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Nesrin grew up to be a quiet, yet kindly and polite girl. She left her home bright eyed and quite naive. The world was not so kind in return to the young woman, and she learned this the very hard way. After two years of mistreatment and a harsh reality check (to say the least), her emotions have nearly completely closed off and she hardly smiles anymore. Though the kind girl is still there, she has been beaten down and spat out, leaving a hollow shell.


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Nesrin is a very pale woman, white as snow that often people comment on looking sickly. She has one naturally pink eye, and one faded greyish eye with 3 scars over it. She stands at a humble 4 fulms and 10 ilms, having a curvaceous body to compliment it. Her hair is white and long, going down to her ankles and well kept. She has long, fluffy pierced Viera ears. She also has Viera feet, but everything else of her is Miqo'te. Her makeup has taken a much more harsh look, now wearing blood red eyeshadow and lips on the daily.


She wears typical gothic style attire, some Ishgardian, some Eorzean. She really likes baggy sweaters and shorts/skirts. She has several scars; three across her right eye, 2 parallel on the left side of her lips, one on her left cheek, and a large bite mark on her right shoulder.

Aspects That Stand Out:
Unusual Aether : Those sensitive to aether would notice and see right away that her aether is, to put it simply, very violent.
Pierced and Scarred : Piercings on her ears, naval, and tongue.
Sandalwood : She smells distinctly of sandalwood, with hints of lilac.
White Rabbit : She has a largely fair palette, pale skin and hair. Her ears in particular are longish and fluffy and her feet are a sign of Viera intermingled with her Miqo’te bloodline.


Introverted. Cool. Sincere. Aloof.
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The Color Red. She finds great comfort in this color.
Coffee/Tea. She absolutely adores coffees and teas, actively collecting them for her personal collection.


Noise. Loud noises make her panic, or too many noises can overwhelm her. She tends to avoid crowded places.
Sunlight.Her skin is quite sensitive, so she avoids whenever possible and is effectively a 'night owl'.


Hobby Queen. Spending near her entire life up to this point locked up in her home, she had learned to do many hobbies. Such as things like painting, cooking, and candlestick making, to name a few!
Walking. An odd hobby to list, but something she makes time in her day for. After having a very sheltered life, she cherishes her long walks.


Willpower. Once she sets her mind to something, it is nigh impossible to stray her from it or her ideals..
Empathy. She has a profound ability to understand the struggles of others, no matter how indecent or horrible that someone may feel.


Her heart. She cares more than she lets on, and even hates this about herself.


Guilty Pleasures - Unknown to many, she indulges with cigarettes when under intense stress.

Family Involved Romantic Platonic Physical Friend Acquaintance $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure
Beaufort Mimieux. ( )
Character's Thoughts: " My father. A kind, thoughtful man. I miss him more every single day."
A kind man who had adopted the blood covered babe known now as Nesrin. Because of who and what she was, he thought it best to shelter her from the harshness of the Ishgardian socialites, much to his chagrin. He loved her as if she were of his blood, and Nesrin felt that. She was a bit of her father's daughter. When he passed saving his comrades during the Dragonsong war, the pain hurt Nesrin so deeply, she still feels the heartbreak to this day.
Adelaide Mimieux. ( )
Character's Thoughts: " Dearest mother... why was I not enough?"
Nesrin's adoptive mother. A kind and educated woman, a master of the astrologian craft. She spent many an hour teaching Nesrin the rules of nobility and standard daily lessons. A cheery woman, the passing of her husband hit her greatly. As much as she loved her Nesrin, she couldn't bare his passing and died of a broken heart.
Character's Thoughts: "My confidant, my teacher."
Butler of House Mimieux, and long time friend to Nesrin. Sort of a father figure now that her adoptive father has passed. If there is anyone in the world that would know everything about Nesrin, it would be Erleux.
Character's Thoughts: "A sweet girl... kindly."
Maid of House Mimieux. She was hired when Nesrin was in her midteens and was the only girl there closest to her in age for much of her teenage years. They are still friends.
Sara Voska. ( )
Character's Thoughts: "My birth mother... everyone who knew her said she was beautiful. Others said that, as well as... insane..."
Nesrin's birth mother and Matriarch of the now deceased Voska tribe.
Syra. ( )
Character's Thoughts: "I think he was my Viera birth parent. I wonder what he was like..."
Nesrin's birth father and slave to Clan Voska.
Zeru and Kari Airi. ( )
Character's Thoughts: "Eiai's children and my godchildren... I will always love you... and I miss you so much."
Born into the world already in fear for their lives (from their own father, no less...), Eiai gave birth to two beautiful twins. A boy named Zeru and a girl named Kari, half Au Ra and half Miqo'te. For their protection, they have been put under Nesrin's care, who Eiai dubbed their godmother when she discovered her pregnancy. Now, Nesrin takes care of and dotes them on the daily, and will destroy any who come near them with any sort of hostility. When Hizu and Eiai came to collect them from her care, Nesrin was livid. She had grown too attached to the children and nearly broke out into a fight for them with the friend she swore fealty to. To this day, she misses and loves the children, craving to be reunited with them once more, knowing in her heart this will likely never come to pass...
Jayley Salyt. ()
Character's Thoughts: "A beast who smiles at me."
Nesrin met Jayley as she heard from the Sylphs of a beast roaming their wilds. Nesrin left to find the beast, learning along the way it was no ordinary simple minded foe. Once met, she discovered not just a beast, but a person named Jayley. A Keeper by all accounts, Nesrin saw in Jayley someone who didn't mean any harm. And hopefully. she also found a possible friend.
Alun Ura. ()
Character's Thoughts: "I hope we can be friends one day..."
A girl she met at Yamata no Orochi. They started on the wrong foot, but Nesrin hopes their relationship improves.
Eiai Airi. ()
Character's Thoughts: " Eiai... why have you forsaken me?"
Eiai and Nesrin met at the beginning of Nesrin’s employment to the Court of Thieves, where upon Eiai seemed enchanted by Nesrin’s looks. Nesrin quickly became attached to the little dragon and they have a very odd relationship. They look at each other with great fondness, unsure of where to place the feelings between them. It’s a friendship, it’s familial, and it’s also bordering on an unsolved romantic tension. All that matters is they are close, and Nesrin is very loyal to Eiai, to the point where she even became her second in command at their company. Eiai even dubbed Nesrin the godmother of her yet unborn twins she now carries. Nesrin held absolute unconditional love for Eiai, and would've done anything for her, even blindly so.

At this moment, she is unsure of where she stands with Eiai. Since the girl has rejoined the Collective, she has hardly seen her. Even as she escaped a month of torture, which felt like years for her, she has yet to see her. Even though it was for her. She has begun to grow resentment from this heartbreak, one that festers as an untreated wound.

Character's Thoughts: "The first to... bring a smile to my face in a long time."
Oliver Valhan. ($ )
Character's Thoughts: " I do... view him highly. My heart aches... but I will hide the feelings away, and stand by his side as best I can."
Leader of the Free Company, the Rarefied Reliquary. Once she had a school girl crush on him, and now views him as good friend and respected leader.
Raih'ir Karnha. ( $ )
Character's Thoughts: " I have a great amount of respect for the man. He is a leader I follow as he is just, and I feel we are kindred spirits, though we do not drop from the same tree."
The Leader of the Court of Thieves, Nesrin has profound respect for the man and sees his dreams as her own. He believed in her when she felt no one else did, which may have meant nothing to him, but left its mark on Nesrin. She is always seeking to return the favor, namely even delving into the depths of Gelmorra to figure out a way to fully break him from his chains.
She has recently left the Court, and Raih'ir, behind. Believing she no longer aligns with their views, and has left with Eiai. She still views Raih'ir fondly, and hopes he is well.
Character's Thoughts: " Quiet... odd, man."
Friend of Nesrin's. A kindly, mysterious soul who she remains somewhat suspicious of...
V'hizu Nunh. ( )
Character's Thoughts: "You don't... deserve her."
Eiai's husband. She genuinely hates the man, believing he doesn't know how good he has it. She borderline hates him, even for how he's treated Eiai. But Eiai loves him, so she won't raise her axe to his neck just yet.



Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"So fucking pale. Like paper or snow or something. Wonder if something's wrong with her."
"She's small, but carries a huge weapon. A scythe? Cleaver? I dunno."
"She's a Miqo'te, I think... but her ears are a lot like those Viera folk. Half-breeds, eh?"
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"She used to be so nice and engaging... now she might as well be dead."
"She looks like she's in pain..."
"Part of some Ishgardian noble family... thought they didn't like the cat people?"
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"The house she lives at... I hear it's haunted."
"She used to have a flower... comin out of her eye. Or maybe it was some sort of accessory thing? I don't know, it ain't there no more."
"She walked by me once... I swear I got the shivers. Something's not right."


Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!
"Rumor." — Rumormonger.


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Volatile Aether : To her fallen tribe, a blessing. To her and many others, a curse. Her aether is bountiful but extremely dangerous. Can easily cause those with aether sensitivity some sickness if they are around her too long. It's the source of her chronic pain, and her inability to control her magicks.
Spellsword : When she last used her black magicks, her body was nearly torn apart. She now suffer's chronic pain because of it, and only imbues herself with enough magic to strengthen herself for melee combat.
Tooth and Nail : With her sharp fangs, she isn't afraid to bite... hard.

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Name - Nesrin Mimieux
Race - Half Keeper Miqo'te, Half Veena Viera
Age - 22
Name Day - 16th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon
Deity - Halone, the Fury

Alias: Nesi
Citizenship: Gridanian, Ishgardian
Occupation: N/A
Hair color: White
Eye color: 1 Pink, 1 Faded Grey
Complexion: Snowy White
Piercings: 3 in her ear
Marks or tattoos: Two lip scars, 3 over her right eye, one on her left cheek, and a bite mark on her right shoulder.
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Marital Status: Single
Alignment: True Neutral
Key Items: Choker, Sketchbook, Aetheric Bindings
Favorite Food: Rolanberry Cheesecake
Favorite Drink: Ishgardian Tea
Favorite Color: Red