Odtsetseg Qestir

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 Odtsetseg Qestir
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship ???
Age 20
Nameday 30th Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon
Height 57.5'
Guardian Nymeia, the Spinner
Pronunciation / ȯd'tsehsegg /
Server Balmung

Odtsetseg Qestir (pronounced / ȯd'tsehsegg /)

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Appearance & Personality



Born to Naranbaatar and Sarangerel of the Qestir tribe on the 30th Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon in the year 1556, Odtsetseg was a bright child bringing a smile even to the old sage who gave the young of the tribe their names. Her mother, Sarangerel was a renowned goldsmith of the tribe, she was as well known for her delicate jewelry as she was for her sweet countenance and love of her husband. Her father, Naranbaatar was one of the hunters and defenders of the tribe, he'd protected them from many raids by the neighboring tribes and often he would come back with a rare feather or unique gemstone for his wife to use in her craft.
As a child Odtsetseg was quick to learn, and mercurial in both temperament and passion, moving from one interesting thing to another and friends to enemies and back again with the other children in her tribe. Not long after her second birthday while out on a trading expedition her father's party was attacked by a small group of the Dotharl. He later woke up in a small tent covered in bandages, after spending many months recovering amongst the Kha tribe he had decided that maybe the ways of his people the Qestir were not entirely right. Once he was well enough he traveled back to his tribe. Odtsetseg and her mother were overjoyed at his return, and though she was too young to remember how her father managed to do it, he convinced her mother to take her and their belongings and move with him to the Kha.
Life with the Kha was difficult for the young Qestir child, while her father spoke, though not as much as the other tribe members, her mother was still stubborn about following the tribe ways, insisting that Odtsetseg be raised in the same traditions that she had been raised in. This included making her her mother's apprentice in the are of goldsmithing. It was around this time that a traveling Raen AuRi and his daughter came to the village bringing books and other such things. While both of their fathers meet with the tribe elders and the Khan the two girls went to play in the fields. It was there away from her mother's eyes that the two outcast girls bonded, Rin teaching Odtsetseg how to read and write and helping her with her speaking. This went on, whenever they would stop by, for about a year before Odtsetseg learned that her friend was going to school and they wouldn't be able see each other as often. They continued to meet periodically over the course of the next 3 years, Rin helping her work on her speech and bringing her school books and teaching her what she was learning. Sadly one day Rin's father came to talk to her saying that due to some concerns by the villagers Rin had been sent to a facility in a distant city to learn to control her dangerous powers.
Two years later while her father and some of the other men where out hunting the Garleans attacked the tribe's camp having heard that the tribe would stand with the village that was their true target. Odtsetseg was in the bushes over the hill gathering berries with her mother when the Garleans atacked, knowing that they would soon spot the woman and the girl on the hill Sarangerel shoved her daughter into the bushes and spoke to her for the first and last time. "stay hidden." her mother's voice was rusty and choked with tears. Kissing her daughter on both cheeks and then on the forehead she pushed her lower into the bushes and ran down the hill towards the slaughter that was happening amongst the tents where they had lived for the last 6 years. Odtsetseg obeyed her mother making herself as small as she could in the brambles and trying not to hear the cries as tears streamed down her face.
When her father and the other men returned they searched everywhere for survivors. One of them found her and took her to her father, silently crying they held each other for what seemed hours before moving on to honoring their dead. The next morning Naranbaatar took his daughter and they made the journey to Eorzea.



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