact.

Notes ❧

I have very few limits with regard to content in dark RP; seriously, I've probably played everything at some point or another (murder, mental abuse, maiming, sexual content, etc). I'm always open to random tells/chats for conversation or plotting, so don't be afraid to say hi! If I take a little while it's probably because I'm tabbed out, but I usually try and get to all tells within a reasonable amount of time unless I'm AFK sleeping or get disconnected. Also, my timezone is PST but I work the late shift, so I'm mostly around in the mornings/early afternoons. Sometimes super early in the a.m., depending on if I can sleep or not.

In-Game ❧

Jinh'a is pretty hostile towards men because of his overbearing nature towards his sisters, so there's a high likelihood first encounters with him will end in a negative impression or a fistfight. I'd love to rp more fighting using the /random system, honestly, so hit me up if that's your thing! ღ

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