Lucius Ignatius

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Lucius Ignatius
Magitek Samurai
Lucius Ignatius1.png




Vital Information

PRONUNCIATION... Lu-shus IG-nay-shus

NICKNAMES... Luke, Luci

RACE... Pureblood Garlean

GENDER... Male

AGE... 19

NAMEDAY... 27th Sun, 3rd Umbral Moon

ORIENTATION... Homosexual

MARITAL STATUS... Complicated (Monogamous), Dating N'zhovi Lyegha

Other Statistics

NATIONALITY... Garlemald

CITIZENSHIP... Formerly the Empire, now the City States

FAMILY... Formerly Ignatius

RESIDENCE... N/A, Wanderer

OCCUPATION... Magitek Engineer/Magitek Limb Engineer, Good Samaritan

PATRON DEITY... Oschon, the Wanderer

HEIGHT & WEIGHT... 5'1", 135 lbs

ALIGNMENT... Chaotic Neutral-Chaotic Good

Brief History
Lucius Ignatius is a young pureblood garlean defector. At a young age, he was forced into labor by his father, Decius Ignatius after he had shown promise to being a child prodigy, in regards to building magitek machinery. Lucius' success had made his father rise through the ranks to a Legatus with his weaponry his son built him, and he was appointed to the XVth Legion (custom lore) as a Special Operations Legion, or Frumentarius branch.

Lucius continued to toil away, in nothing but a room that was built just for his work. He never attended school, rarely was let out aside from explaining and demonstrating his creations. At times, they didn't work. Decius then physically and verbally abused him in private venues for making him look like a fool publicly. That had made Lucius question his own allegiance to the Garlean war-machine. When he asked about certain propaganda, he was always shot down and told to obey without question. It didn't stop him from still considering defection.

Eventually, the day came that his father had a mission for him--to the city states as an infiltrator. He had no training, yet he was the young age of eighteen to scarcely be even suspected of such a task. His father forced him into fixing his communicator to be a 'suicide bomb' that could be remotely detonated if he should attempt to defect. Lucius was to rendezvous with another garlean frumentarius legion that operated within the city states, in order to be kept watch on as he completed his mission. Only, the mission was to plant bombs within each city state that could be detonated all at once. Lucius would have eventually been found out as the culprit... and he knew it was a suicidal mission then. Upon learning that, he took desperate measures to jam the communicator, as well as look for help to save himself--making a new family in Eorzea, and many friends along the way.

Not all heroes are dressed in shining armor.
Silvery Blue Platinum Blond Pale White Toned (3:56, Lujon Fullmetal Alchemist/Johnny Yong Bosch)
Dress Style
Fairly well mannered, can be angered, somewhat emotional Right Handed Faded scars along face and eyes, deep scars along body which seem to be from torturous activity None Casual, but can be formal
Hair & Eyes
Lucius' hair is like most of his pureblood garlean heritage, a platinum blonde. He often wears it above shoulder length, or at the least shoulder length, depending on how it is styled. It can be longer and styled differently if he so chose, but it is often well-kept and self-styled. His eyes often have a shade of eyeshadow along the lids, and the eyes are strikingly silvery blue, but with a bit of a lifelessness behind them like most purebloods.
Physique & Markings
Lucius' physique is toned, somewhat lithe. Though he is a bit shorter than most of his kind as a garlean. At his forehead, he has a third eye which rests between skin, like all purebloods which is often covered up. Other than that birthmark, he has no markings of note.
Hygiene & Attire
He is often very well-kept, and carries the scent of cherry blossoms. His attire can range from very formal and extravagant, to a casual adventuring attire. His favorite 'style' of clothing would be doman inspired.
Psychological Profile
Lucius' psychological state is fairly varied. Due to how his treatment was by his father, he has a bit of trauma. He doesn't like enclosed spaces (was locked in a small room to work), and has a strong hatred for slavery of any kind (as he had witnessed it within Garlemald's walls). Recently, he had undergone torture as he was reacquired by his father and subjected to torture, as well as being disciplined to become his father's perfect assassin. This has taken a major toll on his psyche, making him at times erratic and even dangerous if someone should anger him enough. It would certainly be a different cry from his earlier pacifist mindset.
Lucius' voice can be described as soft, and firm at the same time. It has a bit of an adult tone to it.
World Outlook & Mannerisms
Lucius' world outlook of things, are that he wishes that Garlemald and Eorzeans could finally stop fighting each other, and do away with destructive magitek and conquering. Mannerisms are varied.
Machines/Magitek. Even though machines and magitek were something that was forced upon him as a profession at the young age of eight due to being a prodigy--he had built things that even seasoned engineers struggled with when he was given more complex schematics later on in his 'career' as a magitek engineer. At times he despises it, but it is what he is good at.
Cherry Blossom Scent. This scent is something he has grown very fond of, as he enjoys a good many imports from the eastern seas.
Knowledge. Knowledge is power!
Colors: Blue, Purple, Black.
Fine Arts. He loves artwork, fine and extravagant dress, and singing/musical instruments.
Wines. Most wines he enjoys, but overall enjoys sweet wines most. He has a bit of a history of drinking too much, so he stays away from alcoholic beverages most of the time.
Good people. Lucius will often befriend you if you are a good, moral person.
Fine Cuisine. Lucius has taken up cooking, and has an eye for the most savory recipes, especially dodo and fish.
● Item
● Item
● Item
Mindless Destruction/Murder. Lucius will oppose mindless destruction (especially with the use of magitek) and murder of innocent people.
Oppression from Garlemald. Being a Garlean defector, he has vowed to strike back against the Empire's ruthless rule.
Decius, his father. Lucius hates his father more than any living being on the planet. This due to his abuse and what he has done to his Eorzean family and friends.
● Item
● Item
Child Prodigy. Lucius was a child prodigy at a young age, building complex machines and magitek weapons for his father. The more difficult the build was, the more eager he was to do it with success. He is also known to use unorthodox methods in his building.
Prosthetic Magitek Builds/Magitek Builds for Medical Reasons. Upon coming to Eorzea, he had found people in need of serious aid: eyesight, limbs, digits, voiceboxes--all of the above, so he had turned to using magitek for medical needs.
Self-trained in Physical/Ranged Combat. Using his booksmarts, he has built magitek robots that became his personal trainers in various combat techniques, such as hand-to-hand, bladework, and sharpshooting with a pistol. (His main focus would be a blade and gun)
Strategies. He often attempts to lead, and be strategical. It doesn't always go to plan, but he gets this from his father.
● Item

Combat, Abilities & Weaponry

Lucius Ignatius 3.png
Basic Statistics
High Proficiency: Magitek Engineering/Use
Above Average Proficiency: Bladework/Guns
Average Proficiency: Hand-to-Hand
Low/No Proficiency: Magic Schools (Cannot use any)
Aetheric Abilities
Mastery: None
Expert: None
Average: None
Novice: None
Weapon Training
Mastery: Bladework (Magitek Katana/Magitek Enhanced)
Expert: Machinery Use/Gun Use
Average: Fist-Fighting
Novice: Bows, Spears, 2H Swords and Axes
Combat Relevant Skills
High Proficiency: Bomb-making, Magitek Weaponry and Defense, Computing
Above Average Proficiency: Combat Medic/Garlemald Healing Salves
Average Proficiency: Poison-Making (For bombs/darts)
Low Proficiency: ???
Non-Combat Abilities
Ability: He has various abilities that he can use on his right magitek arm, such as: Tracking, Water-Holding System (for drinking), and a few others.
Combat Abilities
Ability: His magitek arm is made of the strong, yet light metal of adamantium and reinforced garlean metal, which can break through bone, or weaker metals if enough force is applied. However certain heats and force can also break the arm.
OOC Note
I tend to prefer free-form rolling with the In Game /random function. However, if my partner prefers, I am able to accommodate into almost any system. I will always play fairly OOC in combat. Meta/Godmodding is something I am very against. If I feel that I am being godmodded, or meta'd, please expect that I will call it out privately. All of my attacks against another character should be considered attempts, even if not directly stated as so. If you have any questions or concerns while we're RP-fighting, please talk to me!

(Please see 'Details' section!)
Disclaimer: Any information here is to be for OOC knowledge only, unless stated otherwise. Some may be revealed IC, but please find out IC if you want to use it IC. If I feel you a metagaming any information here, I will kindly ask you to redo your post. Thank you!
Sixth Astral Era
Lucius was believed to be a single child, however it is possible that he had other siblings, he just never knew them. His father kept him in a small room, which had the essentials for Garlean living: a bath and washroom, an eating table, a work-desk and bench, and a bed. His father found out about his powerful young mind, when Lucius had put together a complex puzzle one evening, that even his parents couldn't solve. Afterwards, Decius made certain to nurture that mind with various puzzles, builds, etc. Until he moved on to schematics for weaponry, as he approached his late toddler years.
Seventh Umbral Era
This is typically post calamity information, or information since the turn of the era (Domans & others not in Eorzea proper).

In Recent Times
Moving Forward


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Relationship Status Legend

Arylisse Dayhelm, Adopted Mother. ( ) - Mom.
Their meeting had come upon by chance one day, when Lucius had recently escaped the private headquarters of a sect in the Vth Legion. Lucius had sought medical help in caring for his grievous wound--which he had lost his right arm as a punishment for disobedience within the Vth. The Vth had seared the wound closed, but it left him without a right arm, which the scientists within the sect kept, even though it had an explosive bracelet locked on it. He had come to find Elinne Cinfield whom was a close friend to him after fixing her friend's horn, and she had attempted to place the magitek arm he stole as he escaped the Vth's headquarters, onto the stub of his arm. However the arm wasn't fitted for his body, which Elinne and Lucius had difficulty dealing with, as neither of them knew at the time how to work things such as a magitek arm. Arylisse had come in to see the young garlean sitting on a guest bed, his arm nursed by Elinne. Arylisse aided Lucius greatly in his time of need, properly adjusting and attaching the arm. Ever since and still continues to be, Arylisse has been like a mother to him--more than his real mother ever was. She gave him guidance, advice, and most importantly, a mother's--at times, tough, love.
Soran Naere, Adopted Brother. ( ) - Reckless Idiot.
Lucius, at first, actually had a small crush on Soran, whom at the time was just an average adventuring swordsman. However, as time passed and the two became closer friends, Lucius realized that Soran fancied a woman's touch. They were still close as friends, eventually becoming a confidant that Lucius felt comfortable confiding in. His hopes, his fears, and his dreams. Being a little older than Lucius, they had ended up forming more of a playful brotherly bond. Quipping at each other, training with each other, forming more friendships and family with each other. Slowly he was solidified as his adopted older brother. Lucius tends to look up to him often, but he also attempts to rein in his foolish, reckless ideas. Being Soran's younger brother was certainly no cakewalk. They fight and argue at times, but at the end of the day, they are always doing their best to just look out for each other, and their family, Soran often being the self-proclaimed protector.
Elinne Cinfield, Adopted Sister. ( ) - Gentle Soul.
Lucius met Elinne after Lucius had created a magitek 'horn' for her Au Ra friend. The Au Ra had invited Lucius to come to a restaurant in which he worked, and Elinne was the owner. Lucius became a regular, and she offered him a home and shelter as she knew he was a garlean defector once they got better knowing each other. Lucius often offered to help her around the restaurant, and even bringing shipments back to it. She even offered him help and anything she could possibly do when Lucius showed up at the doorstep without an arm, and looking for someone to help him place a magitek arm onto his stubbed arm. Since then, Lucius has had a close bond to Elinne, and even more when learning that she was Arylisse's sister. Lucius has come to see her as a sister-figure, and acts as a protector to her at times for Arylisse.
Luceia sas Ignatius, Biological Mother. ( NPC) - Backstabbing Wench.
Luceia was more calm and collected than her husband, Decius. Calculative, yet still deadly. Often she left Lucius with the care of a household slave, under close watch while she served as one of the tribunus within the XVth Legion. She had also learned garlean field medicine at a younger age prior to meeting Decius. She was often a bit more quiet as Decius disciplined their son, however has disciplined him quite a few times while younger when questioning the Garlean Empire and their place in the world--why they had slaves, why the conditions were so harsh. Even if she wasn't as boisterous and violent as her husband, she knew how to pull strings.
Liam Steele, Friend. () - Rowdy Back-talking Ala Mighan
Initially meeting Liam under less than pleasant times in Pearl Lane while Lucius drank himself into a stupor, after the first time they met, they had become decent friends, eventually running into each other every so often and talking about life, and Liam's secret interest in magitek. However upon learning early on that Liam had bad history with the Empire as an Ala Mihgan, Lucius had decided to keep his racial identity fairly secret around him. Until one day, Liam had found out after being pulled into something much greater than Liam had ever bargained for. Decius had been attacking Lucius' friends and family after months of radio silence, eventually attacking Arylisse with her own mammets. That day, Lucius had invited Liam to Arylisse's home as a friendly gesture of dinner, and the possibility of telling Liam what he was, so that he wouldn't have to lie or avoid certain things with Liam. Upon receiving a warning on his magitek arm that Arylisse was in danger, Lucius and Liam found Arylisse connected to some kind of electrical wire by her own mammet, slowly killing her whilst playing a recording over and over in front of her. Liam had destroyed the mammet, and eventually helped get Arylisse to a safer location, and then it was time that Lucius came clean with Liam--he was a Garlean. Distraught and angered, Liam had Lucius up against a wall, glaring into his eyes. It wasn't until someone under Arylisse's employ had urged them to concede the argument, that the two had... mostly talked things out, and Lucius begged Liam for his help against his father, which he begrudgingly agreed to.
Ariaut Tris'falin, Friend. () - Conflicted Attraction
Ariaut had found Lucius sitting at the bar in the Quicksand one evening as he ate, and spoke to strangers about common day occurrences. Lucius and Ariaut began to talk, eventually meeting with another whom joined in the conversation, eventually deciding to go for a walk, talk about relationships and 'life' talk. Eventually, it became known and evident that Ariaut had his eye on Lucius as a potential date. However, it also became known that Soran had also known Ariaut. Lucius and Ariaut became friends, however due to complications in interest and who he had eyes on himself, Lucius struggled to show 'true' affection in return to Ariuat. He had also become a sort of confidant and a person in which Lucius spoke to often. However around the time that they could have grown closer, Lucius had began working on extensive magitek projects, as well as getting over some feelings he had for someone he had loved dearly. Lucius still considers Ariaut a companion and friend, but their past tends to be an awkward memory for him.
N'zhovi Lyegha, Complicated, Dating. () - Luke's Standing Rock
N'zhovi at first was just a simple 'alley-miqo' to Lucius. However, one day that changed when Lucius found him piss-drunk on a fishing dock in Thanalaan. At first, Lucius was going to leave him to his sorrows, but being the good samaritan he was, he attempted to talk him out of his stupor, and talk him out of taking fogweed for the better of his health. Upon hearing his troubles with a polygamous relationship, among other things, they slowly became closer as friends. Lucius told him that he was important to someone--even though their friendship was young back then, Lucius told him that he was important to him. That was the small seed that eventually planted their friendship growing into something more meaningful. N'zhovi would slowly come to find that Lucius' words were true, and after many relationship troubles Lucius had gone through on his own, N'zhovi had come through for him, and N'zhovi was his standing stone, Lucius being his. Ever since, their love has blossomed.

However, Lucius had been taken from his family, his friends--and from N'zhovi, within one single night. An explosion, Arylisse severely wounded with Lucius in tow, Decius had made his final move to take his son back, and destroy everything his son loved. N'zhovi promised him if that ever happened, that he would gather as many people as he possibly could to retrieve Lucius. He came through with his promise, but Lucius having been experimented on mentally, had changed the Luke he once knew. Lucius had forgotten things of his past self, of how to properly love someone. Lucius was scared that he couldn't be N'zhovi's standing stone any more, but even though he couldn't, they found their love again--even though it may not be the same, and Lucius may still be discovering things again, N'zhovi continues to be what keeps him sane and continuing to show love.
Valis Hollington, Friend. () - Escapee from Garlemald
Lucius had been Valis' secondary assignment mission given to him by commanding officers within Garlemald, when he had gone to Eorzea's shores. At first, Lucius was told that he would be rewarded for completing his main mission in the city-states, as well as sending in the escaped young Ishgardian Valis bas Emvrin to be captured. At first, Lucius had been attempting to do his best to 'fit in' around the city states--the savage civilians as they were often named. As Lucius had watched, waited, and eventually found someone within Valis' description, he had eventually found his target. He made friends with Valis, eventually making a move to capture him after leading him out somewhere in remote Thanalaan.

However, at that moment, Lucius' life had changed. At the time, he didn't want to admit it to himself, but he felt a strange attraction to the Valis that he had never felt in Garlemald, especially around the women there--at least, the women that he was exposed to. Lucius was to have an arranged marriage to a woman that his parents had picked--if he survived his suicide mission. Knowing that he had no attraction to females, but having an attraction to Valis, he didn't want to complete his missions nor return to his so-called homeland.

In a quick change of heart, he let the fugitive go, but only if he had worn a bracelet which connected his location, and audio to his own bracelet, which was locked on Valis' end. Lucius was afraid if he had let Valis go completely, he may alert the authorities to take him in as a Garlean spy. Eventually, Lucius had slowly opened up to Valis, all the while still playing his 'rough and tough' role, when Lucius had already decided he wanted nothing more to do with the Empire, but he had no way out. When Lucius decided to tinker with his own bracelet, to hack the audio and other frequencies every so often, Lucius had opened up his feelings to Valis. They both had never experienced such attraction, and they were exploratory with their new feelings toward each other and Lucius came to trust Valis, removing the bracelet.

After some time, Valis had gone away on special business, which left Lucius to further explore himself, as an unofficial civilian in the city states. This caused the two to decide, once Valis returned, that their relationship stay as good friends. Valis is still a close confidant to this day, when he needs someone.
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General Enemies/Disliked
The Empire/Loyal Imperials, Primary Enemy. ( NPC Faction)
The Void/Dark Magics, Secondary Enemy. ( NPC Faction)
S'raku Tia/S'sekho Nunh, Ex-Lover, Disliked. () - The Indecisive, Foolish Tribal Miqo'te
S'raku was a person that Lucius truly, with all his heart, felt something for at one time. Upon first meeting S'raku, he had been unsure, as it had been the first miqo'te he found an attraction to. He kept the feelings to himself for a very long while, after short--sometimes long, dangerous adventures, he had confessed his heartfelt feelings to S'raku. However, the feeling of love was unknown to the tribal seeker, often asking Lucius questions such as why things are as they are in love, etc etc. At first, he told Lucius he couldn't, because of his traditions in his tribe. There was long deliberation between the two, between friends, as they asked for advice how to go about their feelings. S'raku had eventually decided that he wanted to be with Lucius, at least in the beginning. They shared days, nights, months, holidays together, with hardship and arguments on various things, aside their love. At one point in Coerthas, the Eldritch Collective Witch Kataani had stricken S'raku with a sickness spell due to trying to meddle in her affairs. As S'raku laid in Lucius' arms, slowly succumbing to the illness within him, Lucius hopeless to help him, he begged Kataani to remove the spell. He was ready to drop whatever mission they were on, to run as fast as he could carrying S'raku in his arms through snow to be treated for the spell, until Kataani finally removed it. Though as S'raku told himself that he had become complacent with this life, others such as Qih'li and S'imba slowly began to move to tear them apart, awakening older feelings that he had suppressed with his tribal life.

Qih'li and S'imba had equated Lucius' love for S'raku to slavery. Lucius had been extremely upset by this, as he had witnessed how slaves were treated in Garlemald--it was insulting to him that they would even go to such lengths to say it, not even using words, but a chain clamped around S'imba's neck, and Qih'li urging Lucius to "look in the mirror". As S'raku had begun to realize what they were trying to tell them, Lucius could see that what they were saying got through to S'raku, despite Lucius urging him never to listen to them--to follow what he himself wanted. S'raku seemed to be fighting between what his heart wanted, each time Lucius asked him. There was a fall out for a time as they had briefly officially 'broken up', but then S'raku came back to him one evening. Trying to apologize and explain that his tribe was more important to him. Lucius had heard of outsiders becoming one with tribes of miqo'te, or other races. So Lucius told S'raku that he would do anything so that he could be with him--to prove how much he actually loved him. It was around this time that Baelsar's Wall had been attacked by rogue grand company troops, and Lucius had heard there may be a sharp rebuttal from Garlemald, and the tribe may be eventually in danger. Lucius had aspirations to help the tribe learn how to trade with the outside world, and fight with better weapons and armor for the coming onslaughts.

Lucius had committed, and eventually was allowed to take a trial to become one with the tribe, after Lucius had aided S'raku in hunting down an exiled nunh, S'raku's father who had been committing necromancy on kidnapped tribe sisters to bring back his mate. When found, Lucius had ordered the nunh to give up, and allow them to take back the captured sisters, but the nunh resisted, slashing the two with a poisoned wooden blade. Lucius took aim, and shot the nunh in the head, as S'raku had fumbled with his bow. Lucius, never having taken a life like that before, had shaken him. He was also expected to show the nunh's head to the tribe's matron. He was met with suspicion, and cheer, and the trial was granted to him at Lucius' request as a reward for taking the nunh's head and bringing back the sisters safely with S'raku.

Lucius' day had come where he had only one chance to prove how far he was willing to go for S'raku. After pre-rituals, he took the trial, climbing a tall mountain peak with a fresh kill strapped to his back by a rope to feed the Zu and her chicks which lived at the top. He presented it to the creatures as they slept, and if they accepted the kill, Lucius would live. If they did not, Lucius would die. Lucius knew this, but he was determined to show how much S'raku meant to him. He was uncertain how an animal would differentiate him from another food source, so he hid behind a rock as the beasts ate, and eventually roared in acceptance of the kill presented. After the creatures left, he sped down the mountain, the trial only being complete if he managed to make it back to the tribegrounds before the sun had set. Lucius had made it, but with cuts, bruises, and calloused feet and hands. He thought that would be enough proof that he would be finally accepted by S'raku, and his tribe.

He was accepted as a tribe brother, but it made no difference in S'raku's eyes, as he loved him. Months after the trial, S'raku had found his blood-brother, S'ruka. S'ruka had been hiding away from their father, and unable to speak common. S'raku began to devote time to S'ruka, which Lucius aimed to try helping with. Eventually, none of it had worked, and Lucius felt like an outcast again. S'raku told Lucius that he wanted to go places, not sit cooped up in his apartment all day. Lucius promised him that he would take him to the Sea of Clouds for an adventure, just the two of them. It was agreed upon, until some shady person claimed that S'raku was 'chosen' for greatness. He had touched people, harming them. S'raku had nearly gone with the man, before guards arrived and locked them up. Lucius had warned S'raku about how dangerous the man was, yet he never listened. He claimed to Lucius that he was investigating things, yet Lucius doubted he knew exactly what he was doing.

Eventually, Lucius had become upset, frustrated. He cared a great deal for S'raku, willing to do anything he wished, but he had always been a step behind--impeded. The time came where S'raku had told Lucius he was leaving. By this point, Lucius felt defeated. He had done so very much for someone he cared so deeply about--risking his very life and well-being for, all to have it washed away within minutes. S'raku attempted to tell him that he still loved Lucius--he just couldn't love him the way that he wanted to be loved. And that he had grown too complacent with magitek, and it scared him. Even then, Lucius was still trying to give up everything, just to be with S'raku, and S'raku, in his mind, turned his back on him. He was no longer a brother to him. He was no longer a friend. S'raku walked out on him for a second time, and that was the last time. They had talks of getting married in the future--Lucius loved him that much. S'raku had told him that he wanted to be with Lucius before Lucius took him back. But he will never accept a third time, if he ever attempted. Since then, the two have seen each other in passing glances, but Lucius simply chooses to forget everything about him now, as it hurt him a great deal. It hurt him even more that S'raku confided in some of Lucius' friends, saying that he was upset himself a great deal.
Qih'li Lyehga, Enemy/Disliked. () - Liar, Thief, Coward
Lucius had met Qih'li when he had first met S'raku. At first, the two had gotten along fairly well. He tried to ask questions about S'raku--questions such as if he would be even interested in someone like him. Qih'li gave advice, but that would be the last good thing he had ever done for Lucius. Lucius eventually found Qih'li's true colors, as a liar, thief, and coward, among many other things. He has stolen S'raku's toys, stolen things of importance to him, as well as made fun of S'raku when he didn't even realize it. This upset Lucius greatly, and no matter what he did, Lucius was never able to show S'raku how bad of an influence he was to him. Qih'li had even threatened S'raku and Lucius both at a time, but most of his tools of trade were fear. Lucius didn't even understand why. However eventually he found that S'imba and Qih'li had conspired to tear S'raku and Lucius apart in their first breakup, which was successful, by calling Lucius' relationship to S'raku slavery. Ever since then, Lucius has never had a good opinion of the Keeper, and probably never will.
S'imba Tia, Enemy/Disliked. () - Lost to Darkness
S'imba had met Lucius through happenstance. In his early days in the city states, Lucius had a small base of operations within an inn room that could easily be discarded. S'imba as an adventurer, had received reports of strange and potentially dangerous activity in one of the rooms, and he was tasked to finding out who it was. S'imba kicked the door open, while Lucius had been tinkering with some magitek devices, which were bare for S'imba to see. Lucius had electrocuted him and pinned him to one of the beds, and placed a device around him that kept him from moving anywhere for the time being. At this point in Lucius' life, he was a defector in his mind. He explained his predicament to S'imba, however he was very skeptical, knowing Garlean spies always tried to save their skin.

But as with Valis, Lucius placed a bracelet on his wrist that allowed Lucius to monitor who he spoke to, what he said, and where he was. He promised that he would remove the bracelet once S'imba believed that he wasn't a spy any longer.

Eventually, S'imba was introduced to Kataani, whom soon took a great liking to S'imba, even though it wasn't clearly evident at first. However, that was a mistake on Lucius part, as he realized there was a lurking darkness within S'imba, and it was an energy that Kataani took to like a moth to a flame. There had been complication with the Vth Legion sect that Lucius had been with, where Kataani coerced, and to a lesser extent, begged Lucius to look into because of her friends Titus Kagimake and Isuke Eijinn. S'imba had been brought into this, as both Kataani and Lucius had been found out, and were requested to meet with Decima Balventius for a 'meeting' in which the two thought they may be captured and locked up. This never came to pass, but they wanted S'imba to act as an outside man in case something happened to them.

As time went on, S'imba and Kataani had become thick as thieves, and Lucius' friendship with S'imba slowly diminished, as the two often argued and fought. Lucius had even mended his wounds or aided him several times when he needed it. When S'raku had come into the picture, S'imba had been someone that tried to tell S'raku, as another member of the S-tribe, that love and city life weren't all bad, and to perhaps give Lucius a chance. But that had also changed, when Qih'li and S'imba had eventually tried to force their relationship apart by taking things into their own hands. S'imba had been clamped with a chain around his neck, which Qih'li held. Since then, their friendship has been non-existent, and Kataani's influence with S'imba only growing worse by the day.
Kataani Hawkeye, Enemy/Disliked/Unsure/Semi-Neutral. () - Eldritch Collective Witch
Toshi Kiba, Disliked. () - Tradition-Bound Fool
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Decius van Ignatius, Biological Father. ( NPC) - Monster.
Decius Ignatius. It's almost bewildering to think that such a kind-hearted boy came from his DNA. Ever since he enlisted in the Garlean legions, he dreamed of being at the helm of his own legion, to rule and conquer strategically with an iron fist. He never had his chance,until his son Lucius was born. Lucius had a very intelligent mind, and a young age. His father saw this, slowly nurturing his appetite for knowledge, and construction of machinery--and magitek. Eventually, he started to treat his son more as a slave to build his own custom, and frightening designs which made him rise to power and eventually made his dream to rule over a legion--the XVth, a frumentarius legion--come true. Lucius had never gone to get an actual education in the field of magitek engineering because his father never wanted him to be out of his sight. Decius was an angry drunk when he wasn't sober, which came through stress and paranoia over watching the boy, commanding him. He often beat Lucius, even once or twice at the inch of his life. Many of Lucius' scars upon his face were from tussles when his father pulled a knife on him. These tussles were also brought about when Lucius' machinery or builds failed for one reason or another, and he was unable to explain why at his young age--and often publicly in front of the XVth Legion troops. Luceia often reminded Decius that killing his son wouldn't benefit his legion nor him, so she often saved her son's life, even though she condoned what her husband did. Decius has since perished in a final battle against his son, and his comrades.
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NPC Rumors

Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"Rumor." — Rumor Monger.
"Rumor." — Rumor Monger.
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"Rumor" — Rumormonger.
"Rumor" — Rumormonger.
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"Rumor" — Rumormonger.
"Rumor" — Rumormonger.
PC Rumors

Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!
"He often gets carried away by his emotions, but don't let that fool you - his mind is sharp and always ready to look for solutions, some of them more spectacular than you'd expect. Overall, Luke is a very smart person, but even greater than his smarts, is his loyalty to his family." — Soran Naere.
"Rumor" — Rumormonger.

RP Info

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Location & Probability
Places where the character is very likely to be seen
Location: Probability
Most of these aren’t public, and would have to be asked after!
City-State, Region or Organization: Affiliation reason/purpose.
IC Inventory
The following items are things that this individual carries on their person at all times. These are noted for pickpockets, and those watching her closely. This information is meant to be a prompt for insight and is not to be meta-gamed, though feel free to use this information if it comes up logically in RP (pickpocketing, a search, etc) with use of a simple /tell.

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Coinpurse: A simple coin purse made of soft leather, containing a few hundred gil.
RP Limits
I like to consider myself a flexible player who is willing to commit to a number of different types of scenes and role-play scenarios, but even I have my limits. If something is on the play list, assume it means yes, as long as it's within the context of the current play or ongoing plot. No's are typically a hard no, and it means don't ask.
I will play: Almost anything! I enjoy darker/mature themes, romances, interesting plots, etc. I consider myself experienced in RP, and adaptable to a lot of things.
Ask about: Permanent disfigurement, imprisonment, maiming, etc. of my character. If you intend to harm a friend of his, and he finds out as well, please know that I expect consequences to be done to the aggressor when applicable. I do not like when people who play as villains, always getting off scot-free without any long-term semi-permanent consequences when caught. No one is invincible, and there ARE guards in cities.
I won't play/with: Death of my character (I will allow any kind of consequence besides death), pure ERP (I do RP romance with some tasteful ERP, but I will not continuously RP it if it makes no sense what so ever. It is meant to be a means to build the characters for me) Underage characters in ERP, Futas, fetishized characters, etc. If there is anything you want to question, please ask me and I can tell you whether or not I am comfortable with it.
What I expect from my RP partners: I expect my RP partners to respect me OOC. That means, first and foremost, DO NOT LIE TO ME OOC. If I find out that you lie to me about something that is going on IC when I ask, or suspect you are lying, that is the quickest way to get on my bad side. I will not accuse you unless I have a reasonable amount of evidence or proof, and you shouldn't be worried about this RPing with me. I also expect my partners to be communicative with me OOC. If you feel uncomfortable with the path that the RP is heading, or if you want to 'stop' an RP outright for whatever reason, PLEASE tell me. If you are wanting to have RP go a certain way (if a character splits up with my character as a romantic partner, or cheats IC for example) PLEASE tell me before the RP has happened if at all possible. Withholding important information OOC from an RP partner is wrong. Communication is key with me.
What You can expect from me as an RP partner: I always try to treat my partners with the respect that I would want shown to me. However, if I feel threatened, disrespected, etc. please do not expect me to treat you respectfully. RP is supposed to be fun and enjoyable for all involved. As soon as it becomes an argument or unfair treatment, I will end things. I am usually very open to communication, open to ideas, and very laid back. Rumors are abound in the Balmung RP community as well. Please talk to me before assuming I am a bad person/a bad roleplayer/etc. If you are someone who spreads rumors, I implore you to push people into forming their own judgements of others, not your own, even if warranted.
RP Hooks
While the below is by no means comprehensive, it's a kind of spring board for walk-up RP. Longer plots that are meant to run for more than a few quick RP's, please feel free to send me a tell so we can work out a good reason for our characters to get to know one another. I'm always looking for RP, unless I'm actively spamming PvE content.
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OOC Notes
Player Information
Player Note
Hi, and welcome to Lucius' profile! Most of the stuff here is automated, and can also be outdated information. If you have any questions at all, or want to get in touch with me, send a PM through the FFXIV Roleplayers forums or poke me in game!
Please use this profile as a means of information for OOC knowledge, and finding out ways to potentially connect with Lucius IC. Most information in this profile is to be used within certain bounds (as in, no metagaming obvious things, or if the profile says explicitly it is OOC knowledge only, use it as such. If it is not found out through IC means, I will give you a poke and ask you where your character heard about it. If you don't have a legit way to know, I will ask you to retract your post kindly, or ignore you which I don't enjoy doing. Thank you!)
Character Lore Adherence
I constantly strive to adhere to established FFXIV lore as closely as I possibly can, within available bounds. At times, I bend things slightly for creative enjoyment, but usually it isn't outside the bounds of believability. If something about my character seems unbelievable or 'off' way too much, please whisper me and we can chat on it. I am always open to compliments, and constructive criticism on my character. Just please don't be rude or snobbish. Just because you believe something should be a certain way, doesn't mean I will change it. I will just hear you out and decide from our discussion. I will bullet some custom lore that I have created for this character.
■ Decius, his father is the Legatus of the frumentarius XVth Legion.
■ Lucius has adapted the technology of magitek into a fighting style that is similar to the traditional doman samurai.
Character Concept
Lucius' concept was brought about from a love of the Garlean lore, and the want to play an undercover defector. In my experience in roleplay, the more difficult roles are the ones I enjoy playing--and I believe I roleplay them fairly well (this can be disputed, of course). The character has a strong foundation, and a means to evolve through interactions with people, friend and foe alike. I really enjoy when people treat him disrespectfully due to his heritage as a garlean pureblood, as I wouldn't play this kind of character trying to avoid consequential roleplay--consequences and risks are what make RP fun for me. (That being said, I do not allow my character to be killed without questioning first. Consequences such as scars, broken limbs, etc. are some consequences I am okay with, but I am very open to discussion on these!)
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