Nhari Viqqoh

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Nhari Viqqoh
"I've no time for your nonsense."
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te Keeper
Clan Unknown
Citizenship Ul'dah
Height 4 fulms 10 ilms, 85 ponze
Occupation Scholar
Age 18-20?
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The young and remarkably acerbic Keeper is known for both her cold demeanor and considerable skill in arcanist techniques, particularly that of healing and the newly rediscovered Nymian arts. A common face on the streets of Ul'dah, she's not often seen in pleasant conversation. A satchel with book and quill is usually kept at her side and she's rarely seen idle, writing and refining her techniques in a thick notebook.



The casual glance would likely first notice the myriad scars that lace over the diminutive Miqo'te's flesh, some clearly from grave injuries yet tended regularly so the ashen skin does not become gnarled or leathery. Despite these marks of various experiences, her clothing is often quite formal and always finely made with quality fabrics and thread. A variety of piercings and chains dangle in her ears; rings, bangles and lace also common adornments. All of these were clearly made by skilled craftsmen and surely cost a considerable handful of gil. A distinct black lace collar with gold chains and amethysts is seen about her neck at times. Though her body seems rounded and soft, she's quite slender and lacks any real curves.

Dark makeup is always seen on her upper lip and eyes, the latter in a 'winged' fashion that extends past her sockets and sets off her pale yellow irises starkly. Given that it never seems smeared or faded, it may be staining rather than simple powder or liner. Her hair is silver-toned and slightly curled, seeming slightly unruly by nature but always brushed and styled. She keeps it trimmed regularly to prevent split ends.

She clearly takes care with her appearance and upkeep despite her marred skin, though she also makes no effort to hide the scars.


  • "Why would someone that mean want to be a healer? She's got the worst bedside manner I've seen."
  • "Keep away from that one, nasty bitch. She's got something against Miqo'te too."
  • "Can't be very good if she has all those scars. Ugh."
  • "Quite skilled with that book and quill... but naught to be done for her horrid demeanor."