Kamome Greywing

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Kamome Greywing
The Gull of Doma
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Nameday 3rd Sun, 3rd Astral Moon, 1563 (Age 17)
Guardian Llymlaen, the Navigator
Alignment Lawful Good
Profession Page (小姓)
Voice Claim Hayami Saori
Music Theme "The Way Back" by GONTITI

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Kamome “Gull” Greywing is a young page to Clan Ryuga and a novice footman of the underground Gekokujo Initiative. She and her patron, the Auri Hingan lord Yahata Ryuga, oppose Garlemald by serving the military interests of Hingashi and Doma from a covert base near the port of Limsa Lominsa on the isle of Vylbrand.


Alabaster skin, sable hair and coal-dark eyes mark Kamome's Doman origins. Her demeanor is far more solemn than that of most seventeen year-olds. To strangers, her brows seem to be almost eternally knit in concentration. However, the girl can be caught smiling warmly to herself during her morning patrols along Vylbrand’s rugged coastline and in the company of her cherished allies. She has a coltish, lean-muscled figure.

Kamome owns only a few garments of her own: a well-worn kurta, a pair of oversized sarouel and goatskin shoes. Even in times of poverty, she always strives to keep a clean appearance and carry herself with dignity. She seems out of place in the finer garments provided to her by her patrons, the Ryuga family.


Doman folktales
The ocean breeze
Fresh seafood
Hard training
Decisive action
Disrespect to the kami
Indifference to the Garleans
Food: Persimmon Leaf Sushi
Drink: Doman Tea
Sweet: Persimmons
Color: Ink Blue
Place: Kinkai Village [近海村]
Festival: Heavensturn
Virtues: Diligence, Charity
Vices: Wrath, Gluttony
Religion: Native Doman
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Dreams: Her family reunited
Aether: Wind, Water, Earth


Kamome’s personality conveys itself diversely, her outward behavior highly dependent on the rank, class and national origin of the opposite party. To her fellow Domans, especially the hyuran Domans she knew and loved before leaving Doma, Kamome appears no more than typical, friendly and open-hearted young woman who was always happy to help the laborers in her small shipping village, hunt rabbits with the village boys and fish with her friends and family on the village docks. Before coming to Eorzea, her only contact was with hyuran Domans and a handful of merchants of other races. Therefore, her interactions with members of other races, especially the Xaela and Raen, who were spoken of in respectively dreadful and admiring tones, remain extremely biased and colored by stereotype.

Outwardly, when she is outside of Doman lands or the company of fellow Doman peasants, Kamome acts with high levels of deference and perceives almost anyone as her automatic superior in rank and social standing. As someone who has lived her entire life as a classless, nameless daughter of poor merchants, her life has taught her to treat anyone not from her home village as nobility, relative to herself. Honorifics, bows and titles accordingly pepper her conversation and limit the amount of honest, open conversation she can conduct with those unfamilar to her. However, once she has shared a battlefield or meal with an ally, the outlines of her true personality can be discerned.

No raw strength
Extremely vengeful
Impulsive in judgment
Helmeted or masked faces
Pirate vessels
Intimate touch
Feeling helpless in a fight
Loss or death of her family
Never seeing Doma again
Extended seaborne travel
Strong willpower
High capacity for hope
Excellent physical endurance
Extremely loyal
Never leaves a debt unpaid
Piety and respect of the kami
Kid Samurai
Idiot Hero
Naïve Newcomer
Penny Among Diamonds
Japanese Spirit
Literal Minded
Lord Error-Prone

Garnet from Final Fantasy IX, Iroha from Final Fantasy XI, Agrias Oaks from Final Fantasy Tactics, Miyuki from Tōkyō Godfathers, Noriko Somiya from Yasujirō Ozu’s Noriko Trilogy, Sasha Blouse from Attack on Titan, Rin Asano from Blade of the Immortal, Sōjirō Seta from Rurōni Kenshin


Fukurō Greywing, Father
Suzume Greywing, Mother
Gachō Greywing, Brother
Shigi Greywing, Sister
Marcus Steelsong
The Garlean Empire
The Crew of the Golden Cup


Good Standing     Neutral Standing     Poor Standing    

[NPC] Suzume Greywing - Kamome's mother, presumed killed in the First Doman Rebellion of 1577. She was a brilliant financial and strategic mind; the village's success was a direct result of her encouraging the poor fishermen and women to initially work with the Garleans and become merchants and shippers. She convinced them to allow her family to adapt their small boats in to trading vessels that would bring the villagers wealth. Kamome admired and respected Suzume beyond anyone else, as did the villagers. She will never forget the sight of her mother standing defiant before the Garlean soldiers as they entered the village, and hopes dearly that it won’t be her last memory of her mother.

[NPC] Fukurō Greywing - Kamome's father, presumed killed in the First Doman Rebellion of 1577. Fukurō was the most educated man in Kamome’s small hometown village. He studied the nature and use of the elements and applied his knowledge to the family's business; understanding the currents of the sea and wind proved an invaluable asset. Kamome learned much from him, as he was always eager to share with her his studies and secrets. She remembers him fondly as a kind and gentle man, but feels anger when she recalls his standing by as the Garleans attacked, without resistance. Why did he not fight back? Why could he not use the magic he commanded?

[NPC] Gachō Greywing - Kamome's younger brother, who survived the Doman Rebellion of 1577. He is fourteen years old, and a promising young sailor and carpenter. From a very young age, Gachō was eager to help the fishermen build and repair their boats. He spent most days on the beach with the other children of the village, trying to cobble together simple rafts. Kamome does not know what became of him during the massacre of her vlillage, only that he was playing by the docks earlier that day.

[NPC] Shigi Greywing - Kamome's younger sister, who survived the Doman Rebellion of 1577. She is barely ten years old and loves nothing more than to chase flocks of seabirds along the shore. She disappeared shortly after the massacre of the village began.

[PC] Marcus Steelsong - A Highlander man key to Kamome's escape of her burning village. However, her hatred towards him is stronger than the fiercest of maelstroms. Despite the rage she harbors, and much to her frustration, Kamome owes him her life. They voyaged to Eorzea together by sea with other survivors but he disappeared, without a trace, as soon as the vessel was captured by pirates. Though relieved that the sight of his face no longer hounds her, she must discover where he went and what became of him and if he betrayed her people.

Background (1563 - 1581)

A young Doman girl was once only seen working on the docks of Limsa Lominsa—known by most simply as 'Gull', the Eorzean translation of her Doman name. Sun after sun, the young hyur woman can be seen alongside other refugees weaving nets, moving cargo and counting gil under the hawkish watch of two salty-browed thugs. She has called Eorzea home for less than two moons, and the fact is painfully obvious in her daily struggles to navigate the chaos of the city's Lower Decks. She possesses martial skill limited to the basic fist fighting needed for survival in her line of work. However, she has a remarkable talent for understanding the currents of the sea and wind. In the dim light of early mornings, she can be found perched high above the port's stench of fish and salt. There she is always looking across the Rhotano Sea, feeling the fresh wind on her face and watching the ships come and go.

A Village by the Sea

Kamome was born in a remote, seaside village eight years after the establishment of Garlean rule in Doma. Rugged beauty and the peaceful sound of waves surrounded her childhood home. In this idyllic place, her only fears were of dark-armored soldiers who would come to the docks every moon to trade.

Her family ran a small but lucrative shipping company in cooperation with the town's fishermen. The company, and thus the village, thrived under Imperial rule by capitalizing on Garlemald's need to supply its forces. Prosperity reigned and occupation seemed a blessing to the once-impoverished villagers. During this tranquil time, Kamome trained with her father, a navigator and academic who had come from a larger town to the countryside settlement only after marriage. He charted the company's maritime routes and studied the currents of both sea and wind as an Eorzean Skywatcher observes the coming and going of storms and sunshine. Through this education, young Kamome developed a early sensitivity to the subtleties of the aether around her.

Wings of Rebellion

As she came of age, whispers began to spread of Imperial oppression and persecution of the Doman people. Soon after these rumors began, Kamome's parents covertly lent their aid to Doman smugglers, offering use of their little-known village as a safe harbor. Working as double agents, the company quietly sabotaged Garlean supply runs under the masterful tactics of Kamome's mother, Suzume Greywing. Words of support for outright revolt became common on the docks.

The Doman Rebellion erupted shortly after Kamome's sixteenth nameday. In a betrayal of her parents' trust, smugglers captured by the Garleans revealed the treason their village had committed against the Empire. Within two bells, soldiers descended on the villagers and what ensued was wholesale slaughter. Kamome's mother and young sister were the first to die.

A Cruel Mercy

Kamome wishes nothing more desperately than to forget the circumstances of her survival on that day. She was beaten, then taken from the village as a deserter's hostage after Imperial infighting left one of their own officers murdered. Of her journey to Eorzea she remembers only the violence, hunger and cruelty; never before the voyage on that cramped barge had she been forced to fight to protect herself. Nor had she ever known the depravity some men and women were capable of. By the time the vessel reached Limsa Lominsa's port, she and the other passengers lay weak and near death. Upon arrival, trafficking and smuggling cartels immediately extorted and indentured the arrivals who were fit to work. Kamome's life in Eorzea had begun—but she had become little more than a slave in this threatening foreign land.

Current Storyline

Salt in the Water

Never one for excessive talk, Kamome has become even more reticent as a resident of Limsa Lominsa. She remains unaccustomed to the noise and crudeness of the city and she never feels truly safe, even working among some of her own countrymen on the docks. She has difficulty placing trust in others after the traumatic events of the past year. Due to this, she seeks out the city's less populated corners when she finds a moment to escape her work.

Deep inside, Kamome is lonely and filled with anger. Her natural inclinations are family-oriented and now, without her parents and siblings, she feels empty. Flashbacks of the massacre of her village are never far behind her. Even so, the girl has a defiant spirit that helps to soothe her melancholy. She lives with a sense of purpose; on the rare occasion that she does confide in others, she reveals her sincere belief that the Garleans will be defeated by the heroes of Eorzea. She slaves away on the docks with such great dedication because she believes she could become such a hero—just like the Warriors of Light who gave up their lives confronting Garlemald's evil. Beneath her guarded demeanor, Kamome holds tightly to a hope that there are Eorzeans who would fight nobly alongside her against their common enemy. When she does encounter a kind face among the throng, that hope is kindled in her heart.

Kamome sees her life in Eorzea with a singular, naive purpose: the destruction of Garlemald. Over the past moons, she has become enamored with what she understands of the Lominsan bards' tales of the Eorzean Alliance, the Battle of Cartenau and, most of all, the adventurers who became the Warriors of Light. Every sun, she labors tirelessly on the docks to clear her debt to the refugee Doman smugglers who provide her shelter in a crowded warehouse. A desire to leave Limsa Lominsa for the northern border of Eorzea burns in her heart. As the cold ocean wind bites at her face, she wonders where she will go, and how she will fight. The only thing certain and real to her in this harsh, foreign land is her hatred for the dark-armored soldiers who took from her everything she loved.


  • "She's naught more than a child, I 'eard—that Easterner smuggler girl. Domans'll throw their own kin overboard if it gets 'em closer to our shores. Good trainin' fer any newcomer to Limsa Lominsa, I say!" — Yellowjacket Veteran


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