Kerin Misteyes

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Gridania-transparent.png Kerin "Misteyes" Lebeaux
Senior Conjurer
Gender Female
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Gridania
Age 39

OOC Note

All information provided in this page is free for use IC. The contents of this page represent what could be gathered by an average adventurer by asking around in Gridania. Certain details of Kerin's backstory have been omitted; if your character would have access to privileged information from the Adders or Stillglade Fane, feel free to send me a whisper in game.


Kerin was born out of wedlock to Aveline Lebeaux, a Gridanian leatherworker. When she was seven, she and her mother agreed that her undergoing training at Stillglade Fane would be best for both of them. Lacking any innate talents for Conjury, she struggled greatly compared to her peers but eventually succeeded through persistence, hard work, and a love for the art. Her apparent lack of talent prevented her from becoming a Hearer, though she remained in service to the Fane for twenty years, after which she enlisted in the Order of the Twin Adder to join the war against Garlemald.

Military Service

After less than a year of service, her unit was captured and imprisoned in Castrum Oriens, and remained their until after the Calamity. Most of her squad died under the harsh treatment; Kerin alone escaped, three years later. She was granted honorable discharge from the Adders, and returned to the Fane. This was short lived, as two years later, when the Garlean invasion came again, she re-enlisted. She served in the Gridanian deployment during Operation: Archon, and again in the ill-fated Gridanian deployment to the defense of Ishgard. Kerin retired from the Adders at 39, as her compounding injuries and age made her unfit for military campaigns. Shortly thereafter, she was finally welcomed to the Seedseer Council as a Hearer.

Present Day

Having recently retired from the Adders, Kerin is heavily focused on her duties as a Hearer. Though previously she was an outspoken voice for Gridanian conservatism, she has recently softened on many of her more extreme positions.


Within the Twelveswood and among Forestborn, she is unflappably calm. However, she believes that Gridania is a solitary beacon of wisdom in a world of short-sightedness and rashness. As such, she is slow to trust foreigners, and while she does her best to be polite in their company, she is condescending at best and passive-aggressive at worst.


Stillglade Fane

Kerin has recently become a Hearer. She serves as the Fane's messenger to hunters and tribes that exist on the edges of the law, as well as an investigator of magical anomalies or dangerous magi.

The Order of the Twin Adder

Kerin was a First Boar Lieutenant for the Order of the Twin Adder, responsible for coordinating supply lines and, in her own words, "ensuring that no airship is ever expected to be in two places at the same time - or at least, not whilst it's also expected to be under repair in drydock."

Other Notes

Kerin is nearly blind. Her nickname, "Misteyes" was given to her during her time with the Adder. While they did not refuse her enlistment, she was kept off the front of battle as much as possible as a result.