Nequam Perfide

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Nequam Perfide
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Character Information
Full Name Nequam Perfide
Nickname(s) Neq, Neck, Halfbreed, Mutt
Race Hyur
Gender Female
Sexual Orientation Pansexual
Relationship Status Single
Nameday 28th Sun of the First Astral Moon
Age 28
Guardian Nophica
Birthplace Garlemald
Occupation Wandering knight, part time bartender

Basic Info

Nequam is a half-Garlean defector of XIIIth Legion of the Garlean Army, currently in hiding under the guise of an average Gridanian midlander.


Nequam was born Puur aan Lucet to a Garlean father and a Gridanian mother. As a halfbreed of sorts, her status was relegated to aan, essentially leaving her with the same standing in the empire as a slave or servant. She grew up in a rough household, having an absent father serving the military to escape his own status, and a mother who could hardly manage to feed her lone child, let alone Puur's younger brother and sister. Her early years consisted mainly of menial labor for the merchants and businessmen of greater Garlemald.

Upon reaching the appropriate age, Puur enlisted in the Garlean Army in the interest of both gaining her citizenship and supporting her mother following the death of her father in Gyr Abania. It was during this time that she gained a bit of combat prowess. Her service in the XIIIth Legion lead her to many a battle and, in later years, many a massacre. With the gradual increase in unprompted violence, cruelty, and her treatment by superiors, Puur finally gave into her own dread and fear. After shooting her superior officer in the dead of night, she fled into Gridania across Baelsar's wall, taking up menial work as a knight and occasional odd-job worker under the name Nequam Perfide.


While generally quiet and a bit confrontational if bothered, Nequam is not an entirely bitter individual. She spends a good deal of her free time drinking or wandering across the land in search of work, perhaps out of a sense of wanderlust or need for purpose through work. When around those she is close to, Nequam tends to be very emotional and easily disturbed. One major concern in constant frame of mind is the fate of her mother; Something which she often considers finding a means into Garlemald in order to find out.


  • Favorite food: Cheese risotto
  • Favorite alcoholic drink: Sunny lemon cocktail
  • Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Othardian green tea


  • Hardy Warrior: Nequam's experiences have hardened her exterior and her instincts, making her a pretty apt fighter in the best of circumstances, and reckless in the worst of circumstances. She is not one to be underestimated.
  • Inner Darkness: Some of Nequam's more interesting travel experiences revolve around a brief year in Coerthas spent learning of the ways of the dark knights of yore. As such, she is slightly versed in the use of blood magic and is quite handy with a great-sword.

Battle Tactics

  • Damage Control: Nequam tends to try and take the brunt of an enemy's attacks, leaving her allies free to move about while she plays tank.
  • Blood Magic: Nequam uses her own magic moreso to support herself and her skill-set, such as making temporary barriers or artificially sharpening her blade.

Medical abilities

  • Tough Skin: Given how hardy Nequam is, it takes quite a bit of a beating to knock her on her back. However, she tends to ignore injuries in combat which often cause more harm later, being ignored for so long.



  • Current status of her family isn't known.

OOC Notes


  • I don't mind combat RP or losing, but I don't like character death in general. Conversely, I don't like being forced into any combat RP without OOC discussion prior.
  • I am fine with most forms of RP, but I absolutely will not do slavery, death, rape, or drug related RP. As for anything more elicit and less extreme, don't expect to just get it by sending one tell.
  • I absolutely WILL not RP with transphobes, homophobes, racists, or truscum.

Plot Hooks

  • Other Garleans might notice she tends to tense up around them.
  • Nequam is noticeably uncomfortable around authority figures in general.
  • Being quiet usually, it's much easier for her to warm up if approached first!