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Leon; Crow
24th Sun, 4th Astral Moon
Duskwight Elezen
Researcher; Informant

Leonnaux Altoix is a self-taught Duskwight arcanist born in the Shroud. A bit self-centered, he studies tirelessly in search of answers regarding a condition he's had since the eve of the Calamity (declared ‘aether sickness’ at the time, he knows it now to be the Echo). Dissatisfied with his lack of progress at home in Gridania, he fled from home after discovering that his mother and brother had been destroying his research in the express interests of hindering his studies. As a result, he fled to Ul'dah, where he set down roots as both Leonnaux and a shadowy figure known as Crow who operates in the Ul’dahn underground and was Leonnaux's primary source of income (via dealing in information, which has earned him a reasonably-sized network of contacts within a network now known as the Ebonguard) prior to dedicating himself more formally to academic pursuits.


Standing at 6'2 (six fulms, two ilms), Leonnaux is on the shorter side for a grown male Elezen and is rather thin on top of it. While he is a Duskwight, he is rather fair in complexion and has a bit more color to him than most; he can easily pass for a Wildwood so long as his surname does not come to light (a luxury certainly not shared the rest of his immediate family). Unfortunately, this gives way for the dark circles that form under his eyes on a regular basis due to poor quality of sleep to be quite prominent.

He's built lean in general, but due to his poor habits he typically borders more toward just being thin and at times even gaunt, though his weight fluxuates greatly depending on his mental state and how hard he's been hitting the books, with healthier habits reflecting a healthier-looking figure. He's made out of sharp lines and angles for the most part, though his face retains just enough roundness from his youth to reflect the fact that he's not as old as one might presume otherwise. While much of the baby-fat around his cheeks has been lost, his jawline isn't as strong as his more masculine counterparts, nor are his cheekbones as pronounced.

His eyes are bright blue, though unless they catch the light just right they appear darker than they really are, and despite his round glasses he seems to always be slightly squinting perhaps in an effort to make himself appear older or because he really just can't see all that well even with the glasses. If the former, then the fact that he doesn't seem to pay much attention to his hair at glance works against him more than for him; the mop of black hair on his head makes him look younger rather than older (as told by most people who meet him in person) -- but despite his somewhat disheveled appearance, he actually brushes it fairly frequently and it's pretty soft... Not that he'd welcome any attempts to touch it.

His mode of dress varies, but he is usually overdressed for occasions. Leonnaux is the kind of person to feel the best when he looks his best, barring his health habits or factors outside of his control; he has more casual clothes for when he is hard at work behind his desk or just lazing around, of course, but he has a certain fondness for nice clothing.

Notable Possessions

Last Updated: 03/26/2017

A list of worldly possessions that Leonnaux has either on his person or stored somewhere safe and immediately accessible that are notable or special in some way.

  • His grimoire, bound of black leather and containing exceedingly crisp transcriptions of various geometries and theorems necessary for performing arcanima. Very obviously not his own handiwork.
  • A quill, fashioned from a large black feather, usually securely tucked into a handy sleeve in his grimoire's back cover.
  • A small, green multi-aspected crystal.
  • A peculiar ring made partly out of silver and partly out of the horn of an antelope, always worn on his right index finger when he has it with him. The name ALTOIX is carved into the inside.

Born in the Shroud, this Duskwight always had a bit of trouble coming to terms with his lot in life; his father (presumably) left his mother when he was still young, and so he was raised primarily by his mother and his older brother. He took to academic pursuits early, his mother teaching him to read and do basic arithmetic and his brother teaching him the very basics of archery, although this was never a discipline he readily pursued since at the time he had more of an eye for crafts than combat. He came to find that he was 'blessed' with the Echo at the age of thirteen, but he didn’t know precisely what it is; his first few visions came in rapid succession and rendered him ill for the next few days, but to this day he hasn’t had an episode as bad.

His passion for academics became less of a passion and more of an obsession shortly after the calamity and as he grew older. More and more of his reading material came to involve the manipulation of aether – which he found he was rather adept at in time due to his focused study of arcanima, cumulating in him teaching himself how to conjure a Carbuncle companion – and the different afflictions that one can suffer having to do with their aether. Through these studies, he came to the conclusion that he had some form of aether sickness and became determined to find a way to cure it or, if he must live with it and his case didn’t prove fatal, learn to wield it to his advantage. Through his study of alchemy (which started as a passing fancy, a mere side-show to his dream of one day designing for Fen-Yll) and aether, he hopes to unlock the ability to have one of his visions on demand so that he can study his ‘sickness’ more closely.

His family did not take well to this mounting obsession, however, and continued to smother him as they grew more and more concerned for his well-being. His journals were often thumbed through and some of his more questionable entries were removed while he was asleep or otherwise not studying, most notably the entries making note of his own mortality and many of the entries concerning his visions. While they appeared outwardly supportive, they attempted, for the most part, to quell Leon’s obsession with his condition by destroying his notes and making light of his accomplishments, believing that if he became discouraged enough then he would fall back in line with how he had been prior to falling ill. However, Leon took notice of the smaller changes and took his studying elsewhere, but quickly found that 'at home' was his only real option and came to be a bit of a recluse. His frenzied ramblings did not quell his family's worries, to say the least, and they escalated to removing more and more of his research and then denying it, making him believe that he was mentally ill.

He started saving gil where he could and kept studying; however, he fled from home earlier than he had intended when he caught his brother burning his notes. After attacking his brother, stealing the ring that for years served as the brothers' only momento of their father, and hastily packing what worldly possessions of his that he deemed important, he fled into the night with little idea of where he would go, but after several weeks of surviving on a relatively transient lifestyle, he managed to make it to Ul'dah by way of returning to the desert city-state with a Lalafellin merchant on his way back from the shroud by the name of Ririsifo. He introduced himself as Crow at that time and later, Ririsifo became one of his most important contacts in his network while he was surviving on his own.



Color Key
💕 In A Relationship: Leonnaux is romantically involved with this character.
Romantic Attraction: Leonnaux is romantically interested in this character.
Sexual Attraction Leonnaux is physically interested in this character.
Platonic Love/Family: Leonnaux considers this person family.
Friend: Leonnaux considers this person his friend.
Friendly Acquaintance: Leonnaux considers this person mostly friendly, or as an ally.
Good Standing: Leonnaux has no specific feelings about this character, but views them mostly in a positive light.
Neutral: Leonnaux has no specific feelings about this character.
Bad Standing: Leonnaux has no specific feelings about this character, but views them in a negative light.
Dislike: Leonnaux doesn't consider this person a friend.
Hate: Leonnaux considers this character an annoyance at best and an enemy at worst.
Fear: Leonnaux is terrified by this character.
Rivalry: Leonnaux considers this person a rival.
Family Member: This character is related by blood to Leonnaux.
Business: This character has or had a considerable professional relationship with Leonnaux, be it as an employer, employee, client, supplier, etc.
Deceased: This character has passed away.
? Unknown: Leonnaux has met this character, but he's not entirely sure what to make of them. Or is otherwise confused.


Etionne Altoix ( ) ( NPC )
Leon's mother; a stout woman by Elezen standards who was always rather strict with her sons. It was just her form of 'tough love;' however, she was apt to take it a bit too far with the younger Leonnaux. Following his first episode with his 'aether sickness,' she grew fiercely protective of him and, as a result, deluded herself into believing there was nothing truly wrong. Unintentionally invalidating his studies and urging him to spend his time doing something "of worth" left a bitter taste in his mouth, and when she and his brother (Luxont) destroyed many of his notes in an effort to get him to give up and turn his attention to better things, Leon was given the final push he needed to run away from home. While he's still bitter and he knows that her actions are disgusting, he still maintains a bit of attachment to her as his mother.
Luxont Altoix ( ) ( NPC )
Leon's very gray older brother, who conspired with his mother to destroy his notes. Close during their younger years, Luxont grew distressed when Leon started slipping into his obsession with his 'aether sickness,' and the relationship between the two became strained in the years following his condition's onset, to the point where Luxont took some satisfaction in watching Leon withdraw into himself whenever he was told that his studies were, ultimately, meaningless. Still angry, Leon does not maintain contact with him at all after he runs away.
Vaicean Altoix ( ) ( NPC )
The following information could be considered storyline spoilers, and is not readily-available information, partly even to Leonnaux himself..

Leon's father. All he has of him are some hazy memories from when he was five or so years of age, when Vaicean left for some reason and never returned. Neither his brother nor his mother ever talked about Vaicean again, and there's no hint that he and Etionne were ever married to begin with... Or that his surname truly is or was, at any point, Altoix. His fate remains unknown, though Leon has good reason to believe he's alive and has taken interest in finding him and unraveling the various mysteries that surround him.

Leon's first visions featured him prominently, and many of those visions are now verified as true. He knows for certain that Vaicean and his associates were involved in some likely-now-defunct organization or brotherhood in the Gridanian underground and that Vaicean accepted a job to murder a commanding officer of the Wood Wailers. Leonnaux does not know if he succeeded, only that the end result forced Vaicean to go into hiding.
Ririsifo Yayasifo ( ) ( NPC )
A business contact Leon made (as Crow) on his way to Ul'dah. Specializing in alchemy, Ririsifo often furnished Leon with rarer raw materials than he would be able to procure via less shady means. Their relationship is positive, but strictly professional; Leon doesn't ask about the Lalafell's personal life, but postulates that whatever business he's involved in must be relatively successful. In turn, Ririsifo doesn't question Leon's. They fell out of touch in recent years, but Leon has no interest in reconnecting, since he has his feet on the ground now (relatively speaking).
Ajah Alhanah ( ) ( NPC )
An old mentor of Leon's (as Crow), who 'initiated' him more properly into the Ul'dahn underworld. Claiming to be a scholar of some import but truly operating as an information broker, Ajah took advantage of Leon's peculiar condition to glean information that she would not have been able to otherwise and thus gain an edge over some of her competitors, but after she attempted to prevent him from studying his condition in more depth, he severed ties. They remained on poor terms until her body mysteriously turned up lifeless next to The Unholy Heir; Leonnaux wishes he felt bad for her, but unfortunately he couldn't care less because he's a petty, bitter arse. She left behind notes on his condition somewhere, but she wrote them in code so that only her and anyone with the proper key can decipher them... So while Leon has since gotten his hands on one of many of her notes as payment for a job from her first-born son, it along with its companions are utterly useless to him unless he can get the key.


P'ianthe Aliapoh ( )
Leon was taken under Ianthe's wing on two conditions: the first, that he do whatever she wished of him; and the second, to never speak a word of it. After some compromising injuries and unfortunate circumstances, however, both parts of his 'contract' with her were broken. The lessons continued up to the point where he came into possession of Ianthe's daughter's soul crystal as part of one of her failed ploys to transform him into a vessel for her daughter's spirit. The vision that resulted from coming into contact with the crystal sparked an undying curiosity in its properties and how it interacted with his 'aether sickness,' however after only a little while, he ended up returning it under the guise of a deal: power and knowledge in exchange for the crystal. However, Ianthe (predictably) betrayed Leon's trust, and the ensuing debacle ended with them both having a criminal record in Ul'dah.

He maintains a strong hatred for her, but can't help but be drawn to her nonetheless -- perhaps the allure of Allag's secrets are simply too strong for him to resist.
Edda Vincents ( 💕)
Initially meeting her as Eve over the channels of Ebonguard, Leonnaux soon found himself within pleasant company, and he's glad that he didn't manage to weasel his way out of Crow and Eve's first face-to-face meeting. He regards Edda as generally kind, somewhat playful, and – when it comes to business – ruthless. Her skills as a mage have also inspired a bit of awe, given both that they're close in age and his own endeavors pale in comparison.

His romantic relationship with Edda is the first one he's ever been in of a romantic nature; at first, he felt as if he was unwittingly coerced into it, but nowadays he finds himself glad for her company in any and all respects... Despite certain secrets of hers that he doesn't necessarily fully approve of, though he tries his best to withhold his judgement. He deeply appreciates her company and her willingness to remain patient with him as he deals with his own issues.

Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.
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◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely.

    "Whenever he leaves the Avenue with a new toy or something good to eat, he looks like someone went and shoved the sun into him. Poor boy must not get treats often." - Tickled Merchant
    "Always a wallflower, that one. I wonder if what he's writing down is important." - Thoughtful People-watcher
    "I don't think I've ever seen him order anything that wasn't tea or white wine... Seems like he drags his work with him out to drink, too. Lad oughtta loosen up a bit." - Tipsy Pub-goer

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first.

    "He was stumbling down the street the other night. Seemed disoriented -- or maybe just drunk." - Worried Citizen
    "That one? Hear he keeps some strange hours; he passes through pretty regularly but when is anyone's guess. Usually nighttime, though." - Watchful Blade

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using.

    "He's odd, that one, but don't get the wrong idea. He's got more to him than meets the eye, methinks; I wouldn't want to cross that Crow fellow he claims to work for, either." - Suspicious Smoker
    "He's probably involved in some shady business. Don't know what, but he's awfully well-dressed despite otherwise lookin' like he crawled out of a basement, right? Or maybe he gets up and works his arse off every day like the rest of us; who knows." - Saturnine Laborer

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  • Arcanima: Leon taught himself arcanima up to the point of summoning, but never took any special interest in any of the branches that did not directly have anything to do with aetherial aspects and manipulation, so he kind of just skimmed the parts that would have taught him about Bio, Miasma, and Physick. After being taken under P'ianthe Aliapoh's wing, he learned the techniques of Aetherflow and Energy Drain.

    In his constant experiments, he enjoys challenging himself, and although he's not terribly well off, he may, on occasion, purchase a new gemstone in an attempt to refine his summoning skills. So far, he's only figured out the easiest gemstone available to an arcanist (emerald and topaz), though he has his sights set on the more complex garnet next.

    He has grown increasingly dissatisfied with his poor combat proficiency with the art and has started studying it more in-depth, but without a proper teacher or the time to dedicate himself wholly to the art, he's going nowhere quickly.
  • Alchemy: Though not incredibly advanced in the art, Leon considers himself proficient with alchemy insofar as he hasn’t killed anyone with his concoctions yet. They do, however, occasionally prove that they have no effect at all or, worse, have some rather painful side-effects. However, when they work, they work well; he's a bit stingy with his recipes, but he's managed to make some potions that numb pain, improve one's focus, and help one stay awake for longer (albeit with a harder crash than just ordering black coffee would provide). He knows the basics well enough to be able to follow simple recipes and make his own ink for his grimoires.


  • The Echo: Leon has the Echo, but he only recently found out what it was and even then it's only putting a name to it. He still has yet to find any meaningful literature on the subject. For the most part, it just occasionally gives him visions, which he’s quick to document. These visions are unpredictable, but the fact that visions were once triggered in response to coming into contact with a soul crystal has renewed his interest and hope in learning how to, perhaps, control this if it's possible and not just a coincidence. When they strike, he also usually finds himself in intense pain (in the form of a migrane) – past cases have also rendered him unconscious for a time.

    He studies his Echo (previously presumed to be ‘aether sickness’) primarily by pushing his aetherial, physical, emotional, and mental limits. While he's always felt that they're more than just mere fever dreams, so far he's verified very few of his visions. Mostly because he doesn't have the means to verify many of them either because they're so vague or aren't connected to him personally in any meaningful capacity.

    **His Echo will never come up in RP outside of passing references without permission.
  • Larger-than-average Aether Reserves: Though he does not have the talent to realize his potential quite yet, the potential is still there; given the proper time, love, care, and training, Leonnaux has the potential to be a relatively formidable mage.

Personal Limits

I will play mature content and themes (violence, drug / alcohol use) so long as they fit into whatever's happening. Temporary injury. Temporary imprisonment. Walk-ups, though I always appreciate being asked, since sometime's I just loiter to people-watch.
Ask about anything that would permanently affect my character. ERP.
I won't play permanent character death, explicit non-consensual sexual encounters, most lore-breaking stuff, sexual encounters with minors. As a general rule I'm not interested in RPing with anything involving Ascians or voidsent, but I'm certainly flexible with the latter if the plotline or RP happens to call for it!
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