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If nature has made you for a giver, your hands are born open, and so is your heart; and though there may be times when your hands are empty, your heart is always full, and you can give things out of that--warm things, kind things, sweet things--help and comfort and laughter--and sometimes true, kind laughter is the best help of all...

Maria Rioné


BIRTHNAME... Mariana Elisabeth Rioné-Nightingale.

RACE... Hyur, Midlander.

GENDER... Female.

AGE... 30, shh.

NAMEDAY... 10th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon

CLASS... White Mage.



NATIONALITY... Ishgardian.


RESIDENCE... Gridania.

OCCUPATION... Mother, Midwife & Matron.

PATRON DEITY... Menphina, the Lover.

HEIGHT & WEIGHT... 5 Fulm 4 Ilm & Shame on you!

ALIGNMENT... Lawful Good.

☆.。.:*・°☆. .☆°・*:.。.☆
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Ishgardian born and the only daughter of Aurion and Sophiea Nightingale, youngest sister to brothers Siegfried, Evander, Matthieu and Lancefer. Maria, lustrated Mariana Élisabeth Rione-Nightingale, had become the family's blessing; the final boon to complete a warm and loving household raised within their moderate abode in which the family had deservedly achieved for her parent's hard earned occupations. At a young age, she was taught by her mother the first steps of becoming a proper lady, partaking in lessons of a musical nature, crochet, etiquette and cooking whereas her father became her lecturer in literature.


Maria is a benevolent soul, proclaimed as the 'Mother to All' given her kindly and motherly disposition, she is the very epitome of love and is often at times referred to as 'your modern day Menphina' by her friends given the great amount of heart and amiability evident in her mannerisms and every day deeds. With everyone's best interest at heart and expressing genuine concern for the well-being of others, Maria can often be regarded as unwittingly imposing. She isn't one for violence; though would gladly throw herself in harms way to protect her loved ones or over-exert her healing abilities to ensure they are in good health.

Quick to give her last gil to another, be they poor or scoundrel, Maria is indeed a selfless woman and devout in her beliefs; often coming across as a woman of purity and piety. She will take great strides to ensure that she does not offend nor upset anyone. An incredibly strong woman, she will speak her mind, even if her voice falters due to her kindly nature. Well-spoken with an innocent and forever motherly tone, even when scolding, she takes her belief in justice very seriously as she will speak up for another who has been unjustly wronged. Every aspect of her life is approached with love, ardour and a slight of naivety.


  • Colours: Sky Blue/Dalamud Red/Pure White.
  • Food: Curry.
  • Drink: Lemon & Honey Tea.
  • Scent: Fresh Bread and Lavender.
  • Flower: Nymeia Lily.
  • Place: Saint Reymanaud Cathedral.
  • Creature: MOOGLES! ...Oh, and of course, her pet Chocobo, Sherlock.
  • Belonging: An Ishgardian Rosary, Feathered Hairpin her children bought for her 30th Nameday, and Eternity Ring.
  • Festival: Starlight Celebration.



  • Her Children, she ADORES them.
  • Cooking.
  • Singing.
  • Gardening.
  • Star Gazing.
  • Reading.


  • Bad Manners.

"I don't care how old you are! I will put you on the naughty step!"

  • Being called old.

"O-Old?! I-I'm not old... R-Right? RIGHT!?"

  • Having her cooking insulted.

"I-I have shamed the deities of cuisine! Nooo!"


The Nightingale House


  • Aurion Nightingale

Class: Astrologian.

"A wise man whom I look to in my times of struggle and strife, his lectures prove kind when I seek guidance - I am a fortunate woman to have a father so loving."

A man built not by the art of battle but by the knowledge of the stars, Maria's father is a wise and kindly Astrologian who took his place within a higher society due to his hard work and keen observation, needless to say he has earned a place as a well-respected adversary of Ishgard alongside his family; often considered during political matters. Maria looks up to her father and loves him dearly, quite fortunately the two have a very close bond that grew ever stronger ever since her mother's passing, the two of often of the same mind and go hand in hand. Aurion looks upon his daughter and almost always comments on her likeness to her mother, with each moment he hears of his daughter's kindness, he is reminded of his gentle wife and often sheds a prideful tear. Well-respected by all his children, a day never goes by where he does not remind his sons and daughter of his love... and more often than not dragging them in for a lecture or two. However, as he is aging, Maria finds herself ever more concerned for his well-being and health...


  • Sophiea Nightingale née Rioné (Deceased)

Class: Conjurer.

"Kind, generous, and beautiful... Mother always knew what was best for us all. I love and miss her dearly."

Not much is spoken of Sophiea when it comes to her passing, but the love and pride shining within Maria's eyes when she is mentioned is evidence enough that this woman played a very important role and held great influence in Maria's life. Kind, courteous and caring, it goes without saying that Sophiea was an incredible mother who impacted the lives of all who met her. Sophiea's kindness and beauty oft attracted suitors, even nobles, in her youth--quite fortunately, it was her beloved Aurion who captured her heart and in time the two made a home for themselves, Menphina later blessing them with five beautiful children. Soft spoken and never one to raise her voice, Sophiea was a woman of piety and when not raising her children, she dedicated the rest of her time tending to those serving Ishgard's nation--having immaculate skill in healing. All in which she touched was graced and be something man, flora or fauna, she would treat with the same love as she did her children.


  • Siegfried Nightingale

Class: Warrior.

"The Axe. He's serious, stern but courteous; I suppose it's because he's the eldest, but he feels responsible for us all."

The firstborn son. Siegfried grew into a man fueled by the thought of battle, though not for bloodshed, but for the safety and security of his family and country. He serves as a part of Ishgard's military force and seldom sees his family for this reason, though remains in touch by the use of letters. He, alongside his brothers, often concerned themselves over their sister considering the fact she once found and nursed an orphaned baby behemoth as a child, needless to say that they had their hands full--especially when she wanted to keep it. Despite almost always clad in heavy-armor, his heart does not go untouched by his sister's deeds.
  • Evander Nightingale

Class: Paladin.

"The Shield. He is kind and brave; he loves each and every one of us unconditionally, tis not just I whom has taken after mother in that regard."

The second son, and eldest twin of his brother, Matthieu. Evander grew heavily influenced by his eldest brother in terms of wanting to serve his homeland, however he never once forgot the lessons of compassion that his mother taught him. Acting as his family's guardsmen, he is known to show the care and concern in which his baby sister always displays - given their understanding, the two are very close to each other, though shall forever remain bound to his twin. As a result, Evander seldom leaves his brother's side and displays both unconditional brotherly love and support, whatever his young twin needs, Evander will go to the ends of Eorzea for him as he believes him to be the 'clever' one of the family and holds high hopes for his future career.
  • Matthieu Nightingale

Class: Arcanist/Alchemist.

"The Tome. Intelligent yet also very shy, Matthieu is truly gifted in the Arcane Arts, he is of great help to us all. I couldn't be more proud."

The third son, and younger twin of his brother, Evander. Matthieu was born a frail child, often looked out for by Evander as the two became inseparable at birth, as a result of his inability to fight hand-to-hand, he decided in his youth to take up a more logical means of combating opponents by studying the Arcane magics. His love of old tomes and thirst for knowledge has led him to various continents of Eorzea such as Limsa and Gridania. He went on to enroll in some of the most prestigious academies of Eorzea and often travels to vast locations in search of old ruins dating back to the times of Nym.
  • Lancefer Nightingale

Class: Lancer.

"The Lance. He doesn't talk much, but he means well. Regardless of Race, his blood does not define that he's less of a brother than those of my own blood."

The last son. There has been some dispute over the years when Lancefer was placed on the Nightingale's doorstep at just a few suns old, many believed the bastard child would ruin the family's high standing, whereas others found the idea of a Hyur family raising an Elezen to be absurd. As each cycle went by, the family occasionally became the center of abuse and gossip by those of a narrow outlook. Needless to say Lancefer grew into an insecure lad, believing himself to be a misery to his family however he never went unloved as both his parents and siblings treated him as their own. He took comfort in Maria's innocent ways and more often than not did she stand up for him in front of those who taunted him, and whenever she would come home crying with bruises or scraped knees; Lancefer would surely return the favor. As the abuse eventually died down, Lancefer now considers himself a true Nightingale, dyed his hair and took up the lance in hopes to become something greater to repay his family for giving him the life that he has. To this day, he and Maria are closer than ever.


Biological or adopted, Maria cares and adores each and every one of those she considers her sons and daughters.
  • Aiden & Sophia Nightingale (Deceased)

"My babies, my love, my everything... I miss them dearly but they shall forever have a home within my heart."

Becoming a mother at only eighteen, Maria gave birth to her dearest treasures, Aiden and Sophia. Sadly, due to complications at birth, Aiden was stillborn and although she proceeded to care for her daughter born prone to sickness, Maria was met with another loss when Sophia was but three years old. The twins' resting place resides by the Guardian Tree in the Shroud in which Maria frequents. To this day she celebrates their nameday and keeps their memory alive.

Maria's lullaby to Aiden & Sophia.

  • Pipinloma Pintora

"My Pipin, so clever for a boy his age; I am so very proud of him... Though he could learn to watch his language..."

Founded when he was only a sleeping infant at her doorstep, Maria took in little Pipin shortly after the loss of her daughter, Sophia. A blessing in disguise, one might say it was Pipin's arrival in which saved Maria from spiraling into darkness; nursing the tiny and frail Lalafell back to health before adopting him as her own. A child prodigy, she is truly proud of him and all that he has accomplished in his young age despite often being met with a clipping across the ear for his foul language.
  • Chao Chao

"Such energy! I find myself struggling to keep up at times... However, I've never known a sweeter, well-mannered young lady."

Sweet and silly, Maria adores her little bundle of Chao! An orphan taken in shortly after losing her parents to the Calamity, Chao, along with Pipin, became yet another for Maria to spoil her love upon. Often tutoring the young Lalafell in reading, writing and proper etiquette in becoming a lady, Maria couldn't be prouder with how well her dear Chao has done in both confidence and independence. Recently leaving the orphanage in search of adventure, Chao writes to her mother every day.
  • W'raham Tia

"Although there have been trying times a-and awkward moments, he is truly wonderful. He... also saved my life once, I will never forget it."

Maria met W'raham one night whilst selling cookies within the Quicksand and mistakenly gave away her cookies as 'free-samples' to which the Miqo'te questioned, although their meeting was brief. In time, W'raham and Maria began to see more and more of each other, often taking in each other's company and partaking in light banter, it was he who introduced her to a small group of friends whom she adores dearly to this day. They have been through much together and during one dark day it was W'raham who'd once saved Maria's life. She considers him a son and would drop everything just to aid him in his times of struggle.
  • Pyha Nayitsu

"Such a sweet girl, she never ceases to make me smile, truly I would do anything for her."

After meeting W'raham, Maria was introduced to his group of friends and it was within this group that she met the lovable Pyha. Despite her inability to speak, Maria always enjoys reading the small notes Pyha uses to communicate. During trying times where more often than not the group would find themselves in one disaster after the other, Maria has always found herself protective, overly so, of Pyha and ensuring no harm comes to her by necessary means. With every foe and trial the group faced, they soon became closer and it was then that Pyha surprised Maria by one day scribbling down onto a piece of paper 'Mummy'... Since then, Maria has treated and cared for Pyha like she would her own daughter, and secretly? To this day, she has kept the tiny piece of paper as a memento.


  • Momoro Moro

"I often wonder if she's shy, she doesn't talk much though when she does, she gets rather flustered. Though I enjoy the moments between her and Nomi, one might even think they were siblings! She is quite the adorable little peach, isn't she?!"

Maria met Momoro the same sun she met W'raham during her times of selling cookies, within their conversation she didn't quite seem to pick up the Lalafell's pick-up lines most likely due to her naive-nature, regardless she views the thaumaturge as a steadfast ally and friend. Since the two have known each other, Momoro has always been there for Maria in her times of dejection, showing concern, providing a listening ear and perhaps a hug or two. Although recently they have not seen much of each other, Maria has never felt more proud of Momoro for how far she has come in her abilities and admires her courage.
  • Nananomi Nomi

"In my experiences of being a mother, I do tend to pick up on when children are telling tales... Though looking at Nomi, he's not as bad as one would think, he has a caring heart, even if unseen."

Once upon a time, there was a Nomi that fell from the sky and thus captured Maria's heart! Sadly, that's not how their introduction goes, like many others within a small group of misfits, she met Nananomi Nomi, the ambiguous Lalafell. Although androgynous, his gender was rather clear to Maria, call it motherly instinct if you will. Speaking of motherly instinct, Maria will more often than not fuss over him, even once going as far as feeding him orange juice like a babe straight from the bottle and, of course, followed by a light burping. Maria sees Nomi as a carefree soul, if not the occasional fibber, however cares for him just as he has done the same for her in the past.
  • Devereau Beauregard

"Kind and courteous, a true gentleman that any mother would be proud of having as their son. It is hardly surprising that there are so many quite taken by his compassion and beauty."

  • Lydix Notki

"Growing up with four older brothers, Lydix has become that in which I never had yet proud to call; a sister. She's always there when I need her."


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Allister Dedrick

Cyrus Val'doh

💔 Travaris Sinclair

Common Rumors

Easily heard, feel free to know~

  • "Lady Maria? Why, it's almost as if her presence has kept Gridania lively and flourishing. She's been with us all for a many good cycles, even before the Calamity... The poor dear, she ran an orphanage right here and lost so much, but seeing her smile every day keeps me feeling young and hopeful. She's a good woman and mother to those even older than herself." Elderly Elezen. (Old Gridania)
  • "Mama Maria is always so nice to us and works very hard to make sure me and my little brother and all the others kids are happy! She makes yummy cookies for us all and she even made me a pretty new dress, now all the other girls want a dress, too!" Grateful Girl. (New Gridania)
  • "I... I think she's a princess from a faraway kingdom, j-just like in my storybook... Because all princesses are nice a-and pretty, or maybe she's a fairy godmother here to look after all us kids." Bashful Boy. (New Gridania)

Moderate Rumors

Slightly harder to overhear, keep listening~

  • "Married herself a Duskwight, she did. I bet her parents were furious when they found out, more so when she fell pregnant. The poor love was still only a child herself when that happened, but I suppose love makes us all blind." Murmuring Merchant. (Old Gridania, Ebony Stalls)

Rare Rumors

Hardly heard, please ask for permission.

  • "During my patrols, I stumbled upon her by the waterfalls in the Meadows... Talking to herself. At least, it looked she was alone but her eyes were elsewhere, almost as if she was conversing with something imaginary. What I found even more strange was the water at her feet, it looked like it was rising in wisps...Now that I think about it, I'm not sure what I saw, perhaps I've been working too hard." A Serpent of the Twin Adder Order. (New Gridania, Adders' Nest)
  • "I heard she had children of her own once and was unfit to raise them, both now dead. She's unfit to be a mother, and unstable, too. I wouldn't trust her with my children." Whispering Woman. (South Shroud, Quarrymill)
  • "Some say she's one of those what casts that white healin' magic..." Curious Conjurer. (Old Gridania, Stillglade Fane)

PC Rumors

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  • "The modern day Menphina, she is; you ain't gonna find a kinder, more lovin' soul in all of Eorzea." - Allister Dedrick
  • "Probably the closest thing t' a mum I'll ever have an' while I don't bother much about 'em meself, I could probably swear she be one o' the Twelve in the shape o' a Hyur lass. Wha' d' ye call 'er? Menph-somethin'? Ah, wha'ever. Point is, never known a more carin' an' sweet lass in me life." - W'raham Tia
  • "A fresh breath of air, Maria is. Throughout all the chaos in my life, this woman is a calming deep breath and a welcoming pause. She's like a sister to me, and I'll protect her with my life." - Lydix Notki

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