Muijh Mewrilah

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Gridania-transparent.png Muijh Mewrilah
Muijh Mewrilah.jpg
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Gridania
Age 20
Nameday 8th Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon
Occupation Travelling Healer
Guardian Nophica, the Matron
Height 5'1"
Server Diabolos
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Muijh was born into a long line of Thaumaturges. Her mother, while not the head of the clan, was very proud of her heritage and magical abilities just as the rest of the Mewrilahs were. Muijh, however, never took well to the idea of using magic to harm. She wanted her hands and incantations to help those in need. At the age of six, Muijh told her mother that she did not want to grow up to practice Black Magic. Her mother was incredibly upset over this and berated her for several hours, saying that she was a disappointment to her ancestors. She demanded that Muijh continue her training, and for the next two years, she did; until one day, she had had all she could stand of hearing screams of pain that she knew could be avoided, so she ran away and lived alone in the Black Shroud for several weeks before being found and adopted by a family of Au Ra who had happened to be moving to Eorzea.

Muijh would live with this family for the next seven years in good health and happiness until the day of the Calamity. She and her family were incredibly fortunate to have survived the devastation, and the absolute destruction of her homeland solidified her resolve to learn the healing arts. She spent one year just trying to attune herself with the elementals and teach herself the most basic of healing spells. Then, when she was ready, she made for the Conjurer's Guild to train under Brother E-Sumi-Yan. Within two years Muijh learned all she could and, while she was far from being the best healer in the guild, she believed herself to be as adept as she could become. So, thanking her teachers one last time, Muijh set out into the world as a travelling healer, doing all she could for those she found.


Muijh is a very friendly, open girl. She may not be good at engaging people, but rarely has she ever turned down a conversation. She most often comes off as "proper" to those who first meet her, but after a while of knowing Muijh she really opens up and her language gains a notable vulgarity to it. Regardless of how long she knows a person, she will always do what she can to help them, as long as they aren't out to kill her, that is. However, her caring nature has been known to be a bit of a downfall, as some can easily take advantage of her kindness.


Muijh is an average-sized Miqo'te woman with a violet colored tail, and similarly violet eyes and hair. She often leaves her hair down as even though it is a bit long, she styles it so as to keep it out of her face. She tends to "wear" (It's most likely glamoured onto gear that she finds to be useful) anything she enjoys on a particular day. When there is some kind of event with clothes to be won, you can bet to see Muijh flaunting her most recent catch, often dyed a shade of blue.