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Meifeng Eir Gladio

He who cannot preserve the sovereignty of his nation is unfit to rule

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Background Story and Timeline

[1536] Meifeng Inugami is borned in Othard, in Nagxia, after the first imperial invasion. The political context of the era led her parents to foreshadow a pessimistic future, clouded by warfare and deadly threats. As a result, they dedicated their lives to forge a clan of warriors, whom they destined to protect their country. Meifeng was thus destined to grow up fearing the Empire's shadows over the South, and was raised with eastern clans rigid codes and traditions.

[1547-1550] Meifeng was 11 when the Empire invaded Othard for the second time. As a child soldier, born from the war and living through it, she joined the resistance and survived three years of guerilla in the jungles of Dalmasca Inferior. As they were losing this battle, survivors of the clan, including young Meifeng, fled to Yanxia and reported the gruesome defeat that befell upon their lands. They seeked refuge and protection within Doman territories and dedicated themselves to the protection of North Othard.

[1552] This time, Garlemald went as far as beyond Doma's shields. Following the Doman in the resistance against the Empire, her relatives met a tragic fate in the hands of the imperial legions. Captured amongst other rebels by Nikolai quo Gladio's unit when Lord Kaien surrendered Doma to the imperial legions, Meifeng was transferred to work in ceruleum camps as a punishment. The prisoners' treatment here was apalling.

[1553-1562] After attempting to escape her lifetime sentence to gruesome work, Meifeng managed to murder two garlean soldiers before she was caught and trialed. After a few minutes of deliberation, her execution seemed inevitable. However, Nikolai quo Gladio chose to delay it and sent her to follow an experimental conditionning training instead. She was conscripted by force, and spent 9 years in military training and foreign conscript (hardcore) "reeducation". She was then known as Meifeng ann Inugami.

[1562] Meifeng is transferred to the Frumentarius to be trained as a foreign operative, and sent in Othard as an imperial spy. Following the Bozja incident, Meifeng starts gathering intels on the whispers of a Far Eastern Resistance. It is her first trial of loyalty, and as the resistance grow in her birth country, her conditionned mind is pushed to its limits. She then spent the next 16 years as a foreign operative and was dispatched in Eorzea when they suspected her allegiance may be fragilised.

[1562 - 0005 7th Umbral Era] Mainly operative tasks in Eorzea, including intel gathering, assassinations, and kidnapping. Reports of her missions were all under the supervision of Nikolai quo Gladio (who was promoted ‘rem’during this period of time). During an (IC) event, she protected a pureblood Decurion and took a bullet to save her, thus considered in high esteem by the latter. The Decurion asked for Meifeng to be dispatched on a mission for her in return, and she was ordered to extract an imperial conscript who was trading information with Eorzea. Securing the target, Nicolai Linnaeus, she uncovered a network of garlean traitors and managed to get their names and status within the army. Her report was transferred to the Frumentarius, and her mission handled by more experienced (and trusted) operatives. The success of the mission led the Decurion, Volcatia Volturcius, to vouch for her citizenship. Nikolai rem Gladio dismissed the request at the time. Other more outstanding events were the kidnapping of an ala mighan priestess while taking advantage of a group of mercenaries, reports of intel gathered while working under cover for an ishgardian noble as a maid (before he was surprisingly murdered), intel gathered within the Syndicate while working under cover with the local assassins they were employing, and the hunting of a pureblood garlean defector and his unit. Now fully recognized as worthy to request her citizenship after 25 years of service, she was rewarded with the eir rank, and a new name as a symbol of her rejection of the East.

[0001 7th Astral Era] Meifeng infiltrated the Doman Liberation Front. Following the commands of the XIIth Legion and the Frumentarius, she acted against the Resistance and took part in the imperial retaliations on Doma. As a trial of loyalty, when prisonners and their families were meant to be executed as an example, she was asked to stain her hands.

[7th Astral Era - Present days] Now part of the XIIth Legion, Meifeng was dispatched on the frontlines as soon as the resistance weakened imperial forces in Othard. She fought at Specula Imperatoris, and nearly died in the collapsing of the tower when the main canons of Castrum Abania fired at it. Saved by survivors of her unit, she spent the next months under medical rehabilitation. Torn apart between her loyalty towards the Optimates, and the rising of the Populares party, she spent time alongside her first commander, Nikolai. After she was declared fit for combat again, she was dispatched to the Ghymlyt Dark on the frontlines.

[Present days - ShB update] Deeply disturbed by the rumours around the crown prince and the experimental Black Rose, Meifeng went through a mental breakdown that ultimately led her to be manipulated by a third-party. As a result, she failed to anticipate a trap layed to get rid of Nikolai, and was taken to Eorzea. Her military status was updated as AWOL, and an investigation was opened to determine whether or not she, as an agent, went rogue, and is responsible or not for Nikolai's gruesome execution. Guilty or not, Meifeng was framed for multiple accounts of murders in Eorzea, and captured in Thanalan as she was attempting to escape. Tortured by the Brass Blades, she was ultimately rescued by the intervention of the Flames, whom somehow identified her as a garlean. After a thorough interrogation, she was sentenced to the Bloodsands for a lifetime.

Military Background

Conscript: Meifeng ann Inugami (9 years)

Conscripted at the age of 22 under the command of Nikolai quo Gladio of the IVth Legion. The conscript was sent to Garlemald to follow an experimental conditionning training. Psychological behavioural techniques were used to break her mind and "reeducate" her. Due to her high receptiveness to the method, her criminal record was cleared and she was apt to start the basic military training. The conscript showed outstanding capacities to defend strong garlean ideologies in any circumstances she was put in.

Frumentarius Operative MMMDCCCXCIX-XII: Meifeng ann Inugami (16 years)

Conditionning program was stoped and tasks were given to push the limits of her training. Upon successful completion, loyalty was tested by sending the trained agent in her birth country to partake in the retalations against the rebels. The operative never showed doubts nor did she shy away from her duties during the executions of civilians. Apt to serve without being part of a unit, she was sent as a solo operative in Eorzea to gather intels on the ennemies.

Frumentarius Veteran: Meifeng eir Gladio (1 years)

Citizenship was granted after 25 years of good service.

AWOL: Meifeng eir Gladio (present days)

The corpse of Nikolai rem Gladio was found half burnt in the Ghymlyt Dark war zone. Reports of witnesses mentionned the officer left alongside the Frumentarius operative Meifeng eir Gladio. The agent status was updated AWOL and is considered prime suspect in the murder of Nikolai rem Gladio. Due to the sensitivity of the information she might be in posession as a veteran, she is to be captured and handled to the competent authorities in order to be trialed. In case of evidences of treason, the operative should be executed swiftly.

War Contribution

Campaign against the Doman Liberation Front:

Infiltrated within the Liberation Front, the operative communicated relevant intels and successfully completed her duty by taking action against the rebels. She was rewarded by the honour of delivering death sentences to rebels and any civilians who helped them.

The Battle of Secula Imperatoris:

The agent was sent to assist within the XIIth Legion. She was sent in medical rehabilitation after the annihilation of her unit following the defeat of Fordola rem Lupis.

Ghymlyt Dark Frontlines:

The operative was sent to assist the frontlines within the XIIth Legion. She was reported AWOL a few months before the civil war and prime suspect of the murder of Nikolai rem Gladio.

Military Training

Basic skills:

- Sword / Gunblade - Sniper Rifle - Magitek devices - Survival - Tracking - 1st aid - Crypto-communication - Field knowledge, unit coordination

Advanced skills

- Stealth / Reckon - Intel gathering / Infiltration - Deception, disguise, make-up - Pugilism - Daggers - Resistance to physical torture


The number of medical reports over the last twenty five years is probably an impressive display of non-lethal and near-lethal wounds. Reports of her first years within the army clearly shows her training more looked like daily physical and psychological torture.

The first psychological assessments showed emotional instability, signs of morbid depression, and the needs of rituals to overcome feelings of guilt. The following assessments described her as submissive by fear of authorities, yet in constant need of being told what to do. Assessments during her training as an operative showed progression towards a cold-blooded methodological approach. Her emotionnal maturity was reported as binary (extreme decisions without in-between) and a need for an authoritative figure of attachment (usually pureblood officers, higher in commands). The last psychological assessment is positive on her mental stability, describing her as apt to serve, with great improvements on her emotional stability and autonomy. Over the 25 years of service, she was treated multiple times for severe physical wounds. Comatose status after the battle of Castrum Abania/Secula Imperatoris.

Reports on her scars was joined for identification purpose:

Mei scar map.jpg


- Oasis Hospital, The Goblet (present days) : Patient matching Mei's description was received in comatose status after a terrorist attack in public baths. She was treated for a bullet wound and several other recent injuries. The Flames investigation reported anti-garlean attacks that ultimately led the patient to be targeted. Presence of addictive opioids were found in her medicl analysis. She was transferred back to Ul'dah after treatment to carry out her Bloodsand sentence.


War prisonner (1552): Captured amongst the doman rebels when the eastern scums surrendered Doma. Sentenced to general interest work at the ceruleum camps.

Murder with premeditation (1553): Attempted escape from camp #MMXIII, aggravated assault against soldiers on duty and murder of two conscripted soldiers on guard duty. Execution cancelled by Nikolai quo Gladio. Subject was sent to follow an experimental training program in a secured facility within the capital.

AWOL (present days): Reported missing after the murder of Nikolai rem Gladio. Prime suspect. Should be captured for trial, or upon evidence of treason, executed.


Thanalan, Ul'dah: Murder with premeditation (present days): Arrested for the murder of an adventurer in the Broken Barrel's Inn of Ul'dah, and for the murder of a Brass Blade on duty in an attempt to resist the authorities. Interrogated by the Brass Blades. Transferred for interrogation by the Flames. Sentenced to the Bloodsands. No public mention of her being a spy, however whispers are that she is a garlean criminal. Multiple accounts of anti-garlean actions were taken as a result.


Meifeng is loyal to the core to the Empire's values and doctrines. But she embraces its ideology to a default, as it means leaders that do not fit exactly what the Empire should stand for are likely to be (secretly) considered traitors in her eyes. She is a perfect example of a successful reeducation of "conscripted savages". She is submissive to the higher in command, dutiful, respect the orders even if she feels in conflict, does not share her opinion unless asked or permitted to do so... She only takes personnal decisions when she analyzed all the available variables and usually process situations like a machine. Her personnal emotions are usually repressed behind the face of a meticulous operative. She never shown doubts or guilt when asked to execute targets, as long as the orders are justified by a context of war and necessity. This state of mind was trialed by the revealed existence of Black Rose and the potential mass-slaughter of civilians. Emotionnaly, she is usually calm, collected, distant - but this self-control can be broken in specific situations (use of aether, context involving treachery, discussions around Specula Imperatoris, rumours around the Crown Prince, etc). She knows how to act, deceive and manipulate, she is good as faking emotions when it comes to infiltrate a targeted enemy group and she will feel no remorse stabbing them in the back even after years of bonding. The empire's vision for the future justifies her every exaction, and its propaganda is a way for her to cope with any guilt she should have felt. This makes her a valuable ascet, but it also means that her identity can only exist within Garlemald. Should the Empire falls, Mei would cease to exist entirely. And with the civil war raging, her personnality is starting to be fragmented with feelings of imminent doom.


Garlemald. Meifeng's love for Garlemald is unconditionnal and absolute. However mistreated she was, she grew up embracing the ideologies of the Empire. It became hard to tell whether this was th fruit of her conditionning program or not, but as a result she strongly believe in Garlemald's supremacy over the other nations. She greatly values the sense of duty, the meritocracy and the desire of conquest to bring a civilized world to the "savages" outside the Empire's control.
Gaius van Baelsar. Meifeng looks up to Optimates and strong leaders within the army. But there's none she admires more than Gaius van Baelsar. His doctrine, his military record, his leadership is something that inspired her a strong attachment to Garlemald
The Imperial Anthem. In times of despair and in the solitude of earozen's cells, the imperial anthem has been her only solace to feel the warmth of patriotism. She has a particular affection for the song that she kept the habit to sing whenever she was facing emotionnal burden or had to resist anti-garlean torture.
Authority and Protocoles. Mei has always felt a dire need to follow strong figures of authority. She is likely to go to deadly extents for their recognition, and the secret childish desire of being praised for her efforts. Protocoles are also a part of the imperial system she find comforts in. They are rigid and set in stone. There is no need to think of process emotions when confronted to protocoles. They are reassuring.


Defectors. Meifeng despises them and see them as cowards who did not have the decency to die with honour. She considers this treachery as a criminal act which should be severely punished and turned into a public example to avoid any weak-minded individual to ever think of turning their back to Garlemald.
Aether. Due to a strong (IC) personnal trauma, Mei's reactions to aether are brutal and violent. Whenever she feels aether or notice someone using it without being able to anticipate it, she gives in to uncontrolled outbursts of rage against aether users.
Eastern individuals. Meifeng grew up to think the East raised her to be just a tool in the war against the Empire. That eastern people stole her childhood and turned her into a weapon to use against Garlemald. That she was never left a choice. She crually despises them and is usually harsher with eastern conscripts despite all logic.
Zenos yae Galvus. After the battle of Castrum Abania, Meifeng felt betrayed for the first time in twenty five years of service. The Crown Prince's blatant disdain for the troops and what Mei considers an obvious selfish rampage against the Eorzean champions left her with a bitter resentment.


Training. Keeping herself in shape and good condition is her main activity. You cannot serve the Empire properly if you're not at the top of your physical and mental condition.
Mastering new weapon skills. Meifeng is dedicated to her ambition of becoming a good weapon for Garlemald to wield against the "savages". As a matter of fact, she tends to be very curious of "exotic" weapons and fighting styles. She can spend years honing specific skills and dedcate herself to learn new ones. And that's pretty much what makes her the closest to be "happy".


Advanced military training (26 years). As a veteran soldier and operative, her mastery of combat and field operations is high and consistent. Due to having no other purpose in life than serving Garlemald, her "free time" pretty much consisted in training herself. As a matter of fact, she is a very skilled fighter and her proefficiency in mastering new weapons is facilitated by the knowledge she capitalized over her 26 years of service.
Physical resistance. Life as a child in the Nagxia jungles was already hard, and she developped resistance to the local diseases and physical endurance due to the need of hiding from the imperial cohorts and fighting guerilla wars. As a prisonner, then as a conscript, life was not made easier. Over her years of service she learnt the price of mistakes the hard way and followed a special Frumentarius training to resist torture in case she was captured during missions.


Aether. Meifeng is sensitive to aether, but not in a good way. Following a personnal traumatic experience, aether triggers sickness and a rush of adrenaline in her brain. If she cannot anticipate aether being used in her surroundings, she will become unpredictable.
Emotionnal Immaturity. Growing up as a child soldier and being conditionned to repress emotions meant she never had the occasion to process them healthily. Deprived of figures of attachment at a very young age, she tends to cling to any strong leader she may find within the Empire. This weakness in particular led her to be manipulated in a very clever yet crual way.


Patriotic sense of duty - There is no greater strenght for Mei than justifying everything she does with patriotism. "It's nothing personnal." "I am only following orders. "This is for the greater good." "You've been left a choice."
Emotionnal Need of Praising - Just like a conditionned pet, she works better if higher in commands pats her on the back for her outstanding efforts. She never asked anything but her citizenship during 25 years and put her life in the balance multiple times to be honoured with a rank. It's easy to motivate her with any little praise from the Optimates, as it means they stop seeing her as an insignificant savage pet.

Family Involved Romantic Platonic Physical Friend Acquaintance $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure
The Inugami Clan ( ✖ ✝ )
Character's Thoughts: "“An oppressive government is more to be feared than a Calamity."
Meifeng was raised by the Clan as part of a beehive community against the giant Garlemald threatening to invade Nagxia, then Yanxia and Doma. The Inugami Clan was wiped out during the first Othard invasion, but survivors may still be found. All the Clan members had a tatoo to show their rank. Meifeng has one on her cheek and may be recognized this way, but obviously she is now part of the mighty empire and an enemy to the eastern nations.
Nikolai rem Gladio()
Character's Thoughts: "“To lead uninstructed people to war is to throw them away.”"
Nikolai rem Gladio saw potential in the girl who methodically tried to escape the ceruleum camp she was living in. Besides, a child soldier raised with "savage" ideologies was an interesting challenge for their reeducation program. Death being a crual lack of imagination, he decided to make a conscript out of the girl and followed-up on her progress. With time, Mei's hatred shifted for gratitude and respect. Her bond with the commander was something deeply uncommon, and she looked up to him as an inspiring model to equal. His death left an invisible scar that she can never seem to forget.
Slan nan Grimscythe ()
Character's Thoughts: "If you wish to serve, very well, but you will serve me very closely indeed."
(PC left the game) Meifeng met Slan when she was still pursuing the dream of citizenship; and as such she volunteered to any task a pureblood would honour a foreign conscript. In need of an assistant for his experiments, Mei was introduced to him. As per habit with any pureblood with the slightest of authority and a shiny military rank, she was enthralled and pledged her existence to him. Until she realized he was one hell of a psychopath. Even for her, the sounds of the screams, the smell of blood and the vision of individuals being butchered for science had shaken her determination over the time. That, and the possible future of becoming some exotic mistress for the man, keeping her away from her dreams of being an officer one day. Thankfully, the affilition of Slan and his commander to the Populares party gave her an acceptable reason to (flee) be transferred back to a unit embracing Optimates views.

Mikaelis Gladio (Omega) ( )
Character's Thoughts: "WIP"
Character's Thoughts: " ."



Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"None at the moment."
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"Have ye heard 'bout the garlean they threw in the Bloodsands? The eastern girl? I reckon they threw her in there so people would pay to see the chick bein' beatened. 'Should have killed that bitch, I tell ye." - A shady guy in Pearl Lane
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"They found the corpse of an officer nearby the war zone. I swear I've seen him with the operative before. I heard she went AWOL. I'm sure she did it. You can't trust a savage. Years won't change anything to her nature. A rabbid dog should be put to death, that's just being merciful." - A garlean soldier at the Ghymlyt Dark


Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!
"Rumor." — Rumormonger.



Player Note
I am a european player, therefore I split my time between Chaos and Crystal RPC, with alt characters I only use for RP. Due to my time-zone, meeting for RP may require some time to work around schedules, but I am always available on discord under the tag Ekidna#3626
Personal RP Limits
I am a chill player interested in co-creating fantastic storylines and in depth characters development. I rarely DM events but it is something I can do, and I also offer to NPC. I like my life drama-free, so if you start OOC arguments you'll never see me again.
I will play Pretty much everything with a preference for dark mature RPs, inter-personnal conflicts, psychological dilemmas and character relationship building.
I won't play I reject all themes around rapes and pregnancy. Please respect my boundaries.


Potential Plot Hooks
For Imperial characters
Any imperial character: 26 years of service within the Empire is something. Enough for your imperial character to have met Mei at some point during her military carreer. Maybe you were one of her officers? Maybe you were part of the experimental conditionning program to reeducate "savages"? Maybe you were part of the same unit? You fought together against the Doman Liberation Front? Or you saved her at Specula Imperatoris? Maybe you're a medicus who followed her medical file? Or a magitek engineer providing her with operative tools when she started working for the Frumentarius? You might have been part of a spy mission in Eorzea with her? Or perhaps you fought with her at the Ghymlyt Dark shortly before she went AWOL? There are hundreds of possibilities.
Frumentarius: you might have seen Mei's status update as AWOL and read about the opened investigation on the murder of Nikolai rem Gladio. The body was found beheaded and half-burnt and no one seemed to know what happened. The prime suspect was Meifeng and she conveniently dissapeared. Thankfully, your little spies reported Meifeng being in detention in Ul'dah, sentenced to the Bloodsands for multiple accounts of murder. If you are a Frumentarius agent, extracting her and transfering her for a military trial seems to be the logical procedure. Shooting her down on mere suspicions could be another solution, but you would have to answer to Nikolai's family about what happened.
I'm looking for a political enemy: Since I am no longer RPing on Omega, I would love to find someone who would accept to be the true murderer of Mei's commander (Nikolai). Someone who had different political views maybe? Someone who highly disliked foreign conscripts and wanted to get rid of her at the same time? Or was it a personnal revenge? Or maybe your loyalty has shifted with the premisces of the civil war? In any case you'd have truly wanted Mei to suffer by throwing her into the Brass Blades' hands and frame her for murders in both Garlemald and Ul'dah. It would have been a premedited clever stratagem.
For Eorzean characters
Anti-garlean individuals: learning that Mei is a garlean and a Bloodsands convict can be great news for you. She is easy to find and can be a potential target for your hatred.
Brass Blades: you may have been part of the group who brutally tortured her after her capture. After all, she killed one of yours. Without the interference of the Flames, you'd have done so much worse to her... Well maybe it's still time.
Flames: you may be part of those who interrogated Meifeng. She made a very good case, but are you really convinced about her talk of remorses and redemption? Is Bloodsands the right sentence for her? Would there be any way to get useful intels from her with other methods?
Character Lore Adherence
I abide by the lore and try my best to respect the background of the game. I usually read a lot before taking IC decisions and I like to keep myself informed on everything revolving around my characters' themes. I am not perfect, so if you are a lore nerd I'll gladly accept your constructive feedback to refine my characters' background and roleplay. As a matter of fact, I am slightly elitist and will avoid playing with players who makes 0 effort to stick with the lore. I also consider myself neutral in the balance of realistic playstyle and high fantasy: I am usually flexible as long as you don't play OP high fantasy characters for the sake of "winning".
No changes required.

Meifeng by Brian Adriel.jpg
Name - Meifeng eir Gladio
Race - Hyur
Age - 41

Alias: Mei, Jun He, Sayuri, Mad Snurble, Operative MMMDCCCXCIX-XII
Citizenship: Garlean (earned citizenship)
Rank: Frumentarius veteran
Legion: XIIth
Commander: TBD
Origins: Othard
Hair color: Raven
Eye color: Black
Complexion: Pale
Marks or tattoos: Eastern clan tatoo on the cheek scarred with the tip of a blade, body heavily scarred, burnt marks, often bruised
Alignment: Lawful neutral towards the Empire
Key Items: None at the moment
Favorite Ruler: Gaius van Baelsar
Favorite Color: Ivory Standard
Avatar name OOC: La Pacificatrice (Omega / Balmung)
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