Mtoto Wamoto

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Ul'dah-transparent.png M'toto Wamoto
Mtoto game avatar.png
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 27
Nameday 18th Sun of the 5th Astral Moon
Birth Year 1549 6th AE
Guardian Azeyma, the Warden
Occupation Mercenary for hire
Aliases The Tigress, Commander



Height: Tall for a Miqo’te, M’toto stands at 5 fulms and 8 ilms.

Hair: Her hair is cut into a dark umber bob. A portion of her hair is left uncut in the back and tied into a long braid which falls just above her lower back.

Complexion: M’toto is of a caramel skin tone and of a light and fair complexion. She has several scars covering her hands, though she keeps her hands wrapped to hide them. She also has a scar running down her back. On her left arm is a tattoo of an arcane gylph.

Build: M’toto has a balanced athletic build, being evenly toned throughout yet maintaining feminine curves.

Combat Attire: Light leathers and chain mail. Often can be seen wearing a custom fitted war jacket with personal alterations at the skirt and coupled with matching sollerets and gloves.

Recently has taken a liking to wearing light plate and cloth in place of leathers and chain to increase her mobility and defense.

Casual Attire: She maintains a formal appearance outside of combat, wearing a decorative military jacket of unknown origin. She pairs this with a set of fingerless gloves and thigh boots.

In a very casual setting, she can be seen wearing high-waisted shorts and a matching Miqo’te top paired with a set of sandals.



Alignment: Neutral/Lawful Good

Voice: She speaks eloquently and proper, typical of someone educated from Ul’dah.

M’toto can be rather aloof and stubborn at times, which makes her a bit tough to approach. It can be said she puts up some very cold walls to those who don't know her.

She is nothing if not loyal. Like the old knight stereotype, she is devoted to her superiors and thinks nothing of putting her life on the line in order to serve and protect. A former leader of a band of mercenaries, she also has no issues with taking leadership, able to rattle off orders and organize entire groups of people with relative ease. Many people who meet her would describe M’toto as a sensible, commanding young woman.

She can, however, be quite aggressive if provoked. M’toto will not stand for rudeness or insults, whether they're directed at her, her charge, her group, or to her comrades in general. Mtoto always attempts to avoid unnecessary bloodshed, but will not hesitate to raise her sword should she have to. More often than not, she employs her wide variety of skills to disable her opponents rather than kill them. She primarily reserves bloodshed for voidkin.

While she is quite at home on the battlefield and as a bodyguard, M’toto somewhat falters in real life. Having devoted her entire life to combat, she finds "normal" people, especially women, perplexing and childish. She does not like having attention drawn to herself in a social setting, and has little interest in things most women her age would be, such as fashion, gossip, or dating. M’toto avoids large gatherings if possible. She is so determined to avoid them that it's gotten to the point that she does not tell her own birthdate to anyone other than her closest friends.

Beliefs: While she is largely devoted to the teachings and ways of Azeyma, she does not disregard the other aspects of the Twelve. Mtoto is a devout worshipper of the Warden and credits the goddess’ light for her success and guidance. She prays twice a day, once upon waking and again before retiring to her bed.

Skills: Mtoto prides herself in her skill in swordplay as well as her combat prowess. Quick, nimble, and acrobatic, Mtoto is agile and evasive, allowing her to parry and dodge with relative ease. She is capable of casting magic, though her casting knowledge is generally limited to attack spells such as fire, protective spells, and enfeebling spells such as sleep and paralyze. Other skills include archery and riding chocobo.

Other: While she rarely drinks, Mtoto prefers wine above anything else. Her favorite dishes are primarily from the Thanalan region,

Intelligence: Having been home-schooled and tutored for the better part of her childhood, Mtoto is fairly educated in the ways of literature, language, history and culture. She grasps basic sciences and principles of nature, tho advanced studies are lost to her as are higher levels of mathematics. As of late, she has taken a keen interest in the study of aetherial properties so she may better understand the use of magic.


Style: Mtoto is quite the agile and acrobatic fighter, often using her speed to gain the upper hand in combat. She is relentless when in close proximity, unleashing an onslaught of attacks to flurry her target and throw them off balance. She combines several different skills from the various disciples into a style she calls her own, making full use of slashes and pierces from sword and buckler as well as sweeps, kicks, and punches to knock her opposition off their feet. Although it puts herself in danger, she does not shy away from casting destructive and explosive spells at extremely close range, going so far as to cast fire or thunder point blank if need be.

Specialization: Her main skill in combat rests in swordplay. Trained from a young age, she is quite adept with the use of single handed blades of any size and has been known to dual wield with great proficiency. However, she tends to stick to a single sword in her right hand and a buckler strapped to her off hand to increase her mobility and decrease the amount she has to carry. Her secondary skill is archery. While not an expert by any means, she is adept in the use of a cavalry bow and will often tie small oil soaked bags filled with bomb cores to her arrows to create incendiary projectiles which explode on impact. She only uses this in conditions where casting fire would not be suitable.