Nanami Takanaru

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Gridania-transparent.png Nanami Takanaru
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Gender Female
Race Miqo'Te
Clan Seekers of the Sun
Citizenship Gridanian
Age 18
Deity Oschon
Occupation Goldsmith, Spearfisher and Hunter
Mother Mihija Takanaru
Father R'hlem Takanaru


A slightly pale fairskinned Miqo'te, a two dark brown markings above each cheek and two dark brown markings on her forehead. Natural black hair with dark blond streaks, her eyes being Heterochromic, one green, one blue. Her eye color being from her mother's Turquoise colored eyes, the tint being spread unevenly between her eyes. She always wears an earring made of Electrum on her right ear, a silver choker adorned with Sunstone, a silver ring adorned with a Sunstone on her right ring finger and a silver ring adorned with Fluorite on her right ring finger. She also has a tattoo of the icon for Oschon on her lower back.


Born in a nomad village of Oschon followers, she embraced the path of Oschon more than the villagers, leaving the care of her parents; Mihija and R'hlem, to fully embrace Oschon by being a wanderer at the tender age of 13. At the age of 18, she was hunted down by Y'dashkova, being left to rot in the Twelveswood where both their souls were merged together into Nanami's body, and leaving Nanami with Retrograde Amnesia.


A shy, yet very friendly girl, she tends to be quiet in large crowds, but is quite talkative when in a small group. Her lack of memories doesn't affect her much, but she does have a few hiccups sometimes, but she fears gaining her memories out of fear that it would change her personality.

She hates conflict and wars, not understanding why people would hurt other people, but she enjoys hunting, spearfishing being one of her favourite activities, and prefering to gain materials from creatures than to gather them herself.

Nanami is easily hurt emotionally, mere comments being enough to bring her down. She easily calms down when she feels someone's hand on her head, forgetting almost everything that's happening around her.

She sometimes acts in an almost feral manner, eating raw fish, and even stealing fish upon seeing it, possibly the reason for her hate of mundane tasks, and her preference of spearfishing and gathering materials by hunting instead of gathering.

The soul of a mercenary named Y'dashkova resides in her, somehow being merged into her body after Y'dashkova attempted to kill her. Y'dashkova comes out in moments of anger, extremely violent and almost doesn't feel any pain, emotionally or physically.


Skilled with most weapons, most notably the Lance and the fishing spear, she will sometimes spearfish with her weapon, and attack with her fishing spear, though she is able to use a normal fishing pole, she gets bored easily from it, not having the patience to deal with it. She also has better hearing than most Miqo'te, her ears noticibly twitching as she listens to sounds or conversations. When it comes to everyday tasks, her legs and upper body strength are weak, however when she holds a weapon or a fishing spear, she becomes dextrous enough to hit a gil in mid air with her lance, and dance around an enemy with grace. She is also quite skilled in magic, even though to her own knowledge, having only been using magic for a short time, possibly being proof that she was a magic user before she lost her memories.


Nanami is a member of Sanctus Refero, owning a linkpearl but not having any actual "Official" duties.


Alona Rhys: A close yet conflicting friend to Nanami, she seeks to have Alona's approval, but often does the complete opposite.

Aysun Demiir: The relationship between Aysun and Nanami is very complicated, seeming like lovers in private, yet just close friends in public, Nanami feels very protective of Aysun due to a seemingly random attack on Aysun, Nanami has grown an interest in dancing due to Aysun.

Rjain Midnight: Being the first and only person to bring out Y'dashkova, Nanami seeks friendship with Rjain, but Rjain's personality and demeanor, plus Nanami's closeness with Alona, makes this practically impossible.

Chiya Snowflake: Nanami believes Chiya to be a good friend, but without Rjain's friendship, she has trouble keeping friendship with Chiya.

Aoife Rhys: Being another with the same problem as Nanami, Nanami has an almost motherlike air over Aoife, but constant struggles with Alona make it hard to stay close to Aoife.

Riseyra Storsgram: Nanami feels an air of hostility over Riseyra, trying to keep her distance from her, but since Riseyra is so close to Alona, she has no choice but to stay close at times.

Murasame Yuri: Due to Nanami`s name, Murasame believe that she may be from the same tribe as her, upon knowing this, Nanami feels like Murasame could link to her past, and aims to keep Murasame close to her as a friend.

Galvadan Edgecrusher: Nanami used to think of Galvadan as nothing but a noisy drunkard, but after saving his life from the woodsin, she has become friendlier towards him.

Sterne Evans: Being the one that recruited Nanami, Nanami feels a friendly bond between Sterne and herself.

Razeyma Tevryuk: A close friend of Nanami's, Nanami had to deny Razeyma's invite to the Valentione's day banquet, learning how Razeyma truly felt about Nanami.

Staar Mizune: Staar saved Nanami's life in Aleport, when Nanami was bleeding out from deep cuts in her back, instantly growing close to Staar, Staar is the one who made Nanami realize how Aysun felt about Nanami. She is also the one who "taught" Nanami magic, though really only having told Nanami to "try" was all she did.

Shurin Mizune: Nanami believes that Shurin has the personality of a saint, and probably has no bad side, only having seen him do acts of kindness.

Emilie Hana: Nanami met Emilie in Ul'dah, learning that she was a bard and a dancer, instantly asking if Emilie could teach her how to dance, the two are now close friends.

Aoixin Kaeteklizem: She finds this man very odd, not having really communicated with him, other than an incident where she stole a fish from him, only to be thrown into the ocean.

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