Mirabelle Malaspina

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"I will rule over everything, in time, and all will understand my devotion to such a goal as well as my undying disgust for all sentient creatures."

Mirabelle Malaspina

Mirabelle Malaspina
Character Information
Full Name Mirabelle Malaspina
Race Hyur
Gender Female
Relationship Status Engaged
Nameday 14th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon
Age 27
Guardian Rhalgr, Breaker of Worlds
Birthplace Ul'dah
House Malaspina
Occupation Entrepreneur

Basic Info

Mirabelle is a cruel, racist, and generally misanthropic woman.


Born and raised in Ul'dah along her twin sister Agatha by both their parents, Mirabelle has always shown signs of rebellion and general hatred toward others at a young age. Educated in private as well as her sister, she has always excelled in everything to prove she was superior to others, and especially her twin sister. Mirabelle has lived in seclusion for the entirety of her teenage years, studying literature, history, fencing and riding as well as learning the virtues of a Red Mage, but her thirst for power and knowledge could not be maintained; thus, after her eighteenth name day, she chose to follow the art of Thaumaturgy. The voices were true, Thaumaturgy was only a sliver of what "real" and powerful magic was. She wanted more and she is still bent on obtaining the knowledge of a Black Mage, no matter what.


Plainly cruel and evil, all she cares for are her goals. Though she is generally a misanthrope, she loves in particular mocking and insulting "lesser" beings such has half-bloods or other races in general that are not hyur. She hates with passion socializing, unless her interlocutor is interesting enough and agrees, even partially, with her views. She's not scared of speaking up her mind and will often denigrate all who disagree wholly with her mindset.

Current Events



  • Agatha Malaspina: Mirabelle's sororal twin sister. The two are one the opposite of the other, both in appearances and ideologies.
  • Liberto Malaspina: Mirabelle and Agatha's father. A wealthy and noble merchant, close to his last breath given his old age.
  • Olimpia Malaspina: Mirabelle and Agatha's, mother. A simple woman coming from a noble family. (Maiden last name is Belmont)

OOC Notes


  • Injuries and combat RP are okay but absolutely no permanent injuries or death unless discussed beforehand.
  • Rape, drug, void or other themes are okay as long as they are discussed beforehand.

RP Hooks

  • Other merchants and nobles might be able to recognize her due to her high standing and prominence.
  • Don't be scared to approach, I don't bite. She figuratively may, but I won't.