Ranirus Crithalos

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 Ranirus (Ranirus Crithalos
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Age 25
Marital Status Single
Occupation Shaman, Healer, Prophet, Explosives Technician
Height/Weight 5'6, 150lb
Orientation Pansexual
  • Wyra Nimh (Distant Cousin) - Rahn'a (Little Brother, adopted)

Ranirus , Shaman and Self-proclaimed Prophet. (Interested in Story and Darker RP, but can RP all types save for ERP. Apologies! Can do romance, but not anything more. Ranirus is more of an antagonistic character, while not a villain, but his purpose is to push people's characters to make decisions they won't normally have to.)

Basic Info


Food in General
Laying in Flowers
Non-Romantic Affection
Did I Mention Food?
Time to Himself


Speaking Too Often
Red Haired Hyur Women
Wasting Food
Getting Dirty
Having to Help Others
The Inevitability of Fate
Reading People TOO Well


Alignment: Chaotic-Neutral
Vice(s): Promiscuity, Stealing
Favorite Food: Rolanberry Topped Cake
Favorite Drink: Rolanberry Flavored Milk
Favorite Color: Light Brown/Black/White
Favorite Type of Clothing: Tight Fitting Leathers Around Torso, Loose Fitting Around Rest of Form
Favorite Activity: Goldcrafting

Appearance & Personality

Appearance: Ranirus is an averagely size male Miqo'te. Notably, his ears, tail and hair all are adorned with black leopard spots that contrast white fur. He has a very natural brown toned skin, darker, but also less saturated than the orange tans of seekers. His only working eye is a cyan-green color, whereas the prosthetic he has in his right eye socket is made of pure gold with no markings upon its surface at all.
His jaw is very square, but averagely narrow. His nose is wider, with a very smooth bridge that sticks out from the top. Feline, in some manner, with its shape.
The Keeper's eyes are lined as well, with black hues, from sleep deprivation and his mouth is always set in a perpetual frown that mimics an upside down "v". Scars from someone dragging their blade across his face in attempts to write something remain over both sides of his jaw to his cheekbones. One scar beneath his right eye had been dragged over the large bridge of his nose. On his torso, he holds a large scar from a blade down his sternum, which veered off towards his left. And finally a burn scar remains on his left side, over his ribs and on the underside of his arm. It looks as if the flesh had not only been burns but also shredded in some likely explosion.
Constantly, the shaman wear all sorts of gold. Earrings, piercings, nail paint. On his tail he has a very large collection of gold trinkets and beads he has made himself. These include various bird shaped beads, coeurl, feather, key, scorpion, dream-catcher, sword, skull, lamp, balance, and tree shaped charms. in the collection as well, he keep weighted spheres for using his tail as a flail if necessary.
Personality: Ranirus' personality is complicated, but also simple in some manner. Most find him to be a very strange individual that speaks and acts oddly, though few have discovered his mannerisms are simplistic. With some sass while he's in a better mood, Ranirus tends to come off as very stern and cold. He's very wary, vigilant and empathetically aware of his surroundings, especially when it comes to people and situations. This leads him to seem constantly thinking of other things, or wording things strangely to describe his sight of a situation instead of what may appear to be going on. Often times this leads others to confusion and assumptions of his person.
Though Ran used to be more 'feral', a term that will be used lightly, he's grown to be more adapted to society in the two years he's actually been introduced to such. Though, his attribute of ferality stems from his abilities and instincts, awareness for his surroundings as described. His habits, movements and such are often coeurl-like and he's never aggressive without a purpose behind such.
Ranirus also mimics other's feelings towards him. The more someone acts aggressive or hostile towards him, the more he'll return the favor most of the time. Though, most of this is how the other person is acting - words and pleasantries. He can usually read past another's words or actions to get a feel for their character as whole. Intuition.
Despite most of his core stemming from a more stern tone, when he is content with himself and such, he is often rather cheery, despite his outwardly solemn appearance. He'll tease, he'll be playful. He even enjoys pulling light pranks on others. This he'll do without much of an outward hint to his own pleasure from such.


Born in Coerthas, with his tribe, Ranirus grew to be about three years of age before his father left him in the forest to die, for having been born outside the tribe. Ran's father had tried to keep him, despite the tribe's beliefs against such, but eventually was forced to abandon the child, though.
However, while in the forest, the spotted miqo'te was adopted by a coeurl and brought back to live with the female's kits in her den. He was raised with the coeurl for quite a few years before one of his tribe discovered him. She taught him to fight and to hunt down various members of the tribe she thought would try to overthrow the leader because of their beliefs.
Ranirus eventually decided against helping this woman of the tribe. In retaliation, she had his mother hunted.
In fear, Ranirus fled South, far enough to Thanalan's shores, where he was picked up by a tradeship that'd been docked there. The Scarborough, run by Captain Skaetwyb. There, he befriended the cook, Eyriborg, and was raised from thirteen to eighteen years old. During this time, Ranirus guarded the ship and was not allowed to venture off onto shore, which he was mostly fine with.
Though, middle of the year when he was eighteen, there had been an ambush by a large fleet of pirates, which left Ran without his tradeship. (Anymore information will be kept to save spoilers.)



The following rumors are just that - rumors. Some may not be true. Feel free to add your own!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"That fellow's a bit shady lookin', but he seems to have quite the amount of gold on him. He'll probably end up robbed." - Ul'dahn Citizen
"I don't know where he gets his money, but I ain't askin' questions." - Streetwalker
"Yeah, he sits around on the roads and stuff, I've seen'em around! Grumpy man!" - Ul'dahn Orphan
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"I overheard he was a part of a gang.." -Travelling Merchant
"I've seen him cornered a few times, like.. he attracts that type of attention or something? I don't know. Kinda feel bad for him." -Unknown
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"I could have sworn he had something to do with that explosion behind the Quicksand.. Fuckin' crazy Miqo'te.." -Beggar
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)


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