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l i l y ❧ t a y u u n

name: lily tayuun ◦ age: 21 ◦ race: keeper of the moon miqo'te ◦ gender: trans female
nameday: 13th sun of the 6th umbral moon ◦ family: mother, four sisters
orientation: attracted to men ◦ marital status: dating ◦ birthplace: black shroud
occupation: rogue (or "nun errand girl") ◦ residence: limsa lominsa
deity: memphina ◦ server: omega

height: stunningly average ◦ weight: heavier than expected ◦ build: effeminate; strong legs
voice: an alto, but with a practiced cheery tone; sometimes cracks; her speech itself is playful yet melodramatic, and she litters words like 'like', 'totally', 'yanno', 'oh my GOD', etc when she talks
scars: nicks on fingers and hands from sharp arrows and sharper blades
demeanor: playful and quicktongued ◦ classic gestures: a wink, tossing her hair over her shoulder
hairstyle: usually an easy, bouncy ponytail, she tends to wear it down once the weather cools
clothes: keeps up with trends, and picks and chooses what she wants to wear based on what she thinks suits her, because looking cute is the most important thing. deft with a needle, if she doesn't have the necessary décolletage to fill out a garment, she'll sew it in. she likes to show off her legs, so she prefers short dresses or outfits with short shorts. while rose pink was never exactly 'her' color back in the shroud, a chance encounter with a now-favorite dress has warmed her up to the feminine shade. otherwise, she likes bright colors that suit her bright personality.

a young keeper of the moon miqo'te residing in limsa learning the art of the rogue, after her attempts at archery resulted in utter disaster. she's everything you might expect a blonde miqo'te clad in pink to be- playful, coy, airheaded, a little dumb- and if you thought that was all there was to her, you would be right in a way. she knows who she is and the type of person she appears to be, and takes great pride in it. the other side of her commonly seen is that of the rogue, who slits throats with a fierceness that would make her tribe elders proud. her haughtiness and pride rest just below the surface of her bubblegum sweet exterior, and when she plays, she plays to win. of course, she often overestimates herself- being confident almost to the point of arrogance- and knows well the bitter feeling of having to retreat with your tail between your legs. her rogue upperclassmen have been diligent to teach her the art of real, genuine humility- a lesson that suits the sisters of the edelweiss (if they actually existed).

far deeper below the surface is the personality of lilac'a of the black shroud. lilac'a was born third of four siblings, and as lilac'a's father no longer lives with their family, lilac'a naturally took some responsibility as the rare miqo'te male. diligent and loving towards their sisters, and respectful and admiring of their mother, their departure from the black shroud was a bittersweet one. bitter, for leaving the mother and sisters who loved lilac'a the way that they were, always, but sweet for the limitless future ahead of them.

unfortunately, lily's never been too good at keeping a balance between her flouncy, silly, side, the part of her that gets bitterly mean and jealous, and her more masculine, protective side that's only known the sky through the trees of the black shroud. tough situations tend to stun her before she figures out what exactly she's supposed to be right then, as much as she tries to have a snappy reply at the drop of a hat.

well. she tries.

favorite flowers: lily, lily of the valley, sunflower ◦ favorite colors: light, bright colors
talents: being light on her feet, sewing, talking for ages, telling stories
loves: trashy novels, flowers, looking her best and feeling good, the beach, her rogue friends, her family, telling/hearing stories or gossip
dislikes: pompous jerks, getting in over her head (although for hating it, she does it a lot), dull colors (except green), rain
canon minion: kidragora/queen mandragora ("same" minion) ◦ favorite foods: crab, crustaceans in general, rare (i.e. poached) meat from the black shroud
favorite drinks: anything that glows, fizzles, or sparkles; a strong ale; the horny nunh (an alcoholic version of the horny tia)

relationships are ranked from 1 to 5 ❤. 1 ❤ indicates acquaintanceship, 5 ❤ indicates romantic/otherwise irreplaceable partner. a ♡ indicates an enemy.

alphoeus avem (❤❤❤❤❤)
❧ her boyfriend, whom she met when he accidentally kidnapped her. she thinks he's so hot he could set the desert on fire. her #1 reason for conveniently being in ul'dah, because what kind of girlfriend would she even BE if she didn't visit him? has him wrapped around her finger and absolutely knows it.
temulin (❤❤❤❤)
❧ lily's best friend for life who she hasn't known for very long, but is convinced that they're like, total bestest best friends. can be a little protective over temu, who's more naive than lily.
darius feautibier (❤❤❤)
❧ an elezen who lily met by chance, the two have become fast yet bickering friends. lily likes to drag him places and generally be a melodramatic pain. still, she cares about him (at least a little bit).
sebastien feautibier (❤❤)
❧ the mysterious twin of darius. though she and darius haven't found him yet- lily's sure she'll get along with him just fine, if he's anything like his twin.
jenka reno(❤❤)
❧ a miqo'te who lily stalked with the intent of finding out if he was the rumored dark knight, but to no avail. she finds him infuriatingly calm, which means that she's obligated to be a thorn in his side. fun to tease.
rema glassjaw(❤)
❧ lily thinks she's super cool- the type who doesn't pull any punches! she'd like to be better friends with her, in the future?
salura reno(❤)
❧ the famed jenka's sister. seems nice and fun, and also very determined to find out the button that would restart jenka's emotions.
kira moravvi(❤)
❧ she met kira at a beach party! while lily doesn't know much about her...she can tell she's pretty cool.

limsa lominsa
very likely- she lives here, doing errands both in the city proper and among the la noscean coast. she might be found among the shops, eyeing clothes and fabrics, or looking out over the sea with some freshly purchased street food
uncommon- when her "errands" take her outside of limsa- mostly when it concerns illicit smuggling or information gathering- it's to thanalan. and really, she can never say no, since the market area is so much bigger than limsa's! she often also takes the opportunity to visit al.
rarely- she only goes to the black shroud for visiting family.....or visiting darius, who lives in gridania. as a keeper, she's naturally wary of the city, and its occupants thus wary of her. she tries to keep her inn choices outside of the main city, choosing fallgourd float or quarrymill.

feel free to:
❧ send a tell for rp or plots!
❧ ask about possible family/tribe relations!
❧ ask questions if you're not sure if something is okay or not regarding rp

i don't do:
❧ roleplays involving permanent death, disfiguration, sexual assault, slavery, etc
❧ random ERP

read this:
❧ ok: transphobia as an honest IC lack of knowledge that can be remedied with time/understanding/a heart to heart (example: comments or questions that aren't intended to be mean/unkind)
❧ not ok: violent transphobia, intentionally transphobic jokes or cruel remarks (regardless of whether it can be "remedied" or not)

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