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I am a lost girl looking for her past. I was abandoned as an infant and grew up in the Shroud, a runaway turned Poacher and Performer for scraps. It were my Witch mentor, Nel, and the Sylphs who straightened me out, opening my eyes to magics. After some time as a hedge Witch, roaming where Nymeria guided me, I set my sights on my past. Today I am am a Pirate, or Privateer that they say, leading a group to bring the mystical bounty of the Far East back to Eorzea while I continue my quest to recover my Grandmother’s ship.

Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Nebula Stardancer
She'd said she was an apple seller and he wasn't about to doubt a witch's word (Pratchett)
Gender Girl
Race Miqo'te
Clan Moon Keeper
Citizenship Limsa
Age Mid 20s? She does not know exactly.
Birthplace Limsa
Marital Status Single
Religion Nymeia, the watcher of celestial bodies and goddess of fate
Occupation Witch, Pirate
Server Balmung
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I am Captain Nebula Stardancer, Privateer, Witch and servant of the Spinner.

Currently I head up the East Eerie Trading Company,

I have come a long way from my humble beginnings in the Shroud as a runaway turned Poacher and Performer for scraps. It was my mentor and Witch, Kraggy Nel, who by the way happens to inhabit a tree, literally, who straightened me out, opened my eyes to my magics. She sent me out to find my own way and study the magic where I could find it. Having done well and finally found my familiar I was raised to a full Witch. After some time as a hedge Witch in the Shroud and roaming where Nymeria guided me, I set my sights on my past and took up the life of a Pirate... or Privateer that they say these days.

My parents were Pirates, and I'm the granddaughter of the infamous Pirate Captain and Witch, Lyra Stardancer. I have a ship, she’s a small single master affair, and am working at recovering my Grandmother's ship which is lost on a cursed isle.

Each day is made brighter if it involves tea and cakes, those are be very nice. I have the songs of my past lives and my mothers within me, but mostly they stay quiet and let me enjoy my life, occasionally they pester me with things and then I get into trouble. It's either the echo joining us or I'm slightly mad.

The Keeper in me wants to nurture others, through friendship, love or a prod with something pointy when needed. For me this is the Keeper way, one of giving rather than taking and seeing the good and potential in folks. Relationships matter a great deal to me as does friendship.

I can be serious, and often fearsome but mostly I am the fumbling student or the giddy girl in the shop of shoes who just found the aisle of custom boots.


Body : They used to say I was scrappy, but walking the shroud toned me up and I am probably stronger than my frail form may indicate.
Age : While I look maybe twenty I am much older, I am sure
Skin : Pale, pasty faced some would say. Though I do not tan and am thankful for the little Aether it takes to stop me suffering in the sun.
Hair : My constant mess, of light blue and pink highlights.. at least when it is clean. I have often wanted to dye it but somehow it reminds me to stay grounded as that plain girl from the backwater.
Eyes : Oh they are violet, the same color and round.. I do have some memory as a child that the they were ugly, no one would like me and the Miller's son was my only chance and I should be glad. So I suppose I still see them as a symbol of my inadequacy.
Distinguishing Features : I think I'm rather ordinary. Aside from the mark on my forehead, which is the weaver's pattern, “Nymeia's charm” and the tear of fate.
Scent : I keep clean, so mostly just me. (She is as the crisp scent of the sea on a clear day when the wind whips the spray to your face. She is the far horizon tempting you to dive into its waters and be lost in her embrace.)
Accent / Speaking style : Well I do seem to be able to adapt to the local style, depending on character. I think this is the songs of my past prodding me.
Clothes : I have a few possessions, I prefer loose robes for wandering or snug attire aboard ship, my witches hat in whatever form it takes. I also have a sword I crafted from the bladed on Tonberries, along with a lantern.


I am open and friendly, often the first one to speak and would generally also be preparing a hug. I just love to socialize with others. I have also been known to still perform, from time to time.
Gossip, well yes. It is the spice of life and makes wonderful times just getting to know what's going on and sometimes having the opportunity of helping people fix things. If you aren't gossiping you are missing half the things happening.
I get cross and angry, you don't want me angry at you. I'm the sort of person who takes great delight in getting even, and that revenge is a cold dish best when the right moment arises.

Habits : Hugging sometimes annoys folks, and poking my nose in their business. I do it with good intentions so the push-back is not much of a deterrent.


I have magic to call but for me is mainly for healing, so I tend to take a back seat in combat. Though off late I have a sword.. It’s a Pirate thing.
If I am forced to fight I can be fierce and not feel bound to any rules if I must win.
I don't think I accept the concept of honor when fighting for your life or that of your family. I know many do cling to the concept but for me nothing would stand in my way of protecting my own.



The horizon
Fruity Fizz
Performances of all sorts
The wisdom of tales.


Any form of indenture, prisoner or slavery
Bullies and selfish folks
Formal hierarchies


Bard - performing, lore, song
Witch - healer, crystals, magic
Pirates - catching up on her heritage
Fortune telling


Romantic Interest     Family member     Friend      Neutral     Ennemy     NPC

Family & Friends



Romantic Interest     Currently involved with the lovely Meela Jakkya


Nebula has a hole in her memories. She knows that Nymeia saved her but as to what from she knows not. That was another life.. Another fate that has been woven out of the tapestry.
The echo runs through the females of her family and links each with their mother and grandmother, that is the gift and curse of the Stardancer line.
Her last relationship ended some time past, her marriage to T'caska Khevo was Cut short when T'caska was lost to the darkness within her. Nebbs never expected this love yet all it took was one look into those clear blue eyes like the ocean on cloudless day, for her heart to be lost and the door to joy, frustration and passion to be opened. It may not have been be a smooth ride but it was definitely be an exciting one.

Complete & Actual Story



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