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Hello there! Welcome to my Wiki! I'll be updating it as my lazy buns feel like, but I'll try to keep it up to date and relevant!
Missing information will be filled in when my will to write returns, but for now, everything you may need is here!
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Given Name: Nasha Aqi
True Name: Mara Aqi
Pronunciation: [Nah-Sha Ah-Key]
Nicknames: Nash, Blue, Sha
Place of Birth: Non-Eorzean
Current Residence: None/Inn rooms.
Employer: None
Marital Status: Engaged


Height: 4 fulms 9 ilms
Weight: A bit heavier than she looks.
Body: Best Described as young and motherly in form.
Hair: Kept short for now, streaks of white are natural against her blue hair.
Eyes: Dichromatic, one eye is a light pink, the other a light purpleish blue.
Skin: On the lighter side of the dark-blue/grey skinned some keepers still have.
Scars and Markings: There is a scar across the bridge of her nose, and one on a cheek. She also sports many, many freckles across these areas, but otherwise is not even known to have anything that stands out in this area.
Clothing: Nasha tends to dress for her work, and comfort. When operating in higher class roles, she dons fine jackets, and silvered glasses. When working in the kitchen, or as a maid, she wears loose, yet sturdy clothing that is easy to clean itself, and that isn't a hassle if it gets dirty. Most of her working clothes also have arcane stitching within, effectively allowing her to cast a minor healing spell when needed, without need of her tome, or usual focus.
Voice: Near entirely feminine, there are hints in a few words that she might have worked to change her voice. She also has the uncommon trait of rolling her "r"'s when she speaks without concentration.

RP Approaches

Catering - She's a trained cook, and can supply small parties with well cooked foods, drinks, and deserts.
Research - Formerly lived in a room of nothing but books, can find just about any information, on anything, if it was written down.
Assistant - Alongside her research, she knows just enough, intellectually, on many topics, and can act an assistant in production, operations, and developments
Linguist - She speaks Eorzean, Roegyden, and Doman. Also Reads/writes.
Scribe - Can write reports, copy books, ect.
Trader - Any non-black market goods, she can usually obtain, and spends quite some time out in markets trading for supplemental income.

On Body

Blue Ribbon - A Simple Blue Ribbon. She Ties her hair back with it.
Pocket Watch - A simple bronze cased pocket watch, useful for cooking, knowing what time it is when you've been inside all day, and knowing when the sun will hit just the right spot to go rest in it comfortably.
Glasses - She keeps a spare pair on herself at all times, usually either on of her basic pairs, or her silvered ones.
Basic Field Pack - A satchel she carries around everywhere when expecting trouble. It crosses from shoulder to hip, and is usually counter balanced with a large water skin, so she doesn't fall to one side or the other if she needs to run...And because she usually ends up going where water is scarce to heal someone. The normal contents are as follows:
  • Field Medical Gear - Bandages, Thread/Needle, small vial of distilled alcohol.
  • Field Notebook and Charcoal pencil
  • Two basic potions - Used for quick pickups for minor injury (They are, after all, pretty weak)
Knives - She has anywhere from 2-4 on her person at any given time, at least half of them meant for throwing.


Nasha privately has a pretty padding for if her work ever wanes, or for some reason, she is unable to take advantage of a free company's shelter and food. That said, she takes full advantage of such, able to save almost all of her pay, contract work, and her general work in the ways she does, to go into savings for whatever she may desire. Usually this is spent on alchemical components for experiments, fruits for juices, and the like, or gifts for people when she can think of them.

She also holds an Inn room in Gridania, it is the closest she has to home, and is where she stores the bulk of her library, and serves as a office, and place to hide away when the world is too crazy for her.

Flour Bombs - Very very simple tools, hand thrown balls of flour! They create a small cloud on impact, and coat whatever is hit with it, making it leave a short trail, and also being damn annoying! Mostly used as distractions, or tricking those unfamiliar in her tactics to thinking she doesn't have anything with any real kick to it.
Pepper Bombs - Similar to Flour bombs, these are filled with a powdered pepper combination, very annoying, painful even.
Sleeping Dust - A compound of various poisons that cause drowsiness and unconsciousness. Often packed into small hand held orbs to throw and break upon a target, coating them in it. Based on flour, contact causes drowsiness, Inhalation causes unconsciousness. Poison lasts roughly half an hour. Magical Cures and Common Alchemical both cure instantly.
Entangling Pouch - A Tanglefoot bag, in all fairness. Coats whatever is hit with a very elastic slime that dries into a substance that holds the target in place, preventing all movement for a short time. Something even as weak as Vinegar can wash it off and free someone. Usually lasts only a minute or two.

These creations have been made in the attempt to bring somewhat interesting things into Role plays, other people, players might have done similar ideas, or even use them. If ever someone feels like these creations, which each take quite a few days (about a week) to create just a small number of them (Quantity depends on complexity), are a bit too powerful, they need only mention such, and they will be refrained from use!

Typically, she only uses them in very specific events, the flour bombs most often, while her actual poison and entangling are very, very special use.


Ability Nasha's abilities in the physical range are fairly poor. She isn't strong, she can't take much damage, and tires easily at any event that a trained combatant would at most just need a moment of breath. The few exceptions to this are her natural agility, and practiced "Running away" ability to jump, climb, clamber, and otherwise book it away from danger when she feels the need to do so. Another is a somewhat out of place perceptive ability to throw objects with very good accuracy, usually hitting what she means to, her perception also allows her to notice small sounds in places she is very familiar with, such as someone quietly walking within the cafe where she works.


  • Ambidextrous (Right Dominant)
  • Agile (Jumping and Climbing)
  • Accurate (Throwing/Ranged) within reasonable distances for what is used.
  • Perceptive (Auditory, Olfactory, Sight)



Nasha's Magical ability isn't very strong at all either, she has the intellectual understanding, just not the power. She doesn't have the ability to use any sort of ranged magics, and what she can use within a personal range is fairly limited as well. The largest thing she is capable of doing, at least a few times, is a simple healing spell, rarely used outside of stabilization of someone in critical condition, or in use of mending things that are very, very hard to do so with manual tending, such as deafness from ear damage. Outside of healing, has enough ability to produce small bursts of heat, cold, and electricity, akin to lighting a match, forming an ice cube, or giving someone a small jolt that wouldn't do much real damage, just cause a jump.


  • Very Minor healing
  • Personal "Trick" Magics



Crafting is where Nasha shines, somewhat. When it comes to Cooking, she is a fully trained chef, and butcher, able to make a pile of delicious meaty meals from the corpse of any animal. Her other area of expertise is in Experimental Alchemy, while she knows how to create basic potions an compound, she focuses her time and energy in this field to create tools, sometimes poisons, to do as she wishes, examples are listed above in the creations tab. In other fields, she knows enough to patch clothing back together, or make simple shirts...Enough on working with wood to repair minor damages, and even make a simple stool, nothing very fancy...And so forth, most of it is knowledge and minor practice...She just needs actual instruction and training to move beyond the small basics that allow her to keep a home cared for. She may know how hot steel should be heated to, to finish blue, but she doesn't have the actual skill or practice to do so, as an example...The best she might do is be able to bang out a dent into a slightly less horrible dent.


  • Trained Chef & Butcher
  • Alchemist - Experimental Tools/Poisons
  • Basic caretaker knowledge in most other subjects.


  • Tri-lingual - The Common tongue, the Roegadyn tongue, and Doman. Read, write, and speak all of them (Doman still needs lots of practice though in all forms)


Of some note, Nasha has an abnormal "Luck" rating to her. This is usually Roleplayed sparingly, for some dramatic effect, and also used to explain how she avoids fatal attacks, and such (I'm fine with heavy damage, but fatal, not so much.) Some examples include:

Dodging an attack she doesn't have full awareness of, striking back in the same moment.
having an attack she performs have a great effect.
Figuring out puzzles without spending as much time or effort.
Her "Sneak" attacks also heavily rely on this, striking into vital, or critical areas for movement or function, or her tools working perfectly.

Nasha Commission
Kindhearted - At her core, Nasha Cares. Simple as that. She cares about people, and will do all in her power to try and imporive their lives as best she can. This is also a trait that has been taken advantage of too many times.
Inquisitve - If something piques the woman's interest, she will ask about it, or research it in books. This is why the blue woman knows quite a bit about just about everything, even if she doesn't have the skill to do most of it.
Anxious - Something of a flaw...She gets really, really anxious when she knows things are supposed to happen, or when her mind starts to over think things. This can lead her to become reclusive, anti-social, and most of all, afraid of screwing any little tiny thing up.
Kindhearted (Flaw) - Also a flaw, she opens herself to various levels to nearly everyone she meets, thus she is very easily hurt emotionally, leading her to try and find a way to guard herself, without closing herself from others.


    • Buffalo Steaks
    • Milk
    • Most Fruit Juices
    • Cloudy Days
    • Rain
    • Books
    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Cooking
    • Learning


    • Raw Fish
    • Any Alcohol
    • Extremely Sunny Days (Not a cloud in the sky)
    • Deep Water
    • Extremely Stupid People (The kind that refuse to learn)

General History

Washing up ashore in Limsa, alongside a few others from some sunken ship during a terrible storm. Nasha awoke with no memory of who she was, or why she was there, and was thankfully filled in by an old Doman man, a single refugee...The one whom kept her atop of a bit of floating wood. He had told her...Mostly truths, Her last name of Aqi is her true surname, and she did feel the truth of wishing to help others, by learning to cook, work in alchemy, and help any injured, yet he kept most of her own past hidden from her, for good reason. Given the name Nasha, after the man's lost adoptive daughter, she set off to the city-state proper, and started her training, first in cooking, then some healing, finding herself a natural at both, rocketing through the training until she felt confident, and her teachers did as well, that she could learn further, better on her own.

Recent Events


Familial Relations

These people, be they blood or otherwise, are her family. They belong first in her order of people she cares for, people she loves. [Rework in progress]

Romantic Relationships

Nasha isn't a single person sort of girl. Not that she feels that one won't ever be enough, she just understands that to her...She feels too greatly for others, and will love others just as much. Anyone she gets closer than friends with needs to understand that...while she is dedicated to them, she is open to having fun with friends, and if anyone else comes closer to her, she will always ask everyone else she is involved with first, at the least makings sure it's okay, and in her highest of hopes, that eventually a small group will form, everyone with everyone, no need to worry.

Right now, much to her happiness, she is seeing, and plans to wed the two people she is currently seeing, Lacey and Zana.

She has known both for quite some time, Zana the longest, having actually been with her once before. Zana inspires her to continue to grow, get better, be a better person, and never let past mistakes keep one on a path of mistakes. Lacey on the other hand, keeps her centered and helps keep root those parts of herself that are already at her best, he inspires her to get out there, keep a friendly face, and make both him, and Zana proud of her.


[Rework in progress]


They know who they are, they avoid her, and she avoids them.

Commonly Heard Rumors

Occasionally Heard Rumors

Rarely Heard Rumors

Player Rumors

Wiki Inspiration and Design

General Template Design: Modified from Jariana Rinjahl who in turn modified it from FreelanceWizard specifically the sandbox here

Character Influences and Other Tidbits

  • Nasha's primary character concept is pretty much to be the average, normal person who cares for the rest of the extrodinary ones all around her! Also Alfred...From Batman....
  • Intersexed means she is not a normal Male or Female. She wasn't born as the gender she wishes to be viewed as, and has taken steps over the years to change that. This doesn't mean she's some sex addict looking to bang everything.

 Nasha Aqi
"Blue Trader"
"I'm pretty sure I can get that for you..."
OOC Character Information
Main Job(s): See Main Info!
Main Tradeskill: See Main Info!
Preferred Role: Healer
Server: Balmung
Alignment: Neutral Good
Reputation: Unknown
Occupation: Scribe, Chef, Medic, Maid
Education: Book Smart, Trained Chef, Self-taught Folky Medic
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Gay
Guardian: Menphina
Free Company
Items Carried
See Inventory!
Race: Miqo'te
Clan: Keeper of Moon/Seeker of Sun (50/50)
Age: 20
Height: 4'9
Weight: Don't ask <_>
Eyes: R: Violet L: Pink
Hair: Blue and White
Complexion: Grey-Blue!
Physical Build: Young and Motherly
Notable Features: Freckles, Scars.
   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity