Narangerel Qalli

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Narangerel Qalli
Character Information
Full Name Narangerel Qalli
Race Au Ra
Gender Female
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Relationship Status Married
Nameday 23rd Sun of the 5th Astral Moon
Age 30
Guardian Nhaama, The Dusk Mother
Birthplace The Azim Steppe
Tribe Qalli
Occupation Huntress

Basic Info

Narangerel is a Xaela who has recently decided to explore the world, helping those in need with her hunting skills. Due to one of the many practices of her tribe, being the Qalli, she does not have emotion when speaking in Eorzean as emotion is added through song rather than tone and she does not wish to sing in Eorzean out of fear.


Narangerel called the Steppe home for many years, living a happy nomadic life. She was one of the main huntresses and mediums of the tribe for a long time, and her favorite thing to do was to make weapons and instruments from the bones of her kills, as it meant something special to her - she felt as if she was putting the spirit to rest this way and still does now that she is in Eorzea. She had decided after some time that she wanted to explore the world and help others that were not of her tribe as well, so she set off to Eorzea.


While speaking in Eorzean, her words may often lack emotion, however, she is not emotionless. She has a tendency to sing in Xaelic at random intervals or speak in a lyrical fashion. Music and hunting are her major passions, and she enjoys talking about them as well as the Steppe in great detail. Despite her tribal history she is well educated, and although she has a hard time stepping away from some of her old customs, she has overall adjusted well to living in Eorzea.


  • Songbird of the Steppe: Unlike in Eorzean, her words carry emotion in Xaelic as every word spoken is fixed into a song of sorts.
  • Seasoned Tracker: Narangerel has been a hunter for many years and is able to track her prey quite well, including being able to detect how fresh footprints are merely by the taste of the dirt below.
  • Musical Affinity: Narangerel is a Bard and as such she is able to play instruments in the midst of battle to strengthen her allies.



  • The Qalli: Narangerel is a member of the Qalli, and, due to tribal values, considers the entirety of the Qalli her family in some way or form.
  • Lisette Cludaire: Narangerel's fellow huntress since her arrival in Eorzea and her wife. She has completed many hunts with her and, as such, has saved numerous lives from vicious beasts.

OOC Notes


  • Injuries and combat RP are okay but absolutely no permanent injuries or death unless discussed beforehand.
  • Rape, drug, void or other themes are okay as long as they are discussed beforehand.

Plot Hooks

  • Other Qalli may know of her.
  • Being a Bard, she is known to play songs publicly for audiences from time to time.
  • If you're an avid hunter or are associated with Clan Centurio or Behemoth's Den, you may have heard of her.
  • If you fit into none of those categories, don't worry! I'm always up for walk ups or tells with any kind of character!