Kiara Tumet

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Kiara Tumet
Kiara 2.png
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship Ul'dah
Place of Birth Within the Tumet Tribe Lands
Guardian Rhalgr, The Destroyer
Nameday 6th Sun of the 5th Astral Moon
Marital Status Taken
Occupation Hunter and Hired Assassin

Basic Info


  • Kia

Current Residence



Height: 5 ft 7 in

Weight: 115 lbs

Complexion:  pale

Hair:  black

Eyes:  purple



  • Hunting
  • Killing People: Contracted Killing
  • Cooking


  • Hunting
  • Knowledge
  • Quiet people


  • Annoying people
  • Loud People
  • Most People


  • Food:  no preference
  • Drinks:  water
  • Scent: blood and fear
  • Place: anywhere quiet


Kiara is outgoing, but also very dangerous. She can run hot or cold in her attitude towards people at any time and change within seconds to be your best friend to your worst enemy if atagonized.


  • Easily angered
  • Not hesitant to kill


  • Losing Bujiran Arulaq
  • Her tribe


  • Hunting
  • Keen eyesight

Abilities and Skills


  • Bow and Arrow
  • Throwing Daggers
  • Regular Dagger


Family and Relationships


  • Mother: name unlisted
  • Father: name unlisted- Leader of her Tumet Tribe
  • Siblings:


  • Bujiran Arulaq



  • Most of the population
  • Ai Katashi


Chaotic Neutral


  • She will kill you for a gil if she enjoys the hunt enough


Early Years

Kiara was born not into what was considered "nobility" but daughter of an Au Ra tribe leader. She was smart, fast and a hunter. A prize to be won to wed from their tribe in the future considering her lineage and her skill set. She was always close to her father when it came to learning her skills but a few weeks before her own name day she watched her best friend get tied to a sacred tree to them. She knew of their history but thought this practice had died many years ago. The horror that rested in her eyes seeing her friend tied up to the tree, knowing that they were not going to be escaping those binds. The Tumet tribe was known for the hunt, the kill, knowledge beyond survival was a secondary skill not a necessity. Her friend however, was all brains and no strength. She could feel her father's grip on her shoulder keeping her from trying to save her friend and then pushed forward to walk on and past them without a second glance.

It was a day , and no sign of her friend, the world seemed quieter and more grim without her. She wanted to sneak away, but her father had much anticipated Kiara attempting to save them and posted guards outside at posts to keep an eye for her doing just that among their normal duties of protection. When it hit a week, and there was no return of her friend she knew that the animals in these parts would have mutilated and devoured her by now. She knew her friend was dead when her father also stopped preventing her from exploring again. The ache she felt made her sick, her name day was coming up in a week and she knew she would be fine, but how many Tumet tribe had died to that name day... how could the tribe grow and evolve without the best of scholars and knowledge at hand.

When her name day came, she was tied to a tree. Watching her family and friends leave she shook her head. It took her less than an hour to completely cut through the ropes one way or another before she returned to the tribe. She realized though how much hatred had grown towards them and how cruel people were in general. When she was around twenty she confronted her father about these practices, with much anger and an authority of her own that she had been taught over the years from her elders. For one day when her hand was taken, the man she married and herself would be the new tribe leaders. There was one issue though, she didn't want these traditions to stay in her name and the one she was to wed... did. She argued for what seemed like many moons to no avail until finally she dissapeared one night.

When she dissapeared the didn't look for her, they hunted for her. This is where she ran into Bujiran Arulaq, a scholar of another tribe who pulled her to the side and hid her from her tribe without a question to why she was running at that time. He simply could see her determination yet fear and cloaked her scent with foreign plants. That was the last time she saw her tribe and the day she began to travel with Bujiran, another Au Ra that she didn't necessarily owe her life in terms of death, but her freedom from her tribe was a price she had to repay Bujiran for. It started as a mutual friendship and aiding one another to her serving him, protecting him, and killing for him if necessary. She wasn't completely cold hearted, she tolerated people that Bujiran worked with or cared for, but the years in her tribe had cut her off from a normal reality of seeing good in people easily.

Recent Years