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Latest activities (RP hooks): The expedition Killian has been a part of has gone rogue, no longer supported by the Order of Nald'Thal; now that they are located in the Sea of Clouds, Killian is back to working full time between the Voyage and Ishgard.

Birth Name: Killian Waltz

Gender: Male

Race: Hyur (Midlander)

Height 6 fulms, 3 ilms

Weight: Approximately 190 ponzes

Nameday: 3rd Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon

Guardian deity: Azeyma Icon.png Azeyma, the Warden


Birth Place: Gridania

Association: None

Residence: Lavender Beds (W9P37)

Marital Status: Divorced

Sexual Orientation: Heteroflexible

Occupation: Master Conjurer of Stillglade Fane

Disposition: True Neutral | ISTJ (formerly ISFJ)


HAIR & EYES: Fiery red hair, shot through with strands of pale silver-white, falls in a messy cut just above his shoulders with a slight curl to the locks. In contrast, he keeps his beard neatly-trimmed along the line of his chin and jaw, with the same few silvery strands that makes him appear a little older than he ought to look. The care with which he keeps his beard perfectly tidy seems to be an odd point of pride for the hyur.

Killian's eyes are striking blue where they were once clouded grey-white as a result of an experimental procedure to restore his vision. The procedure left him incredibly sensitive to light, and his pupils are often dilated, but turns of atrophy have left his vision only somewhat improved from total light blindness. As a result, they aren't very lively and have difficulty focusing on any one thing. Newly-prescribed spectacles help somewhat with this, allowing him to function more independently. His gaze is distant and haunted, with sleepless circles that do nothing to improve that look.

PHYSIQUE & MARKINGS: Killian stands quite a bit taller than the average Midlander at a respectable six-fulm-three in height. He presents a sharp figure with an athletic build and a military bearing that makes him seem all the taller. The man clearly prioritizes a healthy diet and a daily exercise routine to maintain his lean, sturdy physique. While he once carried an open, friendly, and inviting demeanor to those he was comfortable with, he now stands hardened and reserved - more practical, less open. He looks quite a bit older than his actual age, thanks both to the growing amount of silver-white in his hair and the faint lines visible at his eyes and brow; at first glance, one might place him at his mid-thirties rather than his actual early twenties.

A strange tattoo marks the center of his forehead, although this is nearly invisible behind his growing locks of hair. Thin black lines trace out a complex pattern like a stylized, abstract bird, with the head of a rose between the bird's upraised wings. The mark immediately identifies him as a Bayle to those who are familiar with the family, as most of its members bear identical brands, but a recent scar cuts diagonally across the mark, ruining it.

While Killian's other most easily visible scar cuts across his face from the left side of his jaw to the right side of his brow, the majority of his scars are gathered about his hands and forearms. Most notably, his palms and fingers shine with patchy burn scars, as if Killian had at some point decided to stick both hands palms-first directly into a fire. More recent burn scars stretch nearly the entire length of his right arm. Other discolored blotches blemish his skin with some strange, mild variation of near-white vitiligo, and faint, pale lines run in uneven patterns over his hands and arms like a series of old scratches. Additionally, Killian looks to have held onto the wrong end of a blade at some point: a razor thin, raised line runs over the palm of his left hand, and a parallel mark cuts across his fingers. He once bore a star-shaped birth mark on the belly of his right wrist, but this has entirely disappeared beneath the amalgamation of scars and other blemishes he has since gathered.

VOICE: Killian's voice is fairly unremarkable in sound: a middling tenor, with no particular smoothness or roughness to make it stand out. He does, however, speak with something of a foreign accent - a lilting brogue not often heard in Gridania. His words follow an odd, almost erratic cadence that makes his thoughts and emotions difficult to judge, but it's usually easy to hear whether or not he's lying. His voice is possibly the only way to tell, in fact, as he lacks a lot of the body language most people inherently use to communicate, and his face isn't overly expressive.

When uncomfortable or surrounded by a lot of people, Killian's voice and speech patterns drastically change, as if some internal behavioral switch has been flipped. He becomes withdrawn and nervous, often hesitating and stammering out halting words. He's prone to apologizing and speaking as politely as possible, but most commonly, the man will simply not talk at all, and instead allow others to carry the conversation, reluctantly responding only when it's required of him.

ATTIRE: Killian maintains obsessively good hygiene, washing regularly and taking care of his appearance, and perhaps because of this, he always seems to smell like fresh-cut herbs or flowers - especially a sharp, smoky variety of lavender. His choice of garb is generally consistent from day to day: plain, loose-fitting clothes that keep him fairly well covered and hide his athletic build, intentionally or not. Killian's older clothes tend to be made from undyed cloth, which, in combination with his humble lifestyle, suggests a lack of money. Despite this, the cloth and leather material he seems to prefer in his clothes is quite fine of make - soft and durable - which instead suggests that he's invested no small amount of coin into his attire, regardless of their undyed and well-worn nature. In more recent turns, Killian seems to have gotten more adventurous in his choice of clothes, adding brighter or darker colors and different styles to his collection. Heavier coats, colorful embroidery, and unusual or exotic styles all have made appearances in his wardrobe, generally of expensive and tasteful design. Curiously, his clothes all come with a collection of pockets or pouches sewn into them, both hidden and obvious. These are usually full of various knick-knacks - loose leaves of parchment, jars of various herbs, potions, and salves, and perhaps a book or two.


Killian is often seen as both amicable and difficult to be around, and the contradiction is best observed in action rather than explained. He was once relentlessly kind, trusting to a fault, and always eager to help; however, recent events have tamed those aspects of him, leaving him bitter, hardened, and pragmatic by default rather than friendly and open. Even those close to him are hard-pressed to find the smiling, curious soul he used to harbor, as he seems very intent on distancing himself from anyone who might care about him. His once-gentle nature has been taken advantage of more times than he's probably even aware of, and while he's recently come to understand this, he lacks many of the social skills to identify when it happens and stop it. Indeed, he's not very good at socializing or keeping friends, and will often point out the fickle nature of the people around him. He can be very stubborn when it comes to his ideals, and his reasoning tends to be simple-minded. More than one person has made the observation that Killian seems somewhat slow of mind, in fact, and arguing with him is usually an exercise in frustration. He's difficult to offend, but it's easy to tell when he's upset: distress shows itself in nervous energy, which he releases through repetitive motions like pulling at his hair, rocking back and forth, or rubbing his hands together in a dry-washing motion. When pushed past this point of upset, Killian becomes entirely unreasonable to deal with, displaying a childlike anger most attribute to outright madness. It's usually best to just leave him be until he calms again, as he knows very few people who can handle him when such episodes overcome him, and his powerful frame can cause significant injury to people who come too close.

Killian knows he's troubled - afflicted by some mind-made demon that causes his odd behavior - and he despises the darkest parts of himself that are beyond his control. Although few people have ever seen him in such a state, he spends a disproportional amount of time fearing and hating these violent episodes, and does everything in his power to keep them from happening again. For this reason, there are times when the redhead withdraws entirely from the world, hiding away in small niches when he can't escape to his home. To most, the only quantifiable reason for these withdrawals is somehow related to stress. On the occasion that someone decides to check up on him, they might find him particularly difficult to speak to, as he tends to be either entirely unresponsive or unusually argumentative. When left alone, these periods of withdrawal only tend to last a few suns at a time - and usually go entirely unnoticed - before Killian is out and back to work wherever he might be of use.

Thanks to his history both distant and recent, he absolutely believes that people are fickle by nature and never expects to know anyone he meets for very long. He sees himself as little more than a passing curiosity in the opinions of those around him, and all his life those people have grown bored, or tired of trying to deal with him, or upset in some fashion by something he's said or done. They have often taken advantage of his kindness and willingness to help, and ultimately they have all left him to his own devices while they move on with their own lives. His world is defined by these experiences: everyone eventually leaves. As a result, he has become cynical of any argument that runs contrary to this. It's often difficult - or perhaps impossible - to earn Killian's trust in this regard, even after a significant investment of time. His inability to rely on others has been a driving factor in finding his own independence, and serves as the reason he insists on living without a caretaker. He feels very strongly about this, especially after losing the woman he believed to be his soulmate, as well as the children he had with her.


  • Things that are soft to the touch.
  • Making and/or drinking tea - he's almost obsessed with it.
  • Cleaning. A lot.
  • Flowers, but especially lavender.


  • Chocobos. He hates them.
  • Food textures and scents that he finds offensive, especially fish or eggs. He's very picky.
  • Crowds and the loud sounds that accompany them.
  • Being called someone's friend, especially without any sort of discussion on the matter beforehand.


  • Has a very literal mindset and often misunderstands what people around him are saying.
  • Can sometimes be found speaking to himself, especially when he seems nervous.
  • Has a tendency to disappear for suns at a time without warning.
  • Finds it difficult if not impossible to lie convincingly.
  • Carries around a small device whose sole purpose seems to be for making clicking sounds. He uses it frequently.


  • Uncontrolled fire.
  • Getting lost. It's hard to get un-lost without assistance.
  • Abandonment. He would rather live his life separated from everyone than fall into the trap of caring for someone and having them leave.
  • Chocobos. He still hates them.


  • Killian spends much of his free time cleaning and organizing. It seems to be a source of comfort.
  • Killian makes his own tea, and has a collection of various blends both common and custom-made.
  • Killian sometimes plays the lyre, usually in the privacy of his home.


  • Favorite Food: Beef stew that's been mostly drained of broth.
  • Favorite Drink: Tea, especially lavender.
  • Favorite Color: Orange.
  • Favorite Sounds: Running water in any form, but particularly in fountains.
  • Habits: Frequent hand-washing and other somewhat obsessive methods of keeping himself and his space clean and tidy.


The only thing known about Killian's mother Áine when she first arrived to Gridania was that she came through the aether, alone, heavy with child, and on the verge of death thanks to aetherial overexposure. His birth was complicated, at best; Áine's waning health necessitated early labor, leaving Killian frail and blind either as a result of the complications or the events leading up to them. Even as a babe, it was obvious that he bore strong aetherial potential and would grow into a powerful spellcaster...assuming he survived his early years. Killian was a sickly child, and one whom no one expected would live to see his first nameday, let alone the ones that followed. Though the Conjurers' Guild kept an eye on him throughout the years, and their assistance was often requested in an effort to help him survive, Killian grew up an orphan passed around from family to family, ultimately living as something of a transient in the city-state with no real attachment to anyone and a deeply-embedded sense of independence. He was already capable of destructive, if uncontrolled, elemental power in his early childhood years - even as he struggled with learning such basic concepts as communication and social connection, and remained more or less isolated as a result. The Conjurers' Guild finally took him in when he was around five years of age, becoming a relatively positive experience, and began patiently teaching him how to read a special sort of text for the blind and guiding him through lessons of elemental conjury and manipulation.

The illness that plagued his childhood began to fade as Killian grew with the guild. He transitioned from a frail, thin child to a young, athletic man who obviously looked after his own health. As his health improved, he became fascinated with alchemy and began spending his free time studying this to supplement magical healing. Although he would sometimes inexplicably disappear for suns at a time over the years - leaving no clues as to what he did during such disappearances - the vast majority of his life from the moment his health turned for the better was spent learning conjury and medicine and helping the people around him in whatever way he could.


Killian remembers very little of the Calamity. He knows through context that he would have been in Gridania trying to offer aid despite his relative youth - having all but mastered the healing arts of conjury in the five years since he'd been taken in by the guild - but those around him at the time would note his conspicuous absence. After the events of the realm's rebirth, a confused Killian came out of hiding, ready and willing to help in whatever way he could. He learned quickly, however, to heavily limit his teleportation - a method of travel he'd never needed to use before. Only after the Calamity, when the wounded residents or wrathful elementals within the now-unfamiliar Twelveswood demanded the attention of any available conjurer, was there a pressing need for Killian to teleport. He was nearly lost to the Aetherial Sea after only a few attempts at travelling in this fashion, and it took weeks for him to recover from the experience.

The following years he spent helping and healing only in Gridania and the immediate vicinity thereof; Killian never ventured too far out into the Shroud. Finally learning to communicate with relative effectiveness, and coming to a better understanding regarding the circumstances of his birth, the redhead began to study the specifics of maternal care and childbirth, hoping to become a doctor in the field and prevent anymore families from the kind of tragedy he - and his mother - suffered. Gridania's daily routine recovered and settled into an easier pattern as the years passed, and Killian's life became slow and relatively peaceful, his efforts turned toward eking out a humble and quiet existence.


[Spoilers ahead, discovered over the course of RP. Read at your own risk. Please be mindful of metagaming with the knowledge learned here. Not all of it is common knowledge. If you're unsure about something a character may or may not know, contact me before proceeding.]

House de Bayle

Only in the past few turns did Killian's life begin to meet much in the way of complication, with brief forays into Ul'dah or Coerthas or deeper into the Shroud. After getting lost in the deserts of Southern Thanalan, he made an effort to avoid the area, deciding quickly that he didn't care for it. Nor was he particularly keen on travelling with unfamiliar guides, following a string of people who left him behind in unknown territory. Killian had few friends, but new employment, working as a healer for a minor noble Ishgardian family, House de Bayle.

As time passed in service to the house, Killian's generally cheerful demeanor faded in lieu of quiet sadness. His first mission on the field for House de Bayle ended in resounding failure, with the Midlander attacking his own allies in a fit of hysterics. He criticized himself harshly, blaming the mission's failure on his own unreliability and ineffectiveness as a healer. It was clear that Killian still carried this burden long after the mission. Regardless of his comrades' well-meaning words - often allowed without argument - the redhead held a persistent belief that he was simply not good enough as he was to be of use to the noble house, and began making strides toward changing himself in whatever way necessary in order to keep from letting them down again...regardless of how realistic his goals were, or how he personally felt about the person he had to become.

This caused him a great deal of turmoil over the next few turns. From first love to first kill, the changes to Killian's lifestyle were many and overwhelming. Among these was a series of missions to hunt for Guillemont de Bayle - a rogue, morally ambiguous lord of the noble house who disappeared some moons before. Each mission was trying to the extreme: painful, horrific, and emotionally damaging, they regularly succeeded in pushing the limits of what Killian could handle. These missions culminated in an a voidsent cult's attack that killed several of the guards and staff members of House de Bayle, and while Guillemont was rescued, he was not completely purged of the voidsent influence that corrupted him, and died some moons afterward.

As Killian accompanied other members of the house on their missions, rising quickly through the ranks of House de Bayle, he became close to Hestia de Bayle - who went by Adelise at the time - and eventually admitted his growing affection for her despite her engagement to another man. Their relationship blossomed after her betrothed broke off the engagement, and eventually questions of marriage and family began to frequent their conversation. With both of their respective illnesses, neither knew whether or not it was even possible to have children, nor did they want to risk the potential of passing those illnesses on. And while the cause of Hestia's illness could be pinpointed and dealt with, the pair had no such information on the issues that plagued Killian. Thus, the next few moons were dedicated to searching through his past for distant leads that might guide them to answers. Although they chose to marry before learning the full truth of Killian's heritage, only after knowing for certain that his issues weren't hereditary did they decide to have children. Hestia's pregnancy was difficult for them both, but she bore him the two most precious treasures he could ever imagine: twins, a boy and a girl, Loth and Áine.

Killian's rise to power never slowed in this time, allowing him to grow from Gridanian orphan to Ishgardian baron in the course of a turn. Never forgetting his promise to change as necessary to be useful, he tried - and failed - to learn proper swordsmanship, struggling with identifying how his opponents moved with enough precision to defend himself. As a result of this and other factors over the next several moons, Killian chose to pursue a dangerous lead that might allow him to see, although the cost was high. Steeling himself with thoughts of being able to truly see his wife and children, Killian departed on an extended leave to parts unknown, only returning once the procedure had been completed. Hardened and distant as a result of the challenges he faced, Killian - now Viscount of House de Bayle - sought comfort from his family more than all else. The people to whom his thoughts always turned when all felt lost, the people who were his everything.

But Hestia was not there to comfort him; her efforts turned solely toward her work as viscountess. Their time together over the next few moons could be measured in bells, and Killian felt her absence keenly. Despite promises to spend more time with him, the next time she spoke to him was to explain that she no longer loved him, and that it was time for him to move on. Her departure crushed him. For all the growth and change he'd undergone to better himself for his family and house, he'd lost it all in a few short words. She later confessed in a letter that she had lied in an effort to force him to move on, which only served to anger him. After Killian denied her request to take Loth back in response to that same letter - claiming that it wasn't fair to separate the twins or send them to an absent mother - she snuffed out what little joy he had by using her influence as head of a noble house to take the twins away from him, leaving him truly alone.

The Waltz Legacy

Killian's search for his family history took place over the course of his rise and fall under House de Bayle, beginning with the only lead - however unlikely - that might guide him to answers: Killian's mother, Áine Waltz. He already had her name, but precious little information about her aside from that. Only a chance meeting with his half-sister some moons before gave him any further insight onto who his mother might be or where she was from - the one blessing from the otherwise entirely unpleasant experience that was speaking with his elder sister for the first and only time. All he knew then was that Áine was Ishgardian. Nothing about whether she was noble or lowborn, whether she was married or not, or even if she'd had other children. It wasn't much, but it was something, at least, and that was better than nothing.

His search took him long and far, all over Eorzea over the span of moons - even long after he and Hestia were wed. Beginning in Ishgard, Killian learned about his mother from a Durendaire baron: "A rather insistent, particularly ambitious young woman," he had said, "who managed to claw her way out of the Brume. Somehow." A charismatic, educated woman with a tall ambition, a keen sense for politics, and a love of history and scholarly pursuit with a particular focus on Ishgardian astrology. A woman of milky skin, dusted with freckles, bright blue eyes, fiery hair that draped in curls down past her shoulders, and a slender, womanly frame. One that she knew how to use, if the description of her held any merit - once Áine had climbed the social ladder, she had plenty of suitors to choose from. Ultimately leaving Ishgard in disgrace, Áine's trail lead far beyond, and finding it was no easy task that made Killian both allies and enemies.

After learning all he could about his mother, Killian turned his efforts to his father, who remained absent throughout what history he could find of Áine. Indeed, few threads remained to follow, but he was determined to learn what he could. He almost regretted what he found: his father a Garlean - Cyrus lux Merulus - his mother an Eorzean traitor, an unlikely series of events having brought the two together. Áine had gotten pregnant in Mor Dhona, and the Battle of Silvertear Skies took its toll. Although she had made her escape, she had died not long after, in Gridania where Killian was born.

Many moons after discovering this information - indeed, some moons after Hestia bore his twin children Loth and Áine - Killian finally decided to move forward with meeting his father, whose location he had learned over the course of his search. Doing so was no easy task, particularly because of his intent: Killian hoped to acquire his father's help and the use of Garlean technology to heal his eyes and grant him vision for the first time in his life. But when Killian successfully arranged a meeting with his father, Cyrus demanded that his son defect to the Empire in exchange. A risky choice with no definite reward, but Killian agreed nevertheless, having already come to the conclusion that joining his father would be the only chance he had to gain the gift of sight.

Much happened in the difficult time that followed, far longer than even Killian had anticipated being away to accomplish his task. He returned to Eorzea a different man: harder, more distant, more practical, resolved to do whatever was necessary to survive. His self-assigned mission ended with mixed results and an unexpected escape from an equally unexpected friend in a Garlean officer. Marius pyr Numitor, first one of Killian's guards for the duration of his stay, then promoted to officer once they were separated, found and extricated Killian, who had been sent to another facility for an experimental treatment that would - hopefully - grant him sight...but with a cost he hadn't expected. After a violent episode early in treatment, Killian was kept sedated, leaving him in a disconnected, dream-like state. His memory of that time only became clear again sometime after his escape, half-carried by Marius and fleeing pursuit. Although he had no reliable memory of the passing time in between, he knew that some other experimental procedure had been performed, altering the nature of his abilities as well as mitigating the symptoms of his chronic illness.

After moons of silence following Killian's escape, it seems that Cyrus has caught wind of Killian's whereabouts, and has been making an effort to recapture his son.

To the Far East

Some time after his departure from House de Bayle, after moons spent searching for any work to take his mind off the loss of his family, Killian learned of trouble in a faraway land from an acquaintance of his, Q'lin Larksong. She told him of a small village in Doma that had come under attack by a necromancer using twisted spells of arcanima that even then continued to corrupt the land, long after its occupants had died or fled. It wanted for a conjurer and an arcanist - both schools of magic Killian was uniquely skilled in. After learning more of the corrupting nature of the spell plague used on the village from a guard who'd been injured in the process of trying to help the villagers, he decided to prepare for a journey eastward to investigate and restore the area, along with his students Primrose and Gaspard, his friend Bonnebell, and a few other companions.

An arrangement was made with one of the clans to provide Killian and his companions room and board, and they used this space as a headquarters of sorts for the Far East. Once settled, they began their work, first visiting the afflicted village to assess the damage and make plans for restoration. With the corrupted spells still active there, the village was left abandoned in a sorry state, air and earth alike fetid with death. Killian took Primrose to the spell's source while the others searched for clues as to why the village was attacked or who sought to target it. In light of his waning health, Killian instructed Prim on how to reverse the spell, and in the process of this reversal, many of the pustulant corpses strewn about the area came to mindless life. Covered in boils that burst on contact, and screeching with fear-inducing screams, they rushed to stop Prim's counterspell at any cost. The risk to felling them immediately became clear - the fluid from the boils as they burst spread the selfsame plague to any living thing it touched.

Despite this harrowing event, Primrose and Killian were able to undo the twisted spells, and Gaspard, Bonnebell, Q'lin and Jancis emerged unharmed in their efforts at stopping the undead fiends. The next several weeks they spent working to restore the village, although this work primarily fell to Bonnie, Jancis, and Primrose as Killian's health continued to decline, leaving him bedridden for much of his time there. Indeed, while his companions continued their investigations and restoration, he happened upon one Nathaniel of Salem, an Ul'dahn priest of Nald'thal. The name was familiar to Killian from Eorzea - from what he understood, Father Salem was skilled in the art of aetherial manipulation, with a history of studying aetherial illnesses for treatment. Suffering from one such illness himself as the cause of his current state of health, Killian had already considered trying to arrange a meeting with Father Salem; learning that the man was in Kugane - merely a boat ride away - spurred Killian to reach out in search of help.

His efforts were met with success. Father Salem agreed to study and treat him, at little to no cost to Killian, aside from a set of strict conditions to follow. And the studies soon bore fruit in the form of an enchanted bracelet meant to help stabilize Killian's aether. Though only a temporary fix - and an incredibly uncomfortable one - it served to grant him more time than he might otherwise have had.

In the meantime, Killian's companions had learned of another target village, and of a man under the guise of a healer intent on protecting the villagers from another attack. They discovered tainted supplies and strange totems whose purpose was not to protect the village, but to facilitate the plague to come. In an effort to stop this, Bonnebell stayed behind to undo the man's nefarious work before it could progress to the state they had already experienced, while the others - as well as Strelec, one of Killian's employers - chased after the nameless necromancer. The fight was difficult, their adversary skilled, but eventually he was overcome. Not everyone emerged unharmed, however; the necromancer struck Killian with the same plague of undeath he'd come to the Far East to stop. Only under the care of Primrose and Strelec - the latter of whom he would learn was a necromancer, himself - was Killian able to survive long enough to be transported back to Father Salem, who was able to finish the treatment and house Killian for the duration of his convalescence.

With Killian's recovery and their job complete, they eventually bade their farewells to the Far East and returned to Eorzea.


Searching for a cure to his aetherial illness once and for all, Killian has beeing seeing Nathaniel on a regular basis for treatment. It was at the Ul'dahn priest's behest that Killian accompany him on an expedition to Dravania, stating that it was here that they would find the "catalyst" that would allow for Killian's treatment. He was to be recruited as a healer - and to stay close, as the expedition focuses on Allagan artifacts...and wherever Allag is involved, so too is Garlemald. The expedition has done well thus far, Killian himself even helping with supplies and security, where needed, and spending near every waking hour working for the cause.

He and a few other expeditioners ventured into the Great Gubal Library to rescue a group of treasure hunters who had disappeared within. Though it was not without difficulty - they faced elemental traps and an arcane construct along the way - each member of the party was well-versed in magic and self-defense, and they were able to find and save the treasure hunters, who shared their spoils as thanks. Others in the expedition have likewise found work to help Dravanian locals, such that their reputation in Idyllshire is a positive one, and - for now, anyway - they are all welcome to come and go as they please.

A lead on a shipment of artifacts has since taken the expedition to the icy city of Ishgard. While Killian doesn't yet know what to expect here, he can only hope that it will soon lead to this catalyst...


¿ complicated
former love
out of contact


Killian grew up as an orphan passed around from home to home. Most of what he knows about his blood relatives came from piecemeal knowledge obtained growing up.

Áine Vianne de Bayle ( ) - Daughter
Killian's daughter and the second-born of twins. Named after Killian's mother, little Áine was pale-skinned like her parents, with wisps of auburn hair crowning her head. She had bright blue eyes with partial heterochromia, resulting in striking a orange-brown color ringing the pupils. Her demeanor was calmer and quieter than her brother, but she'd grown more vocal as she got older. Killian lost his precious daughter not long after his divorce with Hestia, and she is currently being cared for by her grandmother, Carina.
Áine Waltz ( ) - Mother
The people of Gridania could offer Killian little in the way of information about his mother. The bright-haired Midlander woman wasn't a Gridanian native when she appeared at the aetheryte plaza on the brink of death, heavy with child. She died in the process of giving birth, leaving Killian with a name, but no idea of his heritage. Only after meeting his older half-sister, native to the Brume, did he learn that Áine was Ishgardian - or at least that she had ties to the isolated city.

On a mission to learn about his heritage and the legacy Áine left behind, Killian went to Ishgard in search of information, where he discovered much more. Fair-skinned, freckle-faced, with curly red hair and clear blue eyes, Áine was by all accounts something of a gem in the rough that was the Brume. She had high ambitions, working hard to climb the social ladder until she'd ingratiated herself with (or seduced her way into) House Durendaire, where she lobbied hard for funding on various research projects...until she was removed from service after being caught in an intimate relationship with the wrong man. The same man - Aristide - took pity on Áine's new station and reassigned her to work under a lesser house of Durendaire in the Observatorium, where she might pursue her latest interest in Ishgardian astrology. With nearly thirty turns between Áine's departure from Ishgard and Killian's search for information, finding any other leads on her one-time path - aside from the name of the house she served after Durendaire - was particularly difficult. Even so, he stumbled across a long-cold trail that eventually lead him to discover that Áine had become a conscript of Garlemald. According to what information he found, it seemed that she turned her back altogether on her homeland to start a family with the man who helped her recover from her injuries when she was captured, but Killian wasn't able to find much else on the matter to prove what happened - only that she tried to leave sometime around the Battle of Silvertear Skies.

Amy Thatcher ( ) - Niece
Killian only recently learned about little Amy after an unlikely reunion with his half-sister, Scarlett, and was instantly enamored by the young half-Xaela. Indeed, it was perhaps thanks to Amy that Killian was even willing to host Scarlett's unannounced visit; he harbors a deep fondness for children, and - after having lost his own - learning about Amy and his ability to visit her whenever he might like serves to cheer the somber man. She seems very intelligent for her age, speaking with odd clarity for a child no older than perhaps three.
Cyrus Merulus ( ) - Father
Killian's father, formally Cyrus lux Merulus: a pureblooded Garlean "chief medicus." Miraculously still alive, Cyrus was formerly stationed at Castrum Centri, and - until recently - unaware of Killian's existence. Old records suggested he met Áine after she was captured by Garlean forces in Mor Dhona before the Battle of Silvertear Skies. He oversaw her recovery, then conscripted her to work with his research team. Their relationship was merely for personal gain at first - both Cyrus and Áine had hoped to use the other for their own purposes - but his father had eventually grown fond of Áine over the course of her unintended pregnancy. Or perhaps fond of the children she was carrying. Already unyielding in personality, Cyrus became bitter and icy following Áine's disappearance with the unborn twins, never knowing if she'd been killed or if she'd fled...and always unsure of which would be worse. In an interesting twist of fate, Killian unknowingly followed in his father's footsteps as a healer and medic long before he even learned about his father's existence.

When Killian first arranged a meeting with Cyrus, the Garlean received him coolly and with low expectations, believing Killian to be, at best, an Eorzean spy. It was only with reluctance that Cyrus put forth the terms for continued contact with his son and for a chance at granting Killian his request. Although they had very little time to learn about each other since meeting, Killian hoped that Cyrus's acquiescence indicated some long-buried affection and that, despite the circumstances, it wasn't impossible to foster a proper relationship between father and son. There was no real chance for him to see that hope fulfilled - or not, for that matter - as Killian made his unexpected escape some time afterward, and only got to speak with Cyrus a handful of times up to that point. His feelings about his father are complicated, but have curdled into a quiet sort of anger over the past moons as a result of Killian's treatment at Cyrus's hands.

Loth Lendroit de Bayle ( ) - Son
Killian's son and the first born of twins. He was named after a bard Hestia was fond of in her travels growing up, and his middle name chosen after a dear friend of Killian's. One might have confused his appearance with that of his sister: they looked very similar, with pale skin, auburn hair, and bright blue eyes marked with orange-brown ringing the pupils. More energetic than Áine, and fussier as well, if one of Killian's children was crying inconsolably, it was probably Loth. Unfortunately, Killian lost both of his children shortly after Hestia divorced him; like Áine, he is being cared for by his grandmother Carina.
Quincy Pallene ( ) - Adopted Brother
Killian met Quincy during a flurry of activity in House de Bayle's bakery. He quickly learned that he shared peculiar similarities with the Brume-born boy - one that he'd never shared with anyone else. With an obsession for cleanliness Killian never found in others, Quincy was something of a kindred spirit in that regard, and Killian found joy in helping the younger boy with familiar struggles. They formed a quick bond with each other, even testing out the waters of friendship despite their fears of everyone leaving and good things coming to an end. That potential friendship faded with time when Quincy seemingly disappeared, but the pair began to become close again after Killian's return from his own extended leave. Struggling to come to terms with the myriad changes he'd gone through as a result - and with Hestia too busy with house affairs to offer support or comfort - Killian found himself often in the company of his younger friend, with whom he felt a little closer to his old self. Quincy admitted to admiring Killian's strengths and looking up to him as a role model, mentioning that he would have liked it if they'd been born true brothers. Killian tried to dissuade the notion with unflattering admissions of his own, but when Quincy made it apparent that he'd accept Killian despite his flaws, the latter decided instead to embrace the idea of brotherhood, and now considers Quincy to be part of his family.

Hestia's later departure shattered any desire Killian had to pursue friendship and love, and - as with the rest of his few friends - he responded by pushing Quincy out of his life, no longer trusting that anyone might remain with him rather than ultimately leave. Even so, the younger man insisted on visiting every morning and afternoon to check up on Killian, ignoring his protests aside from a casual comment here and there about his rude behavior.


Still in the early stages of learning to write in a tactile language, Quincy offered Killian a few transcribed short stories both as a gift for his nameday, and as practice to better learn the language.

Scarlett Thatcher ( ) - Half-Sister
Killian met Scarlett for the first time when he found her banging angrily at his apartment door, and their relationship remained unpleasant for turns thereafter. Finding out he had a sibling was enough of a shock; finding out that sibling seemed to derive some sort of enjoyment out of seeing Killian miserable was enough for him to hope that he'd never meet her again. Given these unpleasant first impressions, Killian found it something of a shock when Scarlett visited him unannounced and unexpectedly turns after their last meeting with a young daughter in tow, seeking to make amends. They spent a brief few minutes catching up a little before she bade Killian farewell, leaving him confused about their standing but hesitantly hopeful that he might reconnect with one of his only remaining blood relatives.
????? ????? ( ) - Sister
A twin sister Killian only learned about in years-old records. Nothing is known about her at this point - not even her name.


Killian's friends are few and far between, but he does have a small circle of people he considers worthy of the name.

Bonnebell Arseneaud ( ¿ )
Killian originally found Bonnebell to be unsettling for reasons he had difficulty explaining. Perhaps because of a sense of familiarity he felt with her that had come unexpectedly, during a time when he was intent on pushing everyone away and remaining alone. Indeed, he had been unkind in response to her efforts to befriend him, although she had done nothing to deserve his ire. Despite his repeated attempts at trying to convince her otherwise, Bonnebell persisted in her pursuit of friendship, unfalteringly kind and maintaining a positive outlook on life regardless of the hurt she'd experienced. Killian eventually relented after a series of chance meetings, and gave her a linkpearl with which to contact him, claiming that it must be Nymeia's will that they meet. Bonnebell has since confided to him about a number of her own hidden troubles, not the least of which being an illness that plagues her, which only solidified his belief that they were brought together for a reason. There were alike in so many ways - like reflections of each other: one light, the other dark.

In the time since, Bonnebell has been nothing but kind and patient with Killian despite his myriad troubles and prickly nature. Between her exceptional kindness toward those around her and her unfailing sense of optimism, she has come to be one of the few Killian would consider a friend. In fact, his opinion of her has changed drastically since first they met, and he now holds her in high regard as an example of light and good. Killian values her thoughts, knowing this, and though he doesn't trust that she won't eventually leave, he does put a lot of stock in her words without question. Their mutual hardships and similar desires have only brought them closer in the moons since their first meeting, and despite the lingering heartbreak over his last relationship, Killian has begun to think that perhaps his feelings for Bonnebell are more than those of simple friendship in someone who's been an unfailingly positive source of comfort to him. Indeed, on Starlight, he confessed his feelings for her, if only to be honest about the situation.

After a strange enchantment allowed Killian to see a scant few moments of Bonnebell's memory, his curiosity drove him to learn more, despite her protests. She accused him of betraying her trust as a result of what he'd learned - that the memories were of a lover. Though conflicted by the discovery and hurt by the accusation, Killian was able to make amends with Bonnebell, and the pair are on good terms.


After seeing Killian burdened with the oversized bag he often traveled with in addition to his children, Bonnebell gifted him with a more reasonably-sized leather bag with a pattern of two lilies embroidered around the clasp. A Sharlayan enchantment allows it to hold much more within than should be possible. To retrieve a stored item, one must simply reach in and think of the item to retrieve; to empty the bag, one must touch the clasp and recite, 'Contents, fly free and reveal thee,' which immediately causes the bag to expel its contents into the immediate area.
A silver necklace, from which hangs a round, intricately carved silver pendant with a sapphire stone set into it. This charm is enchanted against silencing effects, allowing the wearer to cast spells unhindered. Bonnebell gifted this to Killian after learning of an incident in which he was seriously wounded as a result of being stripped of his magic by a potent Silence spell.
Bonnebell has hand-crafted several sets of clothes made from soft and supple fabrics for Killian, from a long, modern-styled coat to traveling wear in Ishgardian style.

Catrienne first met Killian in Ishgard while looking for a guide through the city. Although Killian might have been the most unlikely of guides, he was also the most willing she was able to find at the time, and he was easily able to use a combination of his knowledge of the city and his connections to some of the noble houses there to grant her the information she sought, as well as the chance to meet her adoptive mother's family. Despite his best intentions - and, indeed, his forthright opinion on the fickle nature of the people around him and his disinclination to make friends - he and Cat have formed a quick bond, if one he's reluctant to admit. He appreciates her views on honesty and their apparent shared interest on cleanliness and organization, and he empathizes with her loneliness, although she certainly responds to it differently than he does. Her plight with a criminal organization in Limsa Lominsa has spurred him into a sort of introspection in which he was able to find a new reason to fight: to protect others from sullying their hands by taking on that burden himself. Indeed, he now works with Cat to get involved in that very same organization on her behalf, with intent to eliminate the man responsible for tormenting her. They've become fairly close by necessity in so doing, and though Killian is reluctant to admit as much, it seems Cat has worked her way into his growing circle of friends.
Jancis Milburga ( )
Killian wouldn't have been surprised if he'd left a poor first impression on Jancis upon their first meeting, assigned to a field mission for the Alliance as healers and caretakers. Formerly Denz's fiancée - or wife, Killian was never entirely sure - Jancis must have taken Killian's poor behavior with a grain of salt, offering him succor herself on more than one occasion when he fell ill or injured. He finds her difficult to understand at times, particularly when she falls back as she often does on abstract quotes, but her kind selflessness is endearing to him. While he's frustrated with the fact that she seems to ignore her own health, Killian admires her internal strength. The woman suffered several grievous internal injuries, but still lived on regardless to fight for the people she loves. She left House de Bayle not long before he did, finding herself unsuited to the military lifestyle there, and has met with him a few times since, even remembering his nameday and offering to spend time with him to help him readjust to his new life. Killian considers Jancis to be one of his very few friends, deciding that - while they don't always speak with much frequency - her kindness and support through his most difficult times has proven her friendship many times over.

She is currently working with Killian on a cure for the illness that plagues Bonnebell.


[Eternal Bonding: 29th Sun, 2nd Astral Moon] Jancis gifted Hestia and Killian plain oatmeal, explaining its plain nature that can be made into something wonderful with the addition of outside alterations. She likened the food to relationships made wonderful by the people involved.
[Service to Azeyma: 26th Sun, 5th Astral Moon] A token representative of Azeyma, given as reward for confessing something for which he hoped to earn forgiveness. This token is a small disk, easily a charm, about the size of a small coin in gold with a fan impressed into one side, the symbol of the Warden in red on the other. There’s a small hole at the top where a chain or cord can be threaded through.
[Service to Nald'Thal: 15th Sun, 5th Umbral Moon] A token representative of Nald'Thal, given as a reward for keeping balance enough to walk over a bed of coals. This token is made of gold, about the size of a small coin. One side has a set of scales, the other the cowry shell symbol of Nald'thal. A small hole is pierced through it to put on a thin chain or string.
[Service to Nophica: 14th Sun, 6th Astral Moon] A token representative of Nophica, given as a reward for assisting a small group from keeping a large pile of harvest fruit and vegetables from falling. This small token is made of copper. One side has the spring leaf symbol of Nophica, the other a small scythe. A hole is through it to add to a thin chain or cord.
[Service to Althyk: 10th Sun, 6th Umbral Moon] A token representative of Althyk, given as a reward for expressing himself in a letter to a long-lost friend. This token is a small coin of mythril. One side is imprinted with the hourglass symbol of Althyk; the other, a great axe made of stars like a constellation. A small hole at the top allows it to be strung on a thin chain or cord.
[Service to Halone: 21st Sun, 1st Astral Moon] A token representative of Halone, given as a reward for shattering a wall of ice with a spear that was symbolically imbued with focus and determination to see his vows to completion. This small coin is bronze, and has the symbol of Halone - the three spears - impressed into one side. An image of Ishgard from afar is etched into the opposite side. Like the other tokens, this one is pierced through with a small hole that it might be threaded through a chain or string.
[Service to Menphina: 20th Sun, 1st Umbral Moon] A token representative of Menphina, given as a reward for admitting a truth about himself that made him vulnerable. The token is a small, coin-sized disk of truesilver, with a hole pierced through it to be worn on a chain or string. One side is imprinted with Menphina's moon, and the other is etched with the image of laurels.
[Nameday (2019): 3rd Sun, 3rd Umbral Moon] An intricate lantern designed to hold fire crystals as its source of light and warmth. When closed, the light is shielded with metal folded and shaped like petals; each petal that's opened allows more light and warmth to escape. The base is designed to allow for the lantern to either sit upright or hang downward.

Killian first met Primrose at Stillglade Fane near the end of his time with House de Bayle. She had, apparently, heard tell of him from other conjurers, and upon learning who Killian was, immediately asked him to instruct her in the field. Taken aback by the woman's unprompted request, their relationship took off on a rocky start, but after learning more about the woman - who had grown up in captivity as a slave and only recently escaped - he agreed to take her as an apprentice. Things took a turn for the worse after Killian's marriage ended, however, and as a result he spent no small amount of effort trying to distance himself from Prim alongside the rest of his contacts. Although they've settled on an agreement to continue her lessons, the thought makes Killian uneasy and uncertain of how much he wants to involve himself in this endeavor.

It was during the course of these lessons that Killian learned about Prim's state of health - her growth stunted, her body malnourished, lacking an appetite and unable to acclimate to standard food. He took it upon himself to oversee a specialized diet designed to stimulate her appetite and ease her into eating properly. Lacking any way to repay him for both this and the lessons she's been learning from him, Prim has instead been returning the favor by assisting him in acclimating to his new sense of sight, teaching him what he might be looking at so he can make sense of it all. She has also been pushing him to transition from his fully protective goggles to tinted, prescribed lenses that might be able to provide him with more clarity - something he hasn't been particularly keen on doing, as his goggles are familiar and protective, while spectacles are less so.

Their relationship hit a rough patch after a mission in Thanalan went awry, making their moral differences very evident, and after another incident in which Primrose admitted to lying and intended to leave, Killian regarded her with distrust and, for some moons afterwards, maintained his distance from her. This decision was reinforced as the correct one when Primrose returned a gift with great sentimental value attached to it. Despite this, she seems insistent on trying to regain his friendship, and has become something of a protégée after expressing her desire to follow Killian's footsteps in the medical field. She even earned a place back amongst his friends after some introspection on both sides.

Killian met Ricard quite by happenstance when attending the wedding of one Gemini d'Argent, and Ric seemed to instantly take a liking to the redhead. He spent much of the time thereafter helping Killian find his way around the unfamiliar area, having quickly intuited Killian's blindness. Ricard's quick intuition has been a running theme in their developing relationship; the man easily picked up on some of the troubles plaguing Killian, handling them gracefully and offering help where he's able. He crafted and gifted trinkets with which the redhead could busy his hands in a nondestructive manner, much to Killian's pleasure. Killian, on the other hand, managed to return Ricard's kindness by arranging regular visits to a prison in which Ric's lover was being held captive after being condemned for treason. Ricard still visits on occasion to check up on Killian, and his continued patience, kindness, insightfulness, and fierce loyalty has earned him a place in that small circle of people Killian considers friends.

After a quiet nameday celebration-cum-remembrance ceremony for Áine and Loth with Killian and a few other friends, Ric promised to use his clandestine talents to search for the children on Killian's behalf. He returned moons later with mixed news: the twins had been found safe at House de Bayle, but Hestia was gone beyond saving. Conflicted by the news, Killian was nevertheless grateful to Ric for delivering it to him personally.


Ricard gave Killian a small, silvery pen-like device, one edge of which is closed off with a faintly lipped cap that hinges open and closed with a faint sort of 'tink' sound. The cap opens to reveal a sort of shallow divot or bowl from which protrudes a button, which, when pressed, comes flush with the divot so that the thumb pad fits comfortably against the surface and produces a satisfying clicking noise. When released, the button springs back into its starting place; it seems that the object's only purpose is to make these clicking sounds.
Upon briefly discussing Killian's nervous habits after being given his clicker, Ricard agreed to create an improved device to Killian's specifications as another gift. This new 'clicker,' of a similar sleek, silvery design, has grooves etched into it in places meant to serve as tactile identifying marks. One end functions much the same as the original, while the other has a small attachment that can spin - an attachment that Ric thought to add on his own, but one that Killian makes use of nevertheless. Additionally, a seam down the middle of the device allows Killian to twist with one hand on either side of the seam to produce click similar to that made by pressing the button at one end.

"Rizzo" ( )
An unlikely friendship blossomed when Killian first met Rizzo on the airship Salemtaza's Voyage, both members of an expedition in search of ancient Allagan artifacts. Both troubled, both reserved in personality, both practical and honest, at least as far as Killian is aware. Over the course of several moons, their relationship flourished from cool and cordial acquaintances to somber companions, and Rizzo has become one of the few people he trusts with some of his darker secrets. He feels a unique sort of kinship in connected experiences - experiences he would never wish on anyone, but of which he is appreciative nonetheless, glad to know someone who can truly understand some of his hardships, and glad to be able to truly understand some of hers as well.


Most of the people Killian meets never make it past a distant acquaintance, often proving his theory that "everyone leaves."

Aidan Hawke ( )
Killian first met Caelrin - although he didn't know the man by name - on opposite sides of the fighting in Ghimlyt. The Gyr Abanian monk and his unit had been assigned to pierce deep into enemy lines, coming into contact with Killian - who shouldn't have been anywhere near the fighting. Caelrin's unit forced Killian's to retreat, but not without suffering their own serious casualties...and Caelrin might have been among them if not for Killian's surreptitious help. A spark of healing - barely enough to keep the man alive a while longer, without getting caught himself - allowed the monk to survive until he could be extracted by his own comrades.

Though it was a brief meeting, it was one neither forgot. So when Killian chanced to meet the man again on an expedition lead by Nathaniel of Salem, it came as a complete surprise - and an unwelcome one. Given Caelrin's health at the time, he'd hoped to be forgotten, and indeed, it took the monk some time to place the familiar face. They were in Ishgard when he finally confronted Killian - with a promise to keep his secret, and a fervent thanks for saving his life. As of now, they're on good terms, although Killian remains somewhat wary of the man.

Killian's first impression of Castor wasn't a positive one - the man had announced himself as Killian's better with regard to being able to defend himself, and the following assumptions about Killian's ability or the reasons behind the way he acts left him less than enthused about the idea of working with Castor during the course of the expedition under Nathaniel of Salem. His opinion of Castor didn't improve until they were made to group together for a rather lighthearted gathering in which they were to write a song to compete against similar groups. Since then, they have been on...relatively more friendly terms, and currently Killian is trying to help Castor expand his aetherial capacity to better facilitate spellcasting.
After a battle with a powerful necromancer in Yanxia in which Killian was severely wounded, he was taken to the Eastern Flare's headquarters in Kugane. One Nathaniel of Salem tended to him briefly before assigning Cheche to watch over and assist with Killian's convalescence, which is how he came to meet the small, quiet Xaela. Initially frustrated with her insistence on staying at his side while he recovered, Killian eventually grew to appreciate her assistance - especially in the first few suns of his recovery - and her quiet nature, sharing comfort in silence and in their infrequent conversations both, never feeling pressured into one or the other. They have spoken a few times since then, in which he learned about her own aetherial affliction and visual impairments; both discoveries were new to Killian, although he had suspected the former already. As he is a patient of Father Salem, and she is a student of the same man, it didn't take long for their paths to cross again. She has begun to visit him frequently since his return to Eorzea, and - on a whim - he accepted her request to become friends, despite his usual misgivings in regards to such relationships.

Unfortunately, his usual reluctance to form friendships would have been wise in this case; urging Cheche to find happiness, Killian was alarmed to find her behavior change suddenly during an expedition together, as she embraced her Dotharli roots and indulged in behavior he considered cruel. When she explained that this was always her - just repressed in the past - he expressed feeling lied to, and that he never would have agreed to a friendship with her had he known "this version" of her at the time. Killian regards her sadly as another lost friend, and once again hardens his heart against the thought of friendship with others.


A pair of small birds, akin to robins, carved from wood; one is in a standing position, the other wings outstretched. Cheche gave these to Killian when he explained that he was unfamiliar with what birds looked like.
A sabertooth taxidermy, which Killian has since donated to Gridania's Leatherworkers' Guild to be put on display.
Delger is a quirky and rather loud Xaela woman who - quite literally - nearly ran into Killian upon first meeting him, having been running full-tilt downhill to find sheep on the island of Vylbrand. He found her to be strange but intriguing, having taken an interest in Xaela culture as a result of previous contacts with the race of Spoken. He's met with her several times since then - once to fight, where he apparently impressed her with his combat ability; and once to simply chat, learning more about each other. She uses a lot of vocal inflection in her tone of voice, almost musical, although a lot of the meaning of her collection of sounds is often lost on Killian. He met with her once after his departure from House de Bayle, when she arrived unannounced to his home with an offering of meat skewers as part of a Xaela tradition.
One of several people Killian has met as a result of being recruited to work for House de Bayle, Denz was something of an enigma to Killian. His relationship with Hestia seemed rocky at best, not at all like what Killian expected of family. By contrast, Denz generally seemed rather tolerant of Killian, acting - perhaps unintentionally - like something of an older brother. He often humored Killian's odd quirks and questions, much to the redhead's appreciation, but Killian was left unsure of his feelings about Denz after the latter took Hikari under his wing, sending her down an uncertain path that eventually resulted in her departure. Denz regained some measure of favor when taking up the position of best man on Killian's behalf after learning of his lack. Although they sometimes disagreed with each other - on the rare occasion they even spoke - Denz helped arrange for Killian to receive the traditional Bayle tattoo on his forehead, and showed Killian support on his endeavors after discovering his plan for an extended leave.

When Killian took his leave from House de Bayle, he had no reason to believe that he would meet with Denz again. Thus was he incredibly surprised to discover that the Elezen had joined the very expedition Nathaniel of Salem had asked Killian to attend. Though somewhat anxious or nervous when it comes to speaking with Denz, Killian was touched when his former uncle-in-law declared that he still considered the man family, despite the way things had ended.

Fiona Delaine ( )
Killian knew very little about Fiona for quite some time, often only meeting the willowy woman by happenstance or because of her relationship with Hestia. It was only recently, when he and Hestia offered her safe haven to stay with them for a few weeks, that he learned much more about her. The spellcasting woman proved helpful - if indirectly so - in Killian's efforts toward building and mending a relationship with Hestia's wyvern companion, Nogelle, and has offered to assist in finding ways to improve the small creature's quality of life. Of equal significance, her observation and experimentation with Killian led to an accidental discovery of an imbalance in thaumaturgical 'attunement' toward the astral, and has offered Killian rudimentary education in thaumaturgy as a result. They remain on amicable terms - if distantly so - with Killian going to her for studies and experimentation on offensive and arcane magic. Although they fell out of contact when Killian took his leave from House de Bayle, a chance meeting in Ul'dah some moons later afforded him the opportunity to rekindle their relationship, although it's been some time since he last met with her.
Gaspard Haurtefert ( )
Killian met Gaspard through their mutual friend, Primrose Morningdew; they've only spoken a handful of times, and it's anyone's guess how any given interaction between them might end. They have been allies in combat and very nearly enemies when their different ideals came to light; Killian has been both upset with and amicable toward the man depending on the course of conversation. Until recently, Primrose seemed to be the only thing binding them together as acquaintances, but after a vicious battle that left the woman wounded, Gaspard approached Killian begging to learn the healing arts. Despite his misgivings about the Elezen, Killian agreed, and the two now work as master and apprentice.
There are very few people Killian has ever met who share very many similarities with him - in fact, Hikari was one of the only ones. Her method of thought, her desire to help people, her nervous demeanor and disinclination to fight are all characteristics with which Killian can relate. Their similarities helped them to kindle an almost immediate friendship - unusual for him - helping to ease a mutual sense of loneliness born of a feeling of disconnect from most others. When Hikari began to walk a darker path, however, Killian detached himself from her, seeing her choices as simply a different sort of abandonment. He did his best to remain cordial, but realized after some moons of her absence that Hikari took her leave unannounced. They met quite by accident over a turn later, and were able to overcome their differences, now on friendly terms again as they work together on an expedition.


[Starlight (2017)] After seeing his reaction to things that are soft to the touch when she offered him a swatch of fur to help calm him, Hikari bought Killian a pair of fluffy brown slippers to wear around the house.
Izar Yunhaai ( )
Lionnet Blodoint ( )
Lionnet is a stern and professional man who has, in the past, been somewhat derisive toward Killian about his chosen school of magic. He now works in the service of House de Bayle as a Cleric: a high ranking medical position within the house's personal ranking structure. Oblivious to Lio's implied disapproval, and ill-qualified to perform surgery himself, Killian was happy to hear about Lionnet's choice to work for House de Bayle, certain that the older man would be an invaluable addition to the house's small team of healers. The Elezen was given a trial to prove his worth as a field medic, during which he was tasked to mend an arrow wound Killian himself took to the stomach. Lio's professionalism, as well as obsessive cleaning and organization habits that rival Killian's own, were both traits that the Hyur appreciated. But after hearing about the events surrounding Quincy - Lio's adopted son - becoming ill, he accused Killian of behaving inappropriately and having an affair with the young man, immediately sullying Killian's opinion of Lio.
Lucas Nevin ( )
A curious, elderly Elezen who seems intent on taking Killian under his wing after learning of the hyur's troubles. They share much in common, from their practical nature to their interest in magic to their struggles with grief. They met by happenstance at the Carline Canopy and shared several drinks together, paving the way for a quick, albeit odd, bonding experience. Max has already offered Killian several opportunities for work, hoping to help keep the younger man busy and distracted from his woes despite having only met a handful of times. As a result, Killian hopes to study magic under his tutelage, as well as tend to his exotic garden or accompany him on expeditions to ancient Allagan ruins. Although Killian doesn't agree with Max's dishonesty in handling certain delicate situations, he already admires the Elezen's wealth of knowledge and his ability to compose himself despite the troubles that plague him.
Nathaniel of Salem ( )
Nathaniel - or "Father Salem," as Killian knows him - is an intense man, and difficult to read at the best of times; Killian often finds himself lost on how to deal with him. He is a priest of Nald'thal, and by all accounts a good person, who goes out of his way to assist those in need. That's how Killian knows him, at least. As one of Nathaniel's patients, Killian has very few bad things to say about the man who plans to assist him with his aetherial affliction at no apparent cost. Indeed, Nathaniel has already made strides in helping Killian manage his illness, and although the latter has gotten frustrated with the amount of time he's been told to spend resting and recovering, he can't deny his gratefulness for Nathaniel's assistance. After all, if the priest is able to find a cure, he'll have conquered a problem Killian has spent his whole life trying to solve. He is very aware that he will owe Nathaniel much and more for such relief - his life, in fact.

By Nathaniel's request, Killian is accompanying him on an expedition in which he might find the catalyst needed for a cure.


As part of his plan to assist in Killian's recovery, Nathaniel had a piece of jewelry reforged for use as something of a focus - or a series of foci - for a complex enchantment placed on a wooden bangle. Meant only as a temporary measure to manage the symptoms until a cure is found that targets the source, this enchantment - when unsealed - stabilizes Killian's aether, although this comes at a cost that makes it difficult to wear for long periods of time.
Killian knows Piers first as one of Bonnebell's seemingly endless list of friends, but - more interestingly - as someone strangely similar in appearance. Indeed, when the two are together, they could be confused for brothers, with similar pale skin, freckles, and blue eyes - even their hair is similar, Piers' locks taking on an orange-yellow color not far off from Killian's red. Piers serves as a knight in Ishgard, in service to a minor noble house, although Killian is under the impression that he's still new to the position, or perhaps simply new to knighthood. The young man seems a little silly, often apparently guided by whim, but other than that, Killian doesn't know much about him...except for his intent to court Bonnebell and win her heart. That, he's made very clear. He's lashed out at Killian for seemingly no reason, claiming to be sick of seeing Killian's face and feeling unable to escape him even when he looks in a mirror, undoubtedly as a result of a perceived rivalry in a competition to win over Bonnebell. Although Piers has apologized since then, Killian regards him warily, unsure of when he might next earn his doppelganger's ire.
Q'lin Lhigo ( )
Killian originally met Q'lin when he was looking for work at Buscarron's Druthers, where she assisted him with calming his children and offered to commission him for a specific kind of medicine. He has met with her several times since then; much to his chagrin, she has made it apparent that she wants to be his friend regardless of his own thoughts on the matter. Still, Lin seems to understand that, although he is struggling with finding work, he has no desire for charity, and seems willing to continue to commission him in an effort to help out.

The two have become a closer in the time since, realizing that they share similar views on the fickle nature of the people around them. They have both tended to each other in times of injury and illness - he after an altercation during which Lin was stabbed with a poisoned weapon, and she after a mishap in Thanalan resulted in Killian taking a blow to the head and falling ill soon after. Their relationship is a complicated one, and Killian remains uncertain of how best to proceed, particularly after catching her in a lie - one of the quickest ways to break his trust. Although he still cares about her, he regards Lin warily, no longer certain of the sincerity of her words. When Lin lost her temper with Bonnebell - a friend of his who he holds in high regard - he grew even more uncertain in his opinion of her, despite the resolution of this particular argument shortly thereafter. For the moment, they remain amicable, while distance as a result of Lin's time working abroad has served to cool his incensed emotions where she's concerned.

Ruran Vas ( )
Silver Sage ( )
Strelec ( )
Strelec is by far one of the strangest people Killian has met thus far - almost off-putting, even. He seems to delight in keeping Killian on his toes and testing his temper, and is often a source of great confusion. They met officially in Ul'dah's alleyways, although neither was unfamiliar with the other as a result of their overlapping circles of work: both sought, at one point, to aid the poor and unfortunate occupants of the Ul'dahn slums with medical assistance. Thus did Strelec seek Killian out for his assistance in acquiring various alchemical reagents to craft medicine used as sedatives, or to help with pain and wound infection. Although Killian isn't particularly fond of the strange man, he believes his work to be noble, and isn't in much of a position to turn down the job opportunity.

Since Strelec's assistance in Yanxia, Killian has been incredibly conflicted on where he stands with the man. A necromancer--but one who helped to save his life. One who, apparently, uses his dark art to help people. They've become a bit closer, with a strangely amicable relationship, if one that consists of a lot of dry banter.

Vio Terrell ( )


As is the way with things in Killian's life, many people have come and gone.

Aedida Aldricht ( )
Killian first met Aedida quite by accident while stopping to admire the Gold Court fountain of Ul'dah. The pair quickly discovered a few shared common interests, and he left her with his bag of medical supplies - potions and potables he carried with him for sale by commission - to give to the less fortunate, with whom she was more familiar. After returning to retrieve his bag (which had been filled with trinkets and preserved food traded by the locals in thanks), Killian discussed with Aedida the possibility of a partnership - both as a representative of his house, in need of those with medical training, and from a personal point of view, as someone who can offer supplies to a woman more familiar with how best to use them. Hestia was quick to dislike the woman upon hearing about her, but - surprisingly - the two became much closer to each other than Killian was with Aedida. Killian was pleased with himself for unintentionally bringing about this budding friendship, though that friendship didn't really give the chance for him to meet more often with Aedida. Even still, Killian believed that Hestia had more need for friends and contacts than he did, and he was happy enough that Aedida can fill such a place for her.


[Nameday (2018): 3rd Sun, 3rd Umbral Moon] Aedida gifted Killian with several handmade gifts: first, a letter of thanks, in a spelled out, uncontracted version of the tactile language Killian uses to read, as she's still a novice in the language. Next, a tactile map to guide Killian from Ul'dah to the Wandering Hope - the headquarters of Aedida's adventuring company - complete with written descriptions of scents and sounds he's likely to find along the way. Last, a short folktale in poetry form that she transcribed, originally written by a "Lori" about a Boy and Girl separated by the mountains.

Aegisan de Bayle II ( )
Late into her pregnancy, Carina de Bayle asked Killian to deliver her child when it was time, and oversee her well-being in the interim. He was honored, of course; he'd studied pre- and post-natal care, but he'd never been allowed to personally tend to a mother as she was giving birth. And so he was there alongside friends and family to help Carina give birth to the boy who would be known as Aegisan de Bayle, second of his name. A well-mannered baby, and one whom Killian had taken a liking to, Aegisan already showed some magical potential even in his first turn, and was easily calmed by displays of conjury - something Killian was all to happy to show off for the little lord. He used to visit Aegisan often to babysit or check up with his health as well as Carina's, as the two were so rarely separated, but lost the opportunity after his divorce and departure from House de Bayle.
Akito Saejima ( )
Blunt often to the point of offense, Akito initially didn't leave a particularly good first impression on Killian. The far-easterner rarely made an appearance without his childhood friend, Hikari, and as a result Killian didn't often meet with him. Akito did, however, take up a lesson or two in martial arts combat with Killian, earning the latter's appreciation and mending the poor start to their relationship. Unfortunately, this didn't last long, and Killian only learned a few things from the man before he left House de Bayle's services, never to be heard from again.
Alexandre Belliard ( )
Killian didn't know Alex for very long - the man did not stay long in employment to House de Bayle. An elderly knight of the Brume, Alex spoke with a thick accent and had an odd sense of humor, but almost instantly took up a sort of fatherly role to Killian, who grew up an orphan and lacked such a figure in his life. Killian quickly took a liking to the man, in spite of Alex's overbearing drive to make sure he stayed safe from mundane things like running into walls or falling into ditches. Killian completely believed some very far-fetched stories thanks to Alex's unusual colloquialisms and eagerness to play on the redhead's gullibility rather than explain the proper meaning to any given turn of phrase. Alex once served as something of a mentor to Killian, teaching the young Hyur to wield a sword in proper well as trying to pass on such social tricks as joking and use of metaphor. But the pair hasn't met in quite some time, and it's unlikely that they will again anytime soon.


Alex gifted Killian with an old, blunted sword that's already seen its fair share of use. It was originally designed for an Elezen, and is thus closer to a hand-and-a-half blade for the Hyur, but works for its intended purpose as a practice weapon against a training dummy.

While Killian knew very little about Alleria, the woman was nothing but friendly to him. She served faithfully as a knight under House de Bayle. As such, they rarely had contact with one another, except when they meet at the family bakery or if she visited his infirmary. Her visits were been few and far between, and now that Killian is no longer in House de Bayle's employ, it's unlikely that they'll meet again.
Hestia's father and the former Viscount of House de Bayle, Armont initially made Killian nervous whenever the Midlander found himself in the imposing man's presence. He was often described as cold and intense, but Killian never witnessed that side of him. The face Armont presented was that of a man who loved his daughter; a man who was level-headed and reasonable, who listened carefully rather than acting zealously without understanding of a situation. Killian was ecstatic when the Viscount offered him his blessing to wed Hestia, and the Elezen only earned more of Killian's respect in subsequent interactions. But with Armont's frequent absences, Killian rarely got the chance to speak with him, and he's unlikely to ever do so again after his departure from House de Bayle.
Killian found Astrelle to be a kind and calm woman, much more reserved than many other members of the Bayle family. Indeed, her presence came as something of a relief to Killian - a bastion of calm in the otherwise hectic chaos that often surrounded the noble house. Oblivious to the aloof and politely disinterested way she carried herself, he enjoyed spending time with her and her peaceful influence. She worked as an engineer with an interest in airships, but also had ability and experience with other devices, such as firearms. Killian once believed that they had little in common, and offered her a novice book on engineering with the hope that she might one day help him translate it and teach him something about the field in so doing. But after growing more familiar with her, he learned that they have at least a few more things in common than he initially thought - so it was with disappointment that Killian resigned himself to never getting to know her better.


At Hestia's request, Astrelle built an unusual typewriter specifically for writing in a special, textured language suitable for the visually-impaired, much to Killian's delight.
[Eternal Bonding: 29th Sun, 2nd Astral Moon] As a wedding gift for Hestia and Killian, Astrelle offered a bottle of well-made, vintage red wine.

Killian knew little about Augustine except that the Elezen was a former Ishgardian dragonslayer who lost an arm during the Dragonsong War. The only child and heir to his house, Augustine entered into a curious and unusual arrangement in which he was to marry another man - one Silvoix Lefleur - perhaps dooming his house to die with him. Augustine wandered often, searching for history, as he put it, and carried himself with a kind, polite demeanor in his interactions with Killian. Apparently curious by nature, eager to share his thoughts and stories, and respectful of Killian's disabilities, Augustine quickly found his way into the Hyur's good graces as someone whose company he enjoys. Unfortunately, perhaps as a result of his fiancé's influence, Augustine never spoke with Killian again after their last meeting.
Bruno Suvois ( )
Killian struggled to understand the spirited young Brume-born man who once worked in service to House de Argent. With Bruno's high energy and astoundingly direct methods of action and thought, even the literal-minded Killian had difficulty keeping up with the Elezen's antics and, especially, his sense of humor. The two differed drastically in terms of mindset, and so finding common ground between them was no easy task, particularly given Bruno's habit of trying to solve every problem with brute-force solutions. One such attempt at problem solving ended with the Elezen beaten bloody during a sparring match in which he thought to provoke Killian and expose his inner demons. The unintended damage Killian had caused Bruno as a result left him terrified of his own uncontrolled capabilities, and hesitant to pursue any sort of relationship with the Brume boy beyond a distant acquaintance.
Known to the ever-polite Killian as Viscountess de Bayle - although she has since stepped down from the position - Carina was first introduced to him when Hestia sought Killian out for a potential employment opportunity. Like Hestia, Carina treated him with nothing but respect and hope for a successful partnership, even arranging for an apartment for him to stay at Hestia's request. He found her to be a curious woman, with a curious companion, and was able to learn a few things from her regarding the alchemical sciences. In the time since their first meeting, Killian became cautious of Carina's manipulative ways: she had on more than one occasion deliberately upset or mislead him in an effort to obtain information. He was never quite sure of his standing with her, but after she found out about his intent to take an extended leave that had dangerous implications for himself and for the house, she made her disapproval clear. The two were never able to resolve their bitter argument before Killian's departure from the house.


[Eternal Bonding: 29th Sun, 2nd Astral Moon] Carina gifted Hestia and Killian with an unusual potion of unknown effect, as well as a recipe for Killian to craft his own should he ever wish to.

Killian didn't know very much about Cassiopeia; Hestia had more time to get to know the woman than he did. She attended his eternal bonding ceremony and later invited him and his wife to go on a tour to Kugane - his first trip into the Far East. She was quirky and talkative, and seemed unafraid to take the lead; it wasn't difficult to imagine that she might have been a "class president" type of woman in a school setting, which was, of course, fitting for someone of her position in a noble house.


[Eternal Bonding: 29th Sun, 2nd Astral Moon] Along with her brother Gemini, Cassiopeia offered Hestia and Killian "one half" of a music box that, when played with its partner, makes a different, completed song than what it plays alone.

Cherise was a shy Ishgardian noblewoman with a sweet disposition. Killian enjoyed spending time with and learning about her, but she left abruptly the last time they spoke, leaving him with the feeling that he'd somehow offended her. He never met with her after that.
Cinnabar, or "Cinna" as many people called her, first met Killian in the Bayle's bakery, where he met many of his new acquaintances. His first impression of her was that she was shy and nervous, despite being incredibly tall and a capable fighter. She spoke haltingly with soft words, startled by everyone who approached her. She had a kind demeanor, though, if somewhat self-deprecating, and Killian found her agreeable enough to spend time with. Indeed, he owed the woman something of a debt after she insisted upon reuniting him with Hestia in response to learning about a particularly bad argument between the two. In the end, however, her assistance was unable to keep Killian's relationship with Hestia from failing, and he never reached out to Cinna after leaving House de Bayle.


[Eternal Bonding: 29th Sun, 2nd Astral Moon] Cinnabar offered Hestia and Killian stuffed plushies in their "likeness" - a fierce eggplant knight and a worried onion prince - as wedding gifts. The newly-weds loved the gifts and named them Adelise and Waltz, respectively.

Killian doesn't remember quite when he first met Dalmar, but they were never particularly close acquaintances. He knew the rogue mostly through his friendship with Hestia, which often left Killian spending most of his time trying to understand the frequent colloquialisms Dalmar employed in his speech. After Dalmar apparently began amusing himself by making fun of Killian in regards to his disabilities or lack of understanding, the latter took measures to avoid him, and they rarely spoke after that.
Destrey D'joubert ( )
Killian didn't know or understand Destrey or his work very well. They only met a few times - starting with a chance meeting at the Quicksand in Ul'dah - but the Elezen ordered a vast quantity of various kinds of tea for his establishment, which seemed to be geared toward easing his clients' troubles. Killian himself visited this Heart's Ease establishment. Although his visit likely didn't end the way Destrey had intended, Killian nevertheless left on decent terms with the man...who seemed to be on a mission to set Killian up with a date. Now that their business deal has come to an end, however, it seems unlikely that they'll meet again.
Elias Thorne ( )
An Ishgardian courier whose family fell on hard times, with whom Killian met through Hestia. Elias was cordial and good-natured in spite of his difficult circumstances, and showed himself to be a particularly thoughtful individual, much to Killian's delight. After a few meetings, the two worked out a partnership for supplies to be delivered to Ishgard - volunteered, mostly, on Killian's part, with Elias appropriately paid for his work. The partnership fell through not long afterward, however, when Elias withdrew to parts unknown.
Feather Benitoki ( )
An eager and earnest Miqo'te woman with too many scars to name, Feather seemed particularly enamored with Killian and Hestia - although likely more Hestia than Killian. Even so, despite a fear of physical contact made by men, she seemed comfortable enough around Killian to allow him to examine her for the purposes of medical treatment when necessary. The young woman once took to calling herself his apprentice, and both Killian and Hestia made efforts to help Feather find focus for her life after discovering the aimless sort of directions she'd taken in the past. Feather took up work as a maid for House de Bayle while Killian helped her with strengthening and mending the hidden injuries to her anima, but showed an interest in becoming a healer or spellcaster once she recovered well enough.
As Gaelle seemed to be generally reserved and fairly softspoken, Killian didn't have many opportunities to interact with her until they visited Dravania together to attend Hestia's drachen trials. Only during an altercation with the knight-dragoon Lucius Guiscareaux did Killian form an opinion of her, when she took the vicious knight's side and pinned Killian down, preventing him from being able to attack. He saw little point in trying to repair a relationship with her and didn't intend to bother for someone he barely knew to begin with. He simply chalked the relationship up to a loss and regarded her with purely professional etiquette for the remainder of his stay with House de Bayle.
A taciturn young man, and one Killian knew very little about. He shared kind words with Killian and Hestia when attending their eternal bonding ceremony, and will probably be permanently apologetic for a debacle in which Killian's guiding cane was taken from him at an event that Gemini hosted. He was recently wed to a Miqo'te woman, and Killian returned the favor of attending the ceremony with gifts of medicine and supplies to be given to those in need.


Along with his sister Cassiopeia, Gemini offered Hestia and Killian "one half" of a music box that, when played with its partner, makes a different, completed song than what it plays alone.

Gerel of Kha ( )
A Xaela traveler who seemed kind and wise beyond her years. He only met her a handful of times, but she offered him a sense of motherly kindness he didn't usually find in people...especially not directed to him. After a long absence in which Killian became certain he'd never meet with her again, Gerel ran into him quite by chance at a magic shop in the Lavender Beds where he sold his wares. The meeting after such a long separation gave Killian much to think about in regards to his definition of friendship, as the woman clearly considered them friends in spite of their distance and lack of contact. Even so, he chose not to pursue this friendship after the events that lead up to him leaving House de Bayle.


When they first met, Gerel offered Killian a book of sea-faring adventures written in a language he could read. Having never met anyone to show him such kindness, Killian treasured this book (and still does!) well after they parted, and often carries it with him.
Gerel gifted Killian with another book - this time on Othardian history and folklore - upon meeting him after a long period of absence. According to her, she'd had it translated after meeting with him last, and kept it with her on the off chance she might one day meet him again.
[Nameday (2018): 3rd Sun, 3rd Umbral Moon] Gerel offered two more books to add to Killian's growing library: Teas of Time: Othard's Secrets and Ageless Allegories: Folktales of the Fallen. In addition, she brought him a personal linkpearl to keep in contact with her, as well as two varieties of tea - one straight from Othard, the other Suutei Tsai, also known as Steppe tea.
Ghalleon was something of an oddity among Ishgardian nobility, having left the Holy See to Ul'dah, where he became a devout priest of Nald'Thal. When seeking to hold a memorial for the countless lives lost on a mission Killian assisted with, his first thought was to ask Ghalleon to speak formally as a priest of Nald'Thal. Ghalleon agreed, and Killian was grateful for the man's kind words. But he strongly disagreed with the priest's conservative and traditionalist views - and a few other things, besides - and found it difficult to speak with him, with the impression that Ghalleon only accounted for his own beliefs as truth, and all others who disagree must therefore be false.
The lost and found lord of House de Bayle never started on good terms with Killian to begin with; before his departure, he insulted and threatened to kill Killian's one-time lover, Shria. And after his violent return - after the deaths of civilians and the emotional and physical pain his friends and family suffered at the hands of the cult he joined - Guillemont insulted Hestia and backhanded Killian, placing him firmly on the list of people Killian dislikes. In fact, Guillemont might just top that list as one of the only people the normally forgiving man has ever claimed to hate. Their relationship never improved, and the news that Guillemont was later found dead was met by Killian with grim indifference.
Hestia de Bayle ( )
Hestia was a contradiction: kind but stern, warm but cold, caring but not expressive. None of that apparently mattered to Killian, who didn't seem to notice her cool demeanor at all. They met when Hestia (known to him at the time as Adelise) approached Killian with the opportunity for work - a rarity for him - and the half-Elezen, half-Hyur woman seemed to have taken it upon herself to see Killian thrive where many others had written him off. He knew her as a patient and understanding woman with a strong devotion to the Twelve, Halone in particular, and unique way of looking at the world that was at odds with most others. As time passed, he fell in love with her, but at the time of this admission, she was engaged to another man - a noble lord, no less - Siovant Gascogne. Despite having his affection for Hestia turned away on more than one occasion, Killian found himself unable to keep his distance. His feelings for her culminated in an ill-fated kiss, which snowballed into the annulment of Hestia's engagement and Siovant's departure. Nymeia smiled on Killian, however, and moons later he and Hestia were wed. It was the highlight of his life, for a man as troubled and sickly as he to be able to marry the woman he believed to be his soulmate - and then, later, to have two beautiful, healthy twin babies with her.

Unfortunately, that happiness was short-lived. Returning from an extended and difficult absence saw Killian faced with an absent wife and a failing marriage rather than the comfort of her embrace that he'd longed for during his time away. Moons passed in this uncertain state before Hestia finally explained that it was time for him to move on, ultimately declaring that she no longer loved him. She later leveraged her resources against his lack thereof to take full custody of their children. Devastated by this perceived betrayal - and yet still horribly in love with Hestia - Killian opted to take his leave of House de Bayle after the divorce, abandoning his path there with the hope that perhaps distance would make it easier to mend his broken heart.

Though there would always be scars and he'd never be quite the same, Killian was well on his way to recovery after nearly a year since Hestia's departure, when a friend of his came to him with news of her and their children. They were safe, but she was gone - a story that he himself was able to confirm. He still mourns her loss despite everything, and probably always will.

They once raised two Ilsabard shepherds together named Summer and Mercy, as well as a cat named Petra, but Hestia took Summer with her when she moved out of Killian's home, and her whereabouts now are unknown.


Before Killian became Hestia's suitor in any official capacity, she gifted him with a vase of flowers enchanted to never wilt.
Also before the time of their courtship, Hestia gave Killian a Kojin plush toy as a souvenir she bought from her trip to Kugane (named Clem).
[Starlight (2017)] Hestia gifted Killian a weighted, patchwork quilt hand-made from various furs. It gives him comfort during times of stress, and he can often be found wrapped up in it and hiding in a corner when he's upset or overwhelmed. It's well-made, if somewhat roughly put together and thus not necessarily "sightly."
When Killian lost his cane during a mission, Hestia commissioned a new one made from walnut wood, with a jade stone set near the grip. He relies on this as a focus for magic and as a guide through unfamiliar territory.
Hestia acquired the plans for and commissioned Astrelle de Bayle for help with building a special typewriter that allows Killian to write in his tactile language far more efficiently than with a slate and awl.
[Nameday (2018): 3rd Sun, 3rd Umbral Moon] For his first Nameday celebration, Hestia crafted Killian a ceramic mug with pressed sprigs of lavender sealed onto its surface, enchanted to resist breaking. Tactile writing also marks the mug, spelling out a short poem:
The warmth to my day
Cool rain to my flame
More than words
Clearer than vision
There is you and I
For as long as forever may be.
On a trip to wander the coasts, farms, and forests of Vylbrand, Hestia gave Killian an old, uncirculated silver gilpiece, marked with unfamiliar images and illegible text from a collection she once kept. He once wore it on a matching chain around his neck, but now keeps it safely hidden away at home.
[Starlight (2018)] A custom-made Mahjong set carved from dense wood. The case in which the tiles are stored is intricately carved in Othardian style into a beautiful, deep-red wood on all sides, including the carrying handle atop the case. She additionally transcribed a set of rules into the tactile language with which Killian is familiar.

Killian had mixed feelings about Hilda, appreciating her enthusiasm in regards to some tasks, but disapproving of her unbridled rage and what he perceives to be a lack of consideration for other people in certain circumstances. Even so, he found her to be relatively reliable, and she assisted him alongside Fiona in learning about himself since his return from an almost two-moon-long absence.


[Starlight (2018)] As part of a secret gift exchange, Hilda gave Killian three gifts for Starlight: a book on Allagan history and theory transcribed into a tactile text that Killian can read, a wooden box of catnip tea, and a pair of ink blue jumpers for Killian's baby children, decorated with white marks resembling stars.
Killian knew very little about this rambunctious woman. He met with her personally once, feeling sympathetic when he was told that she might have some mental disorder - only to discover that that was probably a harsh jab at her eccentric behavior rather than an actual issue to be worried about. Everything she said and did seemed to be geared toward amusement for the sake of it, which meant much of her antics went way over Killian's head. Often times, he found her to be crude, but harmless. With a potential for spellcasting but no interest in learning the healing schools, Jacline had little reason to spend time with Killian outside the occasional injury she might receive, and thus their relationship has never developed beyond vague acquaintances.
Because Jebe followed the traditions of his tribe, speaking only through action and motion, it was particularly difficult for someone like Killian to communicate with the Xaela at even a most basic level. He only had a few interactions with Jebe, who seemed - as best as Killian can tell - more or less polite in his dealings with Hestia, with whom he 'spoke' more than he did with Killian.


[Eternal Bonding: 29th Sun, 2nd Astral Moon] Jebe's wedding gift to Hestia and Killian was a large, sealed jar of fermented milk. The world may never know if they actually drank the strange alcoholic beverage.
Jean Ashdale ( )
Killian spoke to Jean only on a few occasions, and found her only polite and accommodating to his needs. A squire of Gemini de Argent, it was Jean who realized that Killian's cane had been taken from him during one of Gemini's events, and she took every step necessary to have it returned to Killian as soon as possible.
Jehni Kaiyn ( )
Killian first approached this grouchy Keeper of the Moon with the hope of starting a business partnership in which he would sell supplies to her shop, which she would then flip to customers. She agreed to buy from him, but the relationship soon shifted with an invitation to sell his wares, himself, at her shop rather than through her. Although their partnership was purely professional, they seemed to get along well enough for a time, so it came as a shock when Jehni abruptly and rudely decided she had no place for him there and told him to get out. This obviously brought their relationship to a screeching halt, leaving Killian confused about his standing with her, and eventually he learned that she had passed away.
Kale Aideron ( )
Former leader of the Fourth Combined Brigade, a member of the Immortal Flames Grand Company, and citzen of Ul'dah, Kale Aederon stood as a man of power in the Jewel of the Desert. Killian personally met with him on several occasions - and his opinion of the gruff, uneducated man declined with every meeting. When Killian - along with several others of House de Bayle - assisted the Fourth Combined Brigade on a mission to investigate possible primal activity in the Sea of Clouds, Kale's command lead them into a vicious fight that summarily resulted in a massive explosion, slaughtering the residents of an enemy encampment. Although Killian was directly responsible for the orders that caused the explosion, an irrational and secret part of him blamed Kale for the destruction, unable to deal with the guilt and loss on his own without such a means of escape from it. More recently - and reasonably - Killian lost what little respect he still had for the man when Kale attended and judged a trial in which he'd already judged the accused guilty before even stepping into the room (at least, as far as Killian knew). After asking incredibly inappropriate questions of the witnesses and publicly lashing out with insults aimed toward Hestia, as well as Ishgardians in general, for her part in objecting and "making a fool of [him]," Kale would be hard-pressed to win back even a modicum of Killian's respect. The redhead had no desire to ever work with Kale again, despite Hestia's much more graceful handling of the highlander's outbursts during the trial. Of course, his personal feelings for the man didn't impede his desire to help people, and when it became apparent that Kale needed aid, Killian came alongside Hestia and several other members of House de Bayle to assist. As the only healer on site, it fell to Killian to ensure Kale's survival until they made it back to his infirmary for proper treatment. While it didn't improve his opinion of the brutish Ul'dahn, it did prove that Killian offers fair medical treatment even to those he dislikes.
It was difficult to get an idea of the kind of man 'Law' was when Killian first met him, and he was never quite able understand the elezen and his motives. Law once swore to Killian - before they even really knew each other - that he would protect the redheaded Hyur. And so he did, watching and even helping as Killian worked to better himself. It became apparent that, like Killian, Law spent much of his time working for the benefit of others, often at the expense of himself, pushing well past reasonable limits in so doing. Because of this, Killian secretly saw the down-to-earth man as someone to look up to (metaphorically speaking, of course), even as he urged Law to rest and allow others to help. Yet even Law's resilience was shaken in the face of both witnessing and hearing of Killian's repeated fits of uncontrolled rage, and he seemed to have lost his faith in the young Midlander, demanding that Killian be stripped of his weapon and calling him an unpredictable danger to others. Law's words cut deeply, shaking Killian's confidence to the core. Their relationship eventually recovered, but after Hestia's decision to leave Killian, the latter went through great lengths to distance himself from anyone who would call him friend.


Upon learning that Killian wished to become a capable fighter, Law commissioned a suit of armor fitted for the occasion. It doesn't see much use on field missions, but he still treasures the gift, and often practices his training exercises while wearing it.
[Nameday (2018): 3rd Sun, 3rd Umbral Moon] Seeking out a proficient translator, Law commissioned two books to be transcribed into a language Killian can read. One is a study of elements in magic from Thavnair, and the other is a collective recounting of ancient magicks from all over the world.

"Mister Lenny" didn't leave Killian with the most sparkling first impression when they first met, the former engrossed in a vicious argument with one Siovant Gascogne. The Duskwight then expressed his bitterness with the Gridanian-born Killian, much to the latter's confusion. Yet Killian leaped to the man's defense when he admitted to being a bandit, trying to protect him from punishment and offering healing without hesitation the moment he was able, perhaps earning the man's friendship in so doing. Lenny followed Hestia as a self-proclaimed "loyal hound," and Killian found himself wanting to be of help to this former Redbelly bandit in spite of their rocky relationship. For whatever reason, Killian felt close to Lenny. The Duskwight, for a brief time, became one of the few people Killian called friends. So it came as a surprise when Lenny left without so much as a word to Killian - only telling Hestia to "give Killian a hug for me" in a parting letter to her. While this wasn't entirely unfamiliar to Killian with nearly everyone else he'd ever associated with, he took Lenny's 'abandonment' particularly hard, feeling disinclined as a result to make other friends for fear of the same sort of abandonment. His heart aches less with the passage of time, but Killian still holds firm in his desire to avoid forming bonds of friendship thanks in part to the Elezen's abrupt departure.


[Starlight (2017)] In order for Killian to be able to share his gift with Hestia on Starlight, Lenny gifted Killian with a lyre with which he might teach the Hyur to play music. Unfortunately, Killian only learned to play the one song before Lenny took his leave.

Luca Black ( )
Killian only met Luca a handful of times, and thus never had much of an opportunity to form an opinion of the young man. He was quiet, which made it difficult for Killian to communicate with him, and protective of his friends and family. It was mostly through Quincy that Killian knew Luca at all, and it's been quite some time since the two last met.
For much of his time around Killian, Lucius was often surrounded by other, more familiar faces, leaving Killian few opportunities to learn about the generally quiet man. Some few interactions alone, or in smaller groups, however, gave Killian some insight that, in retrospect, he would rather have gone without. Lucius is sullen, grumpy, often quiet, with a self-proclaimed love of violence. His ideals - the feeling that he's not himself unless he's participating in an act of violence - are completely contrary to Killian's, leaving the two at odds.

His dislike for the Ishgardian knight-dragoon has developed into full-on hatred after the man poisoned Killian's fiancée under the pretense of a trial for her own knighthood. Killian wants nothing to do with the man - and has, indeed, even attacked him outright after the trial nearly killed Hestia. Although moons have passed since these trials, his relationship hasn't and probably won't ever improve with the vicious Elezen, who admitted to crimes Killian feels is worse than even Lord Guillemont - the only other person Killian has ever claimed to hate.

Killian's first impression of Lyriah was that she generally seemed like a happy woman - not overly joyous to the point of annoyance, but cheery nonetheless. She was the first woman he had met who prefers romantic companions of the same sex...much to her embarrassment when Killian obliviously and bluntly questioned her about the subject. He saved her life once after a voidsent-worshiping cult attacked the Bayle estate, when he stumbled onto the scene of the fight just as a cultist's knife slipped between her ribs. While she didn't spend much time around the Bayle estate, Killian couldn't help but feel a little closer to her after that shared experience, and once hoped to learn more about the kind of person she was.
Killian doesn't know very much about Marius except that he's one of the men posted to guard him during his stay in Garlean territory. Though hard and militant, as many of his kind seem to be, Marius shows some measure of sympathy for Killian's position, and they sometimes exchange quiet, amicable words. He was initially wary of Marius's intent, but the man's continued care for him despite unpleasant circumstances ultimately won Killian over - especially after Marius gave up a recent promotion in the Garlean military to save Killian's life and help him escape. As a result, Killian assisted Marius in finding work and a place to stay where he'd be safe from anyone who might try to come after him.
Nogelle ( )
Killian's relationship with Hestia's wyvern companion, Nogelle, was difficult and complicated from the moment they met. Unable to communicate with each other by normal means, each of them was left with their thoughts about the other unspoken. For Nogelle's part, he viewed Killian with seething hatred for his weaknesses and mannerisms, and for coming between Nogelle and Hestia - although the foul-tempered fiend judged most others with similar distaste. But Killian, in his never-ending quest to help and bring happiness to others, simply wanted to befriend the wyvern, and to mend Nogelle's broken relationship with Hestia. Despite the creature's bitter attempts at manipulating and causing both Hestia and Killian a great deal of pain, the hyur remained adamant in his efforts. He discovered a strange sort of kinship in the unlikely similarities between the two as time passed - both crippled, in their own ways, and deprived of the chance to live full, vibrant lives. Killian's persistence, after many long moons, finally bore fruit when he learned the source of Nogelle's unhappiness, and was able to finally make strides in both mending the relationship between Nogelle and Hestia, and forging a new one with the wyvern, himself. The trio was - finally - on good terms with each other, but that would only last a scant few moons, as Nogelle left with Hestia when she and Killian were divorced.

With Hestia's death, so too would Nogelle have died, and thus Killian grieves for an old friend as well as his lost wife.

Quarcy was a strange and sometimes difficult-to-understand friend of Hestia's, and served as House de Bayle's librarian. Skilled in a variety of unlikely magicks and carrying the knowledge of a vast array of books with him, the Elezen was often sought out when one needed information, especially in regards to the obscure and the arcane. Although Killian didn't personally know the man very well, Quarcy nevertheless managed to find himself rather involved in some of Killian's more personal affairs, leaving the pair in a strange place between the distance of acquaintances and the closeness of friends. It was through one such interaction that the Hyur learned about one of Quarcy's siblings, who shared the same sorts of troubles - and gifts - as Killian.


[Nameday (2018): 3rd Sun, 3rd Umbral Moon] Quarcy gifted Killian with a copy of The Boy and the Dragon Gay, transcribed into a tactile language that the Hyur is able to read.

Rageant Lacordaire ( )
Killian knew very little about Rageant, all told. He was the only Miqo'te in service to House de Bayle, who took the surname of his mentor to honor the man after his death. Killian generally found the man difficult to understand, because Rageant tended to be withdrawn and soft-spoken, and his dialect was often archaic in nature. Rageant made a few attempts at trying to reach Killian, especially in regards to the Hyur's troubled mind, but Killian only responded negatively to the attempts. Taking some of the Miqo'te's harshest words to heart - that he, himself, was to blame for the things about himself which he feared the most - Killian carried a lot of undue guilt over events beyond his control as a result. Despite being quick to berate himself for his mistakes, it still hurt to have them pointed out in such a way, and for this reason Killian kept a cautious distance from Rageant, guilty and feeling as though he'd disappointed the man. His distance turned out not to be necessary, as Rageant himself was frequently absent, and Killian was never afforded the opportunity to speak to him again before leaving House de Bayle.
Reiko Amatsu ( )
Known to Killian as "Ama," the monotone Raen started as a friend and guide through Ul'dah - his first experience outside of the Shroud. She had a tendency to wander off for long stretches of time, leaving Killian to his own devices, which often resulted in him getting lost or left in the company of people like Valacor. After an uncomfortable situation followed by hostile disrespect, Killian would have been happy enough to return to his quiet life in Gridania without her. In his mind, the woman was impossible to work with - moving about when she should be on bed rest, slinging around insults and expletives, even biting Killian hard enough to draw blood after he saved her life. He wasn't used to the conflict she often came with and has moved on without her.
Rhuli'a was a strange Miqo'te man who Killian knows little about, save for that his ambition rivaled that of Hestia de Bayle, and that his allegiance was to Ala Mhigo. Apparently unable to remain focused on any one thing for long, the Keeper often flitted between social groups and conversations, and Killian knew him to sometimes leave midway through speaking to join some other circle to chat with instead. He found Rhuli'a to be rather capricious in this way, and thus viewed him as someone who shouldn't be relied on, but he nevertheless treated the Miqo'te with respect and kindness. As far as Killian's aware, their relationship never developed more than that of distant, mostly friendly acquaintances.
A Xaela witch who once insisted on following Killian around. Shria met Killian in passing, but quickly took an interest in him and his well-being. They argued often - Shria was willful, and didn't like how easily Killian allowed people to take advantage of him - but she offered constant reassurance that she wouldn't leave his side the way most others do. She upset him just as much as he apparently did her, especially after she left him in a rather violent manner despite her promises to stay. He often found himself confused around her, and he was terrified of hurting her (although that fear wasn't limited to Shria - Killian hated the thought of hurting people rather than helping them). He tried to give her a chance when she returned to confess her love for him, but their relationship was complicated and short-lived, leaving them both heartbroken. While time has since eased the sting of his wounds, Killian hasn't met with Shria since she left; it would appear that once she returned to the Steppe, she never looked back at the life she stepped away from.


Before leaving, Shria left Killian with a variety of herbs and other ingredients with which he could make tea in the style of the Xaela.
Killian only met with Sil a few times, and thus didn't have much of an opinion of her. Taking over as leader of the Ironclaws when Vilette Laurent stepped down, Sil was, in short order, tried and convicted for treason against the Eorzean Alliance, resulting in imprisonment for two moons and a forced disband of the mercenary company. Angry with the unfair trial and sympathetic both to the imprisoned Sil and her unhappy lover, Ricard, Killian arranged regular visits to ensure that Sil stayed in good health, allowing Ric to visit her several times a week as Killian's assistant. Although she was later released, Killian never had the chance to speak with her after initially setting up Ric's visits to her cell.
Killian did not get along well with this haughty, better-than-thou Elezen. Silvoix was engaged to Augustine Clement and, in Killian's opinion, treated his betrothed poorly, even if the betrothal was only one of political arrangement. Killian found Silvoix even less likeable after the latter insulted Hestia about her lineage. Although they had only met once, the meeting was enough to leave a bad impression on the Hyur, who secretly hoped that Augustine might one day find the opportunity to wed someone better.
Like Lenny, Siovant (sometimes "Your Eminence") did not leave Killian with a good first impression, caught up as he was in his argument with Lenny. He opened his meeting with Killian by insulting him, and their relationship never improved. Killian would have been happy enough never to meet with the man again. Bitter at the way he was treated, but forced by his own nature - and by his desire to keep from upsetting Hestia, who was betrothed to Siovant at the time - to remain kind and polite, Killian determined that the best way to handle Siovant was to just let him do as he pleased without complaint...especially considering how grossly he breached the man's trust, even if he'd never had it to begin with. They took a few unsteady steps into repairing their rocky relationship, but it never progressed into friendship.
Svana Heart ( )
A friend of Hestia's, and part of her cadre, Killian knew Svana mostly by association rather than personally. She was flamboyant, dramatic, quick to laugh, and always seems eager for a fight. She wandered often - fitting, as Hestia's Oschon - and thus Killian rarely met with her.
A native of Dravania, Ulysses joined in service to House de Bayle as a squire. Killian knew little else about him; the two had little reason to speak with each other. The elezen's demeanor is friendly, however, and so Killian's opinion of him never had cause to turn sour.
Killian barely knew this man; they met at the Quicksand in Ul'dah, but each meeting was brief and usually unpleasant. He never liked Val at all - the Elezen's womanizing ways didn't sit well with him, nor did the casual insults thrown in his direction. Killian also sensed something strange about him, something wrong - but not something he could identify. He hasn't run into Valacor in turns now, and hopes to keep it that way.
This curious Lalafell, formerly Grand-Mage Mortem of House de Bayle, acted briefly as something of a mentor to Killian after a chance meeting at the Bayle estate. Killian originally saw him as knowledgeable and interesting, if a little pretentious. He eagerly agreed to Vevekera's offer for lessons in the science of Arcanima, especially after learning about the Lalafell's own blindness. It seemed at the time that Vevekera hoped to help Killian overcome both his blindness and the long-term illness that has plagued him since birth. But he failed to explain the risks of the particular method of "sight" he hoped to teach Killian, and was frequently absent for long periods of time, leaving Killian with large holes in his knowledge of Arcanima. As a result, Killian grew more wary of the man and his motives, unsure of whether or not he ought to treat the man as a friend - but that mattered little in the end, as Killian never spoke to Vevekera after he left House de Bayle.
Once a knight errant and leader of the Ironclaw company, Vilette stepped down at one point for reasons unknown to Killian, and eventually chose to join House de Bayle first as a combat instructor, then as Knight-Captain. She once instructed Killian in the art of fencing, and her patience with his learning difficulties allowed him to make more progress than he might have otherwise, although he has since decided that swordplay is not for him. Still, her patient and polite demeanor earned a lot of respect from Killian, who saw her (figuratively speaking) as an admirable woman to look up to, and did in fact look up to her for guidance, although she might have been unaware of that fact.
Y'velth Tia ( )
A blind Miqo'te Killian almost literally ran into in Ul'dah. He found Y'velth to be somewhat odd, but amicable, although they had only met twice - and some time ago, at that.
Zike Lancean ( )
Killian often grew frustrated with Zike's sense of servitude towards others, which was so extreme that even Killian - who is often selfless to the point of neglecting his own needs - once worried about it causing harm. He served briefly as Knight-Captain in House de Bayle, but eventually parted ways with the house for reasons unknown.


   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity

Above all else, Killian excels at healing and elemental manipulation in the apparent form of conjury. He spent most of his life studying under the conjurers of Gridania with unusual affinity for and sensitivity to aether and the way it flows around him. He's best at healing in a clinic or otherwise off the field of battle, although he has gotten experience tending to the injured under more strenuous circumstances in the past several turns. Where his magic isn't sufficient, Killian usually carries around medical supplies of a more mundane nature. He almost always wears clothes with a myriad pockets sewn in, and as a result seems to have an endless supply of various potions, salves, bandages, herbs, and whatever else he might need in a medical kit on the go.

While he's clearly mastered the art of conjury and healing - and, more recently, a strange variation of arcanima - his physical ability to fight leaves much to be desired. He's clumsy with a sword, and while he's quite a bit stronger than one might expect, he has a hard time putting that strength to use in combat, with very little weapons training to speak of. He is, however, preternaturally good at avoiding harm that might come to himself, or minimizing the damage of something he can't avoid. This makes him an excellent defensive fighter, and he often uses this ability to outlast aggressive opponents in combat.

His perception in battle has gotten incredibly good with several turns of practice. Though visually impaired, he relies on his other senses to make up for his hindered sight, including his sensitivity to the movement of aether - although he doesn't make use of any sort of aether sight in the literal sense. His main weakness in battle is that he has a one-track mind with singular focus, and whether or not he perceives what's going on around him depends on whether or not that focus is turned toward paying attention to his surroundings. Once he sets his focus on something, he tends to follow it with stubborn determination, which can either be to his advantage or to his detriment.


The following items are things that this Killian tends to carry on his person at all times. These are noted for pickpockets and those who might be watching him closely. This information is meant to be a prompt for insight and is not to be meta-gamed, but feel free to use this information if it comes up logically in RP (pickpocketing, a search, etc) with use of a simple /tell.

Walnut Cane
A cane made from dark walnut wood, smooth and gleaming with fresh polish. It's clearly of quality make, with a jade focus set near the grip. The stone glows when it's used for conjury. The cane was a gift from Hestia de Bayle when Killian lost his previous cane on a mission.
Leather Grimoire Icon.png
Unmarked Leather-Bound Book
This large, curious book is completely plain and unmarked, with pages that are heavier and more stiff than standard parchment. They appear blank aside from a strange, textured pattern along their surface. A gift from a Xaela woman, Gerel of Kha, who met Killian only a handful of times.
Lavender Icon.png
A Collection of Herbs and Flowers
Generally medicinal in nature, and probably the source of the herbal scent that always follows Killian around, his collection of herbs is usually kept in small bundles or jars tucked away in his pockets.
Potion Icon.png
A Collection of Various Potions
Yet another addition to Killian's mundane medicinal collection, he keeps a variety of potions and tonics meant for anything from healing wounds to restoring one's aetherial reserves.
Iron-trimmed Sack Icon.png
Too Many Pockets
Killian always wanders around with a collection of pockets, pouches, and packs, all full of various knick-knacks, including the objects listed above.

    (old) "Poor soul what's blind. I dunno 'ow 'e gets around."
    (old) "You seen his eyes? Looks like the dead's starin' through 'em."
    "He's good with magic, aye, but he's not very bright. Real simple-minded, like a child sometimes."


    "He's not no Midlander. I dunno what he is. Something devilish. Born outta aether, not no mam's womb."
    "I dunno that he's really blind. Have you seen him get around? He looks the part, and acts it, but there are times it seems like he knows where everything is..."
    (old) "Please, 'e's violent. I insist ye force 'im outta 'is room 'fore 'e 'urts someone. I 'ear crashin' at night, like 'e's throwin' furniture around."


    "...[He's] daft as a dodo...made some not-so-great choices. He's...very adamant about helping people, even if they're enemies."Scarlett Thatcher.
    "You would be hard pressed to find a man as gentle and curious as him. Despite how he might appear, he is a strong man. Far stronger at times than even the likes of me. His world is far different than ours, more beautiful and honest."Hestia de Bayle.
    "In some respect, Killian reminds me of a cactaur. He is friendly and works so hard, but still there are thorns about him, as though to keep others away. I see such sweetness within him, despite the pain he believes he inflicts on others."Carina de Bayle.
    "Kinder than he should be, and more capable than most take him for. He's a good man." — Lawrence Wallace.
    "He ain't dumb, but he ain't too smart none either. He could tell me's all about some aether bullshite or 'is weird li'l concoction's he's been brewin' up, but then he don't know his own backend from the end o' a joke. Reminds me o' me youngest son, if'n I'm honest to ya's."Alexandre Belliard.
    "He has eyes behind his ears."Strelec.
    "His house is stupid clean. No, for real. I think he actually spends all day cleaning???"Gaspard Haurtefert.
    "He's... cute. Let's just keep it that way."Lorelei Blanchard.
    "Oh my darling Killian... he's an amazing cook, you know. You're never left wanting in terms of flavour when you're eating something he's prepared."Bonnebell Arseneaud.




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    Composers: Imagine Dragons
    Context: His inner demons.

    Composers: Jacob Lee
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    Context: His failing love with Hestia.


    I like to consider myself a flexible player who is willing to commit to a number of different types of scenes and role-play scenarios, but even I have my limits. If something is on the play list, assume it means yes, as long as it's within the context of the current play or ongoing plot. "No"s are typically a hard no, and it means don't ask.

    I will play just about anything as long as it's relevant to a well-thought-out plot. Most things from injury, kidnapping, general violence, and sexuality to more lighthearted or slice-of-life topics like casual conversation, bar room hangouts, parties, schooling and lessons are fair game under the right circumstances. I don't mind drama or RP of a darker or morally questionable nature as long as it falls within a reasonably designed plot.

    Ask about permanent disfigurement, death, long-term captivity, mental tampering, or anything that might result in a significant change to my character. These things are generally open to discussion but will likely require an exceptionally well-designed plot with solid and believable reasoning before I subject my character to them.

    I won't play random ERP, alternate-universe stories, and stories that follow difficult-to-believe plots. Stories that bend lore past the ability for me to suspend disbelief and characters who claim close and obvious relationships to major NPCs will likely be considered insane and unreal by my character. Some minor bending of lore is fair (and sometimes expected) and I will happily participate in such stories as long as this bending is within reason.


    ■ Killian is an excellent healer, and known for being willing to help those in need who might not be able to afford paying for medical services. He is also skilled with alchemy and can often be found making his own potions and poultices.
    ■ Killian spent much of early life at Stillglade Fane in study, practically living there for a time. Long-standing conjurers likely know of him as a result of any of several factors: his innate and powerful magical ability especially at such an early age - unusual for someone who isn't a padjal; his ability and willingness to experiment with established magical practice, to the disapproval of his peers; his chronic illness, for which he has sought treatment at the Fane; his peculiar mannerisms, such as his reluctance or inability to communicate during his early years; his blindness and/or troubled childhood.
    ■ Those who are sensitive to oddities in aether might notice that Killian seems aetherially unusual in a way that's difficult to describe. Those who know him as a result of the above may be aware of the reason for this.
    ■ Killian rose to power in Ishgard with alarming speed and fell just as quickly. He may be known among the lesser Ishgardian nobles as the (former) viscount of a "black sheep" noble house.


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