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Gridania-transparent.png Lin Celistine
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Gridania


A veteran of the Battle of Carneau, and traveler of time thanks to the intervention of Louisouix, Lin struggles with emotional scars of the calamity, and bearing memories of comrades lost and forgotten, even as she beings to return to the memories of the survivors of the horrific event.

Settled into the Company "Dark Embers" after a jarring return to Eorzea after the Calamity, Lin struggles with traumas past and present as she beings to pull the pieces of her shattered life into something new with the realm, all the while, mystery of her abilities and origins loom over her, awaiting to be discovered.


General: At a glance, Lin looks like a petite spear-woman with wild hair and a covering manner of dress. She often sounds calm, soothing, yet serious in nature speaking only when it she feel there is worth in the words spoken. She is content often to fall into the background of conversations, and the forefront of combat.


Hair: Lin's hair is almost a night's shade of dark blue, lit with streaks of a a deep red. It is only roughly kept and seemed to be trimmed with a raw knife, rather than professionally maintained - which lends to her 'wild' appearance, even when dressing more modern.

Complexion: Lin bears a fair, almost snow-pale complexion, often tinted the ambient light color of her clothing she wears. At first glance, paired with other parts of her appearance, can cause people to initially unsettled at her appearance.

Build: Lin bears a slender frame, however in the rare moments one sees her without her typical coverings, they discover that her muscular structure is well built and toned, though lean in nature. This gives her a very predatory look when divested of clothing.

Distinctive Marks

Lin's pale features are accented by the deep red color of her eyes, matched only by a strange tattoo marked upon her cheek, which she has born as long as she can remember, and oddly does not fade with age. She also bears a small beauty mark on the corner of her left eye. The bridge of her nose is crossed by a small pale scar.

It is noted that she does not often wear clothing that would be considered revealing, outside of particular occasions. In the rare moments in which her back is revealed, a distinct black tattoo can be seen between the shoulders just below the base of her neck.


Lin has a tendency of dressing in form-fitting, but covering attire, be it armor or clothing. She prefers gear that gives her a full range of motion and, if possible a low amount of sound produced. However, if she anticipates a situation in which survival against heavy attacks is preferred, Lin is not opposed to wearing heavier armor and gear.

Lin typically wears colors in earth tones, preferring whites and blues when wanting to wear official garb or gear.

She is occasionally seen wearing reds and violets, accompanied by a mask of a crimson wood...


Lin is an accomplished Huntress and Lance-woman of recognizable talent. Known to train with other weapons, it seems that she does so only for the added benefit of honing her lance technique as she has trained with multiple Lancer and Dragoon masters in a constant effort to better herself. In such, she still retains some techniques forgotten in recent years following the Calamity.

Lin has been known to preform feats of strength and agility beyond that which is considered normal for her frame having been seen using her Dragoon skills with incredible grace and precision - which has been the subject of rumors regarding her origins.


Lin keeps a varied assortment of weapons which seem to form a collection. Some for sentimental value, some for specific function.

  • Hummingbird - An Allegan Spear modified to emit controlled Magitek fields when attacking, able to be adjusted for piercing, slicing or blunt impact functions. This is Lin's primary go-to spear for most of her adventuring.
  • Corbmoarté - A Giantsgall Trident, scarred in the Battle of Cartneau and carefully restored to its former glory. In spite of its age and the advent of superior arms, Lin seems to keep this weapon in high esteem for reasons she does not speak of.


Appearances in Fiction


Motivations: Lin is driven by the memories and sacrifices of her past allies. Though quiet, she is a kind and outgoing person to someone who is respectful. Those who seek glory at the expense of other or is disrespectful to the past is usually met with a cold demeanor. While she is also driven by an underlining principle to remain free-willed and unhindered by obligations placed on her by others, Lin takes great strides to honor the ones she willingly accepts.

Disposition: Quiet Spoken, polite, motherly to the weakened, aloof to the arrogant. She often behaves as a forestborn.

Outlook: "Never be satisfied for anything less than the best that can be done within your ability. Even the 'Greater Good' can be an 'Evil' to those it ignores. No True good was ever easy."

Sexuality: Bisexual

Likes: Nature, Spears, Some forms of Technology, Exploration, Music

Dislikes: Boasting, Outward aggression, expressions of superiority (by extension, arrogant nobility), Scalekin, Disrespect of the Past.

Favorite Foods:

Favorite Drinks: Red Wines, Sweet Teas

Favorite Colors: Green, Yellow, Brown, Blue, White [Red and Purple?]

Hobbies: Hunting (Spear), Whittling, Skinning, Combat Training, Recreational Archery

Personality Traits: Calm, Quiet, Focused.

Misc. Quirks: Fear of drowning,





Goals and Ambitions




Lin the Dragoon

Youth and Execution

As told by Lin Celistine:

" Nearly a Score years ago, a family came to Ishgard bearing with them a young child. They swore allegiance under house Haillenarte and worked as stewards for the Knights and Dragoons under their banner. The child held a particular fondness for the Dragoons as she grew into childhood. She aspired, with all of her heart, to join them in their ranks and take to the skies, defending Ishgard and her people against the Dravian hoard.

One fateful day at age seven, a boy, who aspired the same, became beset out on the field by a drake when stealing away to take to training with her. When the boy was knocked down, she took his discarded spear, and lept, striking the Dragon through the back of its throat, sparing the child fatal burn wounds and slaying the Scalekin. Her eyes, burned as red as the fiery drakes.

The boy was a noble under the house, and had been put to shame by the girl's talent and bravery. Moreover, it was unheard of to have that extent of talent at such an age. Thus the rumor of her Dravian origins began. An inquisitor was dispatched, who ruled that the family suspect. Many strange text, deemed dragon in nature, was claimed to be found in the housing. The family, including the child, was ordered to be tried as heretics and cast off Witchdrop.

The parents, in an effort to prove their worth, held their daughter tightly as they lept willingly off the edge, and into the chronicles of forgotten Ishgardian history. This is where Ishgard's version of the story ends. But little did they know, that the child, shielded by their parents own bodies, survived the fall. She was smuggled away from Corethas by Rengar Celestine, a nomad Hunter sanctioned by Gridania, and was raised as a huntress in the Twelveswood."

The Wildling

The Adventurer

Struggle and Calamity


The Dark Embers Saga

It's Probably Primals


The Soul of a Stone

Tales of the Wildling Woods

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