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Quiet, uncertain, bit anxious would probably be the first things to notice when one tries to approach for a conversation. He tends to be highly self conscious of himself when he's socializing with a stranger and speaks in a soft voice, often avoiding eye contact. Depending on how nervous or uncertain he is with the social encounter, he might have excessive tail twitching or fidgeting at his sleeves/hat and sometimes, make a not so dignified retreat from the situation -particularly if he thinks he embarrassed himself too much- Because he tends to be on edge during social interactions he is prone to being easily startled when it comes to something like a sudden pat on the shoulder or a hug, even if it was meant with the friendliest of intentions. He's been able to force himself past that if it's shop related and he can focus on what needs to be done, but still flounders a lot with impromptu chitchat or if subject moves past being business in nature.

Underneath it all though is a rather kind and gentle spirit. He knows what it feels like to be helpless and is sensitive to the plight and needs of others, willing to offer help or point them in the direction where they might receive it if he can't. He's innately curious about the world and all that's in it and so enjoys listening to the adventure and experiences of others, not being much of a worldly and adventurous traveler himself. When he's comfortable with the environment and person he's talking with, he can actually be quite the conversationalist, despite what he believes himself to be. Enough so that someone may forget how shy he once was around them -only to be reminded when someone new is added to the mix- He still can be made to blush rather easily, with a well placed compliment/praise/or tease.

When it comes down to completing a task on hand: he approaches it with an intense, almost fierce sense of determination, surprising those more use to his mellow mannerism. It's spurned by a desire to not let others down and to prove to himself that he's not as weak and helpless as he was. This can sometimes border on being stubborn and makes it hard for him to give up on an objective, but he is a pragmatist at heart and can tell if something is out of his depth or that continued pursuit might cause more trouble then good. You can expect a short period of sulking and internal self loathing after the fact though


Books-From tales of high adventure to the study of rocks, Leos will read it all, but tends to lean towards texts that are historical in nature.
Lavender (flower)- He finds the scent highly soothing
Carbuncles -He has a fondness for them, his aunt's often following him around the house and keeping him company at all times while he was in recovery, as he wasn't quick to open up to either his aunt or uncle. If he had any sort of knack for arcanist art, he might have followed that path instead
Comfy beds/sleeping


Smell of burnt flesh -He's far from a stranger to it but it can still trigger his gag reflex and carries with it unpleasant memories
Flying -All the nopes

Sudden loud noises

Being subject of attention in a crowd And crowds in general


Watching street performers (or any performers really) -While he doesn't actively search them out, he usually stays around to watch if he happens by one, intrigue by the range of artistic, performative skills people can possess and the confidence they have to show it off to crowds of strangers


Skill in magic -He might not actively pursue pushing to new heights and gain new and greater abilities, but he works diligently to refine what he already has and knows, devoting an enormous amount of time to practice. He does know black magic, but it's something he won't use except for the direst of situations, knowing the cost and risks of doing so
Stamina (magic) -He has sizeable aether reserves and does not easily wear out when casting, running is an entirely different matter.
Defensive style casting -He has no issue blasting at a fiend or a monstrous creature, but another person is a different matter. Because of his unease combating another person, he has extensively looked into how he might utilize his magic to disarm/incapacitate someone with minimal damage if forced into a combative situation with them


Physical Endurance -While not as weak as when he was a young child, Leos does have below average physical constitution. He can't take a physical hit to his person well and will wear out faster in circumstances where there's a lot of physical exertion like running and jumping
Combating another person -The idea of burning someone is revolting and his hesitancy in causing too much harm means he usually always has a handicap when it comes to fighting another person and will utilize, almost exclusively, defensive style combat. He will never, intentionally, deal a lethal blow and if they should flee, he lets them
Lungs -They were permanently damaged as a child from the scorched air during the Calamity and again during an accident while he was still pursuing the path of dark magic. He does not handle frigid air -and possibly other harsh air environments- well and is prone to coughing fits if he is not adequately prepared for it. He's more susceptible than most to respiratory illnesses, and a simple cold can easily blossom into something more serious if he doesn't care for it properly. Something that's earned him several harsh lectures from his aunt.


Slender, not particularly athletic. Muscle mass/fitness level very much reflective of someone who’s main form of exercise is walking/book carrying. Zero skill in things remotely acrobatic but is highly dexterous with his hands. While he often has the case of hat hair, he maintains a clean appearance and takes at least a quick shower daily -though much prefers taking his time bathing- He favors wearing dark colors -particularly purple- and prefers long robes with pants underneath, knee high boots and gloves when out and about. He has fairly good posture despite his tendency to look at the ground a lot


His residence is in Ul’dah, in the basement apartment of a book trade/sell store that he helps run that is owned by a couple that are close friends with Aanin and Kikiru. It’s mainly centered on the older writings, like novels or fables from years/centuries before, scrolls of historic value and other things of that nature. Leos’s contribution to the shop is his knowledge of magic and helping them with the collection of manuscripts centered around magic -mainly research writings- and the occasional grimoire. Because he likes to feel useful, he took up delivering requested orders from the shop to the customers which has helped him meet others.

He made frequent visits to Gridania, at first it was to make deliveries and for shop business, but as friendships grew it became more for personal reasons. With one of those friends, Shirahana's help, he managed to set up business relations in Ishgard for the shop. He routinely passes through, staying at the manor owned by Shirahana's Master at the other's behest, who saw his evolving relationship with Shirahana changing the other for the better and away from a dangerous path. When Shirahana's past partnership with an occult group resulted in him being kidnapped, Leos set out with Reizaux to rescue him from what turned out to be the starting of a gruesome ritualistic summoning. He apparently impressed Reizaux with his skill that when they parted ways the other praised highly his skill in the magical arts to colleagues back in Ishgard. This resulted in an increase amount of personal requests for his help in retrieving specific tomes, Shirahana often accompanying him on such missions as a personal guard. He currently spends far more time out of the shop than in it, either in Ishgard attending to shop business, being out on the road for a request or in Girdania for personal visits.


Leos was born in a small village in the South Shroud, near the border of Eastern Thanalan. Possessing a weak constitution as a very young child, he was often kept in doors and developed a shy disposition when he began being healthy enough to interact with the other children of the village, preferring to remain very close to home. This led to teasings and taunts from the other children that he grew more frustrated with the older he got. When he got to be twelve, he sought to prove to the other children that he was no ‘scaredy-cat’ and entered into the nearby forest to stay the night by himself. As Dalamud hung low, it was forbidden for the young ones to enter due to the strange and unnatural occurrences that were happening more sporadically. His parents realized he wasn’t in his bed and after speaking with some of the children, started to search the woods for him, their search becoming desperate and more frantic as Dalamud’s secret was revealed and Calamity struck the realms.

Kajah'a died as a piece of the moon slammed into the ground nearby, opting to use his magic to shield Rahka instead of himself. Rahka eventually was able to find Leos curled up on the ground, relatively unhurt but completely immobilized by fear. Managing to get him up, they ran, Leos eventually having to be carried as he soon collapsed from smoke inhalation from the fires that raged around. She managed to escape the fires, but collapsed from her own injuries where they were both discovered by Kikiru and Aanin, Dunesfolk couple who were on their way to Ul'dah to try and escape the chaos in their travel wagon. They took them into the wagon where Kikiru, an arcanist, tried to treat them. Rahka passed from her injuries, though managed to tell Kikiru of Kajah'a’s fate so that Leos wouldn't be left wondering. Leos himself managed to survive, but he drifted in and out consciousness for several weeks, not aware of what had happened.

While Kikiru stayed in their home in Ul'dah to continue treating and watching over Leos, Aanin searched around the areas where they had found the two Keepers, hoping to find a surviving relative to tell them that Leos still lived. Finding to ruin village and managing to talk to the few survivors that were still in the area, determined that Leos didn’t really have any other place to return to or family to take him in. Returning, the two lalafells decided they would adopt Leos and raise him as their own.

It took a little over a year for Leos to recover from most of his physical injuries, but he continued being mute for several years more and absolutely terrified of going outside. Eventually, he began to talk again but his fears remained the same. He learned to stomach it if he was covered from head to toe in clothing and kept his eyes on the ground if he had to leave the safety of a sturdy roof overhead and go outside. But he always considered it silly and irrational and was highly embarrassed by it.

Leos grew interested in the thaumaturge arts and was eventually introduced through Aanin’s connections to the guild and started his study. He threw his all into it, he believed if he could master such power, he could overcome his fear by not feeling as weak and helpless as he was. And perhaps by doing so, he could make his life something that was worth the sacrifice his parents made to save it -something that might not have been necessary if he hadn't gone out to the woods that night or ran back home instead of collapsing on the ground in fear-

He excelled in the arts, eventually finding his way into the blacker magics in an attempt to become stronger, much to the distress of his uncle when Aanin -who partially over saw his studies- started to suspect. Leos didn't heed the words of caution about delving too deep, until he lost control of the magic and for the briefest moment tasted the potential consequences he had been flirting with by trying to push beyond his ability. Thankfully, it left no permanent -visible- damage and served as poignant lesson, from then on Leos decided to refine what he knew rather than pursue further power.

Family Involved Romantic Platonic Physical Friend Acquaintance $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure
Aanin ( ) Uncle
Both Kikiru and him travel a lot like they did before the Calamity since Leos is now more self sufficient. They check in on Leos whenever they're in Ul'dah and they communicate regular through letters. While Leos no longer pursues pushing his limits in the arts to new heights, he still has a bit of concern that Leos might and lose himself in the process. So he's always relieved when it seems that Leos seems happy working at the shop ((npc))
Kikiru ()Aunt
Kikiru is an accomplished arcanist who travels with Aanin to the smaller villages to provide aid as needed. When Leos became independent, she has picked up traveling again with her husband. They always check in on Leos whenever they're in Ul'dah and communicate regular through letters. ((npc))
Kajah'a/Rahka ( )Father/Mother
"If only I had listen beforehand. If only I hadn't been so afraid. You would both still be here"
They were loving and caring parents, a bit too overprotective since Leos was their first and only child, and his health was not the best as a young child. Kajah'a and Rahka were former adventurers who had decided to settle down together. Many evenings were spent with Kaja'a's attempts at barding, entertaining Leos with tales of their adventure and often ended up laying on their rooftop, the three of them together and staring up at the stars, the both of them pointing out constellations to their young son. Rahka had taken up gardening after putting down her sword and their house was often filled with the scent of flowers and herbs, particularly lavender, which were her favorite to grow ((npc))
Shirahana Amairo(PC)( )
"I'll believe in you even if you can't believe in yourself."
Originally wandered into the shop to attempt to procure some help retrieving certain tomes to avoid the attention of rather unsavory group of cultists. After realizing that they knew he was still seeking the books through another, opted to sever ties as far as hiring the shop's services to attain said things, though still visited for idle browsing and chatting and through that, became friends with Leos, both finding a sort of kindred spirit in the other. Shirahana offered to contract with the shop to help guide Leos to Ishgard and introduce him to merchant ties he had up there to try and help the shop get a flow of goods and clientele from the north. During the trip and several incidents that occurred afterwards, Leos found himself a bit smitten, though hesitated acting on it. Only to find some time later and much drinking that it was actually a mutual interest. Shirahana's past dealings with the occult group resulted in the other getting kidnapped and Leos, teaming with Reizaux, coming to the rescue. The ordeal left Shirahana with several months of recovery and no time frame to when his aether levels would recover to the point of being able to utilize magic again. Currently the other has taken up the sword to try and fulfill his desire to remain Leos' side and protect him when out on job missions.
Khutani Oronir (PC) ( )
Character's Thoughts: "So lively...and purple"
It was by chance that Leos happened upon the au'ra on the run,and seeing the other in need of a guide through the city, lent a hand by leading Khutani through the lesser travel roads of Ul'dah to try and escape his pursuers. While it did lead to a slight incident with the several ruffians and more fleeing, when they parted ways, he saw the minstrel as a bit of a friend. He found him easier to talk to than he did most people, even with the occasional fluster inducing comments and winking, and is mildly fascinated with the life of adventure that Khutani seems to have led. Perhaps even found the other even a bit inspiring in some aspects. Hopes to one day be able to listen to one of Khutani's performance if paths should cross again.
Reizaux Zailand (PC)( )
Character's Thoughts: "*still attempting to comprehend the fact that Reizaux seemingly looks up to him as a spell caster*"
A budding scholar, trains under the same master as Shirahana. Leos has only met him a handful of times and every time was greeted with a scowl from the former Ishgardian noble. After Leos managed to save him during the aevis attack, there's been a bit of respect earned from him, though Leos has a hard time picking up on it under the stream of sarcasm and scoffing the other is known for and still finds him a bit intimidating. That recently changed when during the ordeal of Shirahana's kidnapping, he apparently earned the other's complete respect to the point of almost requesting him as a teacher in the arts. Leos isn't sure what he'll do if Reizaux actually requests his guidance, because he's not sure of his own ability to actually teach anyone and given the sort of rocky path their relationship has had in the path, he still finds it hard to relax around the other's presence. Though that has slowly been changing as time goes on there are more positive interactions.
Player Name. ( ) - Nifty Title
Character's Thoughts: " ."
Description of their relationship or interaction.
Player Name. ( ) - Nifty Title
Character's Thoughts: " ."
Description of their relationship or interaction.
A'ren Tia (NPC) ()Friend
"I may not believe in fate, but truly you will accomplish great things. And if our paths should merge again, I do not think I would mind"
Through a series of small adventures together, starting when A'ren first arrived in Ul'dah and was mugged of the few coin he owned, they grew from acquaintances to friends and from friends to lovers over the course of two years that he stayed in Ul'dah. It was through mutual agreement that they broke off their romance, realizing they were on different paths. A'ren left to pursue his dream, the reason he had left his tribe to begin with, but they still remain good friends ((OOC Note: A'ren Tia is a friend's character that used to be involved in stories I wrote when they still played the game, they helped solidify Leos's character a bit so thought to include them c: ))




Character Lore Adherence
I try to follow lore -admittedly not fully read up on everything- but I don't mind someone adding a creative/personal flair to it as far as their characters or understanding of how stuff 'works' goes -I'm sure my idea on how some spells work aren't 'accurate'- as long as things make sense and work together and all parties are on same page, it's all good
No changes required.

Leos Profile Pic.png
Name - Leos Laethalil
Race - Miqo'te/Keeper of the Moon
Age - 24
Name Day - 11th Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon
Deity - Not particularly religious
Alignment - Neutral Good

Alias: N/a
Citizenship: Ul'dah
Occupation: Consultant, courier -retrieving/delivering certain tomes- for shop
Hair color: Lavender
Eye color: Light Blue
Complexion: Fair
Piercings: None
Marks or tattoos: Typical miqo'te markings under eye
Favorite Food: Any type of stew
Favorite Drink: Any sort of hot tea
Favorite Color: Purple
Orientation: Bisexual
Status: Invovled with Shirahana Amairo
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