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New Conglomerate Theme

The New Conglomerate is a non-profit Free Company that has been many different things over the years. At present we aim to become the premier protection force of Eorzea, akin to that seen in feudal Japan. We are growing our ranks regularly while focusing on quality of character over quantity. We know that a few strong leaders can lead anyone in the pursuit of justice and peace in the world if trained appropriately and willing to see the job done right.

We currently will take any jobs regarding investigating crimes, security of people or events, preventing wrongdoing, and/or judicial consultations.

We have four departments currently and officers can be identified to their department according to hat coloring.

  • Department of Criminal Pursuit (Dalamud Red)
    • In charge of the investigation and apprehension of individuals with bounties placed on their heads for reasons including, but not limited to, murder, larceny, arson, aggravated assault, battery, drug possession or dispensing, bribery, prostitution, sexual assault, public intoxication, racketeering, pyramid schemes, indecent exposure, identity theft, possession of child pornography, child abuse, child endangerment, DUI/DWI, voluntary or involuntary manslaughter, tax evasion, linkpearl marketing fraud, vandalism, breaking promises with friends, and general acts of criminal intent.
  • Department of Private Eyes (Snow White)
    • In charge of personal inquiries into people, by people, or for companies. More commonly associated with following up on cold cases, protecting precious jewels (including but not limited to daughters), or investigating cheating husbands.
  • Department of Paranormal Investigation (Gloom Purple)
    • Investigates the paranormal side of life. Generally non-hostile to paranormal beings, however should the need arise the investigation could be turned over to the Department of Criminal Pursuit.
  • Department of Public Safety (Pumpkin Orange)
    • This isn't an active department but a duty performed by the company on a case by case basis. Duties of this department include, but are not limited to, fires, poisonings, carbon monoxide detection, animal control, calamity and emergency services, and checkpoints for drunken, unregistered, or unlicensed chocobo riding.

Please contact us for more details or recruitment opportunities: Robert Colt, Lyseldra Snakeskinner, or Scarlet Snow.

Examples of hunters in their uniforms:

Lys Uniform.jpg
Colt Uniform.png