Makoto Matsuoka

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Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Kugane
Age 25 Summers
Residence Ul'dah (temporary)
Nationality Hingashi
Occupation Yakuza
Relationship Single
Orientation Bisexual


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Appearance and Personality

Clean-cut grooming with crisp and flashy clothes, tattoos on his face, back, and shoulders, and a stubbed little finger on his left hand. Black hair, dark brown eyes, 5'11", muscular but slim. Often underspoken, slow to anger but prone to stewing in his discontent, frequently depressed, sadomasochistic, and a master at projecting false confidence.

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You can read my character writing for Makoto (frequently NSFW) for more information about him. Makoto's character aesthetic moodboard contains clues and hints to his personality and interests as well.

RP Hooks


Makoto works for Kiyoshi Matsuoka, a lieutenant of the Ito clan, under boss Miyoko Ito. The Ito clan is based in Kugane and sprawls across most of Hingashi, and has alliances with several clans in Yanxia as well. The Matsuoka family is in charge of the drug trade and protection of the Kugane pleasure district. If your character is current or former yakuza of any clan, or is otherwise familiar with the underbelly of the Kugane pleasure district, they may already be familiar with Makoto or his boss.

Thug for Hire

Makoto left Kugane and came to Eorzea to wait out the heat from a botched arson job. While he’s here, he’s going to need something to do to make gil. He has a few scruples, but not too many, and he’s skilled with his fists and with knives.

Drug Addict

His drug of choice to take and to sell is Serendipity, a Matsuoka trademark drug with mildly hallucinogenic stimulant and euphoric properties, taken as a snorted white powder. He’s also familiar with Somnus and many opium-derived drugs. If your character has a name for buying or selling illegal drugs, he might seek you out.


What is an aimless young man to do in a foreign land for two whole seasons with no pressing responsibilities? Courtesans and prostitutes, fighting rings, pleasure clubs, fancy or unique restaurants, and anyone offering him a novel sensory experience will be high on his list of priorities.

OOC Information

Type of RP

Crime drama, action/adventure, gratuitously torrid interpersonal intrigue, sex and relationships, hurt/comfort, gritty with a side order of absurdity.

Looking For

Fellow yakuza members (allied or enemies), anyone involved in the drug trade, people who might have jobs for criminal elements, people to swindle, people to fight, hedonists, revenge-seekers. RPers who have a healthy sense of humor about their mafia soap opera plots, multifaceted characters of all types who aren’t afraid to grow and evolve in response to character interactions, and anyone with a similar writing style as me.

All players and characters who interact with Makoto must be 18 years of age or older. Makoto's story occasionally contains elements with mature themes such as sex, violence, and substance abuse, so I prefer to restrict all of his interactions to fellow adults.

More Info

Out of character, I am a mature adult roleplayer with a stable IRL life and a firm divide between IC and OOC. I sometimes enjoy getting to know my fellow players on an OOC basis and occasionally making friends, but I am not looking for romantic or sexual connections with other players, and my character expressing sexual or romantic interest in another character does not in any way reflect any OOC intention toward the player.

I respect the time and effort of my RP partners, and I understand both busy schedules and the frustration of having a brain that doesn't always want to work with you, even when your spirit is willing to write a scene. I will never guilt anyone for having to leave or postpone a scene, and I expect the same! That being said, if someone doesn't seem to be putting in the effort to prioritize a scene with me, I will probably stop putting in the effort to ask if they want to continue. If you have to drop off of my roleplaying radar for a while, feel free to nudge me later when you're ready to pick up again!

I can be contacted on Discord at thatsadorbsyo#6895. My roleplay Tumblr is @kalaisgreen (contains NSFW content). My usual RP hours are in the evenings during EST prime time.