Koji Ichihara

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Koji Ichihara
"Doma will rise again."
Last of the Ichihara bloodline
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Doman Midlander
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Alignment Neutral Good
Free Company N/A
Age 26
Marital Status Single
Guardian Oschon, the Wanderer
Namesday First Sun of the Second Astral Moon


♦ General

Born as the only son of the noble Ichihara, Koji was tasked with the pressure of following in his father's footsteps, and becoming the new head of the Doman family. Homeschooled, and raised mainly in solitude, the young Midlander did not have many friends. Yet, at the age of ten, he was introduced to a similiarly young Xaelan, who had just lost his adoptive family to a bandit raid. Taken in by Koji's parents, the Xaelan couldn't be raised as a noble, so instead he was made to become Koji's retainer and guardian. The boy decided to keep his family's last name, and thus was introduced as Masao Aniko. Although the relationship was a little strained at first, the two grew closer together, and before long, they were simply brothers to one another, regardless of blood relation or racial difference. Masao took joy in taking care of the young Midlander, despite only being about five years older, and grew attached to his job, and to the Ichihara family as a whole. While Koji was delved in homeschooling work, piano lessons, and many other responsibilities, Masao was always there to support his new brother, motivating him to keep going, never showing any sense of dissatisfaction with his new life.

Unfortunately, fourteen years later, disaster struck. After the Calamity, the Doma Uprising occured. The citizens of Doma rose up against the Garlean Empire's ironclad rule, and were met with retaliation, even from their very own Shinobi. The Empire's Shadows as they were called, moved in to quell the resistance, without remorse for eliminating innocents. Jiro Ichihara, Koji's father, was an outspoken supporter of the resistance, and was thus labeled a target. The Shadows infiltrated the Ichihara estate, and swiftly made short work of everyone in their sights. Masami Ichihara, Koji's mother, gave her life to protect both her sons, barring the way for the Shadows before they could get to Koji's room. Masao and Koji escaped the estate through the window, and made a run for it. On their way out, a Shadow appeared to ambush Koji, but was swiftly struck down by Masao who wielded a woodcutting axe on a whim. Koji swiftly grabbed the Shadow's weapons and fled with tears in his eyes as he watched the estate burn.

For months the two brothers wandered the lands, hiding from the Empire's watchful eye, while doing what they could to make gil for sustenance. As good as a cook Masao was, there was little he could do without the proper ingredients. They eventually managed to cross the borders into Eorzea, where they moved from Gridania to Ul'dah. Once there, they were met with an entirely different culture from their own. They did what they could to make end's meet, varying from freelance jobs, to selling whatever loot they could obtain. With the gil, they bought food, and rented rooms at the local Inn.


♦ Appearance

Koji is what one would call a typical-looking Midlander. He has young adult facial features, is 1.75m tall, and has a slender athletic physique. His face has a scar wich he received during the escape from the Empire, wich he holds onto as a reminder of why he's still alive. He wears glasses, has long brown hair, tied into a tail.

His usual garbs consist of a simple black shirt, brown pants, and leather shoes. He enjoys keeping things nice and casual.

♦ Personality

Koji is a gentle soul, who cares deeply for close friends, and the one family relative he still has left. Yet, he's also one who acts independantly, simply doing what feels right to him, regardless of what others may think of it. He'll never turn down a cry for help, and may even be seen as fairly naïve when it comes to trusting people. This is all because he's not fearful of what others may do to him, as he's confident that he can overcome whatever obstacle may appear on his path.

Although he used to be rather serious, distrusting and somewhat uptight before, he's become rather relaxed and loosened up the past months. He may at times appear like he's hiding something from everyone else, being so focused on his research that it may at times seem obsessive. Few know what the true intentions behind his research are, and some may wish they'd never have known at all. Behind that kind and gentle appearance, certainly lies a dark shadow.


Koji had learned the arts of the katana during his teenager years in Doma, and made an excellent swordsman. Yet after the events with the Voidsent, he's grown more sensitive to the Aether around him. In addition, he has obtained the ability to sense Voidsent from a certain range. His affinity to magic has increased considerably as a result, so he tends to combine both swordplay and magic nowadays.

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His brother and friends
The snow
The beach
The starry skies
Allagan History


Bad food
Imperial supporters


Allagan History
Piano Play
Triple Triad


Favourite Food/Drink: Noodles, Smoked Salmon, Green Tea
Favourite Place: La Noscea


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Masao Aniko – His adoptive Xaelan brother. They've been through many hardships together, and despite Koji firing him from being his retainer, he cares deeply for him. Koji will often still call on him when he needs help, or just when he wants to spar. Although Koji finds Masao's affection sometimes a little suffocating, he does appreciate it all deep down.

Jiro and Masami Ichihara – Koji's deceased parents. While Jiro was often strict, he showed great concern and love for his son. Masami was the softer soul of the two, often called beautiful by acquaintances and even outsiders. She was the one who convinced Jiro to take in Masao, and Masao is grateful to this day to her. She made Masao promise to always look after Koji, and he intends to keep the promise.


Shin Nelhah – He almost literally picked her up off a bridge in Limsa Lominsa once. In return she was suspicious of his kindness as he refused her reward for helping her. Although they don't know eachother that well, it does appear they have some things in common, so perhaps a friendship will bloom in time.

Enemies & Rivals



Player Character Rumours

"He is an odd man... I can never fully figure him out and I cannot even tell what is on his mind most of the time. He appears so collected to the point of infuriating. It's puzzling..." - Shin Nelhah
"Nii-san is one of the best people I have ever met and one of my closest friends. I love him so much and I'd do anything for him and his family. He was always very kind to me and I would like to repay his understanding someday" - Meriell Bell
"Koji helped me in a time where no one would, and I made a promise to him that I would go to him if I were in trouble. Which sadly, seems to be a lot." - Pheli Nosuk

♦ Footnotes


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