Rósar Arda

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 Rósar Arda
Gender Male
Race Viera
Clan Veena
Citizenship Dalmasca
Age 23
Nameday 31st Sun, 4th Astral Moon
Current residence The skies
Birthplace Leá Monde
Occupation Sky pirate
Job Rogue

Rósar Arda is a rare male of the Viera, of the Veena clan who live in the Skatay Range.


Before he was born Rósar's parents left the Viera's sacred woods to live in Dalmasca, and so he was born and raised in Leá Monde. He was however still taught the ways of his people, even if he has never seen the wood or experienced those ways firsthand. As Dalmasca was under Garlean occupation, life was hard in Leá Monde for Rósar, his family, and many others. He did however befriend a girl named INvia Bellveil, who although not a native Garlean had a better life than other provincial people because her father was a scientist for Garlemald's army. Invia and Rósar became fast friends despite their different social standing.

Though despite that friendship, his life was still not an easy one. Rósar would often look to the skies for reprieve, imagining a wider world out there than the city streets, and was fascinated whenever he would see Garlean airships fly overhead. He resolved from a young age to be a sky pirate and treasure hunter, and when the Manacutter-model personal airships started mass production during his adulthood, he took the opportunity to commandeer one for himself.



Wanted as an outlaw sky pirate, Rósar almost always wears a mask and poncho to conceal himself. As a Veena, his skin is fair (relatively - it is still tanned some from the Dalmascan sun) and his hair is blonde. He is slightly smaller than average for a Veena, but still tall by the standards of many other races.


With a silver tongue and a golden heart, Rósar is a sky-loving, money-craving, unabashed flirt. He can and will hit on nearly any woman he sees, but for the most part it's all in good fun; there's only one woman who has truly captured his heart. As much as he'll try to play a cool sky pirate and insist in only doing things for money, it is actually very easy to convince him to help for free with an appeal to his conscience, as long as the request is truly for something good. He also loves the theater.


Rósar wields twin shortswords and makes heavy use of his natural agility in combat, never staying still for even a moment.

Like the rest of his people, Rósar is extremely sensitive to aether - or Mist, as the Viera know it - and if it is too dense and concentrated it drives him into a frenzy, increasing his strength and making him unable to distinguish friend from foe. When driven into a Mist frenzy Rósar will attack with his claws instead of his twin swords.



  • Money
  • Theater
  • Baked goods, especially fried scones with honey
  • Rainy days


  • Crying girls


  • Cooking




  • Invia Bellveil has known Rósar since they were children in Leá Monde.



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