Nyr Ardyne

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Reformed(?) Antagonist, 'Adventurer' for hire
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Gridania (at present)
Age 19
Relationship Single (Not actively seeking.)



Birthplace: ???

Current Residence: Lavender Beds Apartment

Current Workplace: The Silver Nexus. (Lavender Beds Free Company Mansion.)

Eye Color- Naturally green, bleached to white by some aetheric influence.

Hair color- Violet. Tips bleached white, but nearly entirely faded now.

Body Type- Thin, fit.

Age: 19


Though tall for a midlander woman, Nyr's thin frame makes her less than imposing for the taller races. Her hair is a deep violet. Though her eyes are green by birth, some aetheric influence at one point had bleached her irises and hair white. These effects however are starting to fade, with all but the tipes of her hair now restored to a natural violet, and small green spots appearing in her irises again. Her body is fit and lean, agile but not overly muscled. Nyr's left eye was damaged in a fight, and is usually covered by a leather eye patch. When it comes to her wardrobe, Nyr tends to favor dark purples and black.


Nyr is irreverant and snarky, rarely without a quip of one sort or another. Her cockyness and irreverence have gotten her into trouble enough times that she usually knows when to reign these aspects in, but they still rise to the surface now and again. Nyr possesses a stubborn determination, and once she sets her sights ona gaol, she'll rarely relent until she's achieved it.



Though her style doesn't match it exactly, Nyr's general combat style is inspired by traveling Thavnairian Dancers. Using chakrams and similar weapons, she fights with a hybrid melee and ranged style. She carries a pair of bladed weapons often used up close, along with a set of lighter, more expendable throwing chakrams for ranged. When fighting in melee, she uses agile, dance like movements to evade enemy attacks and dliver punishing slashes. When fighting from afar, she'll try and wear down her foes with thrown chakram while nimbly keeping her distance.

When pushed to the edge, wuonded and cornered, Nyr's mental state will sometimes start to deteriorate in battle. Giving in to fits of manic laughter as she fights, with little regard to her own injuries.



  • Dancing
  • Triple Triad (Casually)
  • Wit and sharp tongues
  • Spicy Food
  • Kids (Unlikely to admit it)
  • Nyr


  • Cowards
  • Corrupt merchants/officials/officers
  • Boisterous loudmouths
  • Sickly Sweet things
  • Nyr


  • Agile and quick
  • Highly proficient with chakram and other Dancer type weapons
  • Moderately proficient in pugilist martial arts
  • Understands the theory behind Thaumaturgy and some other forms of magic


  • Lacking in brute strength compared to Highlanders, Roegadyn, Hrothgar etc.
  • Cannot actively manipulate aether, cannot actually cast spells herself
  • Reluctant to ask for help when she needs it
  • Limited understanding of magic



Lydia (Mother): Deceased.

Rin (Twin Sister (fraternal): Alive


March Monroe (Mentor figure)

Rika Viras (Combat trainer, mentor figure)


The Silver Nexus Free Company (Former antagonist toward the Silver Nexus, now on shaky but not openly violent terms.)


Common Rumors

  • Showed up in Gridania a few months ago, with not much known of where she grew up.
  • Her eye injury seems recent, as she's sometimes seen to be adjusting to the new blindspot on ehr left.

Uncommon Rumors

  • Said to have been seen in the ruins of the Sharlyan Colony in the Hinterlands before.
  • Seems oddly knoweldgable about certain magical practices despite an inability to cast magic.

Rare Rumors

  • Said to have strange rune like tattoos on her body.

OOC Info

Adventurer for Hire

Nyr has recently taken up work as a mercenary/adventurer. Shile she has a few scruples (won't hurt children, etc), she generally isn't afraid to step outside the law to a degree. She's willing to take some morally gray work, but generally out outright villainous work.

Combat RP

This can be fun when everyone involved is on the same page, and I find it's generally best to make sure of that before starting this up. If one person is trying to free form and the other insisting on rolls, that can get messy. I'm fairly flexible myself, and combat RP can be fun as long as nobody's trying to godmod and everyone's willing to take a hit here and there. If I'm at an event that involves combat, such as the Grindstone, I'll abide by their rules. If it's just an off the cuff thing, I'll generally freeform unless rolls or some sort of combat system are requested, in which case I'm generally fine with that too. Another form I've come across recently is to roll once to see who the ultimate winner is, but still allow for some freeform back and forth so that fights don't end up one sided.

Dark/Mature Themes

So this is a can of worms that needs more room to elaborate on than the limited search info. I don't shy away from dark, mature or even sexual themes in RP. So long as they're given the proper weight. If I feel like someone's just being edgy for edge's sake then I may bow out of an RP, but if the subject matter is handled with weight and consequence and serves a purpose, then I'm all for it. Dark subject matter should be given appropriate weight, and I'm not interested in ERPing for ERP's sake.

Romance/Relationship RP

Nyr is not currently reomantically involved with anyone nor is she actively seeking a partner. While this isn't 100% off the table, Nyr is not a romantic woman by nature and anyone seeking to court her, while not facing an impossible task, is looking at an uphill battle.


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