Kotori Birdsong

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 Kotori Birdsong
"Listen closely."
The Seeress
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Doma (Assumed)
Religion Nymeia, the Spinner
Age 20's (Assumed)
Nameday 18th Sun of the 2nd Umbral Moon
Height/Weight 5 fulms 2 ilms, 106 ponz
Marital Status Single
Occupation EFTC Employee

Kotori Birdsong is an unusual young woman who hails from the Far East. Soft-spoken and inquisitive, she maintains a high interest in matters of the arcane. Much like the birds she cherishes, she is simultaneously elegant, fragile, and distant by all appearances; though, as is often the case in this great, wide world, appearances alone betray very little of the truth.



Given Name: Kotori Birdsong [KOH-toh-RHEE|BIRD - song]: So far as anyone is aware, this is her true name and not some sobriquet. If she is part of a noble family, it is not one that is recognized. The only affiliation that can be made between herself and an influential group in the east is told in the markings on her back which she is reluctant to share with strangers.

Title(s): Lady; Seeress.


  • Bluebird: An old nickname she claims from her childhood, but one that is rarely used now.

Current Residence: Near Ul'dah

Marital Status: Single

Sexuality: Asexual (Assumably)

Romance: Aromantic (Assumably)

Religion: Follows the philosophies of Nymeia, the Spinner.


(Bluefly Yukata)
Height: 5 fulms, 2 ilms -Nearly the shortest of her kind, not altogether unusual for those of her clan from the East.

Weight: 106 ponz - An extremely lean body bears only hints of feminine curves made possible by her waspish waistline and broader ribcage. She is thin and easily mistaken for frail.

Body: Only close inspection, which Kotori does not seem inclined to permit, would reveal that her body type is actually not so fragile as it appears at first glance. Her body language aids in the deception of others' perception, perpetually demure with sloped shoulders and minimal motions. Rarely does she wear scant enough attire that her musculature can be examined; more rare are the occasions where her body is tense enough to make out the definition therein.
A skilled eye, however, may be able to identify a certain unusual grace in her motions that is too well practiced to be natural. Her shoulders gently curve, but are not naturally sloped, leading to a broader ribcage and a thin waist that, even at rest, is faintly defined with muscle. While ankles, wrists, shins, and forearms are long and slender enough to obscure the strength of her limbs, her thighs and forearms belie power in their taut, shapely forms. Hers is a body that most closely resembles that of an acrobat; someone with more agility and flexibility than many would suspect.
She seems inclined to hide the level of fitness she holds while in public, tightening her gait and keeping her arms close to her body. While the motions are not so fluid as Westerners may idolize, with short steps and tucked arms, they are precise and graceful in their own way; movements more befitting to a higher-born lady of the East.

Complexion: The young woman's skin is more unusual, perhaps, than the rest of her. Conscious efforts are made not to draw too much attention to herself for long periods of time for this reason. One of the first characteristics one might notice is her skin and how utterly unblemished it is. Beyond most, it is as milk, smooth without traces of lines or sun-kiss, as though she had never seen the sun in the whole of her life.
There is not a single pock, mole, scar, or freckle on the whole of her pale canvas, only the faint linings of blue veins beneath thin skin here and there. If not for the naturally reddened cheeks, she might be the same hue from head to toe. Her coloration overall is cool in nature, meant to be soothing but quite possibly disconcerting. Together with the paints she favors, smudges of sky blue to match the assumably artificial dye in her hair and her slender form, the Hyur's pallor resembles that of one in the first stages of hypothermia.
Whether this is a coincidence based on aesthetic preference or intentional has never been asked and would doubtlessly never be answered.

  • 'Piercings' : One per earlobe, either side.

Face: Kotori is undeniably 'pretty' although whether her form of pretty is attractive or uncomfortable would likely vary depending on the individual perceiving her. The porcelain state of her skin creates a lovely canvas upon a slender, ovular face with high cheekbones. Lack of color saturation in the flesh makes almond-shaped blue eyes, fringed with thick indigo lashes more vivid in contrast. Her mouth is small but the lips are plump; their natural shape emphasized with pale blue paints. A pert nose may be just a touch large and aquiline in proportion to the rest of her features, but with no markings or real color, it is easily overlooked.
She smiles often but rarely with her teeth. Her eyes always seem hazy, as though her thoughts remain ever-distant from the topic or subject at hand. Altogether she closely resembles a doll in appearance, from face to body. Some have complained that there is something discomfortingly 'perfect' about her, as though her appearance were explicitly crafted to fit the appearance of an elegant, young Midlander in an effort to catch the eye but not hold it for an overlong period of time.

Hair: Her hair is immaculate in its thick, straight composition. While each individual strand is like spider silk, lacking a hint of curl, the sheer volume of her mane gives the illusion of waves that do not exist. Any curls that one or two locks may hold are definitely artificial, present only for the sake of aesthetic and asymmetry.
The hue is unusual as well. At any given point, it appears a pale shade of blue that ranges without fading or spottling from root to tip. Whether the coloration is magical or synthetic in nature may be difficult to discern, appearing natural as it flawlessly matches her abnormal pallor. Furthermore, the hue seems to change minutely depending on her garb, from similar hues of light teal to sky and pale cornflower. Though her lashes are dark enough to be mistaken for black, the individual strands are, in fact, a very dark blue much like the thin arches of her eyebrows.
Body hair is scarce, either shaved or naturally absent, difficult to see even upon close inspection. On occasion she will add combs, picks, and other ornaments to the mass of her hair or separate the whole of it into twin tails. While the designs are typically minimalistic in nature, her choice of decoration is Eastern in nature, composed of silver, gold, ivory, sea shells, and intricate carvings of lacquered wood hung with silver horse-hair.

Fashion: As mentioned, it is not uncommon for the young Midlander to wear make up. The occasions that she is seen without paint at all are far more rare than those where her face goes fully painted with a layer of creamy white base beneath her choice of shadow and lipcolor. While she keeps to blues, silver, black (in the form of kohl), purples, and even crimson are not uncommon. Still, the application is minimal, nowhere rivaling the more intricate layers of color that others from her homeland might prefer.
Her clothing often remains traditional to her culture; preferring any article from light cotton yukata to heavier, more elaborate furisode befitting her age. All of the accompanying accessories will be found with any given garment, though she prefers one outfit (pictured above) over the rest. In recent days, she has taken to wearing heavier, or more form-fitted Western garb. Anything that leaves her legs fairly unrestricted (i.e. not trousers) is something she is willing to wear, though thick robes with sleeves long enough to engulf her fingertips seem favored. Even in the arid environment of Thanalan, she seems comfortable in layered articles that would be sweltering to others.

[For those with heightened sensory perceptions:]
This information is reserved only for characters who fit the requirements of respective hypersensitivity, through physiological, magical, or practiced means. Anyone else who chooses to read this is requested to keep it as out-of-character knowledge.

Miqo'te Keeper of the Moon olfactory sense or keener.
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Expert archer levels of vision or keener.
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The equivalent sensitivity of one's lips or keener.
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The equivalent sensitivity of an artisan culinarian's palate or keener.
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Blind individuals who are able to 'see' aether, etc.
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Voice: In conversation, Kotori is soft-spoken, her volume altering and increasing only enough to be heard. In a quiet place, she speaks just above a murmur. In a crowded place, she will never range even to the lowest points of shouting, instead merely strengthening her emphasis and relying more on her diaphragm to communicate her words. Regardless of how loud she may stray towards, the Hyur never appears to strain; the movements of her lips fairly shallow at any given time.
In singing, though it only happens on exceedingly rare occasions where she is requested to do so, she boasts a silver soprano that easily holds the warbling tones prized in her homeland. If singing western tunes, she has no issue adapting her voice, but cannot stray far from her natural range lest her voice break. There is a lack of flexibility in this form of expression for her, which she has no issue relaying to a prospective audience beforehand.
She speaks just as anyone else in the region does, fluent enough in the language that she may never have spoken another. While her accent is difficult to notice, especially with her inherently quiet voice, she does have a mild tendency to turn 'L's into 'R's, add soft 'oos', and sometimes tap her R's. Her S's can also be stretched slightly, as though she were inclined to hiss even in passive speech but makes a conscious effort not to.

(Alternate Yukata)
Demeanor: On the surface, the pale woman is respectful and demure to a fault. No matter the circumstance she seems either unwilling or unable to respond with aggression to aggression. While she maintains an air of sincerity that borders at times on hypersensitivity, this is only belied in her speech and minute changes in body language. Her expression can maintain its doll-like calm in the face of even the most uncouth or moving situations. Her levels of facial stoicism often do not match the energy level of the local atmosphere.
She rarely, if ever, makes large sweeping gestures, never speaking with her hands unless it is in regards to a topic her company cannot understand without miming. Like her manner of speech, the easterner keeps nearly rigid posture even at rest when alone for a long period of time. In a word, she is prim, every word and movement meticulously manicured within a span of seconds to suit a given situation.
Kotori can, however, range in personality from submissive to authoritative and is hard pressed to do so so blatantly that the shift is not fluid enough to be overlooked. Likewise, she has a tendency towards the enigmatic and avoids physical contact wherever she can. She is approachable to strangers but distant to closer company without making any effort to be more or less of either. Her static personality can be difficult to acclimate to and she seems unwilling to change it more than utterly necessary than a situation requires. Despite how soft-spoken she is, she is clearly confident and not easily riled.
If ever she becomes truly agitated, rather than typical responses of showing teeth or furrowing brow, she adopts a distant, glaze-eyed expression that lasts until the swell of emotion has passed. Then, Kotori will merely resume the topic at the point it was before the offense was committed. If the offense is too strong, she will politely excuse herself rather than engaging in a fight.

Quirks: Aside from her odd disposition, the Hyur has few perceivable quirks. One that is noteworthy is her tendency to peer skywards, attention drawn to any movement above. Her readiness to search the empty air for avian life may relay a sense that she is waiting for something or someone at any given time. She is also drawn to the sight of scar tissue and anything that glitters.

Intelligence: As one may expect, she is extremely sharp witted though her tongue is silken. It can be rightly assumed that she has received some form of higher education, though where from is anyone's guess. She has an extensive understanding of personalities and the nature of individuals; her perception at times approaching extrasensory. She has a creative enough mind to maintain several philosophical viewpoints on the world at large. Despite this she may come across as far more pessimistic in nature for her age, easily explained by her status as a refugee. This does not at all denote cynicism.
She has a strong interest in aetheric manipulation as well as more advanced aetheric theory. This implies a higher level of comfort with geometric patterns and arithmetic that she rarely shows otherwise. There is some solid connection between this aetheric interest and her respectably-sized knowledge of differing forms of divination. On matters ranging from culture to racial diversity, economy to politics, and aetheric theory to fortune-telling, she remains highly inquisitive to a point that borders on childlike. Petty disputes and gossip will hold some interest for her as well, although Kotori tends not to contribute to arguments.
Sarcasm is not a means of displaying intelligence that she ever indulges in and she does not approve of others resorting to it. If asked, she will explain that sarcasm is a fool's show of wit. Likewise, profanity and offensive language are not appreciated and may be gently corrected if she feels comfortable enough to make the attempt.

Religion: While she rarely discusses her religious beliefs at length, Kotori will often reference the Spinner; befitting her role as a fortune teller. The depth of her connection to the deity is obscure at best. One of the few trinkets she keeps on her person at all times is a mark of Nymeia, a well-polished and finely set gemstone bearing Her sigil on a rosary of lapis lazuli beads. This may be an indication that the Hyur is either more devout that she lets on, or perhaps that she may be some form of priestess.

Romance: Kotori seems uninterested in romance. She will occasionally give compliments intimately enough to be considered flirtatious, but otherwise makes no effort in pursuing individuals of the opposite sex or even her own. Her level of dettachment combined with disinterest and avoidance of physical contact strongly implies asexuality and perhaps an aromantic nature. If she has ever had a relationship of any kind, she avoids mentioning it. If asked about her orientation, she will politely deflect. If approached, thus far, she politely evades.
Philosophically speaking, the Midlander has great respect for people in love and for love itself. Her opinions on romance and true love are depthy, and ones she quietly maintains unless asked. She holds no strict judgement on matters of monogamy or sexuality and maintains a refreshingly open-mind in regards to all types of love. Unlike other uncouth topics, she has no issue engaging in discussions about copulation; unusually knowledgeable with her advice in the matter, though this may be accumulated information from past conversations.


  • Aoi- An eastern bluebird that visits her on occasion. She seems to speak with it normally, while it only responds with a series of chirps and fluttering feathers. The diminutive bird is pleasant to strangers, but only when sent to deliver a message or in the company of Kotori. Away from her, it remains safely outside the reach of even those it recognizes.

  • Kuro- A sizeable raven that rarely if ever lands on her person. This companion visits more often than Aoi, and never appears at the same time, typically taking up a place nearby. This bird is also less inquisitive or docile, instead seeming perpetually aggressive. In the event that Kotori is in danger, Kuro will attack with a battering of wings and tearing of talons and beak, not hesitating to tear at the eyes and refusing to relent until it is directed to do so or its keeper is out of harm's way.



Skills: (See Combat/Magical Proficiency, below) As one may deduce, she is capable of feats of magic. Most of these are used for divination or to exaggerate such acts. Indisputably, however, the youth is capable of succor and defensive magic spells that rival the skill of western Arcanists and is, for all appearance, very similar in nature.
The Midlander is also an able diplomat. Given her gentle but respectable nature, she is both non-threatening and convincing. All manners of employment that require socializing are within her realm of comfort, from sales to arbitration.
Her wealth of physical stamina is far greater than what she should have by the slightness of her form. When in dire need, she can be both swift and agile, running low to the ground and for a length of time that nearly rivals that of miqo'te huntresses. If forced into a physical altercation, Kotori will reveal snatches of combat expertise that seem to be only defensive and evasive in nature, eluding or out-maneuvering her attacker(s) until such a time that escape is possible.
Like her insensitivity to extreme heat or cold, she has a high tolerance for pain and an even higher tolerance for mental or psychological torture. None of these characteristics seem to fit with her exotic 'noble' persona, yet do not quite resemble characteristics of those who practice ninpō despite bouts of remarkable flexibility; her movements becoming graceful in a serpentine manner rather than feline or vulpine as ninpō resembles. She is as loathe to display these qualities as she is to discuss them, and may at times prefer an acquaintance come to harm before she physically intervenes on their behalf.
All of her physical skills can be easily explained as necessary skills befitting a combat healer; needing to stay out of harm in order to remain effective for her allies.

Business: Her familiarity with numbers makes her a capable accountant, though she will employ an abacus through sheer force of habit as opposed to necessity. When it comes to numbers, Kotori has a visible lack of interest, but when it comes to -coin-, her interest is piqued. She also likes to hoard her coins, keeping them someplace safe and off of her person. As she has a visible taste for fineries, it can be assumed that she spares no expense to afford them and thus maintains her interest to continue accumulating enough to maintain her lifestyle.
She is also capable with all forms of housework, implying some domestic labor in her history. She seems to enjoy cooking, cleaning, patching, and organizing and has a tendency to perform these tasks to the point of a obsessive compulsion to have things arranged in a manner that reduces clutter. While she does not enjoy dirt or sand, she does not complain even if exposed for long periods of time, but will clean herself with just as much fervor as she will any inanimate object or space. For this reason Kotori show interest in employment as a personal assistant, attendant, or housekeeper.

(Acolyte Gear)
Combat/Magical Proficiency: Many of her readily displayed skills are not combat-oriented, though a few can be used defensively or for minor and extensive healing. She is a proficient aether-manipulator, capable of weaving aether in a similar manner to Arcanists and Scholars save that instead of a grimoire, she relies on six of her deck of lacquered divination cards; each inscribed beyond the face of the card to hold a character contained within a geometric symbol and to perform limited tasks. The cards act as mediums but an invocation is required to activate each. Each can be used one or more times depending on the power of the respective card (Koutei and Unmei no Rin may only be used once, for example, where Gusha may be used up to four times in succession). Employing these cards does not drain Kotori visibly, but the energy each is able to conduct wanes per use until it is rendered ineffective. How she restores them is a closely guarded secret that involves some manner of intricate ritual.

  • Gusha/The Fool: A swift, minor healing spell for a single target for external damage. Depicts a dancing Tengu with a fan.
  • Jotei/The Empress: A slow, moderate healing spell for a single target for internal famage. Depicts a beautiful noblewoman wielding a halberd.
  • Inja/The Hermit: A defensive spell that creates a physical barrier for a short period of time by coalescing aether in an area into a thin shell. Depicts an elderly man enshrouded in a cloak.
  • Koutei/The Emperor: A strong healing spell for a single target that can correct extensive internal or external damage. Depicts a nobleman bearing a sword of light.
  • Onna-Kyoukou/The High Priestess: A moderate healing spell that works over time on external wounds. Can be used on multiple targets but is less effective. Depicts a holy woman with a silver staff.
  • Unmei no Rin/The Wheel of Fortune: A potentially powerful healing spell that works predominantly on one grievous wound. The major wound may be healed entirely, leaving no trace of a scar while superficial wounds are only mildly corrected. Adversely, the primary wound may only close temporarily while extraneous damage is fully healed. The effects are random. The card depicts a Spinner's wheel with characters for ice, fire, lightning, water, air, earth, light, and darkness beyond each respective spoke, surrounded by four youkai.

The nature of her magic is arcane, the hues of her spells ranging from pale teals to vivid blues, blooming from card and target simultaneously. The side effects of all the spells above is a moderate loss of sensation and reduction of pain. This is temporary, and unless the wounds are completely healed by the spells, the pain will return, proportionate to the extent of the damage, within several minutes to half a bell. Stiffness, itching at the site of recently healed wounds, and reduced mobility are also potential side-effects.



Arcane topics
Games (Chess or Go, as well as some card-games)
Baubles, trinkets, rare coins, gems, etc.


Physical altercations (She dislikes engaging but has no qualms witnessing them)
Coeurl (Though she seems to have no predisposition against miqo'te)


Traditional singing
Aetheric manipulation


Alignment: Unclear
Favorite Food: Roast Dodo or Sweet Rice Cake
Favorite Drink: Mulled Tea
Least Favorite Food: Stuffed Cabbage (she does not enjoy vegetables)
Least Favorite Drink: Cheap Ale
Favorite Animal: Birds/Lizards
Least Favorite Animal: Coeurl



Kotori rarely, if ever, speaks of her family. She refers to Kaede as 'brother', and may otherwise mention 'siblings', but when speaking of her parents she becomes more blatantly evasive than usual. Whatever her relationship with them may be, she seems disinclined to discuss it. She does, however, maintain an affection for familial love when she beholds instances of it. One can only assume that she is unmarried, not a widow, and does not nor has ever had children.

Player Character Standings

Romantic Interest     Sexual Desire     Platonic/Familial Love      Good Standing     Neutral Standing     Poor Standing

(Kaede Leafdancer, Kotori Birdsong, and Aoi)

Kaede Leafdancer: The current guardian and 'younger brother' of Kotori. Kaede suffered a very different lifestyle within their clan before their fall. As a child, Kotori discovered the would-be weaponmaster by chance during the trials, and after witnessing the unusual conviction within Kaede, took a liking to him. She brought food and water, even items to be used as weapons against the rival novices, helping to assure his survival. While she never claims to know that his loyalty to her is unshakable, her faith in him is explicit. Though it is likely he is older than her in years, she refers to him as 'younger brother' or 'Otouto' around strangers, denoting his lower status within their previous group. It is rare that the two would spend an extended time apart, being the only real relation that the other has.

W'Sano Bajihri: A courteous male Miqo'te that Kotori met by chance on the streets of Ul'dah. Since their initial encounter, where he found the time to answer some of her lingering questions about his race, they have arranged to meet again on occasion as both mutually enjoy the other's company. Despite this positive beginning, she has found some cause to discontinue their association for the moment.

Rinye Birdsong: (UC)

Bricole Fabre: (UC)

Z'phyr Lakroix: (UC)



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Common Rumours (Easily overheard)
"Kotori, Kotori... Foreign name, innit? Must be an Easterner." - Uncertain Guard
"If you mean to ask after that blue-haired lass, she likes to keep to the Gold Court though you may happen upon her in the Lane. Even told me my fortune with cards once, said I would meet a mysterious stranger today. What do you think about that?" - Curious Citizen
"Quiet girl, that one. Always walkin' kinda stiff and smilin' like some kinda wind-up doll." - Attentive Laborer

Moderate Rumours (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"Oh, aye, that one comes by now and again to look over my wares. Rarely buys aught save a bag of seed now and then. Nothing missing, though." - Feed Peddler
"He may say that, but she comes to me often with coin to spare. Has a taste for fineries, that one; unusual for a refugee." - Aspiring Designer
"Where does she get all that money? To buy fancy clothes and bird seed, then scattering gil out in the Lane to attract the orphans? Never stops for proper food or drink, that much is certain." - Agitated Shopkeep

Rare Rumours (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"Keep this quiet but I tell ye, th' witch is a wolf in sheep's clothin'. She gives coin ta th' wee ones in exchange fer them runnin' word fer her and bringin' her little thin's. Some of them never come back-- I try ta tell th' guards but nary a soul'll listen ta an ill word 'bout a pretty face." - Concerned Refugee
"You ask after the young noblewoman. You wonder what an old wretch like me could see in her? More than you ever will unless you learn to stop looking with your eyes, child." - Blind Hag
"L-Lady Birdsong? D-did she send you here to ch-che-- J-just tell her I'll have her information about the Duskwight soon. P-please. Th-thank you." - Frightened Youth

PC Rumours (Feel free to add IC rumors.)


(Under construction)


  • I'm perfectly accepting of individuals with supernatural senses to read abnormalities in Kotori so long as they're within reason. Feel free to contact me about any niggling questions you may have.
  • As the information on the new races and the Far East in general is limited, I've resorted to using Japanese terminology sparingly and keeping my assumptions about the future content intentionally limited. I believe that Othard contains several different cultural mirrors all across Asia.
  • Kotori Birdsong follows the naming convention of Yugiri Mistwalker ("Yugiri" - Evening Mist) and other NPCs assumed to be from Doma. "Kotori" in Japanese means 'Little Bird', attached to Birdsong. The Native American use of Kotori means 'Screech Owl' which is also something I kept in mind.

Theme Song(s):
'Nanatsu no Ko' - Noguchi Ujō/Motoori Nagayo

"Mother crow, why do you squawk so?
Because high on the mountain
I have seven cute children.
"Cute, cute,"
This mother crow sings.
"Cute, cute,"
Cries the mother crow.
You should behold the old nest
On the mountain. And there you'll see such
Round-eyed, good children."

'Shima Uta' - Natsukawa Rimi

"Just as my fingernails are dyed with the pigment from the balsam flowers,
my heart is dyed with the teachings of my parents.

The deigo flower has blossomed, and it has called the wind, and the storm has arrived.

The deigo flowers are in full bloom, and they have called the wind, and the storm has come.
The repetition of sadness, like the waves that cross the islands.
I met you in the Uji forest.
In the Uji forest I bid farewell to Chiyo.

Island song, ride the wind, with the birds, cross the sea.
Island song, ride the wind, carry my tears with you.

The deigo blossoms have fallen, soft ocean waves tremble.
Fleeting joy, like flowers carried by the waves.
To my friend who sang in the Uji forest.
Beneathe the Uji, bid farewell to Yachiyo.

Island song, ride the wind, with the birds, cross the sea.
Island song, ride the wind, carry my love with you.

To the sea, to the universe, to God, to life, carry on this eternal dusk wind.

Island song, ride the wind, with the birds, cross the sea.
Island song, ride the wind, carry my tears with you.
Island Song, ride the wind, with the birds, cross the sea.
Island song, ride the wind, carry my love with you."