Orieldis Swift

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Orieldis Swift
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"Certainly, I've seen it... from the inside. Have you heard the tale of how it came to be?"
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Highlander
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Birthplace Candlekeep Quay
Guardian Oschon, the Wanderer
Nameday 25th Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon
Occupation Courier/Surveyor

Basic Info

Orieldis is a Lominsan courier and journey-level surveyor, apprenticing under both her parents who own and operate Odolite Expeditions out of Moraby Bay. She delivers maps, documents, and contracts for the family business in addition to freelancing as an adventurer.


Height: 5f 8i

Weight: 134p

Complection:  Fair & Freckled

Hair:  Apricot

Eyes:  Indigo

Features:  Of average height, with a sturdy, athletic build; busty, and attractive. She inherited a blending of her father’s dusty blond and mother’s fiery red hair, but she has the darkest eyes in her family. She typically dresses functionally as travel is part of her occupation, but does reserve some fancy attire for occasions.

Her speaking voice is warm and bright, and she has a strong shout, which carries over into her singing. She makes use of it by performing folksongs using traditional accents and inflections when appropriate.



  • She possesses great drive to move forward in pursuit of her goals. Through her willfulness and independence she refuses to be shaken from her purpose. (Tenacity)
  • While she is easy to throw off-balance, as she so frequently operates off-balance anyway as part of her occupation, she is quick to adjust and doesn’t lose sight of her task. (Adaptability)
  • Since she frequently meets strangers as part of her vocation, she is accustomed to formal greetings and polite talk as well as disarming banter, ever at ease socially. (Charm)


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  • Her greatest fear is probably solitude. No home to return to, no one to talk to, no joys or dreams to share. A life without others seems ghastly.
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  • Maelstrom: Second Storm Lieutenant, Storm Growler, Stormlady
  • Order of the Twin Adder: Second Serpent Lieutenant, Serpent Howler, Serpentlady


Name and Lifestyle

Name Etymology


Current Residence


Birth and childhood (0-10)


Teen Years






Family and Relationships


  • Folcard, father
  • Dama, mother
  • Fareman, brother
  • Baldevin, brother (deceased)


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  • A budding botanist, she is fond of horticulture and flower arrangement, often gathering small bundles while she travels between duties.
  • She is a regular Hunt participant and has an extensive log of mark bills, though she is still set on pursuing more rare and dangerous beasts.
  • Truly her mother's child, she likes to prepare and collect maps, and is greatly interested by the rumor of timeworn maps to hidden treasures.
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  • Color:  Celeste Green
  • Food:  Apkallu Omlette
  • Drinks:  Rolanberry Lassi
  • Scent:  Lavender
  • Place:  Oschon's Torch


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Note: This section is editable by anyone. Just keep in mind that the rumors here may be both true or false.

  • Local:  Lower La Noscea - While the family are not new to the area, they transplanted within the last generation. It is odd, however, that the Swift clan is commonly found in the east of Vylbrand, yet none of the locals can trace any relation to this family's branch.