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Miriamele is a tiny keeper that comes from the island nation of Sharlayan. She has only spent a small handful of her short years as a student but is incredibly smart for her age, but unlike many of her peers she doesn't have as much of a worldly sense about her. Melly, as called by family and close friends, is a Medic and trained in field medicine and hospice care, along with that she follows closely the stars and is a journeyman in the school of Astrology. While Miriamele believes fate guides all people, she is a very warm and kind hearted person and doesn't believe that fate leads people into the dark, but rather it is a choice. Miriamele is a pure soul through and through and believes strongly in the light and redemption.

Except for Garleans..


Miriamele is a tiny Miqo'te Keeper of about five feet and a little bit. Her white skin is only delicately kissed with the grey marks all keepers have in some form which for Melly is nine grey lines from that start from her hair line and trace forward or down to about mid cheek or forehead. Her long carrot red hair is neatly combed and tied back from her pear-green eyes. The keeper has a fairly neat appearance unless she's busy or in the middle of a book, when that happens she tends not to notice little things, like ink stains or some such. Lastly, a small lion's tail gracefully finishes off the Miqo'te and ends in a dark red tuft that seems to generally behave. Miriamele's appearance is generally neat and clean since she has been civilized. While her clothes are usually exotic looking the most telling part of Melly is her veils. She keeps her face hidden underneath gauzy veils that make it hard for anyone to look at her and get a clear picture of her face. Why she does this is something to be learned but she finds it very important to do so.
Aspects That Stand Out:
She always wears a veil to keep herself hidden from eyes. Sometimes she'll fold it back to be seen but not always.
She looks and acts a little younger than her apparent age.
Her one and only notable scar is on the palm of her left hand, from an enchanting accident.


Miriamele a warm hearted and kind soul. She'd do anything for a friend and even more for her only sister, Masya. The tiny keeper is a medic and she spent a fair amount of time in Sharlayan caring for the very sick and dying so she knows patience, love and care. She believes that the fates guide everyone on the path to light and happiness, and anyone who turns off that path can be redeemed with patience and love. It's hard to describe Melly beyond that. Miriamele is also a researcher of magic and anytime magic or the occult is talked about she acts like a kit with happy squeeling and gushing about amazing and magical it all is.

However! She believes hold heartedly that the Garleans need to be punished for their crimes against the world. While at the moment she won't take much action she is constantly on the search for any sort of relic or power that will help her on her path. If she runs into any Garlean citizen in Eorzea they will be added to her list of people to deal with when the time comes. She isn't the sort to straight up murder someone.. yet. Who knew behind the mask of warmth and love lived a calculating and in pain Keeper.


Magic. Melly has always had a fascination with magic and how it works in the world including the occult. She's always searching for something to study or play with
Pets. Miriamele has two special pets in her life. Pancakes the enormously large fish and Waffles a little puppy. She loves them both dearly and can usually be seen sleeping beside both and during the day Waffles is usually by her side.
Occult. The Keeper loves all things Occult! Some ancient relic with a story? Healing of the soul? She devours it all and attributes it to another form of Aether and it's mysterious ways.


Bad Food. She's dealt with this enough in life. No more!
Garleans. Best not bring up this subject near her at all.


Food. Coming from Sharlayan where food has been devolved into some form of .. neutral paste Melly loves to try and sample all the various foods in the world. She has taken an interest in learning to cook recently so that she and her beloved sister never have to eat bad food again.
Apothecary. Sometimes, when she has the time for it, Miriamele likes to take mortar and pestle and make works of art in the form of various items to enhance the soul. She feels she is pretty good at it, but really she's good enough to sell her work but not exceptionally good to fetch the highest prices.
Singing. She loves old stories and songs, and generally Miriamele keeps this hobby to herself and her pets but sometimes, if prompted, she'd sing with or in front of others. She's very shy about this hobby in particular and feels she is no great singer just an untrained wannabe.


Healing/Shielding Magics. Miriamele Nelhah used to work in a Hospice in Sharlayan, caring for the sick and dying peoples of that nation. She is no stranger to the ills of the body and enjoys helping people. She picked up the craft to be of help to her sister Masya but found out she enjoyed it as much as her work in researching. While her healing magic is medicore compared to most her real strength lays in shielding magics of which she has a master's touch and has been known to use it in the healing of the very sick to cut disease off from the rest of the body to buy a person time.
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Fighting. She is not a fighter, not athletic in any shape or form. She is the stereotypical skinny as a stick bookish person who spends most of her days hunched over a book in some corner of a library with bad eyesight and gets no more exercise than getting up in the morning entails.
Warm Heart. The Keeper is willing to aid many folk who ask for it, but the problem is that she trusts people implicitly, if they say a thing is red she'd believe them until she knew for herself it was actually green! Willing to give away her gil for good causes, help the sick or dying, Melly is a good soul.
Jealousy. Melly can be jealous, however she rarely admits it in public. She's jealous of the closeness others share that she has so far only been able to watch while wanting it herself. Not only of lovers but of close friends as well.


Relics. Melly is in search of magic powerful enough to suit her needs. If asked she wouldn't say anything more than interest drives her.



Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"That carrot headed Keeper at at that Occult place? I heard she was a Seer of some skill. "
"Miriamele Nelhah? Ah the Nelhah sisters? The older one's polite and kind, the younger's just the same except a bit odd."
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"Miriamele Nelhah. I went to her at a Bazaar for a fortune telling. She was right on the mark, knew exactly what was going to happen the day before it happened!"
"Little Melly up the road? Priestess I think? If not she's probably going to be one soon, hides her face to the world just like Nymeia."


Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!
"Rumor." — Rumormonger.



Player Note
I live in Central Canada and my availability is pretty open outside of Thursday and Friday afternoons and all mornings except Sunday. My work schedule is pretty steady in this.
Personal RP Limits
The following is a list of things I will and will not play. If I have issues I will bring it up in PMs or the reader of this can always ask.
I will play Injuries, serious injuries. Relationship rp with cuddling and all the fun and adorably cute things that come with it. Mature themes of all sorts, though some I might not personally RP with I'm fine RP'ing with others who have experienced it.
I won't play I will not RP gore at all, a little blood yes but beyond that not at all. ERP is another thing I will not do. Very simple


Potential Plot Hooks
Healing & Astrology. Mentioning either of these will draw Melly's attention. She is a healer by trade and doesn't mind gossip about such things.
Magic, Magical Artefacts, Magical Relics. Do you know or wish to know about any of these things? Melly would be the person to ask!
Cooking! Miriamele is from the island nation of Sharlayan where food has been devolved to .. something awful. Cook your way into her heart and she's your best friend for life!
Character Lore Adherence
In Character: Miriamele is very lore-adherent. She has no special powers or abilities as of writing this article except for being young and smart. Out of Character: I'm fine with lore-bending. Seriously, neat ideas and really cool. However I do not condone lore breaking and if Melly runs into jobs such as Black or White magic she'd try to redeem or reform the person, or just report them to the Adders.

Name - Mirimale Nelhah
Race - Miqo'te - Keeper
Age - 19
Name Day - Fifth Umbral Moon - 15th Sun (Oct 15)
Deity - Nymeia, the Spinner

Alias: Mira or Melly if close
Citizenship: Sharlayan
Occupation: Medic, Researcher
Orientation: Pansexual
Relationship Status: Single
Hair color: Carrot Orange
Eye color: Pear Green
Complexion: Pale
Build: Skinny as a stick
Piercings: Ears
Height: 5'2"
Marks or tattoos: None
Alignment: Grey
Key Items: Starglobe
Favorite Food: Baked Papira Pira
Favorite Drink: Lemonaide
Favorite Color: Green, Blue Or Purple
Aura: Warm embers of a fire that can roar back to life.

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