Keloch Buduga

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carrd profile.

The Basics

NAME:. Keloch Buduga ("Key-Lock")
AGE: 24
CLAN: Xaela

WEIGHT: 350 P.
PHYSIQUE: Streamline, high muscle in arms and thighs.
OCCUPATION(s): Mercenary, body-guard for hire, not-so-nice combat trainer.

- Extremely tall, even for his race.
- Scarification drawn on to various parts of his body; namely chest and arms. Palms.
- Quad-horns, the top horns slightly skinnier than the bottom set.
- Sharp, serrated teeth.
- Black sclera. (Whites of his eyes are black)
- Old scarring on his back, single cut stretching across the scales to a
"splitting" level starting from upper left shoulder to right oblique.


A demonizing presence, he seems to cast a certain informal 'do not disturb' with the way he walks, talks, and stands. Reclusive by nature, he spends most of his time watching and observing. There is a quiet simmering intensity about him, only broken open by the smallest of jabs. His is a volcano waiting to erupt and smother the world in fire. Many think he is too crude, though these are not people who are familiar with the Buduga way. He can be merciless and forward, a violent maelstrom of power and temperament; a shark waiting for blood to fill his waters. Not many have been 'fortunate' enough to know the real Xaela beneath the inky black scales.

Startling carvings, sigils, and glyphs align the Au Ra's fleshier canvas. It seems to be out of purpose; scarification a factor in play here. Whether or not they hold the promise of surprise is a mystery unveiled to only the Buduga. Keloch is grotesquely tall, peaking at the top of most Au Ra at eight fulms. Sharp yellow radius of the eyes are pitched in a deep black void beneath - complemented by crimson hair pulled into a small tail. Large sharp horns curl forward, arcing ominously with malicious promise that don a second set hovering just above the first. With a flash of a rare grin can his teeth be seen, sharpened to fine points - whether or not this is hereditary or filed down for battle has yet to unmasked. Blackened scales and flesh behold sculpted muscle, articulate in the method of maiming and testament to experience of battle. Clothing is optional, really. Keloch doesn't like too much on himself, but has found thick armors result in less damage in the broken capital cities.


*NOTICE: This particular sub-tribe does not completely follow the canon-storyline of Stormblood.

THE ZALGIKH TRIBE; detailed information found here.

Originally once of the Qerel tribe, turned Buduga-- then Zalgikh.

The Buduga tribe is limited to males only, as per tradition. They prove themselves through battle and kidnapping.
These kidnappings are normally other Au Ra from separate tribes, either for fodder, to strengthen their

Not known well in the land are The Zalgikh. Rumors cycle throughout the territories of Xaela
whom practice cannibalism, sacrificial ritual, and suspicious activity regarding Aether. Some say, they have learned
to harness and consume it. It's quite possible they have learned to feel the energy from those with pronounced sources.

But much of this could be considered simply paranoid hearsay. . .

The will of Karash burns bright within Keloch (see Qerel lore); the Zalgikh saw and were impressed by the Chaghan (term for sub-tribe Qerel suffering from the berserker rage). Now, some years later he has grown through the ranks and seeks to expand his horizons, collecting weapons and experiences along the way.

Out of Character


You are a tribesmate, or neighboring Xaela who know him from the Steppe. Ask me first and we can work it out!

You need a job done. Hard labor and sweat never killed anyone. Maybe.

You've worked together. Something to work out OOC.

You want to work together. Also something to work out OOC.

You have a sensitivity to aether and notice something odd about him. It's not quite right.

About Him

You know nothing about his sub-tribe or their cannibalistic tendencies. Unless you're part of it, or we've cleared it before in OOC.

You may know he's a contract-mercenary. Whoever wants to dish out the coin, hails in his interest.

You should know he can be kind of an asshole. I mean, come on. The dude even looks a little scary. This is in no way reflective of how you should perceive the player. If he seems mean, angry, or unapproachable, that is how he is portrayed. It has nothing to do with you not being interesting to RP with. Please do not take anything my character does as OOC! If you are uncertain, hit me up in a private message!

Example of voice can be found here; spoilers for Daredevil s2.

The Player

I'm on the east coast. In other words, GMT -5. I tend to be on later in the night; from about 7PM onward.

I like mature themes a lot, but I'm not into permanent death or hardcore mutilation. Especially not for the sake of it.

No: Underage or fetish characters.

The Zalgikh tribe is: not for you to steal, edit, or borrow lore from unless asked. This is my own creation using what basis of current Xaela lore there is. You can totally make a character off of the tribe, but please understand that this tribe is NOT KNOWN WIDELY and is frowned upon. It's why I won't have Keloch's Buduga tribe name shifted.

I will not: kidnap your character unless you request it OOC, or we have made plans to. Consent is key.

I prefer written-fights, but will do /random if requested.