Odile Dornier

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Gridania-transparent.png Odile Dornier
Gender Female
Race Elezen
Clan Duskwight
Citizenship Gridania
Age Looks mid-late 20's
Sexuality Straight
Occupation Midwife/folk healer
Guardian Nymeia
Namesday 18th sun of the 4th Umbral moon



A Duskwight woman who was born with albinism, Odile Dornier has carved out a small spot for herself as a midwife and folk healer.

Despite her low vision, she has managed to study and work in nurturing arts to help others. Her study has mostly been tactile or auditory, as she is unable to read or write.

Preferring the shaded boughs of Gridania, Odile can see found wandering about the Sanctum of the Twelve when not called away for work.

Rumors say that she has dabbled in fortune telling; her appearance and race has given smallfolk reason enough to think something unsavory of the woman, despite the fact she has helped many of them.


The first thing anyone will notice about Odile is that she has Albinism.

( Information on Albinism )

Her skin is a very light white-peach colour, and is easily susceptible to sunburns. Her hair lacks pigment, not truly being white or silver in colour. Despite common misconception, her eyes- and the eyes of others with albinism -are not red. The irises simply lack enough pigment to filter out light, letting the blood vessels behind them be seen. In truth, Odile's can have a light blue, light violet, light green, light grey, or even light pink colour to them depending on the light.

Her face is soft in nature, cheeks not particularly plump and a chin that tapers off to a slight point. Odile keeps her hair down and free, light bangs threatening to cover her eyes- not that it would matter much.

Legally blind, Odile's albinism causes nystagmus- rapid eye movements aka "dancing eyes". This prevents Odile from being able to focus on small details or see well in brightly lit areas. Due to this, she has to wear extremely thick glasses just to get around. The lenses have the comical effect in that her eyes are magnified to the point she has earned the nickname "Owl". This does not fix her vision; they just allow her to get around without hurting herself.

A band of leafy-green paint has been painted across her eyes in a bar- both a cosmetic quirk and vain attempt to lessen sunlight glare.


Odile Dornier isn't a recluse or a shy maiden- she can't afford to be. Between her racial heritage in Gridania, and her low vision, Odile has had to work with others just to survive day to day.

While polite, she is not a door mat. Pious, but not blindly (hah) so. Strong willed, but not to the point that she would recklessly endanger herself or others.

In other words; she's pretty average.


Odile, due to her albinism, has very poor vision. She has degrees of photophobia (Meaning her eyes take in too much light, thus causing discomfort) and nystagmus (Aka "dancing" eyes- involuntary movements which make it hard to focus on fine details).

For example;
A character with normal vision sees these:

Ffxiv 12102014 174120.png


And what Odile sees:

Ffxiv 12102014 171513plt.png
Ffxiv 12102014 174120plt.png




Odile is not a fighter. She would probably run into a tree or fall off an embankment instead of being useful in combat.



The Black Shroud
Salads and fish
Folk music and dance
Dusk / Dawn
Soft fabrics
Small animals
Romantic stories


Bright lights (they hurt her eyes)
Thick, bustling crowds
Thanalaan sunlight
Spicy food
Her glasses


Folk remedies
Folk music
Basket weaving
Fortune telling


Favourite Food/Drink: Steamed Catfish/Lentils and chestnuts/Sweet Rice cakes/chamomile tea
Favourite Place: The Shroud
Favorite Weather: Light drizzle on a cloudy day
Favorite Season: Autumn/Winter
Favorite Color: Moss green
Favorite Scents: Rain/Forest flowers/Honey


Romantic Interest     Sexual Desire     Platonic Love      Good Standing     Neutral Standing     Poor Standing

Friends & Acquaintances

Verad Bellveil: A handsome and unusually charming Duskwight. He took her to her first Ball and left her enchanted, if a little confused. She doesn't understand why he keeps asking her to take off her glasses.


Easily Overheard Rumours
"She's very good at her work, if a little slow. Helped me birth three healthy babies. A good luck charm, is what she is!"
Somewhat Difficult To Overhear Rumours
"I heard someone went to her for a love potion once. Why not just go to a registered alchemist? What is she doing that is different?"
Rarely Overheard Rumours
"She told me that my wife was going to get sick. I don't know how she got that from a pile of sticks, but three weeks down the road and my wife was near on her deathbed. She's either some soothsayer, or she's poisoned my Delilha."
Player Character Rumours
"One ought to do two things when speaking with Miss Dornier: avoid selling her anything potentially useful and find a means to get her to remove her glasses. Try not to be too enchanted in the latter case." - Verad Bellveil


Odile has lived in Gridania her whole life, born to a Duskwight family who sought a better life than scavenging and banditry. She and her family lived a semi-comfortable life in a small communal hut with another family, making folk remedies to sell.

Her appearance caused some children to bully Odile in her youth, but she doesn't seem very affected by it.

She had been selling her services for several years now at the sanctum of the twelve, her family gone in the calamity's wake.

There is no dark or sordid past to her.


Theme Song: Odile pas de Deux

TV Tropes: TBD

Alignment: Neutral Good