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“I exist only as a whole; my only claim is to be natural, and the pleasure I feel in an action,
I take as a sign that I ought to do it.” ― André Gide, The Immoralist






PRONUNCIATION: Oh-dett due Seer-sha.

NICKNAMES: Primarily 'Ode'. Lady Luck/Queen of Hearts.

RACE & CLAN: Hyur, Highlander.

GENDER: Female.

AGE: Twenty-Six (26).

NAMEDAY: 16th Sun of the Third Astral Moon.

HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 5 Fulms 6 Ilms, 140Ponz. Shapely.

ORIENTATION: Heterosexual.


BIRTHPLACE: Outskirts of Ala Mhigo, Gyr Abania.

RESIDENCE: Mist, Ward 9. Plot 20.

GENERAL HEATH: Physically fit, good health. Alcoholic tendencies.

OCCUPATION: Retired informant, Sailor. Occasional musician for Hire.

PATRON DEITY: Rhalgr, The Destroyer (renounced).

ALIGNMENT: "Freedom Is Goodness" [CG3].

PERSONALITY: Enneagram Type 7 - The Enthusiast. [1]

SERVER: Balmung (NA Legacy).



Eyes Hair Skin Body Type Voice
Aquamarine. Golden-blonde, Long. Tan, sporadically freckled. Athletic, voluptuous. Earthen, Husky, Expressive.
Bearing Laterality Scars Tattoos & Piercings Style
Bold, Charming. Ambidextrous. More than five. One | Two Lightweight, accentuating leather & cloth.

Dunnae wish away yer days waitin' fer the better ones ahead. Live t'day!

A smattering of freckles paint the sun-kissed flesh of the seafaring Odette Saoirse. With features framed by golden tresses the color of ocean shores, her aquamarine eyes make for an oceanic masterpiece bordering between both green and blue in equal measure. These azure hues seem to hold entire lagoons in their reflective depths, often alight with mirthful spark or turbulently stirred beneath half-lidded gaze. Golden brows shaped in tapered arches rest above these gateways to the soul, prone to impish wag, amused loft or knit in thoughtful consideration.

The woman herself is clearly Hyur and, for all assumptions, appears to be aged in her mid to late twenties with Highlander blood running strongly in her veins. Yet Odette's attractiveness is subjective, perfectly imperfect and drawn from the raw naturalness of her appearance that is mature and worldly in comparison to the girlish or air-headed. There Natural aesthetics are further enhanced by the confidence in which she carries herself, the smile that is quick to bloom on her full lips, and the mannerisms which accompany the passionate vocalization of her words and song.


Odette is a natural blonde with thick, golden strands that reach midlength and sit just past the jut of her shoulder blades. It is most common for her to wear it in a loose ponytail at the nape of her neck; simple and practical. Shorter strands, free from the restraint of tie, cascade themselves around heart-shaped features to fall loosely against her collarbone. Though she does not fuss overly so with her locks, allowing them to fall where they may, Odette is prone to sweeping her fingers through these looser tendrils when relaxing, or tugging lightly upon roots when agitated. Social occasions and lazy days spent on the shore may warrant no tie at all.


Standing at 5 fulms 6 ilms, Odette is vertically challenged among her kin. In a society that values strength above all else, her height has always been considered something of a weakness or defect. She reaches shoulder height against the average highlander male, or just below, and finds herself on slightly below-par with the tallest midlanders.


Odette's form is noticeably curved, though athletically trained for dexterity and uneven waters. Shorter stature gives her toned, slender shape a more 'filled' look whilst remaining physically and naturally proportionate. Silken thighs curve outward from lithe calves for shapely hips and peach-shaped rear, tapering inward for taut waistline and trim stomach faint in abdominal definition. Ample bust, often unashamedly displayed of her own will, swells naturally atop slender abdomen in perked, feminine curve; easily measured in more than a handful.

Even with the bountiful curves that bless her hourglass shape and enhance the body's natural contours, by no means is the shapely siren unfit. A history of sea faring labor sculpts trim muscle throughout limbs to athletic core that is maintained to this day with an active lifestyle that boasts abdominal core strength, spine mobility and correct alignment of the body. Odette carries herself confidently, shoulders back and head held high. There is a noticeable sway in her step, particularly when favoring boots as she is want to do.


Though her natural skintone is hardly pale, the nautral tan to nubile flesh is made radiant by the touch of sun; many years at sea lending the bardess a golden complexion. Cinnamon-like freckles scatter themselves sporadically about the contours of her body, yet concentrate mostly at nose and cheeks. Slender fingers are threaded faintly with the crossing of pale paper-thin scars, near to the point of being unnoticed. Upon her left palm, drawn diagonally from thumb to pinky, is recovering wound turned scar no more than an ilm deep. The mark itself is faintly jagged, as though drawn over similar pattern anew. There is a similar cut across the palm of her right, though this one is made in horizontal lines. Wrists are wrapped in faint circles of rope's thickness, and slender neck sports the faintest of white lines no thicker than a blade's sharp point and no longer than an ilm and a half.


Whilst the woman has no objection to, nor does she shy away from the dirty or unsightly, Odette baths regularly and maintains a presentable appearance that never quite sits 'perfectly'. Were one to overlook the scent of whiskey often about her person, they would be greeted with very subtle scents of fresh soap and the lingering attentions of sandalwood and vanilla.


Odette dresses for the warmth of an oceanic climate, comfort, practicality and accentuating appearance. n the left side of her shapely hips hangs a single rapier, simple in it's design but well cared for by a loving hand. On her right; an ebony hued flintlock pistol encased in leather holster. The Highlander's attire consists most often of cloth and leathers; a life at sea teaching her the importance of light-weight materials. It is not uncommon for such to have small elements of flair, however, a bard's flamboyance mingled with swashbuckler's bravado despite the embrace of a simple lifestyle.

Most often she wears form-fitting garb and an accentuating boneless corset. When preparing to engage in combat, however, one might hear the quiet clinking of chain mail beneath her chosen garb or a bow slung over shoulder. Almost always, a worn leather satchel hangs from her waist.

  • A silver-chained necklace bearing a crystal pendant of sea-blue materia. A gift from Khyran Oisin, the materia itself holds a shared memory and the promise of protection; the specifics of such remaining a mystery even to she.<br





Odette greets the 'verse with a free-spirited mirth and passionate disposition. True, while the first thing many might notice about her is a natural comeliness, it is her confidence and mannerisms that truly shape her as a person. The former sailor is a brave, multi-talented woman with the suave charm of a rouge and the fiery nature of a warrior, despite her ongoing friendliness. There is nothing ditzy about this blonde, the Highlander proving that one doesn't have to hold hair colouring of red or black to be considered alluring. She retains a daring spirit, and is fiercely loyal to those whom win her guarded trust. Odette comes across as being 'common' in her interactions with others; a combination of carefree ease, choice of word and impish humor that often raises a brow or two, but generally lends to an overall down-to-earthness and sincerity that is the very definition of 'what you see is what you get'.

Given the fact that she values her freedom so dearly, this shapely has a strong distaste for those who wish to take it from another regardless of alignment or intention. She lives by her own creed, often putting her at the suspicion of others whom might not understand the lawlessness of her 'out-of-the-box' ways and her impish delight in shaking the norm. Indeed, there are those whom might consider the Highlander overly brazen at times; flirtatious or rough around the edges, yet as much of that remains true to her character such remains an exaggeration for a more genuine and kindhearted spirit within.

Odette is not a modest person in terms of confidence, she knows what she is good at and what she is not and has no qualms about admitting to either. Despite her lack of modesty, in terms of materialism she is rather humble and appreciates the simplicity and rawness of such a lifestyle. She refers to herself as a 'simple' being with simple goals, and while she is not afraid to speak her mind, her honesty can often come across as being unrefined or blunt. Despite this, she rarely speak of herself genuinely and often masks her own troubles for the benefit of remaining strong for those whom depend on her.

Life ain't fair, it's jus' fairer than death, an' most cynics are simply thwarted romantics.

There are many adjectives that could be used to describe Odette, of which differ from person to person. To some she might appear a thug, an uncontrollable troublemaker. To others, she is a beacon of independence and alluring boldness. To both she would shake her head and offer a grin; for she is both and neither of these things - just a bard who ends up in the thick of it more often than not. It is likely that most would agree, however, that when push comes to shove she was one whom can be counted on.


Husky, earthy and expressive, Odette's voice is one of character. There is something of a musical to her words, not necessarily for what is being said but how. Pleasant conversation finds feminine tone of lower-medium pitch, mirth lends a vibrancy and spark, while flirtations hum a smooth verbrato. Over recent time, she's been working to loose the distinctiveness of the Limsan accent made all the more inflected by the cant of sailors deeming it more beneficial for her goals. Though she has been successful in her attempts beyond particular words (aye, nae, dunnae, cannae), she is prone to slipping back into punctuated cant when enraged.


Odette's philosophical outlook is based on two key factors; freedom and goodness. Easy, one might think and surely on the surface it is. To do, and be, within the realms of the consensual; encouraging personal freedoms, free thinking and exploration of life and all it entails. Goodness, however, is subjective to the eye of the beholder and Odette's version of good may differ from that of pacifist and tyrant both. What does one do when the freedom to choose leads to consequence? Such a choice does not make one immune to it's ripples, after all. What happens when the freedoms of others are challenged? When a child is unable to live untainted? When your friends are all bound by the ways of the world, their pasts and the state of their lives? When the government is corrupt and unyielding? The opportunities created are borne from a sense of duty to do, to be and to provide better without being blinded to the world itself. With duty, comes action... and it isn't always pretty. Do what is needed, regardless of cost.

It is not uncommon for Odette to challenge ideals and lifestyles with the query; "When was the last time you were truly content?" Ironically in her desires and drive to see others live free, she herself becomes subtly bound.Goodness... such a broad and easy twisted ordeal. Is what It is the multiversal right of a person to choose their actions, yet in doing so they become accountable for such. Life is short, and should be enjoyed to the fullest of it's capacity. All beings should walk free of fear, with the right to live their lives as they wish. For one such as Odette, the danger is being blind to the risk that their cause may be corrupted, or has little chance of achieving its end, and if they are not careful they may end up unintentionally creating something even worse than what they fought.

  • Will never make a promise she cannot keep.
  • Refuses medical treatment by way of magic unless it will impede her professional performance.
  • Does not offer information of herself unless asked or deemed necessary.
  • Has an absolutely terrible sense of direction.


Enriching experiences of the senses.
Flirtatious, witty banter.
Dueling and swordplay.
Expressions of musical whim.
Whiskey, gambling & the occasional cigar.


Oppression of freedom.
Overuse of Magic.
Governmental Hierarchy.


Favourite Drink: Whiskey, Red Wine, Honeyed Mead.
Favourite Food: Aldgoat Steak, Finger Sandwich.
Favourite Place: Costa Del Sol, Wolves Den Pier.
Vexations: Sippy birds. Wearing pants. Indecision.
Masked Fears: Commitment, The supernatural. (Undead, voidsent, etc
Things without vital organs, or are abundantly magical).
Vices: Alcohol, gambling and hedonism.
Personality Type: ESTP

Pleasure seekers and planners, in search of distraction - as per ecclecticenergies.com

Enneagram type 7 - People of this personality type are essentially concerned that their lives be an exciting adventure. Sevens are future oriented, restless people who are generally convinced that something better is just around the corner. They are quick thinkers who have a great deal of energy and who make lots of plans. They tend to be extroverted, multi-talented, creative and open minded. They are enthusiasts who enjoy the pleasures of the senses and who don't believe in any form of self-denial.

Sevens are practical people who have multiple skills. They know how to network and to promote themselves and their interests. They often have an entrepreneurial spirit and are able to convey their enthusiasm to those with whom they come in contact. When they are able to focus their talents, they are often highly successful. Focusing does not always come easily for Sevens, however. Their tendency to believe that something better awaits them, makes them reluctant to narrow down their options or to pursue their aims with true devotion.

The central problem for Sevens is that their pursuit of pleasure is compulsive. Sevens are fear types who are specifically afraid of the power of negative states of mind. These they avoid by seeking distractions in the external environment: by multi-tasking, by keeping their options open, by engaging in stimulation seeking of all kinds. For this reason, Sevens are more prone than most to addictions of all sorts, whether it be to shopping, gambling, drugs or whatever.

Sevens usually have a high opinion of themselves and their talents; they tend to focus on their strengths and virtues and to downplay their flaws and vices. They are often a bit self-centered which manifests in an unfounded feeling of entitlement. As Sevens don't want to confront their own darker emotions, they also have difficulty acknowledging the pain that others experience, so that they sometimes have a hard time seeing the reality of other people. The extent of the Seven's flight from negative emotions is really a measure of the Seven's mental health; the more that the Seven flees from them, the more their strength grows and the more likely they are to erupt into consciousness in the form of an anxiety disorder or a severe depressive episode.




Basic Statistics

  • High: Charisma, Dexterity, Willpower.
  • Above Average: Intelligence, Endurance.
  • Average: Strength, Wisdom, Pain-Threshold.
  • Poor: P.Defence, Spellcraft, Aetheric Constitution.

Aetheric Abilities

  • High: None.
  • Above Average: None.
  • Average: Aetheric Understanding.
  • Poor: M.Defense, Magic Affinity.

Combat Relevant Skills

  • High: Parry, Deflect, Footwork, Targeting.
  • Above Average: Acrobatics, Adaptive Stealth, Speed.
  • Average: Fisticuffs, On-Field First Aid, Survival.
  • Poor: Range, Self-Control, Easily Overpowered.


Odette's greatest weapon is her charm, yet as far as combat would consider she is first and foremost a duelist, and a natural performer at that. The field is her stage, her footsteps a flourished yet carefully orchestrated dance only as flamboyant as practicality allows. It would be remiss not to mention the somewhat humiliating steps she puts would-be assailants through when able to talk them down, the slice of a belt here or the nick of a cheek there; yet never crossing that line of the inhuman. A master of her blade, her use of the rapier is one of few things she truly excels at; an ambidextrous wielder that fights first and foremost with her weaker should the situation be anything short of life and death. Over-confident and mirthfully entertained, this is the Odette that many witness in duels, brawls and the face to face of any enemy whom would publicly engage her. Yet, there remains another side to the shapely siren - one most often hidden from the public eye, or played down for convenience. Naturally, any charming scoundrel would not be without a knife or two on their person and indeed, Odette is no different. How far does this go, exactly? One would not wish to be on the opposing end to find out.



Odette's signature weapon. A somewhat unusual sight, perhaps, the rapier is not a comparatively common blade found within Eorzea, yet it remains special order with select blacksmith. The highlander's own is one of simple design, it's blade long and thin yet flat with a sharpened edge[2]. A basic cross-guard of mild embellishment winds about the hilt in a vine-like pattern, coated gold. It is treasured and well maintained.



Twin blades whose deadly abilities are kept away from the public eye. Each one is overwhelmingly plain, simple dark grips made from tanned leather with protuding steel blade. Additionally Odette carries a third blade on her person, unhidden on her belt alongside firearm. Forged darksteel, imprinted with the griffin of Ala Mhigo and the symbolic comet of Rhalgr. A gift from Sigurd Sundsteigen, she does not use it.



A steel-barreled firearm that holds capacity for two shots before it needs to be reloaded with both pellet and refined black firesand. Unlike many firearms on the market, the weapon is not powered by aether. It is what Odette would consider a circumstantial or last resort weapon, giving it's ranged limitation and lack of ammunition. The wooden handle is carved from cherry wood, stained, treated and lined with Aurum Regis.



It remains fact that there is not one sailor whom would frequent dark bar without at least one weapon hidden from sight. Truly, they can be hard to reach and volatile in comparison to the openly worn, but if experience teaches anything, back up is imperative. Beyond the hidden knife in boot's lining, it is not common for Odette to make use of such munitions beyond preparation for situations that might warrant it, however.






There were many hours spent at sea, long night's on ships watch, that Odette used to practice her craft. Self-taught and self reliant, the sailor's entertainment of crew became eventual busking in the slums of Limsa's lower districts for spare gil. Now, better off, she has made her debut on a public level as a treasured, inspirational hobby rather than a method of means. Her instrument of choice is the fiddle/violin, and her voice has become known for it's husky, Siren-like qualities.[3]

[Odette is available to play at your functions and events!]


Naturally, as one would expect of a sailor, Odette has retained much of her knowledge and shaped experiences. Formerly the deckhand upon various merchant vessels that hired temporary crew from port to port, she went on to later join a band of merry treasure hunters and rumor mongers. Suffice to say, the woman has had her fair share of time and tide and though she has since turned from seas to 'salvage' with Jackal & Hide and other activities, she remains a valuable asset.

[Odette is available as a deckhand and tide/weather consultant!]


Taught to work the forge as both an outlet and a means, Odette not only enjoys the physical labor that sees a piece come to it's practical fruition, but also finds a great joy in creating something from near-nothing. This extends as to weapons of all shapes, sizes and designs and goes as far as to include crafted plate armor and various chain mails. Though she been taken on as an unofficial apprentice by Jackal & Hide Blacksmith Bert Brewforge, she works ever onward to improving her craft.

[Odette is available for BSM/ARM commissions, consultations, & repairs!]


The least well known of Odette's services, one might question what it is exactly the woman does in such a role and what it entails. Simply put, the Highlander makes herself available for odd jobs and the plights of others, yet her involvement is something of a grey area and rarely acknowledged nor expanded upon. Perhaps if deemed a satisfactory cause, her unique skill set would produce the information one desires - names, places, opportunities, and so on. She will work with any alignment for a greater purpose.

[Odette is circumstantially available for infiltration, intel & reconnaissance!]




Maðr er Sigri Vargr.

Odette was born Morgayne Griffinsworn of Ala Mhigo, the martial city-state of Gyr Abania. It was into a a proudly traditionally-minded [4] clan of Highlanders on it's outskirts that she had been birthed, sired by one of the Fists of Rhalgar and his fearless Warrior wife. A small, close-knit clan of several different families, the Grár Úlfur, lived under single rood and were as rowdy as they came; warriors, combatants, blacksmith and armorers; a small community all self-sufficient in drinking their body-weight in mead and feast. Much like her mother before her, Odette began training for griffin-mounted combat [5] from a young age and was paired with the hatchling Styrkur upon her first nameday. Alas, such memories as fond as they were and vaguely remembered by a child so young, came to an end all too quickly.

With the tyrannical madness of the Ruin King and the opened door for the invasion of the Garlean Empire that resulted in the "Third Great Migration", near conscription of the child snatched from her home led to the the death of her mother in barbaric defense. Fleeing the city with her father, the Highlander child traveled with one of many droves that made their way west toward Gridania, combating a vengeful Shroud that had not forgotten the events of the Autumn War. Turned away, it was at the Gates of Ul'Dah that tragedy struck anew with the death of her Father. For a number of years, the vertically challenged blonde grew up in the refugee camp that become "Little" Ala Mhigo. Yet for all it's attempts, the community was but a husk of everything it's name suggested. A shadow. Shortly before the approximate time of her twelveth cycle, the observant youth looked upon what their people had become and decided she herself would have none of it; refusing to succumb to the same downtrodden and fruitless mindsets. Thus, the Highlander left her name, her faith and her most recent home to board caravan that would inevitably take her to the docks of Vesper Bay where her life as stowaway would continue.


((WIP, in progress))



N O N - P L A Y E R   C H A R A C T E R S
Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!

"Little Odie? Hah! I remember that Highlander runt. Hard worker for a stowaway." — Merchant Deckhand.
"The deckhand with the freckles and the whole ocean in her eyes? Aye, she used ta frequent the docks all the time." — Harbor Fisherman, Limsa Lominsa.
"She's got a golden voice, that's for sure. Wouldn't be the first time I've heard jest that she's a Siren in disguise." — Tavern Patron, Back Alley Bar.
"Miss Odette! I love her! She's so pretty and nice... look at all the coins she gave me!" — Street Urchin, Lower Limsa.
"I don't know anyone by that name. Get out me face!" — Grumpy Ala Mhigan Refugee.

Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!

"All smiles and charisma that one, brings a smile ta me gob just thinkin' of 'er. Can't 'elp but think she knows more than she lets on, though. Always attentive, always willin' ta listen. There's just somethin' in her... eyes... that draws ya in." — Sunkissed Sailor.
"That blonde beauty uses a strange sword of the likes I ain't seen before, that much is common knowledge. Ye ever seen her use it, though? I did, once. Like a whip in her hands, it were. Reduced a rowdy git to his briefs in seconds.... twenty gil an' I'll tell ya tha whole story!" — Smirking Bartender, Lower Limsa.
"Sounds a lot like Finngeir's girl with a description like that. Wonder what happened to her..." — Elderly Refugee, Little Ala Mhigo. (Circumstantial).
"My Tailor's sister swears she's seen that woman on the arm of some rich noble as of recent. Ridiculous, she's a barbarian." — Haughty Gossip in Ul'Dah.

Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!

"There are those whom do the 'dirty work' to spare another the burden of blood on their hands. She is a woman who gets the job done. Every time." — Hooded Figure, whom promptly walks away.
"I was there when they found her in the hull of that ship; beaten, bruised and delirious from months of captivity. Thought she was a goner, but she's a fighter that one. There are few souls I've seen that burn brighter." — Grizzled Sailor.

Art by Meishali
Doodled Art by Meishali

P L A Y E R   C H A R A C T E R S
Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

Player Character Rumors -Some of these are more rare than others!

"Ode, aye. 'Pretty-in-everything' is what came to mind, and she and her crew are the fun sort. Thought of her summons a smile, which is good enough for me" — Keaira Twinning.
"Odette Saorise? Yea, I met her. A night of drinking games at the Wench, she fit right in. The pair of...eyes on that one. *grunts*" — Vyncent Tanner
"A new addition to our ever-growing family. Rather a charming woman, but I can't help wonder when her demons will catch up to her. I hope she realizes we'll be there for her when that happens." - Ludivine Goultard
"I was once served whiskey by a blonde waitress, perhaps an "eight-out-of-ten" on the eyes. I confess to being 'slightly' intoxicated that afternoon, which made it difficult to understand her thick Limsan accent and remember her name. Thankfully, Ode reminded me of her name in several ways I will not soon forget, especially considering that I owe her a new hat and around four onzes of wiskey. She's a living testament to the ancient colloquialism -- 'blondes are more fun.'" — Sigurd Sundsteigen
"Seen that one a couple'a times 'round Limsa, aye. Hard to forget a woman like that. Daring look, and the sorta smile that ye only get after seein' some rough seas an' seein' th'other side" — Steel Wolf
"It's hard to forget a woman like that. Odette is fairer than most mermaids I've seen. She's a feisty one, too. If you give it to her she'll throw it right back at you; hell even if you don't give it to her she'll throw some sass your way!" — Paul Desmond
"There is a profound kindness in her, and a sense of duty that I find myself envious of. She's the sort of person that bears secrets... I find I relate." — Khyran Oisin
"I've only seen her perform once, but the energy of it! *sigh* It was simply amazing! Infectious! It was all I could do to not jump up and join right in!" — Aya Foxheart
"Odette. As much she is at times reckless and speaks her mind, she also is selfless and is willing to go through great lenghts to aid her friends and co-workers. Oh. Her music? If one hears her songs they are brought along with her both in sound and visuals as she moves to her own words. There is something unique about her in the rays of the morni-... But yeah, knowing her should be something everyone should try. " — Aeron Volkova
"I occasionally meet young women who are new to the life of song and performance, and a number of them have asked me how to thrive in it. Of course, I tell them that the best advice is to know one's instrument better than one's own hand, throw shyness out the bloody window, and of course, be the best and most radiant version of oneself that is possible. However, I've come in the past few moons to throw in this little addendum: 'If you can't be yourself, love... have you ever met Odette Saoirse, and seen her perform? Be her.' " - Nathan Telluride
"Ah, yes. Miss Odette. Good-looking, well-spoken, talented, almost to a fault--overly inquisitive. Not too arrogant, yet not too humble. If I have dirt on the woman? No. But I get the feeling that if I were to look, just for a bit, I might find something. And that's the reason why I haven't categorized her as insipid yet, despite her overly boring attributes. Well, boring. In my mind, anyways." — Nathaniel of Salem
"She had me fooled for a while into thinking she was one of the smarter members of our former company, but then she went off chasing one of our targets on her own, the timing of which coincided remarkably with Septimus Rem Nerva's arrest and the collapse of Ebonbrand. Yes, yes, I have no proof. I need only be patient and wait for an admission... a telling slip of the tongue would suffice, but I'd be satisfied with the truth and would be content to leave her be." - Glace Silencieuse
"She has such a strong voice! She can dance about, swinging and spinning, and still hold a note. It makes me wonder just how truly strong her range is were she to stand still and put everything into one part of the song. It must be so she does not move the crowd to tears." — Jancis Milburga
"Your rumor here." — Character Name


In an effort to prevent metagaming, intentional or not, I have adopted a simple key that speaks only of positive, negative and neutral in alphabetical order. Anything more or less to each relationship, you'll have to find out in game!

$ Business Positive Negative Neutral 🔃 Unsure

Aeron Volkova ( ) - Desert Prince.
Aya Foxheart ( ) - Barmaid.
Ciel Sauveterre ( ) - Coordinator.
Endricane Feltaro ( ) - Keeper of Empty Promises.
Haydn'to Kalmar ( ) - The Asset.
Isaak Wulfhart ( 🔃 ) - Scavenger.
J'inarah Marad ( ) - Former Employer.
Keaira Twinning ( ) - Drinking Buddy.

Kheja'a Akhabila ( ) - Magic Meow.
Khyran Oisin ( ) - Closest Thing to Family.
Mikha Sunthistle ( ) - Sweet Summer Child.
Nathan Telluride ( ) - Mr. Fabulous.
Nathaniel Salem ( ) - Mystical Enigma.
Septimus Nerva ( $ 🔃 ) - The Boss.
Onini Nini ( 🔃 ) - The Maid.
Orrin Halgren ( ) - Good-Natured Flirt.

Paul Desmond ( ) - The Inspector.
Q'Nahli Rhanya ( ) - Music Meow.
Rufus Wightman ( 🔃 ) - Probably means well...
Sigurd Sundsteigen ( $ ) - Lovable Shit.
Skylar Brooks ( 🔃 ) - The Whirlwind.
Vyncent Tanner ( ) - Shithead.





This is a list of the items that Odette currently is keeping on her person. This information is a fun prompt for insight and is not to be meta-gamed, though free to use this information if it comes up logically in the course of RP (such as pickpocketing, a search, etc) with use of a simple /tell.

Last Updated: December 9th, 2015.

Coinpurse.png Sackicon.png AgedDecanter.png Linkpearlicon.png Ropeicon.png VialIcon.png Huntingknife.png JerkedBeef.png Whitefeather.png Inkpot.png

  • Coinpurse: Odette carries three small coinpurses on her person, each one holding at most a few hundred gil. One would be foolish to keep all their income in one place, after all. Each bag is just shy of the approximate size of a woman's fist, and woven from what appears to be hemp with a high thread count.

  • Worn Leather Satchel: Dark russet brown and weathered, this bag has certainly seen better days. When venturing away from home, or out and about on business, the Highlander will almost always have this small leather pouch affixed at her hip. Sewn within the bag's base is a hidden pouch, containing several vials of undisclosed content.

  • Flask: A small, silver flask that bears no insignia nor design. It is dented and scratched in several places. Rest assured, Odette always has some form on liquor on hand. Her flask is often topped with whiskey and finds placement on her belt when travelling or nestled within her shirt at times when attire does not warrant it.

  • Linkpearls: Odette likes to be able to keep in private contact with people she finds useful. Her company pearl is almost always affixed just behind her ear on a small, looped wire frame that allows her to swing it directly over her ear when needed. Additionally, she keeps her own personal linkpearls on hand in addition to those she has been given.

  • Rope: [Satchel] Better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it. Five meters of thickly woven rope, fastened in a small bundle. Enough to secure your average man or woman, or scale a small building.

  • Dried Meat Rations: [Satchel] For those times on the go, a small wrapped package of salted dried beef is kept aside for times of need; be it for another or herself.

  • Travelers Ink & Quill: [Satchel] A small vial filled with obsidian ink and a tightly secured stopper. Accompanied by a half-sized quill and a few rolled scraps of blank parchment.

  • An Unopened Vial of Bronco Grease: [Satchel] A new and popular revivification tonic best known for its increasingly racy ad campaign, and endorsed by some of Eorzea's most desirable members of all genders. Sold to Odette by a passing and rather self-assured merchant by the name of Verad Bellveil.

  • Hunting Knife: [Boot] A hard leather casing sewn into the lining of her two most commonly worn boots (thigh-high and knee-height) acts as a sheath for the sharpened hunting knife concealed within. Emergencies only.


ODchoco.png ODgriffin.png

  • Bayard: A russet-brown chocobo stabled at the Sunny Seas Salvage yard within the eighth ward of the Mist in La Norseca. Odette is not overly fond of the two-legged breed of bird that serves as mounted transport, a generalization that extends beyond her own, and struggles to control the mount's flighty temperament and awkward gait. Despite this, the chocobo is well taken care of and cared for with respect.

  • Styrkur: [Deceased] The griffin hatchling that was bound to Odette at the coming of her first nameday, a tradition that forged connection between man and mount. With the events surrounding the invasion and the death of Odette's mother, the creature has not been seen since the migration. He is presumed dead or conscripted as Garlean mount.






  • Limsa Lominsa: High probability.

  • The Mist Residential District: High probability.

  • Costa Del Sol: Moderate probability.

  • Aleport: Moderate probability.

  • Ul'Dah: Moderate-Low probability.

  • The Shroud: Low probability.

  • Ishgard: Low probability.

  • Little Ala Mhigo: Very low probability.


  • Limsa Lominsa: Long-time sailor, common face around the docks.

Ask About:
  • Dutiful Sisters of the Edelweiss: Rogue's Guild.

Loose friendship/ties with:
  • The 81st Levy: Aethereal Warriors <AW-RP>.

  • Ebonbrand: Machinations Security for a new era. <EB-RP>.


  • The First Annual Flame Festival: Heralded for "Pie-Bane" Jancis Milburga, awarded third place.

  • The Celebration of Autumn Stars: Performed "Autumn Stars", awarded second place.

  • The Celebration of First Snow: "Winter's Knell" vocal performance with accompanying violin.

  • The Celebration of Gifts: "Greatest Gift" vocal performance with accompanying violin.

  • The Wayfarer's Valentione's Ball 2016: Vocal performance and musical entertainment.

  • A Show of Hearts: Magitek, metal and music - oh my! "Better Days, Hotter Nights" vocal performance, complete with pyrotechnics.

  • The Last Bard Standing: Pitted against bards of repute, "Outfoxed" won Odette first place.

  • Lemieux Skytrade Opening: An encore performance of "Better Days, Hotter Nights" for the grand opening of the Manticore's Den.

  • A Show of Fortune: Lady Luck performed with violin and some sneaky sleight of hand.

  • The Dreadwyrms Shanty Showdown: First place winner with "Calvary".


  • Brugaire Consortium: The Brugaire Consortium is one of the largest merchant outfitters in Limsa Lominsa, dealing in an extensive range of wares including weapons, perishables, and fashionable apparel. Odette retains a few of her contacts from her days as deckhand, and many of her purchases are made here to this day.

  • The Drowning Wench: One of the Highlander's favourite, more public watering holes.

  • The Bonding Ceremony of Sigurd Sundsteigen and Khana Borlaaq: One of numerous guests whom attended both bonding and reception, the latter hosted by the Wayfarer's of Eorzea.

  • Bronco Grease Missing Member Flyer: Yes, that flyer. Ahoy! [6]

  • The Bonding Ceremony of Ludivine Goultard and Cassandra Lachance: One of Jackal & Hide's employees invited to attend.


  • Justice and Vigilantes: Odette comments on recent events of the Tonberry's Lantern. [7]


  • Excuse Me While I Kiss the Sky: Odette's Songbook and record of performances. [8]





"Jancis Pie-Bane"

Written as an entry for the "Herald's Challenge" at the Annual Flame Festival, the ballad was designed to tell the tale of a single competitor and their victory within the area of their choice. Odette's subject of choice was that of Jancis Milburga, winner of the Pie-Eating Competition. Contestants were given only a short time to prepare, and spoke their grandiose tales shortly after. The entry was awarded third place.

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"Autumn Stars"

An artistic gathering of creative minds in the gardens of Old Gridania, the Celebration of Autumn stars welcomed in the start of the Fall months during which time the lands of Eorzea would find themselves richly accented by orange and brown in preparation for the winter months. Hosted by Nathan Telluride, it was the last of the public performances of that type to offer awards based on audience vote. Odette's written song of the same name won her second place. What many don't know is the song itself was loosely based on the loss of her 'first love'.

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"Winter's Knell"

In the chilly embrace of the Coerthas frost, performers were asked to create and prepare a 3-8 minute speech, song or story, based upon their interpretations and expressions upon the theme "The First Snows." Odette turned to cherished memories of her past and what little she could remember of celebrations pertaining to Winter's Knell and the outskirts of Ala Mhigo. A dual performance of vocals and violin, audience participation was well received and had many clapping along in time.

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Odette Saoirse(Oh-dett Seer-sha), also known as Odie or Ode, is a charismatic rogue with a penchant for rolling seas, strong drink and timeless chivalry. There are many adjectives that could be used to describe the shapely siren, of which differ from person to person. To some she might appear a thug, an uncontrollable troublemaker. To others, she is a beacon of independence and alluring boldness. Yet, to both, she would shake her head and offer a grin; for she is both and neither of these things - just a bard who ends up in the thick of it more often than not. Right...?

PLEASE NOTE: This Wiki is constantly changing and updating. Last update made: January, 2016.
Whilst special care has been taken to avoid the reveal of major spoilers contained within Odette's biography, there are many insights that remain beyond this point which are strictly for OOC purposes unless stated otherwise (rumors, etc).


Hello there! First of all, thank you for taking the time to look through my character's terribly lengthy and horrendously time-wasting wiki page that acts as a "living biography" for the incorrigible Odette Saoirse. As the twenty-something woman behind her antics I go by the online handle Capheira, have been roleplaying seriously for just over two years and am a full-time student in the area of Graphic Design with a (thankfully) flexible schedule. While I'll try not to bore you or spoil anything in terms of OOC knowledge, below are a few useful bits of information regarding my own RP that will make for a more streamlined experience. Please keep in mind, the below is a reflection of how I choose to roleplay and is not in any way a judgement of other people's play-styles and preferences.

I classify myself as a Heavy Roleplayer [9] and will always put IC experiences, motives, words, thoughts, and behaviors first. Whatever path Odette takes is a result of it being the most natural action/reaction for her at that time and only bested by the need for organic growth. I thrive on organic developments, positive and negative. Walk-Ups/Tells are always loved and encouraged - Odette is very social, so please don't be hesitant to approach. I generally RP in public channels (/say, /yell, /em), but also sometimes use /tell for certain narrative elements such as whispering. I will always emote that I am doing so to avoid metagaming. When it comes to Combat, I'm comfortable with freeform, rolls, talking things out beforehand to decide who would realistically win, or just about anything else. I try to find that balance between overreacting and under-reacting in line with Odette's IC personality. Injuries come and go, but I personally prefer to go that little further with the RP surrounding it. For example, a regeneration spell on a broken leg would in fact require setting first so as not to heal wonky with the rapid process of the magic.

There must be a clear separation of IC and OOC at all times. Whilst I enjoy speaking with you, how Odette feels about your character does not reflect how I feel about you. How Odette lives her life does not reflect upon how I live mine. I have my own thoughts and opinions just as Odette has hers; but my character is not my vessel nor my avatar. Odette is a creation of my imagination designed to tell a story. Requests for RP are loved immensely (please don't be afraid to shoot me a tell and ask if I am free to do so) and I will do my best to accommodate you as much as IC will allow, but poor reactions to unavailability and designation of time are unwelcome. I choose to spend my time with you (and I love doing so) but it is not an entitlement. ♡


I'm a very laid back person, roll with the punches and pretty much feel that anything occurring organically or through plot is acceptable. Established guidelines are capable of being bent (or declined) in exceptional circumstances. However, for the sake of making sure everyone's on the same page and in the interest of providing reference for healthy and happy RP, here are a few particular mentions for my preferences:

  • Do: All RP themes from the dark, serious, and mature (violence, sexuality, torture, murder, drug / alcohol use, etc.) to the light-hearted, humorous, and cheerful. I enjoy balance. Awesome dramatic plots. Heavy, feels-ridden plots. Elaborate, grand-scale, long-term plots. One-shot plots. Personal and private plots. Subterfuge and hidden plots. Serious injury. Temporary injury and incapacitation of mind or body. Temporary captivity or imprisonment. Combat. Ambushes. Assassination attempts. Rivalries. Deep platonic friendships. Romantic tension. Sexual tension. Coarse language.

  • Ask: Disfigurement or mutilation. Permanent scarring or symbols marked on my character. Torture that leaves behind lasting, long-term effects (aka, longer than 3 months). Long-term and/or permanent injury. Long-term captivity or imprisonment. Significant tampering of the mind. Anything that is dramatically character-changing, or may have extremely negative implications for my character. (I believe in consequences, but please warn me if any RP we do is leading towards 'extremely negative implications' land so that I can assess whether I am comfortable with it going in that direction and redirect if need be!)

  • Don't: Do anything mentioned under 'do' for any reason outside of the narrative. Permanent character death. Permanently maiming or crippling my character in a way that completely prevents her from living independently. OOCly planned romances. Random ERP that is outside of organic interaction. PCs playing as established NPCs (There is only one Haucherfaunt and he is [spoiler]).


"Language is wine upon the lips."

  • Paragraphs & Quotation Marks: I like to set a scene, telling a narrative as I write. Please don't fret if it takes me a little longer for those additional lines. Whilst I can, and do, cut down the size of my posts for public interaction and large gatherings, I am most comfortable with and immensely appreciative of being able to offer what I feel like is my personal 'best'. I welcome interactions with other paragraph writers, but do not begrudge those whom choose to write alternatively. Additionally, I tend to write everything in "Say" with the use of quotation marks. I may use /em if the action is completely free of speech, but for the most part everything I write will be done in say. I apologize in advance if this gets confusing.

  • 'Heavy' Roleplay: Descriptive. Immersion-based. Growth through interaction. Relative to Lore. Beyond mechanics. Odette is shaped by the world around her, by the people she interacts with and the trials she undergoes. Her story and outlook is progressive, an ongoing expression of action and reaction that is tracked and developed over time. I enjoy expressing her character beyond words and rely heavily on emotes, however basic they may be. I abide by lore where possible, adhering to set examples of what is and what is not possible. Where there is no lore, I am open to reasonable flavor/headcannon.

  • Original Performances: Each and every roleplayer is entitled to play as they see fit. This is especially true of "Bard RP". While I understand that each and every person will approach the class differently and have preferences that culminate their own personal ideas of fun and enjoyment, where possible I enjoy creating original content for Odette's musical performances. All content performed will be written by my own hand 99% of the time, unless stated explicitly that the song is being performed as a cover or was 'taught' to her by someone else.

  • Odette as a Bard: Roleplay is my delight and driving force, yet we don't always have access to what it is that we wish to convey through mechanical means. Whilst this is made clear through roleplay and interaction, there are facets to Odette's character concept that go beyond the mechanics of the game. Odette's concept is not limited to a single class, yet I do not roleplay her in classes she does not ICly have access to. For example, Odette is not a 'Bard' per say. She does not wield a bow ICly beyond the occasional sport, she does not manipulate the aether nor gain power from her songs. She is a musician, but this itself is represented by the Bard class. In a similar manner a flintlock pistol rests on her hip, but she is not a Machinist. Her weapon of choice is the rapier, but she is a duelist in contrast to the hack and slash of a Gladiator. Odette is an everyday woman with manually developed skills. What this comes down to in the reliance upon heavy-rp and the understanding that (with explanation) some things may be more than they appear. This will not cross boundaries of lore.


We're almost done, I promise...

  • Communication and Consent: It's very important. I promise I don't bite! If there is something you are unsure of, uncomfortable with, or personal preferences (this includes the desire to fade-to-black on mature/sexual content) please let me know as it comes up. Odette is a mature-themed character, despite her light-hearted ease. I am more than happy to accommodate your roleplay preferences OOCly, or provide an IC 'out' within reason but I cannot know of any issues you take if you do not let me know.

  • Immersion: I am not above messing around OOCly (it happens often, trust me!) but there are times when I'll be completely in the zone as far as RP is concerned and any OOC presence will silence unless needed. I love talking and chatting, but I tend to avoid OOC contact where possible when engaged in serious/heavy roleplay to allow for the better channeling of imagination and reaction. OOC linkshells and FC Chat are not turned on in my "RP tab" - please don't think I'm ignoring you, it's not intentional!

  • You Are Awesome: It is sincerely my pleasure to roleplay with you and share the joy of storytelling. A lot of information in this tab has been listed as guidelines designated to give some sort of helpful insight into my preferences, but at the end of the day however you choose to express and engage in roleplay is welcomed and appreciated. To experience a plethora of styles is to better grow and experience the social aspect of what it means to roleplay. Tl;dr - Variety is the spice of life and I thoroughly enjoy sampling whatever it is you bring to the buffet of imagination. ♡


  • CREDITS: Layout template loosely based on a culmination of work by: Bancroft Gairn & Xheja Rajhera (vanilla layout and coloured headers), Unnamed Mercenary (tabs), D'lyhhia Lhuil (header table), Brynhilde Wulf (appearance sub-table), and Tsaganarii Dhoro (coding: floral sidebars) with large adaptions, color coding, and custom imagery and pain-staking troubleshooting by Odette Saoirse. Please, please if you intend to copy this coding for yourself, have the decency to use your own graphics. I don't mind you using the general concept/idea with credits intact, but it would mean the world to be if the hard work put into headers, banners, custom icons and imagery was not taken advantage of. Yes, I have noticed there are those whom have taken many of the headings I've used for indepth descriptions. Yes, you should have credited me, despite the fact anyone can coincidently list and words things in that particular way. No, I'm not going to say anything but I am quite aware.
  • Odette is a creation of my own imagination. However, there are facets inspired by various influences and concepts as follows: Robin Hood, Edward Kenway (AC4), Diego De La Vega (Zorro), Westley (The Princess Bride), Isabella (Dragon Age 2), Eva (MGS3).
  • Body Claim: NFSW -Swimsuit