Nanahiqi Sosohiqi

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Nanahiqi Sosohiqi


Biographical Information
Birth Name Nanahiqi Sosohiqi
Nickname(s) Nanners (by Ryanisus)
Guardian Byregot, the Builder
Birthplace Ul'dah, Thanalan, Aldenard
Born 1556
Nameday 13th Sun of the 5th Astral Moon
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Physical Attributes
Hair Blond
Eyes Royal blue
Height 2'10"
Career Information
Occupation Master of the Robes for Nanamo Ul Namo, XVIIth in Her Line
Out-of-Character Information
Time Zone GMT-5
Server Zalera
Profession Rogue
Job Weaver
Known languages include Common, Dune Lalafellin, and backtalk.


Born into a chauvinistic family of tailors working for Ul'dah's most influential residents, Nanahiqi Sosohiqi was expected to follow along with hardly differentiating opinions. Everyone in all of Aldenard knew that in Ul'dah, 'influence' meant 'living gil-making machine'. Proud of their craft and even prouder of their ties, the weaver's relatives found little reason in trying to advance their position in society.

The beginning of Nanahiqi's new path was perhaps carved when he converted as a follower of Byregot as opposed to the twin god of commerce, Nald'thal. The latter served as a guardian to Nanahiqi's ancestors for many an epoch, yet however pivotal His patronage was to the family, He did not speak to their newest member. Especially not as he saw development of culture of more importance than that of the economy.

Apparently, this view was shared with his eventual main client; Her Highness, Sultana Nanamo Ul Namo. Though his parents forbade him from seeing his patrons as anything but a professional relationship, the Sultana's ideas overrode theirs. It was by curiously listening to her insightful lectures that Nanahiqi had realized the reality of poverty in the supposedly luxurious city-state. While his peers paid no mind to those struggling on the streets of Pearl Lane, warning him of arrogant thieves and over-pricing peddlers, it was the idea that these people could not even acknowledge Ul'dah's bountiful gifts that concerned him. It was the idea that these people had to live with their basic needs being hardly met.

In the meantime, Nanahiqi could not neglect his craft. Instead, he aspired to weave the very essence of life into his work. Every garment colored with his pride, his confidence, even his frustration. While he consistently impressed his elders, he felt the disdainful stares of his fellow students on his back. Understandable, for his haughty demeanor didn't make him very popular.

Albeit, searching for allies wasn't Nanahiqi's main quest in life. He was already content with his position in society, though he knew even the middle-class could hardly afford his work. Throughout the years, the feeling of lace and silk across his nimble fingers remained his greatest source of contentment, if not seeing the finished product on a pleased client. Unsurprisingly, he obtained some opponents over time, but this hardly bothered him. Particularly, not when they weren't the kind that others presumed.

As much as Nanahiqi enjoyed sewing together patterns to construct a complete product, there was no satisfaction that could match that of pulling the loose threads in the poorly stitched-together schemes of crooked business men and frauds. For the young man, making enemies seemed easier than making friends, but he was sure it was like that with everyone. Especially when there are people who seek to take advantage of those who can barely afford water in the middle of the desert.

After all, Ul'dah was Thanalan's famous city of merchants. It only makes sense for the real artists to give con artists a run for their money.



Stern and hardworking, his methods to enact what he believes is right oftentimes seem ruthless, yet he aspires the highest quality of life for his fellow citizens of Ul'dah. Still, appearances mean everything in the city-state. As such, the boy was raised on the firm belief that someone's true colors rely on their understanding of color theory. If you can't be bothered to carry yourself with dignity, how could you show respect to others?


Being an only child under strict teachings resulted in his development as a boisterously independent thinker. Rarely seeking out company - much less assistance - unless absolutely necessary, he considers himself at his best when working alone. There are no exceptions...for now.


Despite not seeming very affable, he's astonishingly easy to talk to. That is, if he can manage to stop talking and listen.

Notes & Trivia

  • He hails from a family who is proud to claim they have served the Ul sultanate as their royal seamsters since the fourth generation.
  • Though not a member of the Syndicate, he is a staunch supporter of Royalism.
  • He brandishes an elaborate tattoo surrounding the zodiac stone on his forehead, representing his family crest.


Ryanisus and Nanahiqi by Tawari