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The Lore namespace on this wiki is intended to contain an accurate representation of Final Fantasy XIV lore relevant to roleplayers. To that end, pages in the Lore namespace or in a lore category have special rules.

The Rules

  • All statements must be sourced. Unsourced material may be challenged or removed.
    • You can use the Cite tags to build your footnotes. Please, for the sanity of all editors, use the footnote style instead of the inline reference style if you don't use the templates.
    • We also have specialized templates to make it easier to cite particular sources, such as the Lodestone or the main web site.
    • If you find an article missing citations, please Be Bold and place the {{Refimprove}} template at the top so people know to come work on it.
  • No speculation should exist in the Lore namespace.
    • If you find something speculative, either Be Bold and delete it, or flag it using the template, {{Speculation}} so it can be reviewed.
  • All pages are subject to review and rating.
    • If you want to be a reviewer, drop FreelanceWizard a PM on the forums.
    • Users automatically gain reviewer rights after certain criteria are met.
  • Player-created lore ("fanon") should not be placed in the Lore namespace or in lore categories.