Kurenai Nagi

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Kurenai Nagi
Kurenai nagi ava right.JPG
Little Witch
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Raen
Citizenship Gridania
Server Balmung

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A young refugee from the defunct Kingdom of Doma. Kurenai Nagi is a somber Au Ra girl of the Raen clan building a new life in Eorzea.

OOC Note

All information provided in this page is free for use IC. The contents of this page represent what could be gathered by an average adventurer by asking around.


Barely four fulms eight ilms tall, Kurenai is short even by Au Ra female standards. Kurenai has the look of someone who suffered chronic illness in her youth, leaving her frighteningly thin in a way that many would not consider beautiful.

  • Kurenai arrived sometime after the initial wave of refugees from Doma along with a pale skinned Xaela man bearing a great sword named Tuyaa, who called himself her guardian.
  • Eventually the two of them rented a house in the Lavender Beds from an adventurer that had no need for it. Allegedly getting by on Tuyaa's adventuring.
  • She was known to have a residence at the The Ivory Tower, a group of self proclaimed mages operating out of a peculiar house in La Noscea's Mist residences. She is known to be quite reclusive, seldom leaving. Crueler rumors have stated that she's made deals with void-kin in exchange for the powers of a seer.
  • Kurenai has been seen with Kerin "Misteyes", a senior Gridanian Conjurer who is allegedly her tutor.
  • Recently she's been frequently spotted at The Cat's Meow located in the Goblet.
  • Apparently she is a frequent attendee of any concert featuring the Miqo'te Keeper performer Savo Kesslivang