Korben Laurent

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Korben Laurent
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Duskwight
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Occupation Storm Officer (Reinstated)
Age 27
Place of Birth Aleport
Marital Status Eternally Bonded to Isetaari Laurent
Server Balmung



Korben can either be seen wearing a green coat, black pants, gloves and boots. He also wears a black top that he acquired from his previous job.

His eyes are bright green, they almost look like they're glowing. A tattoo on the right side of his face hides a scar, his skin tone dark, and is rather tall but well toned.



The sea has always been apart of Korben's life. He was born and raised in Aleport, he never knew his father, and his mother passed away when he was only six. During his early years, he would assist at the docks, trying to scrounge up enough gil he could for a meal a day. That was until he met with a pirate Captain who took a liking to the kid after getting into a fight with one of his crewmen, even with the odds against the young Duskwight, he never backed down, or wavered, that was more than enough to make him a member of the crew at age eight. Of course he spent most of his days cleaning the ship, assisting the cook, and other menial tasks. During his spare time, he did learn how to use an axe, and other various forms of combat. As the years went by, Korben grew up to be quite the capable member of the crew, and eventually became a full fledged pirate. Since his Captain was a man of honor, and refused to attack ships he deemed were "of working class folk", some of the members of his crew (including his first mate) attempted a mutiny. Korben however defended his Captain and fought back, eventually dispatching many of the mutineers, at that point he was granted the title of First Mate, he remained loyal to the ship and was on the path of becoming the next Captain, but then the Calamity happened.

Like many others, his ship would be at the wrong place at the wrong time. The ship was destroyed by Bahamut, killing many members of his crew, including his Captain. Korben and a few managed to survive, and laid ship wrecked near Limsa, while many lost hope of the impending Umbral era (some simply became bandits, others gave up on life), it was there Korben began to feel a sense of duty. He decided to join the Maelstrom at age twenty, and like he did with his ship, he quickly moved up in the ranks, defending Limsa and La Noscea against threats from beyond, his skills as a Marauder were rather impressive.

Five years had passed since the Calamity, and Korben was sent on a mission take down a group of Sahagin, it was there he would meet a young Seeker Conjurer by the name of Isetaari Nuru. He assisted her by fighting off a few Sahagin, and despite the help, she responded in a rather hostile way, claiming she could have easily bested the enemies and ran off. Later she would be captured by them and taken to an alter to be made as a servant to Leviathan. Korben and his unit arrived in time to rescue her and many others, taking them back to Limsa. Korben found himself drawn to Taari, despite the fact that their early meetings were met by rising tension, his relentless teasing her didn't help matters either, yet there were times he felt she was following him. It could be debated who made the first move, but in the end the two quickly fell in love with one another, and became inseparable. While she wasn't a member of the Maelstrom, she did assist them on many missions, using her healing abilities. It didn't take long for Korben to think the world of her, and even purposed to Taari to be eternally bonded, something they were to plan doing so right away, especially with the news that she was with child.

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Korben was once a cocky, and very confident individual. Always one to tease others, especially those he was close to. He is very loyal to Isetaari, and doesn't seem to have eyes for anyone else.

He can be very brash just like a typical Marauder and will charge into any situation no matter what the dangers are.



Current Relations

Lovers/Dating    Romantic Interest     Attraction    Friendly     Neutral     Negative


Isetaari Nuru - Even with his lack of memories, and without knowing their full history, Korben still believes she is his true love. During his time away, all he could remember were her own green eyes, and when they reunited, he couldn't stop thinking about her. For the time being the two will travel together often as he continues to pick up the pieces of his past, and with her as his support. Once he helped her free her from her curse, the two quickly bonded, and with his memories restored, they are inseperable.


Other Notes

Since Korben is a Storm Officer, anyone who is a member of the Maelstrom may recognize him. Which could open for potential rp partners.

(Balmung Server)