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Wandering Fishercat


There is new hope reborn in every tragedy.

» ————————— 🌙 ————————— «

Current Status:   Normalcy has returned to the wanderer's life, despite a protective rift reluctantly forged between himself and his brother. There is little excitement in his simple lifestyle, but lately he has sought out civilization for a curious collection of books on crows, Ashkin, and self-defense. As a fairly new reader, it's unlikely Chip can completely decipher the texts, but actions always speak louder than words. Who knows what the nomadic Seeker might be planning, but it's clear there is always something or someone on his mind. Try as he might, Chip cannot truly abandon what is precious to him, and that may eventually lead to his downfall...


ALIASES: Chip, Pup, Kitten, Fishes, Azrael, O'kihp

BIRTH NAME: O'kihp Tia

RACE & CLAN: Miqo'te - Seeker of the Sun


AGE & NAMEDAY: 19 | 17th Sun of the 1st Astral Moon

ORIENTATION & STATUS: Demisexual/Bisexual | Single


TRIBE: Formerly Mole Tribe (extinct)

CURRENT RESIDENCE: somewhere in La Noscea

OCCUPATION: Fishercat/Traveling Merchant

SKIN COLOR: Fair; severely blemished with scars

EYE COLOR & FUR COLOR: Bright Silver | Gloom Purple

HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 5.42 fulms | 115 ponze



First contact is often a gamble. What may seem to be a calm and somewhat reserved fishercat can easily turn into a grouchy hermit without preamble. His personality is imbalanced due to both his upbringing and the harsh side-effects of being permanently separated from what was forged by his tainted aether. He bore an unsettling hollowness that he gradually grew accustomed to under the care of some old friends, but since then, Chip has never been quite the same. He is unstable and oft anti-social, but underneath it all is a lonely boy with a broken heart. Glimpses of the previous identity of the boy can sometimes be seen, whether it be the sparkle in his eye when he fishes, or the warmth of a smile that teases uncertain lips. Although he will still accept companionship with others, Chip is far more reserved than he was before the change. Social contact is tolerated, but most are treated with an open and instinctive caution that goes beyond a natural distrust for strangers.

If you're lucky to earn the youth's fragile trust and friendship, his loyalty is profound and he might just offer you one of his latest catches for free. Take heed, however, of the unstable aura that follows the youth, for it is a part of him for reasons best left unsaid.



From afar, his crown of deep purple tresses may be the first thing you spot. These striking merlot strands frame a narrow and elongated visage that is gradually shedding its youthful qualities. Shaded beneath unruly bangs, orbs of illuminated starlight gaze upon his surroundings with a cautious and oft inquisitive air, and tend to reflect his emotions with startling intensity.

A scrawny build foretells a legacy of prolonged starvation and neglect. He is shorter than most his age, and it is unlikely that he will become any taller. Hidden behind a regularly clothed backside is a heavily blemished canvas that describes more of his past than Chip would ever care to admit. Smaller and less formidable scars mar his arms, while his neck, wrists, and ankles share similar callused remnants of flesh once rubbed raw. A lashing tail of violet fluff completes the wild look of a roaming animal.

Because he travels often, his attire is usually quite dirty and worn. Aside from a simple gray gilet and khaki slops, various pouches and a dark brown satchel layer his outfit with items of a wandering merchant. A hand-stitched red bandanna hides the calluses encircling his throat, and wooden bracelets with a single intricate carving adorn callused wrists. Typically, a fishing pole is always present on his person.... unless said object is broken or missing.

Voice: Some could say his voice is likened to that of sandpaper. Aside from it being deepened by one who has reached maturity, his tenor is distinctly gravelly and hoarse, as if it had been misused for quite a long time. He speaks somewhat softly and easily, though when provoked, his voice often drops into an irritated growl that is laced with warning. It would be wise never to piss him off.


His pale skin is a ragged canvas of untold stories. While a good portion of such marks are thin and ropy lines of knife cuts, he also bares remnants of burns, stab wounds, and whip lashings across his back.

  • There are thick scars across his heels where his Achilles Tendons were severed multiple times in order to prevent escape.
  • Ragged claw marks streak across his back, administered by himself in order to hide a hurtful message carved there by a dagger.
  • Thick calluses encircle his wrists, ankles, and throat--painful reminders of skin once rubbed bloody and raw by metal shackles.
  • Various patches of his skin, especially on his shoulders and upper chest, are raised and rough to the touch. These are burns caused by a certain hunter's napalm thrower.
  • A stab wound on his shoulder, just a few ilms above his heart.
  • Nicked left ear.
  • Narrow cut along the inside of his wrist.
  • A stab wound on his right side, just above his hip.

Solitude. There are less distractions and prying eyes.
Animals. The wildlife of La Noscea sure seem better than people...
Stargazing. An old habit that he's never quite lost.
Music. It chases the nightmares away.
Fish. They are basically his weakness, and he could never admit that any kind of cooked fish tastes terrible. His favorite kind is Princess Trout.
Muffins. Yum :)
Violent Deaths. It brings up unwanted memories.
Nightmares. He is still quite prone to them, but Lady Amara has helped him enough that they no longer cause him to have insomnia.
Abuse. No one deserves it. No one.
Soul-searching. Chip dislikes looking that deeply into his past mistakes.
Touching His Scars. Despite the near absence of flesh on his backside, he can still feel whenever someone touches his back, and the sensation is extremely uncomfortable and nearly unbearable. Do not attempt it.
Strangers. He doesn't know you... and you'd better not know him.
Gossip. Especially if it's about those he cares about.
Healing Magics. He'd rather heal by natural means.
Small, Enclosed Spaces. He will always prefer the outdoors.
Mood Swings. Perhaps a trait derived from his once tainted aether, Chip is known to rapidly switch from being grumpy to downright cheerful.
La Noscean Accent. He didn't grow up around sailors or pirates, but Chip has developed this particular form of speech. Curiously, it often disappears all together whenever he is angry or upset.
Obstinate Loyalty. It can make him dangerously susceptible to avenging those he cares about.
Pulling His Tail. Most Miqo'te get angry if you grab this sensitive appendage, but in Chip's case, he'll either go completely stiff or turn a curious shade of crimson. The simple act alone means more to him than he can probably ever explain.
Milk! Whenever Chip happens upon any sort of place that serves drinks, the only drink he ever orders is milk. Perhaps it's just a standard Miqo'te stereotype, or perhaps it's an old habit faithfully followed to this day...
Hemophobic. He gets very uncomfortable around a large amount of blood and both the sight and scent make him uneasy. If he's around it long enough, he might even throw up or have a panic attack. This all depends on how much gore is involved. He can handle a small amount of it, but there is a very fine line.
Do You Have Food? Every now and then, a hunger that cannot be satisfied by fish alone drives Chip towards civilization and the smell of fresh food. He'll often find himself entering the nearest building and asking for food, regardless of what the actual purpose of the establishment is.
Woodcarving. It's become somewhat of a hobby after he used it to create a Starlight gift for a certain someone. He makes small wooden animals in his spare time, but has yet to try anything more advanced, such as making his own fishing pole.
Herbology. He has a very basic knowledge of what herbs can be made into potions and poultices to cure common illnesses and sooth painful, but not fatal, wounds.
Fishing. It's his main occupation, after all. Chip is very much a master of the trade, despite his young age.
Literacy. He never went to school and was only taught a little of how to read when he was younger. However, after staying with Rhysa for a time, she has taught him the basics of reading and he is slowly becoming more literate.
Wilderness Survival. Unsurprisingly, given his love for the outdoors, Chip has a knack for living in the wilds. He knows how to navigate by the stars and landmarks, and is familiar enough with the wildlife of La Noscea to know how to avoid being eaten.

Last updated: 12/08/2019
Leather bag.PNG Music box.png Hawk feather.PNG Iron dagger - Copy.PNG Fishing rod.png Frypan.png Chip-empty crystal.PNG Red-scarf.PNG Chip-wooden bracelets.PNG
  • Leather satchel - Contains a tin flask normally filled with fresh river water, a gil pouch that is usually empty, a spool of thread used to repair his fishing pole if necessary, and several other items he's acquired during his travels.
  • Wooden music box - Chip's first Starlight gift, presented to him from Skycat. It was thought to have been lost in the same flames that had destroyed his camp, but was eventually returned to the boy. The box is pale and seamless, with the name "Chip" carved upon the lid. The "i" is dotted in the shape of a fish. Since the day it was returned, Chip takes it with him wherever he goes. Music Box Song
  • Hawk feather - A gift from Sorrel that he keeps tucked inside his satchel, hidden from sight and memory.
  • Dagger - A rugged makeshift shiv. It ain't exactly deadly, but it makes its point.
  • Fishing Pole - A simple elm fishing rod bought from the markets in Gridania.
  • Frying Pan - A keepsake scavenged from the abandoned cabin where he first learned how to fish.
  • Tetragonal Crystal - Though no longer a deadly weapon to Ashkin, the vacant crystal remains within a velvet pouch and safe on his person. It is translucent and despairingly mundane, but Chip still treats it as a precious Starlight gift.
  • Handmade Red Scarf - She remembered the day they first met. The scarf crafted by her own hands proved their undying friendship when Nym managed to find Chip many years later. The precious item is worn at all times around his neck.
  • Wooden Bracelets - Despite their plain appearance, the bracelets are enchanted with a spell to help lessen the effects of aether sickness when Chip uses Elemancy. They are also conventionally wide enough to hide the calluses on his wrists left by iron shackles.


Blood Memory. A trait carried over from darker days, whenever he ingests someone's blood, the taste is imprinted into his taste buds and he will always remember the identity of that person by the flavor of their blood.
Keen Sensory. Like most Miqo'te, Chip possesses a heightened sense of smell and sharp hearing, but he also has an uncanny awareness that stems from instinctual paranoia. He can oft detect an approaching threat before it even reaches his campsite, even if they make no sound.
Elemancy. After a visit to the Crooked Broom, Chip discovered that he possesses the ability to absorb the elemental properties of aether that’s contained in crystals. It only occurs whenever he gets angry or has a strong desire to win a fight, and the amount of aether used per second depends greatly on the level of his emotional state. The absorbed aether is siphoned through the bracelets on his wrists before entering his body, which gives him a way to control how much aether is used from the crystal, and it decreases his risk of immediate overexposure. This conversion lasts for as long as there remains aether in the crystal, or his body can handle the sudden influx of alien aether. Oftentimes after the elemental properties fade, Chip will be inflicted with mild to moderate symptoms of aether sickness that fade over time.
  • Wind: Chip gains increased speed and evasion. If the presence is strong enough, he can even teleport short distances. The aftereffects are usually dizziness and brief disorientation.
  • Fire: Fierce and unquenchable like wildfire, Chip will briefly lose sight of friend from foe and attack anything in his path. His skin will burn hot as if suffering from a high fever, which is usually a side effect after the aetherical properties fade.
  • Earth: Chip takes on defensive qualities such as increased stamina and the ability to endure hits that would normally fatally damage his body. Once the sensations pass, he becomes fatigued and mildly sore.
  • Water: ??? (TBD)

  Color Key
Affection: Chip has a particular feeling of want and desire for this character. It might be friendly, romantic, and/or physical.
Dormant: Chip's closeness to this character may have developed into something more, but he is completely unaware of it.
Muse: Chip is attracted to this character.

Platonic Love/Family: Chip considers this character family, which is beyond friendship and taken very seriously.
Estranged: Chip's familial ties have been shattered towards this character and although they were once his family, he can no longer consider them as such for it will only cause him great pain.
Friend: Chip considers this character their friend and ally.

Good Standing: This character left a good impression towards Chip.
Neutral Acquaintance: Chip has no specific feelings about this character.
Wary: Chip will not purposely avoid this character, but he doesn't feel completely comfortable around them either.

Dislike: Chip doesn't want to consider this character a friend and will try to avoid them, but will talk if needed.
Hate: Chip considers this character an annoyance and will try to avoid them. Conflict can happen.
Fear: Chip is terrified by this character and will try to avoid them at all cost.
Enemy: Chip considers this character a rival and will try to initiate conflict every time he meets them.

Family Member: Chip is related by blood to this character.
Tribe Member: This character was part of the Mole Tribe in Thanalan, which is now extinct.
? Hidden Feelings/Unknown: Chip isn't fully aware of their relationship with this character yet, in denial, or overlooking it.
Trust: Chip trusts this character above all else and would not hesitate to risk his life for them.
Betrayed: Chip's trust in this character has been completely broken and is irreparable, no matter how tenuous the trust may have been.

Deceased: This character has passed away.


O'anna Xhiji ( ) - Mother

"I sometimes wonder wot might've happened if ye hadn't died. Would t'Tribe still exist?

The mother died bearing a child, using the last of her strength to give him a name. O'kihp never knew her, but he looks a lot like her in terms of skin and hair color. O'anna's death forged the rift between a father and son that never wavered; it only grew.

O'ctan Nuhn ( ) - Father

"I won't forget."

He was not always the Nuhn of the Mole Tribe. Before the heavy mantel, he was but a Tia who fell in love with a purple-furred maiden and wished for a family. He was soon delivered a son drenched in his mate's blood, but the father felt only hatred stir in his heart. When O'ctan became Nuhn, he took advantage of his power in desperation to save his failing Tribe, and the heartless act eventually led to his equally merciless death.

Jerold & Tilly ( ) - Paradise

"It was wiff them that I found paradise, an' meself."

La Noscea was a new world to the boy covered in blood and desert sand. He was fortunate to end up in the care of a kindly fisherman and his wife, who nursed him back to health and asked for nothing in return. They taught him the tools of their trade, and the young Seeker thrived in what was his first home on the island. Unfortunately, the sweet couple perished suddenly, and Chip would rather never find out how they died.

Nymeia ( ) - Muh

"Wherever ye are, Nym, stay strong an' don't forget to smile at t'shadows."

A wandering gypsy caravan in Thanalan was attacked by a monster during the night, but he was quickly restrained. His first visitor behind bars was none other than a wee kit with a bowl of soup. A peculiar sort of hilarity ensued, spoons become a decided threat, and something akin to friendship was forged between the proverbial lion and lamb. Even after the monster left, the bond shared between them has not broken.

Groot ( ) - Surprise

"Yer a bit too big t’ride along in my satchel now. Kinda hard to believe ye started off smaller than a flowerpot. Although yer able to roam t’wilds wiffout me now, I ‘ope ye take care o’yerself in t'Black Shroud. There are Sylphs there t’at regard you as a hero, an’ as much as I hated yer attitude, it was nice t’ave ye around when I was exploring. This ain’t really goodbye o’course. Yer big enough fer me t’travel on now, and m’sure there’s gonna be a time when I’ll need a giant green thing t’blaze a trail fer me.

Thanks fer bein’ a good travel buddy, Groot."

Lady Amara ( ) - Nosy Witch

"I owe her my life, but she an’ her nosy apprentice ain’t wot ye’d call friends. She saw wot's in me head wiff her mind, and that's about as close as we're ever going to get. Sometimes I wish that witch had never even seen it, but then I wouldn't be alive (as she tells me often). All o'these required visits to t’cursed Crooked Broom would feel far more worthwhile if she‘d just help me forget about my past instead."

Rose ( ) - Siren
Azrael pet.png

"Rose is where she belongs an’ so am I, but if I see her again, on my territory, I think... I won't run away this time."

There lurks a viper in the desert, who once took a fancy to a monster who wielded the very air itself. Priding herself as a collector of sorts, Rose wasted no time in stealing away the poor beast-child and taking him to her palace. He was taught to be little more than a prized pet, and she especially liked to parade him around in a jeweled collar. The monster was eventually reclaimed by the gypsies, but he’s never been able to get over his fear of Rose. An untimely encounter on La Noscea had him running long before recognition stirred in those cold, cunning eyes.

Madam Mirage ( ) - Mother

"Mother, I had called her once, but never again. She is gone—jus’ like t’caravan, jus’ like ‘er beautiful monster.”


Feine ( ) - Skycat

"“If I ever saw you again, I’d say something stupid, like ‘I missed ye.’ The words probably don’t mean a damn thing t’ye anymore, but I’m still gonna say ‘em. I know it’s better I never see ye again, but it hurts. It hurts wiff a pain ye can’t ever feel again, an’.... sometimes I wanna know who it was that made ye dead inside. Ye were supposed to be dead. An’ now... it feels like I’m mournin’ ye all over again.

I realize now that I don’t wanna blame ye. M’lookin’ fer all t’reasons t’hold against others so I don’t have to look you in yer lifeless eyes an’ ask why? You didn’t choose t’become a monster; ye taught me t’at long ago. It’s not your fault, Skycat. It’s not. I don’t care wot ye or other people say.

Someday, I ‘ope I can still repay ye wiff a fish. Ye deserve that much at least. I wish I could do more, but I ain’t skilled at much ‘sides fishin’. Maybe... if I jus’ learned something, anything useful, would there still be a part o’ye left? You saved me all those moons ago.

Why can’t I save you too, brother?”

Rhysa Verkoh ( ) - Polite Pryer

"It was kinda embarrassing, the way ye met me. I was justa dumb kid diggin’ inna sand, desperate t’get a pole an’ fish again. Ye didn’t ‘ave t’help... but ye did anyway. I guess I kinda owe ye for that. Ye even stayed long enough fer me t’catch somethin’ an’.... I dunno. I’d say thanks, but... I left before I could think o’the right words. I ain’t gonna judge ye for likin’ salmon, so long as ye keep yer curiosity far away from me. I like ye thinkin’ I’m just some innocent fishercat. I wanted to keep it that way, ...but then I learned ye know m’brother.

Ye rekindled the hope in me wiff talk of a way t’save him. I didn’t understand much o’it, but I agreed to work wiff ye. Don’t make me regret it. M’joining ye to make sure you don’t hurt him. Because... if ye do, ye prolly won’t ever see me as justa kid anymore.

T’hole yer diggin’ only grew deeper when ye took me under yer roof. It was a surprisin’ offer and.... I guess I’m kind of grateful. Wiffout a pole I don’t gotta way t’eat, an’ yer muffins are pretty yummy. Still, I find it ‘ard t’trust ye. I sleep hardly at all, and awaken at nearly every creak of t’floor. Yer kind an’ understanding, but I have seen that same compassion backfire an’ I’m not making t’same mistake again. Thank ye for t’home, t’food, an’ the hope that you’ve given me, but it’s not enough to win that trust yer hopin’ to find.

Yer still a stranger, Rhysa—but a nice one.”

Rory aan Sentis ( ) - ???

"He might look like an old an' crazy wierdo, but I ain't ever gonna regret saving 'im."

??? ( ) - ???

"I owe 'im, I guess. Got jumped by bandits an' he helped me chase 'em off. He ain't know fishin' real well, but he knows 'ow t'hold his own inna fight. Kinda envy him for that."

Sorrel ( ) - Waste of Time

"I warned ye. Ye thought you knew me, but ye couldn’t even handle t’truth. I ain’t ever gonna forget that horror in yer eyes. Go on learnin’ wot you can under Lady Amara’s tutelage while I slowly vanish from yer memory. Goodbye, Sorrel.”

Past Encounters



Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under the Player Character category!
◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"What's a Chip?" - random merchant
"Have you seen him fish? He's amazing! I wonder how long he's been doing it." - awed resident
"Sumtin' ain't right 'bout t'at hair color o'his." - suspicious sailor
"The fish he's selling always look freshly caught. Most of them I've never even seen before. I hear he only fishes in La Noscea and hardly goes anywhere else." - Hawkers' Alley shopper
"Isn't that the brat I saw at the airship landing in Ul'dah? Huh, he's gotten taller." - surprised Elezen
"Wait, didn't Chip used to smile a lot before? Who the hell is this stranger?" - Lominsan resident
"I 'ear he used t'ride a turtle! Crazy, right?" - gossiping traveler

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
“When it's all quiet some nights, I hear this weird melody playing in the distance. It sounds almost like a music box, and it doesn't stop until dawn.” - curious traveler
“Saw 'im wiffa dagger once. Was usin' it t'cut some cloth. T'at look in 'is eyes was far creepier than t'sharpened blade.” - gossiping dockworker
“It's always smelling like grilled trout by the riverbeds. Someone must really like cooking 'em.” - fisherman
“Seen 'im rippin' wanted posters off the walls some days. He don't look happy 'bout 'em. One of these days I'm gonna 'ave t'confront 'im 'bout it.” - patrolling Yellowjacket
“No, I'm telling you, that boy used to have creepy demon eyes. His hair's the same purple color, just cleaner. He probably just learned to suppress the monster. It's gotta still be there... somewhere inside of him. Waiting.” - nervous Lalafell
“Traveling alone now, is he? Knew the gypsies would've kicked him out sooner or later.” - smug merchant
"Saw 'im visitin' t'markets often wit'a raven-haired maiden. Too bad 'e never took his eyes off 'er. Gwahaha!" - taproom patron (presumably drunk)

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"Aye, I heard o' him. Folk 'round here take care to avoid his sort. He ain't right in his head, see. Rumor is he murdered his entire Tribe or sumtin'." - taproom owner
"I saw 'im in t'distance once. He was starin' at the stars and mutterin' sumtim' 'bout t'sky. Kid must be lonely if he's talkin' to himself like t'at." - La Noscean local
"I accidentally stumbled across him while I was observing a natural hotspring. He was bathing under a waterfall, and I swear I'll never forget the sight of his bare back. It was so badly marred with scars that I daresay there wasn't a inch of flesh left. Twelve preserve..." - horrified explorer
"Used t'be a ghost wiff 'im. Pure white fur an' never made a sound when he moved. Wonder who scared off who?" - curious observer
"I seen 'im! I seen 'im with The Reaper! Ye don't think dey be conspiring together, d'ye?" - frightened bandit


◢ Player Character Rumors - Feel free to add rumors of your own!
“Yeah, I know Chip. Hate to admit it but I’ve a soft spot for the pup. So, do yourself a favor—tell him a story for a fish... then get lost. Don’t even look at him the wrong way ‘lest you contend with me.” – Xeiz Feine
"Chip is a sweetie! And he loves sweets! I don't know why anybody wouldn't like him." - Rihxo Matoi
"From what I am able to deduce about the odd boy, he seems to have a good heart. Though... I feel something strange about his aetheric presence... I shall be keeping an eye on him." - Arata Matsuoka
“That’s the little brother. A thing of nightmares right there. He’s like a skinny purple kitten... with sharp teeth and yes, he does bite. But it doesn’t matter what he’s become or the name he answers to, he’s still my Pup. I’ll always stand by him.” - Skycat
"If you stare too long into the eyes of a beast, the beast stares back out of you. Time will see whether boy or beast lives on. And whether the hunt must resume." - Hojo'to Zuginoch
"He doesn't say much and he always seems grumpy. Still, he did give me soup when I was hungry, so I think he's nice deep down. I wonder why he rarely shows it." - Sorrel Ketra

"You’re talking about Pup—but don’t call him that ‘lest I tear your heart out. No, we aren’t close. Not anymore. He’s nothing to do with me. ...Now about that heart of yours." - Reaper
"He was once... a daeamr. A beast I thought I'd tamed. But his heart is still as wild as before, as if nothing has changed. He treats me like a stranger now and maybe I deserve it, but, deep down I know I'm not his enemy. He just... doesn't know how to love." - Sorrel Ketra
"You mean that bitchass with the purple tail? Yeah, I seen’im. Was the shittiest day, too. Stormin’ and... yeah, fuck that day. But he’s... alright, I guess. Think I owe’im a pole." - Khaz
"T'at purple-haired brat's been 'round t'Wrench pretty often. Hollers out t'fish he's sellin' like they're t'best godsdamned thing ever. Paid 'im a visit once, an' he nearly earned 'imself a blackeye. Heh." - Asher
"quote" -player name

Chip history.png
"Shine... always."

» ————————— 🌙 ————————— «

Fishing hole.jpg
Character Themes:

Artist: Crown the Empire
Context: Character Theme
Notable Lyrics: I’m all that I have. I am the aftermath.

Artist: Tommee Profitt
Context: Character Theme
Notable Lyrics: Where is your home, Vagabond?

This is Where I Belong
Artist: Bryan Adams
Context: Character Theme
Notable Lyrics: Cuz everything I want - is everything that's here. And when when we're all together - there's nothing to fear. And wherever I wander - the one thing I've learned, It's to here - I will always....always return.

Artist: Clannad
Context: Starlight Theme

Same Old War (Acoustic)
Artist: Our Last Night
Context: Character Theme
Notable Lyrics: I'll never close my eyes. I've come too far to go back now. Turn into a face in the crowd. Been on this road for so long.

Younger Dreams
Artist: Our Last Night
Context: Character Theme
Notable Lyrics: Take me back to younger dreams, when times were easy and we believed. Take me back to revive my memory. I'm digging deep, but I am scared that I have lost my younger dreams.

What I've Done (symphonic edition)
Artist: Linkin Park
Context: Character Theme
Notable Lyrics: So let mercy come, and wash away, what I’ve done. I'll face myself, to cross out what I’ve become. Erase myself. And let go of what I’ve done.

Artist: Adrian von Ziegler
Context: Character Theme
Notes: Definitely the kind of music that would be playing while Chip's traveling. The melody is sweet and gentle, but caries with it a hint of sadness deep within.

Point of No Return
Artist: Starset
Context: Character Theme
Notable Lyrics: There's a memory of how we used to be, that I can see through the flames. I am hypnotized as I fantasize, forgetting lies and pain. But I can't go back. The ashes call my name.

Artist: Tokyo Ghoul
Context: Character Theme
Notable Lyrics: You’re so close but I hope that you stop searching. Don't want you to see the thing that I’ve become. So please stop looking; I don’t want to hurt you.

Wanderer's Lullaby
Artist: Adriana Figueroa
Context: Character Theme
Notes: Totally Chip's lullaby. So much sads.
Relationship Themes:

Die For You
Artist: Starset
Context: Chip & Skycat
Notable Lyrics: Even if the sky does fall, even if they take it all, there's no pain that I won't go through, even if I have to die for you. And when all the fires burn, when everything is overturning, there's no thing that I won't go through, even if I have to die for you.

You're Not Alone
Artist: Erutan
Context: Chip & Skycat
Notable Lyrics: Look into my eyes. All eternity you will find. In this fragile heart, know that you will always belong. Shout into the night. Show the darkness that you will fight. Hopeless you may feel, but inside I know you are strong.

Tears Don't Fall
Artist: Bullet For My Valentine
Context: Chip & Sorrel
Notable Lyrics: Your tears don't fall, they crash around me. Her conscience calls, the guilty to come home. The moments die, I hear no screaming. The visions left inside me are slowly fading. Would she hear me if I called her name? Would she hold me if she knew my shame?

You'll Be In My Heart
Artist: Phil Collins
Context: Chip & Nym
Notable Lyrics: For one so small, you seem so strong. My arms will hold you, keep you safe and warm. This bond between us can't be broken. I will be here, don't you cry.

In Other Worlds
Artist: Azam Ali
Context: Azrael & Rose
Notes: She was his Queen, the sole companion of the tormented Prince.

RP Hooks


Want to RP with Chip, but not sure how to start? Check the list below for some helpful pointers! Chances are, if you're out wandering the wilds of La Noscea, you're sure to run into a purple-haired cat somewhere!


Fish Merchant. Are you looking to buy some fish? Perhaps he could be of some assistance.
Bane of the Mole Tribe. There were no survivors, but many a rumor floats around that the one who massacred the Tribe remains alive. Such rumors can especially be heard around Eastern/Southern Thanalan. Confront him about it at your own peril.
Map Please! If your character is lost, or randomly wandering La Noscea for one reason or another, they are bound to run into Chip. He often looks like your everyday traveler, so it's quite possible he can point you in the right direction for wherever you're trying to go.
Ex-gypsy. The shadow of a boy lived under the name Azrael and was housed by a traveling gypsy caravan in Southern Thanalan. Perhaps your character saw one of their performances, or noticed them from afar? Those were of happier times...
Groot! You may have seen Chip traveling with a baby Goobbue in tow at some point. The seedkin has since then grown up, and he's now lurking about in the wilds of the Black Shroud! It would be hard not to spot him among other Goobbue, as Groot is adorned with braided bracelets of grass from grateful Sylphs who wanted to honor their hero.
Fishing. He fishes! Is your character interested in learning how to fish, or needs some tips? He just might agree to help out.
Combat Novice. Recent events have left the simple fishercat seeking other talents, such as how to defend himself. Perhaps your character could assist in teaching him how to fight? He’s currently seeking lessons in hand-to-hand combat, as well as how to fight with sharp objects.
Familial Tribe. Perhaps your character is a long lost member of the extinct Mole Tribe? There’s a chance that not everyone was present at the main camp during the fateful massacre. I’m definitely open to this possibility :)
Fish Finder. Struggling for coin, the talented fishercat has reluctantly offered up his skills in return for a small fee. Need a specific fish but don't know where to find it? Lack the right fishing tools to catch the elusive seafood? Chip might be the last resort you're looking for.
Music of the Night. If you're out wandering the wilds of La Noscea late at night, you might hear the eerie sound of an old music box drifting faintly through the cold air. Is it a ghost? Do you dare follow the sound? Whatever could be the source of such a tragic melody...?
Customized. Got an idea of how they might meet? Please let me know! I'm always interested in character interactions, and if it's a new and unique approach, even better!

Shards of the Past (Chip/O'kihp)

Darker Side of the Moon (Azrael)

New Moon Rising (Chip/Azrael)

Present Day



Moments of OOC Fun




CONTACT INFORMATION: Best place to reach me is through Discord (MitsuCat#2335). I sometimes RP in-game, but I prefer doing so outside of the game. You can also reach me on the forums: RPC Profile

OTHER CHARACTERS: Asher , Endel Blanche, Sorrel Ketra, Lady Amara


Length. Whenever I'm not RPing in-game and through a means that has a very generous character limit, I tend to para-RP. I by no means expect you to match my length. It's just a personal habit of mine.
Response Time**. This honestly varies with me. Sometimes I'll respond within the hour or within the day, but other times it can take me a few days before I have a chance to sit down and write. I certainly won't keep you waiting for more than a week, and I'll usually let you know if it'll be awhile before I can whip up a reply.
Combat. I prefer the "dice-roll" style, but I'm down to using other methods as well.
Flexibility. I'm always open to OOC discussion during RP. Don't be afraid to ask!
Character Injury. Please discuss with me about temporary/serious injuries before carrying it out. Chances are, I'm down for anything, but I prefer to plan beforehand.
Plots. Plots are like snowballs and I love both. Got an idea for a plot to involve our characters? Please share! I try to be open for anything.


I will RP:

Mature Themes: I love dark and gory scenes--as long as they are logical and plot-driven.

Romance**: I don't mind flirting and stuff, but it ultimately depends on the character. Please talk to me if you're interested in RPing a romance with Chip, but please don't expect an instant "couple in a day" thing. Relationships take time to build, so please respect this.

Multi-themed. Humor, romance, drama, angst. I'm basically down for anything except ERP.

I Will NOT RP:

*ERP and Rape Plots.

*Permanent Character Death.

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