Kallera Etoile

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Gridania-transparent.png Kallera Etoile
Kallera Profile pic.jpeg
Gender Female
Race Elezen
Clan Duskwight
Citizenship Gridania
Active Classes Pugilist, Dark Knight

General Appearance/Markings

A Duskwight Elezen hailing from Gridania, Kallera is an adventurer of around 26 summers. She has pale white skin, dark freckles, and a small scar on her left cheek. Her hair is naturally black, though she has at times preferred red highlights. Her eyes are magenta, and she uses no lip coloring.

Basic Info

Despite attempting to start out as a craftswoman, Kallera has been known for being a fighter in her adventurering career, often taking levequests or protection jobs. Whether as a Dark Knight or a Pugilist, Kallera has a mild and understanding nature to those in need, which becomes a cold ruthlessness to her opponents once swords cross.

Kallera's accepting nature and perchant for odd jobs hides a restless soul, one who is realizing she lacks an understanding of the greater world around her.



  • Martial Arts
  • Chocobos
  • teaching
  • social gatherings
  • Triple Triad


  • finances(is a penny pincher)
  • aetherology
  • city guards
  • heat waves


  • Gets annoyed when people address her as "Etoile"
  • says a half filed glass is half empty.
  • good with kids
  • uses the wrong slang at times


Kallera is often light on the details of her pre calamity history, if she brings it up at all.


Etoile Kallera's life began in the West forest of the Black Shroud, the only daughter of Jushiraux and Estelle Kallera, a pair of poachers who worked with the goblin merchants in the area. She knows of no other relatives. Her parents were loving and sweet, though much of their life revolved around showing other people only what they wanted to see, a trait Etoile took to heart. While her father was the brains of the couple, being a handyman and trapmaker, Etoile looked up to her mother, whose fighting skill made her look unstoppable to the young lass. For a time, Jushiraux and Estelle hid the details of their illegal business to Etoile, and Etoile's existence to just about anyone. Over time, however, the girl grew curious, and the threats grew closer to home. The couple feared for her future, since she could be a target for both wood wailers and thugs, or forced into a life of crime. They sought a better life for their daughter, and after teaching her some basics in the tanning trade and self defense, sent her away at the age of 13 to Gridania under a changed name.

pre calamity

Kallera's life since declaring her citizenship in Gridania has often been one of feast or famine. With the proceeds from adventuring part time, she got a start making and selling her wares on the market board. She worked up enough money for a comfortable living, and even fought in the defense of her home.

In the time after the battle of Carteneau, her wealth was lost in a cleical error due to her name change at the adventurer's guild.


After the calamity, Kallera was soon homeless, and her attempts at getting back her business was stopped at every turn, leaving her with selling her skills as a sellsword and laborer, gaining a knack for the hatchet. She was one of the victims in a scam among desperate adventurers involving fake job crystals. what she didn't know was that there was a genuine one among them. Fairly unknowledgeable about the abyss or aether, Kallera was hallucinating and hearing voices, convinced she was on until her mentor(ironically the one who planted it in the first place for a lead)taught her control over them. it was a tumultous relationship between the two however as she started to resent his lessons and handiwork. Despite being the recipient of his belongings, Kallera was unwilling to take up his work with stamping out Gridanian racism when he died, and bought a home in Lavender Beds, taking only his one retainer.

Remnants Fallen

She spent some time adventuring full time afterwards, her pugilist skill now more for the physical training, and her dark knight skills for adventuring. Meeting some other dark knights with control problems caused Kallera to spend some time teaching others as a fighting instructor, to her enjoyment and some success.

Shortly after her students left her to seek their own path, Kallera was among a large group of adventures that were caught in Odin's return in the South shroud. There she suffered a injury from the primal's attacks that affected her ability to safely manipulate aether. Unable to tap into her training as a Dark Knight, and finding her injury needing specific care, Kallera went back to her pugilist roots for a time, helping Kisumi Mimsy take in a Lalafell merchant for questioning.


Kallera had asked A'Vette Rayoh, also known as "The Crimson Songstress", to regale a stirring tale to A'Vette involving someone she met in Ishgard, a promise she had made when she first met the bard at the Drowning Wench... though the tale of the knight called "Demoncet" went unfinished, Kallera's own tale with A'Vette was just beginning. Brought in and welcomed as part of A'Vette and Alexis' growing family, Kallera helped the pair in various assignments and requests, including an attack on a Garlean installation that had been researching the Echo.


Kallera tries to keep her composure among others. Among an adventuring party, she tries to not be the leader, and prefers to seek guidance, though some situations demand her own disruptive touch. When alone or not on duty, she finds it easier to let out her stress and "take the low road."

Her glamour, whether as a disguise or in armor, isn't without some personal touches. She takes this further as a pugilist with lighter clothing, though she has made a note to use some protection through using gauntlets and weapons that can turn away attacks.

While not as much as before, Kallera still chafes at being referred to as "Etoile" only.

Her opinion on Garleans is slightly negative, several incursions and problems among her friends have led her to regard officers or pureblood garleans with suspicion. She's unwilling to paint them all with a broad brush, partially due to her own experience as a Duskwight in Gridania.


not at all a comprehensive list!

A'Vette the Crimson Songstress

One of the few people Kallera discusses The Echo with, Kallera sees A'Vette as a firey go-getter, that is at her best with using all her talents, rather than focusing on just one. A real jack of all trades, A'Vette's passion may get her into trouble, but without it, she wouldn't be A'Vette at all.

Alexis McCalister

Alexis is one of Kallera's friends. They met through A'Vette, at the Drowning Wench one day, but truly started being friends when they began adventuring together, sharing a affinity for the longsword. As Alexis is a family woman, Kallera might become a little more wary of endorsing her idea of a distraction.

Takeshi Isamu

Though they had only a few official lessons together, Kallera enjoys hearing about Takeshi's travels and practicing. having been with him through some tough times, Kallera has been glad he has been pulling through on his own again.

Star Amethysta

Despite being long time friends, Star's recent loss of memory has led to Star not recognizing Kallera and thinking she is crazy. Kallera has since kept her distance from Star, keeping her mind busy with other concerns.

Talian Ostrider

While there is little doubt that Talian is on the right side of the law, and a good friend of Star's, Talian has a habit of finding Kallera in the worst moments. Kallera doesn't mind him, though a prior altercation between the two resulted in her getting arrested and having some explaining to do. At the end of the day, Talian is a good man, and surely cannot help being an omen of bad luck.

Kisumi Mimsy

Trusts, to a fault. While the extent of this hasn't (and hopefully won't) been tested, Kallera often finds support and comfort in Kisumi, and tries to be the same for her.

Codec Icyobi

Codec is...special. Kallera is jealous of Codec at times, seeing him as the shining knight of confidence, as if completely blind to the empty bottle collection on his table that make his feats possible. There is a certain way Codec says hello that Kallera finds disarming. If there is anything that sets the two truly at odds it is sadly, the Garleans. Codec has an undying hatred for the Empire. While Kallera would never argue such feelings to him or any of her friends, sharing that hatred is a line she dare not cross.

Other Notes