Miya Sha

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Miya Sha
Miya's home be the Sea..
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Patron Diety Llymlaen, the Navigator
Age 25
Occupation Sailor
Mother Kihona Sha
Father Atsadi Sha
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Basic Info and Appearance

Pronounciation: [MEE-yah Shah]

Place of Birth: Southern coast of Vylbrand

Age: 25 cycles

Hair: Blue, with violet-blue highlights

Skin: Midnight-blue

Eyes: Dark Aquamarine (For her left eye, See History)

Height: 5 flm 8 ilm (32D)

Weight: 142 pnz

Build: Athletic

Clothing: Typically what she can make and/or maintain herself, but tends toward simple clothing that's easy to move in when on a ship. Favorite outfit is a Violet-blue shirt, white subligar, and a pair of black caligae. She doesn't usually wear much in the way of jewelry, normally a pair of wolf's fang earrings and a silver choker. Something that she is never seen without though, is her eyepatch...this particular one a special gift from a close crewmate who has long since passed away.

Grand Company Status: Maelstrom

Marital Status: TBD

Current Residence: Menphina's Breath, formerly Limsa Lominsa



Current Personality

Her current personaliy is constantly in flux. She is always quick to smile and give a hug to someone, even if she doesn't really know them. At one moment she can seem to be almost child-/kitten-like, and in the next almost wise beyond her years. Miya loves physical affection, and being a sailor she has learned not to hold too tightly onto any given person. A person's gender makes no difference to her in this regard, and while she does have a preferance to Miqo'te, she doesn't have any bias against Elezen, Hyuran, or even the occasional Roegadyn (Lalafell just aren't to her taste though). Oddly enough, she doesn't have a solid concept of certain emotions, or social conventions, that most people take for granted. Concepts and feelings like family and love are things she's only just starting to associate the feelings with the words. The fact that she has no real memories of her first 17 years hasn't really bothered her (she knows she had a mother, for example, but cannot remember her name or what she looked like), but references to other things she has lost can cause her to become very quiet for a short time. Through talking with the people whom have 'adopted' her, small cracks are starting to form in the dam that is holding her memories back. Her way of speaking often sets people back, as she liberally peppers her speech with mews and other cat-isms, and that she never says I or me..she always speaks in third-person. Except...

Original Personality

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Other Notes