Petra Sjasaris

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 Petra Sjasaris
Petra Sjasaris.jpg
Gender Female
Race Viera
Clan Rava
Citizenship Golmore Jungle
Occupation Astrologian; former Black Mage
Relationship Status Partnered (Bjonse Fyth)
Server/World Aether/Cactuar
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Basic Info



Petra, born in the Golmore Jungle, was in tune with the mist from a young age. The extent of her power was alarming to her mother, Sonja, who dissuaded her from tapping into it. Sonja's fear was that the dark arts (i.e. black magic) Petra’s father, Covaa, dabbled with would manifest in her and cause their family to be ostracized like he was. As Petra approached childrearing age, she began to receive mysterious visions beckoning her to leave the forest for the major cities. In these visions, what appeared to be a deity explained that Petra had a purpose to fulfill and that she was destined for great things. Petra’s aetherical sensitivity, knowledge of combat, and maternal instincts made her an essential asset to Golmore’s Viera community. She knew making an announcement of her leave would bring dissension and possibly conflict. The deity in her visions promised to guide her journey to U’ldah from start to end.

Petra’s best friend since childhood, Bjonse Fyth, eventually became her lover during this time. They kept their love secret, not because sapphic partnerships were frowned upon (they were quite common in Petra’s hamlet, since Viera males only return to Golmore to mate once every 3 years or so) but because one of the captain wood-warders of her hamlet, Auvo, desired to marry Petra. Her mother encouraged the union as it would repair their family’s tainted reputation brought upon by her father's history. The day before Petra would leave Golmore, she would spend the day with Bjonse and profess her devotion to her. Petra also told her that she would soon be making some choices that were out of her control and were for the better of the world. Bjonse didn't understand, but tried her best to be supportive.

When Petra arose to leave in the early morning, she awoke only her mother to bid her farewell. Her mother admitted she knew this day would come and revealed Petra’s father had a similar calling that caused him to abandon his duties to the Rava clan. Some rumors say he’s now dead, others say he’s a servant of evil. Either way, the rumors are that his calling was nothing but a deception. Despite this, Petra decided to continue her journey, trusting in the mysterious deity's good nature and blessing. Just a few hours later, Petra found herself in U’ldah.

A Realm Reborn

After becoming aqcuainted with certain members of the Thaumaturge's Guild, Petra became a clandestine black mage. Seeing the dark paths it can take someone, Petra thought of her father and the darkness her mother believed resided in her. Now that Petra mastered the dark arts, she believed finding a balance in the polarities of white and black magic could help her find inner peace and avoid any future detriment.


To find the balance of light/dark polarities in magic, having already mastered the dark arts, Petra visited the Athenaeum Astrologicum in Ishgard and began to study astrology (both Ishgardian and Sharlayan).


After witnessing a close friend of hers return to her homeland after many years, Petra was inspired to return to Golmore Jungle, help her mother out monetarily, and be reunited with her lover. While traversing through Dalmasca, she chanced upon Bjonse, who revealed, though she was now pregnant, she was not betrothed as she was waiting for Petra to come back home all along. Bjonse also revealed that Auvo was in league with the Garlean Empire and recruited many of the wood-warders to their army. With Golmore further under Garlean rule, some Viera have became despondent since many males have been gone longer than they should be for mating purposes. Many Viera are beginning to fear with no childbearing, many casualties of war and the effect of Garlean colonization, the Viera race will greatly diminish and possibly become extinct. When Petra questioned who was responsible for impregnating Bjonse if many men had been gone for so long, she admitted Auvo took advantage of her as a way to send Petra a message. However, Bjonse admitted though Auvo attempted force, she complied with his wishes in hopes that she would becoem pregnant to continue propagating the Viera race. Petra promised she would return home to help raise the child after helping to stop the Garlean threat.


Petra traversed to the First through mystical means and was compared, in likeness and deed, to a fabled Warrior of Darkness who people claimed did good deeds for less fortunate people. The identity of this person was unknown and many believed were just myths. She followed a trail and soon met this fabled character and it was none other than Covaa, her father. He revealed that he’d been brought to the First through mystical means because his control and realized his mastery of the dark arts could benefit this alternate world (i.e. one where darkness trumps light). Ultimately, Covaa chose to remain on the First to continue his good deeds in a world that needed his power — the same one that was frowned upon in the Source.


Auvo, being promised a tribunus title by the Telephoroi, has offered Petra the chance to still take his hand in marriage and have a ruling seat in the Garden Empire alongside him. Will Petra be able to assist in halting the Garlean threat and their hold on the Golmore Jungle?



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