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 Levi Druthers
Money can solve any problem. You just need to have more than your problem has.
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship None
Age 26
Nameday 1st Sun of the 1st Astral Moon
Occupation A self made renaissance man
Religion Nymeia, the Spinner
Free Company The Cyrus Circle

General Information

  • Full Name: Leviastein Druthers
  • Pronunciation: Lee-vah-ste-en Druh-thers
  • Aliases/Nicknames: Levi, Noah
  • Occupation: A self made renaissance man.
  • Nameday: 1st Sun of the 1st Astral Moon
  • Age: 26
  • Height: 5 fulm 2 ilms.
  • Weight: 156 onces.

  • Place of Birth: Ul'dah
  • Current Residence:
  • Marital Status: Married to Percival(Persi) Lux Zartosht.
  • Sexuality: Homosexual
  • Religion: Follower of Nymeia, the Spinner

  • Voice: He speaks calmly, with a slight accent to some words.
  • Demeanor: Cold and standoffish. He is not afraid to look down his nose at others .. even if they are taller than him.
  • Quirks: Some things go over his head, such as jokes or keeping things simple.
  • Intelligence: Much higher than the average hyur. Perhaps even an elezen or an au ra!

  • Profession: Machinist & Tinkerer, though he also dabbles in many other things.
  • Weapons Military grade musket he built and upgrades himself.
  • Skills: He is quick to learn whatever he tries, be it martial or scholarly.
  • Advantages: He has many connections through businesses in Ul'dah and across many other towns and cities.
  • Disadvantages: He can be a bit of a brat at times, as well as an asshole.



  • A good wine paired with some aldgoat steak and popotoes.
  • A clean and tidy abode.


  • Noisy people.
  • The smell of ocean water, such as by a port or beach.


  • Playing the flute.


  • Gambling.
  • Excessive drinking (while gambling).



  • Father: Cameron Druthers (DECEASED) - The newest Chairman of a prestigious mercantile empire in Ul'dah, he is not happy with his only son's choice of profession. Raising Levi to follow him, Cameron realized his son was not one to sit around to make money, but to head out into the world. This annoyed the elder Druthers to no end, but soon realized the connections his son has made for the company was ones he couldn't make after so many years. Was murdered by a servant of the Druthers' household.
  • Mother: Alice Braxton-Druthers (DECEASED) - The daughter of a wealthy textile merchant, Alice did her best to teach her son to be a gentleman in both business and in pleasure. After an accident while attending a concert in Gridania, Mistress Druthers lost the use of both her legs, leaving her confined to a wheelchair. Was murdered by a servant of the Druthers' household.
  • Levi had a very complicated relationship with his mother so it affects how he reacts to females in general.
  • Persi Lux Zartosht - One would describe Levi's relationship with this man to be more of a love/hate one. Levi became the male garlean's student, but Levi wants more than just Persi's praises when he gets something right. Is in a secret marriage with Levi to gain his money, and who knows what else?
  • Felix Bendixen - A miqo'te whose father is in quite a large amount of debt to Levi's family, Felix has become a strange hobby of Levi's. They are on friendly terms, but Levi is blackmailing him.



Book 1


Common Rumors

  • He is such a smooth talker. Why, just the other day he had a group of men and women latched onto his every word!
  • Don't ever touch his glasses. Between you and me, that boy is completely blind without them. And, he whines like a child if he can't see. Disgraceful.
  • Those devices he makes? He sees them as his own children. So don't go poking and messing around with them. You'll probably regret it!

Moderate Rumors

  • He is a beast when it comes to business negotiations. Bought out three shops yesterday just like that! *snaps fingers* Some say he has insider information on who is in trouble and who is doing well in the markets.

Rare Rumors

  • Well, you didn't hear it from me ... but word is, that boy is gay. And I don't mean happy gay. That's gonna break a lot of ladies hearts.
  • Last night, while at the Quicksand, I saw a woman come up to Levi and hug him. The reaction he gave? That woman realized she shouldn't have done that. Wonder if he's terrified of women?

OOC Knowledge Only

  • Levi is blackmailing Felix in order to get to Persi Lux Zartosht. No one knows of this ICly, outside Felix and Levi.
  • Levi and Persi plotted and went through with murdering Levi's parents through the use of blood magic and Levi's manservant. So far, no one suspects anything.

In Character Media


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