Katarina Westmoore

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 Katarina Westmoore
"Come hear my siren's call ... and have a cookie!"
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship Gridania
Age 23
Nameday 12th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon
Unofficial Title Den Mother
Religion Menphina, the Lover
Free Company Liberty Industries

General Information

  • Full Name: Katarina Westmoore
  • Real Name: Arianne Neverwinter
  • Pronunciation: Kat-ah-ree-na West-more
  • Aliases/Nicknames: Kat
  • Occupation: Den Mother
  • Nameday: 12th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon
  • Age: 23
  • Height: 5'2"
  • Weight: 135 ponz

  • Place of Birth: A small town near Gridania
  • Current Residence: Mist; Ward 12; Plot 26. A small home which she converted into a small general store.
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Religion: Menphina, the Lover

  • Voice: Normal tones.
  • Demeanor: Always cheerful.
  • Quirks: Claps her hands and bounces on the balls of her feet when excited.
  • Intelligence: Average.

  • Profession: Though she knows many skills across martial and scholarly fields, she sees herself always a Scholar.
  • Weapons She has basic knowledge in all kinds of weaponry.
  • Skills:
  • Advantages: Being able to fight as well as heal during a skirmish can be helpful.
  • Disadvantages:



  • Kat is always learning something - She likes to read and do things hands-on, as she can never really sit still as she feels it will let her mind rot.


  • Injustice of any kind - Though she wouldn't call herself truly good, Kat does her best to make sure people are treated fairly and kindly. Bullying, scamming, dishonesty, and straight up theft to get something will get you her ire.


  • Knitting during her downtimes.


  • She has quite a sweet tooth, and has been known to overindulge on the sugary treats.



  • Father: Morris Neverwinter - A man of wealth and influence in the town he lives, "Lord" Neverwinter runs many shady dealings in the basement of his wife's brothel. He was the main instrument in his adopted daughter's marriage to Richard Barris.
  • Mother: Estara Neverwinter - Madame Neverwinter not only built but runs the brothel she shares with her husband, raising and teaching her adopted daughter how to please the clients that enter. She makes sure that no one knows the true goings on behind the storefront facade.
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  • Richard Barris - The eldest son of the Barris family in the North Shroud, he was to wed Arianne on her 21st birthday through a mutual contract with Arianne's parents. He now hunts his wayward bride after two years of her being on the lam.



Her real parents unknown, the small au'ra was taken in and adopted by two hyurs who named the baby as Arianne, and raised her as their own. There were no other Au'Ra in the town they lived in, so the two hyur felt they could do as they see fit in raising the adopted baby. As Arianne grew, she was never allowed to ask questions about why she had strange bits on her skin that the other boys and girls didn't have, or the painful feeling on her head and backside. Arianne's parents would tell her that it she was special, and the other children were not like her because they were bad, which made the pretty scales fall off their skin. When asked why her parents didn't have the pretty scales, Arianne was rewarded with a cold look and a slap across the face. From then on, the child never asked again.

Each year brought not only physical pains and changes, but also emotional and mental ones. During the day, her father would take her under his wing, teaching her everything from numbers to letters, and everything in between. During the night, her mother brought her to the brothel she ran, having Arianne fetch things for the many clientele that included towels, strange bottles of things, and even food and drink. This went on through her childhood and into her teenage years, though she spent less time with her father and more with her mother, the latter having Arianne wear silky outfits that showed off her tail and body.

During the time in the brothel, Arianne learned how to speak with people, find out what their desires were, and do what was needed to please them. She was never allowed to do such things with her own body, as her mother wanted to keep her adopted daughter "pure", as she would say. Teasing and flirting came naturally to the young au'ra, and by her 17th birthday, she had blossomed into a young woman. She was given more responsibilities in the brothel, now dealing with the more important clients.

But, as most children know, there are things that parents do that make no sense to them. And Arianne's parents were no different.

One of the well known clients of the brothel was a man by the name of Therold Barris, a self proclaimed businessman in the town Arianne lived in. Therold had only one son by the name of Richard; tall, lanky, well groomed but shallow faced, and a high pitched whine of a voice. Arianne's father had become good friends with Therold through their business dealings, and it wasn't long until an agreement was made. When Arianne reached the age of 21, she would marry Richard. This would give both families more influence and money in the town, which was something both men craved.

Arianne had no inclinations of marrying anyone at such a young age, let alone whinging Richard Barris. It was not long after her 20th birthday, that she stumbled across that marital contract in her father's office. She had gone there to give him his afternoon meal, but found the room empty. Being a good daughter, she began to clean up his desk, and that is were she saw her name written on a sheet of paper. Curiosity got the better of her, and she pulled the paper from the bottom of the small stack it was in, her eyes widening as she read. Hands shaking, she placed the paper back where she found it, and went about her day. But her mind never forgot what she read, and even though she went about her day as she normally did, her mind was spinning on how she could escape.

That night, after excusing herself to her room with a bad headache, Arianne grabbed her purse of coin, and ran from her home with only the clothes on her back. Where would she go? Her only thoughts were to get as far away as possible ....

On The Run

As she ran, Arianne realized she didn't know where she was headed to or have any plans of what to do. Huddled in a small rotted hole in a tree, she shivered in the night air. Arianne realized she needed to change her name and her look to try and fit in, but of course, all she knew was the things her parents told her. There she stayed until the light of dawn reached across the land, and once again, Arianne took off.

Thinking no one would know she was gone until this day, she never stopped moving. The more space she put between her and the town she grew up in, the better. Crawling over a small stone wall, Arianne found herself in a small graveyard. She had never been in one before, so her curiosity got the better of her. Making her way around the headstones, she touched different names and dates chiseled into each of them. IT was then she realized she could find a new name from the many here. Looking around, she took parts of one with others and came up with her new name .... Katarina Westmoore.

Leaving the graveyard, Arianne practiced saying her new name. She knew she had to get used to it and answer to it in order to continue this farce. Of course, her mind was on changing her looks, and what better place to do so was at a barber. But being in the woods between where she was running and the city of Gridania made it a bit complicated. She was afraid of stopping in any of the other small towns and villages along the way, as she knew her parents had contacts and friends in those places. If she was recognized, it all was over.

For the rest of the day she ran, keeping to the woods as best she could, and on the next night, she huddled under the roof of a chocobo stable. The soft warks and straw bedding around her lulled Katarina to sleep. She hadn't slept for nearly 24 hours, and she was tired. Finding a space that was soft and hidden away, she laid down and closed her eyes.

Waking up the next day as the sunlight warmed the stable, Katarina moved once again, this time towards the familiar sight of the tops of the city of Gridania. Her parents' reach had not come that far, so she felt she would be safe once inside those walls. Of course her silken clothes looked a mess, and straw was in her hair, but she didn't falter, waving at the guards at the gate entrance as she walked in.

A New Life

Wearing her new name proudly, Katarina Westmoore began the process of creating who she wanted to be. With the gil she had in her purse, Katarina bought new clothes, got her hair cut, and enrolled in the Stillglade Fane to study healing magicks. She took to it quite easily, and spent the next few months studying with the other conjurers. But something in her mind never let her stay still for too long, perhaps the fear of being found, and left the green lands of the Shroud to take an airship to Ul'Dah.

Knowing she needed to learn how to defend herself, Katarina enrolled in the Coliseum. She was not ready for such intense physical exercises, but she persevered. Training with the other gladiators, Katarina (now known to many as just Kat) began to feel more confident with not only herself, but staying out more during the daytime. She stayed in Ul'Dah for a few more months, until one day that familiar itch struck again. And so, Kat found herself on an airship towards Limsa Lominsa.

The dampness of the sea air and openness of the city around her gave Kat a bit of a headache for a few days, and she found herself resting in her small inn room until it passed. Once she got her legs under her, Kat made her way towards the Bismark to learn how to cook. As a child (in her old life) Kat enjoyed sitting in the kitchen of her family home and talking to the chefs as they worked. As she got older, and her new responsibilities took over, the urge to cook herself came to the forefront. And what a better place to learn that here?

She felt comfortable behind a stove, and made quite a number of well received dishes. Baking became her true passion, and some days you could find Kat selling her baked goods alongside the daily menu of the Bismark.

The Long Chase

In the back of her mind, Katarina knew that the young Barris would not stop looking for her, but she still lived her life as the winds took her. She learned a great deal as she traveled across Eorzea and beyond into Ishgard and Doma. Her travels brought her to meet many people, one being a strange yet pleasant miqo'te named Naihta __. The two of them became fast friends, and they found themselves traveling together quite often, sharing stories and adventures.

Until one day, Richard Barris caught up with the pair, Katarina barely escaping with her life and her freedom. Naihta was able to keep the hyur and his thugs at bay, as Katarina fled, not caring where she went, as long as it took her far away from that man. Stumbling in the dark, she found herself at the doorstep of a small hut. Not caring who or what was inside, Katarina snuck inside to hide, much to the annoyance of the occupant that was asleep.

Sputtering out apologies, Katarina turned to leave, but her feet nor her body would listen to her. She found herself paralyzed, rooted to the floor by a powerful spell. A light flared to life near her, then another, as the inside of the hut was lit, showing a hunched over elezen, spectacles perched on the end of his crooked nose. He questioned Katarina on what she was doing in his house, allowing her to respond but not move. She told of her running from Richard Barris, and how her friend saved her. The old elezen nodded, moving out of Katarina's sight.

"I can help you escape this man that is chasing you. All you have to do is say ... please."

Katarina did not hesitate in answering, and she heard the mutterings of an incantation behind her. A cold sensation enveloped her mody and senses, followed by a strange pulling and then ...

... darkness.


Common Rumors

  • If you want someone to make you a cake, sew your clothes, or heal your wounds, ask Katarina. I don't think there is anything she can't do!

Moderate Rumors

Rare Rumors

  • Katarina isn't her real name you know. She made it up when she was running away from ... something or someone.

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