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Ishgard.jpg Rathien Tia
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Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seekers of the Sun
Citizenship Ishgard
Server Balmung
Age 20
Nameday 32nd Sun of the 3rd Astral Moon
Orientation Bisexual
Marital Status Married
Occupation Triage Nurse
Alignment Neutral Good

Basic Info

Rathien Tia (O'vheyo Tia) is a young Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te who was born in Coerthas, far from the center of the Mole Tribe. He was raised as a retainer and spent his childhood in the servitude of a lesser noble house in Ishgard. After a splitting within the house, Rathien was brought with a handful of servants to a secondary estate in the Shroud where he lived for a brief time until he was ultimately dismissed from his services. Having to make a living for himself, he has discovered he has a talent for aetheric manipulation and has made his living as a medical student, studying the arts of astromancy and emergency medicine.


Sleeping In


Arrogant and/or greedy people
People who treat him like a child
People who have a disregard for personal space
Generally anyone who belittles his family


Grandfather: H'asim Nunh
Grandmother: H'anu Elu
Mother: H'aru Asim
Half-Sister: Reiya Ryebaker
Father: O'wari Nunh
Half-Brother: O'seyah Tia
Husband: C'lai Nunh
Step-son: CO'canto Tia
Step-daughter: CO'rina Lai

Appearance & Personality

Rathien is a small, lean built miqo'te barely scraping past the five-fulm mark. He is lithe, with a toned appearance, and naturally brown skin. He is freckled with spots of varying size and shape across his body a shade darker than his flesh tone, with clusters along his nose and down his arms. He has had his spots since birth, an inherited trait from his father. He has three scars; one about an ilm across, an impact wound from an arrow to his left shoulder. The second is about 3 ilms long and left from when a shard of ice punctured through his right thigh. The third is the most recent and most prominent, a horizontal slash about 8 ilms long against his left hip that curves slightly upward. His eyes are a mossy shade of green, and almost too big for his boyish face. He wears his cobalt hair long in the front with sweeping bangs that hang in his eyes, and shorter in the back, the locks naturally curling at the ends.

Rathien is easily approachable; at first impression he is quiet but well-mannered. He tends to rely heavily on formality and will continuously call a person "Ms./Mr." until that person no longer asks that he does so. He can be quite shy in conversation, but he can become quite animated when a topic has his interest. Likewise, he is slow and shy to approach anyone on his own, often stammering and stuttering if he is forced to engaged first. However, anyone who has a bit of patience will find a steadfast and loyal friend in Rathien. At his core he is a kind and gentle-hearted individual who thrives on making the people around him happy. He feels it's his place to keep those he loves safe, and tends to be a little over-protective at times. The only time one might see him lash out is when his mate's pride or well-being is being threatened.
Rathien suffers from Social Anxiety Disorder. Being in large groups of people often makes him feel overwhelmed and prone to having anxiety attacks. While he will withstand large events for a short time, he often only hangs around long enough to make an appearance and then makes his exit. Having someone he can trust who understands his anxiety has helped him last longer in dire situations, and while he does okay in a small group of people, having to work and communicate in between large events or big crowds often leaves him feeling mentally and physically exhausted.


Rathien was born at the Fivione Manor in Ishgard, the only child of a union between H'aru Asim and O'wari Nunh, as O'vheyo Tia. H'aru had been won by O'wari, and had become with-child shortly after, and it was only a a couple months after that she slipped away from the tribe and ran, determined to find a better life for her and her unborn child. She fled Thanalan north into the Twelveswood, and somehow or another ended up in Gridania, where the desire for work led her to those from the retainer's union and a chance meeting with Lord Eaufrort Fivione who was sympathetic to her plight and brought her on as his newest maid.

From the time he could walk and talk, O'vheyo was groomed by the master-butler, Auphen Feafelle, with the idea that the boy would become the manservant for the young master of the house, Leinnex Fivione. Seeing as how the boys were so close in age, Leinnex took to O'vheyo fairly quickly, and even gifted him with the name Rathien, unsure as to why his new sibling had ears and a tail, but would certainly see that he had an elezen name!

Growing up beside Leinnex, Rathien learned how to read and write, as well as proper etiquette and manners. He accompanied his charge to most of his studies, and even participated in various hobbies and sports with him, such as chocobo riding and archery. While Leinnex was encouraged to socialize with others of his own race and status, Rathien was held back and was taught at a very young age where the line of master and servant was, a line he was never allowed to cross, least he be punished harshly.

As the boys grew older, Leinnex continued to pull away from Rathien's side, attending balls, and lavish parties, while as Rathien's new free time was spent learning other trades such as cooking and cleaning. Because their time together was limited, it became a catalyst for something more to transpire between them and their relationship shifted from platonic to romantic. This love affair went on for a while, until they were found lying together and Rathien was removed from the household and barred from seeing Leinnex.

Around the same time the boys were found, Lord Eaufrort was found having an affair of his own and Lady Lauriaenne, of a higher stature, had filed for seperation from her husband. Eaufrort took Rathien, as well as some of the staff who were loyal to him and moved to the summer home in the Shroud where the boy continued to live for half a year, before a fierce custody battle had depleted what little fortune Eaufrort had brought with him, and was forced to downsize the staff he had left and released Rathien from his services just shy of the boy's seventeenth nameday.

Finding A Home
Having no money and nothing of value, Rathien found himself out on his own for the first time in his life. He had a handful of skills that could be considered useful, but only the knowledge of Eorzea that had been taught to him in class. He wandered around the Shroud for days as he tried to find his way to Gridania, and in doing so, accepted help from a group that said they were heading towards the city-state. In reality, Rathien had been picked up by a group of slave traders who were bound for Ul'dah and by the time he realized what had happened, he was already deep in the southern part of the shroud. When he attempted to escape, he was bound and gagged and when he fought back further, beaten and blindfolded. It was merely by chance that a group of adventurers with a warrant from the Immortal Flames for the caravan leader were able to find the traveling group and free those that had been kept against their will. Rathien was taken to Ul'dah for questioning, and then, upon release after receiving medical care, was sent back to Gridania with adventurers as his guard and guide. The couple in question acting as his escorts were two of those that had been there the night he had been saved, and introduced themselves as Eji and Sora Kazuma.

Sora in particular had lived in Gridania for a few years and, upon arrival ushered Rathien to the adventurer's guild, where Rathien's situation was brought to light to the owners of the establishment there. Through various connections he became connected with members of the archer's guild, was reunited with a bow and began taking on odd jobs for money so that he could afford food and a place to stay. It was after he was significantly recovered and able to fend for himself that the staff at the Canopy suggested he seek out a company at which to call home, that could assist him in his needs, going forward.

Curiosity and notoriety brought Rathien to the doorstep of the Harbingers of Dawn Company, where he attended his first meeting. Not knowing what to expect, the miqo'te found himself in a room full of strangers and utterly terrified to say a word, let alone give his name. Among those who spoke that night was C'lai Tia, a rather well-built Seeker male who petitioned the company for help, and while some of the leadership argued upon whether to aide the miqo'te, Rathien as well as a few others approached C'lai to find out why he needed to take a hunting party into the southern Sagoli Desert. When C'lai explained that he needed to retrieve something from his tribe and that he had been exiled, he found that those who had approached him were more than willing to take the risk for him.

During the time spent between planning and executing the mission, Rathien was able to spend time with C'lai along with his other comrade, Jadoth. C'lai welcomed both male miqo'te warmly and treated them kindly, encouraging them to train and fight, even if physical strength was beyond Rathien's forte. Rathien got along well with both of his new friends, but while Jad was relatively aloof despite being willing and capable to fight, C'lai was overly eager to have someone to train with and overall talk with and he and Rath grew into quick companions.

When the time came to raid the C Tribe encampment, C'lai led the attack, and was followed by Rath, Jadoth and allied company member Donohebo. The four were able to bait and lure a bulk of the tribe away, secure the necessary items they had come for and make a sound retreat, though not without sustaining injury. They were chased well into the desert sands and it was only by a stroke of luck that they wandered far enough north to make it to the Forgotten Sands where the U tribe greeted them with a fair bit of caution and allowed them to stay within a fair distance of their camp so that the party could tend to its wounded and prepare for the trip back towards Ul'dah and civilization.

While the others broke away from each other, Rathien and C'lai made the tribe back to Gridania together, and even after the mission was deemed a success, the two continued to enjoy each other's company, often accompanying the other on hunts. Shortly after, while they were away from the estate, C'lai confronted Rathien and confessed that he had developed feelings for him. Rathien thought that C'lai was joking with him, that the crush on his friend had been found out and grew angry with him, but C'lai assured him that he would not joke or make fun of something in this situation and that he truly wished for Rathien to be his mate. It was only after a significant amount of coaxing and serious communication that Rathien finally conceded and admitted he had feelings for him too.

He insisted that they keep their relationship secret for now, and both went back to the company with goals in mind. Rathien joined the martial branch, but no sooner was he getting comfortable in its ranks that he realized things were not quite right with his boyfriend. The closer he got to C'lai the more he realized that something was amiss. It was only after a breakdown that C'lai explained that he had a genetic defect within himself; his body stored massive amounts of aether it could not properly maintain and that he would often blackout or break into fits of tremors. Furthermore, if the condition was left unattended, C'lai would eventually pass away as the amassed aether was slowly eating away at the insides of his body.

Terrified of what he had found out, Rathien began researching all sorts of ways aether could be used and manipulated in a way to fix his beloved's condition. He confided in his friend, Syranelle Ironleaf, for a way to help, as she was a fledgling healer herself. She went to her mentor, who hadn't the slightest idea of where to start as far as helping with the situation. This type of response only further pushed Rathien into his studies, as C'lai's health continued to regress. Rathien sought out his own teacher, approaching Mrs. Eorla Brynn for a way to learn aetheric healing methods that may be useful to his cause. What he found was an entire way a life; a path of medicine that lay before him that made him capable of helping and aiding those who were injured and weary. Thus did Rathien's time in the martial branch come to an end, as he sought to join support as one of its aspiring nurses.

As Rathien became more adept at aetheric manipulation, C'lai continued to regress and there was no general cure in sight. After an incident at the Harbingers summer tournament placed one of C'lai's opponents in the hospital, C'lai was closely monitored by the various branches of the company for any and all activity. It was after a while that Alec Harknezz of the strategy branch approached him with what may be a cause for his underlying illness and invited C'lai out to what sounded like a simple sparring match.

Rathien had spent that afternoon with Syranelle until an urgent call over the company linkshell demanded his presence. When he arrived, he found his mate being tended to by Doctor Vienneu of the Support branch as well as being overseen by Lieutenant Shirica and various other members of the martial branch. C'lai had blacked out and was coming out of one of his trances and Rathien was forced to approach him after verifying that he was the man's mate and that he wanted to take him home. The boys were brought back to the infirmary where C'lai was checked over and later released on the condition that he would remain on house arrest and only be given light guard duty while there.

The morning after this event, Rathien confronted Alec about his methods for 'curing' C'lai and his intentions towards his mate. Alec revealed that he believed there was a malfunction with C'lai's chakra gates and that he was dying from an overdose of aether. Because his gates couldn't close, his body was slowly being irradiated by the aether flow, and when he fought the amount of aether grew tremendously, resulting in a blackout, or worse. Alec told him, that if C'lai continued to live and fight as he had without a cure, he would surely perish.

Rathien found that cabin fever was tearing his mate apart. He arranged to leave for a weekend in Ishgard and cleared C'lai to go along with him. The couple traveled to Coerthas, where Rathien spent some of his time reminiscing about his childhood and sought out the Astroloceum in the high-end of town. Getting away from the estate and the company for a while did C'lai some good, the boys were able to finally relax, Rathien was able to find a calling for his work, and during their first night there found the courage to propose to his mate. C'lai accepted and the two became engaged.

Shortly after returning to the estate, C'lai confronted Alec about a solution to his problem, and Alec told him he had heard of a way of manually shutting C'lai's chakra gates; by forcing them to shut by applying a wave of aether to them greater than the gate was supplying. C'lai consented to have the theory tested on him, and with Rathien and members of the support branch on standby, Alec was able to close three of C'lai's four malfunctioning gates. The cost for having his aether limited in such a way however left C'lai without a major chunk of his senses and Rathien was left to tend to his mate who had been temporarily crippled with aether loss.

It was a long slow and nasty climb back up again from the bottom. Rathien endured much while C'lai suffered the effects of withdraw, tending to his mate's wounds with dedication while C'lai readjusted to the new change in his life. His senses returned as did his strength little by little until he was able to go out on his own again, as he once did. Rathien could return to his studies, get some experience working as a nurse and was finally accepted into the support branch.

C'lai recovered enough where he could start taking missions again, and Rathien continued with his studies, but it felt to the pair of Seekers that C'lai's condition had ostracized them a bit. Members of the company looked at C'lai as if he were some dangerous wild animal, and to make matters worse,complications between C'lai and Syranelle had pushed Rathien further from the woman he considered his best friend. Everything started to fall apart when she brought him and a couple of her other friends in on a secret that had now endangered all of their lives. When Rathien confided in C'lai about the situation he now found himself in, C'lai went to Syranelle and offered her his assistance, to which she refused and claimed that she would never forgive him for his earlier treatment of her.

The boys had their bonding ceremony and several people from the company were in attendance, but it wasn't long after their honeymoon that returning to work forced both of them to realize they weren't happy with their living arrangements. When C'lai asked Rathien if he would leave this place behind, Rathien told him that he would, and so the boys made arrangements to finalize their job, clear out their apartment and look for a new place to live and work.

Moving Forward

The boys ended up at the Goblet in Thanalan, at the will of one of Rathien's friends and comrades, Haru'ra Wilocan, who said that they could stay with his company for a while until they decided what they wanted to do next. Rathien had little love for the city of Ul'dah but it was his husband's homeland and so he tried to put aside the fact he was homesick for the good of himself and his mate. BRAVE was a small quiet free company, and no one demanded anything of the boys while they were there so Rathien took to getting settled and spending his days studying while C'lai went out and did hunts on behalf of the adventurer's guild. The boys attended a couple of events outside of the area, but for the most part they were well concentrated to Thanalan for the time being.

A chance meeting at a tournament where C'lai was competing reunited Rathien with his friend from Harbingers, Miss Zohie Juari. The two caught up and he found out that she had recently left the company as well, seeking a better place for her to learn and utilize her skills. C'lai joined their conversation later and she asked them about Haru'ra, as he had accompanied Rathien to an event where coincidentally they had all ended up. They promised to see Zohie again soon and would bring along Rathien's other friend as well. As it would have it, another meeting between the four of them would become the first step in what would be a more serious relationship between Haru'ra and Zohie, and the two couples complimented each other well and would often be seen on outings together.

Rathien and his mate were still living in Thanalan however and try as he may, the boy just couldn't cope with leaving Gridania behind. C'lai tried to soothe his husband's homesickness by taking him out into Ul'dah for a weekend away and showing him the finer parts of the city. Rathien confided in C'lai that his first visit to Ul'dah had been in the back of a caravan, hanging been kidnapped and held by slave traders because he had been far too naive and trusting at the time. C'lai sought to erase those nasty memories, but no sooner had the two made themselves at home in a room at the Quicksand then they where attacked by assassin's that had been sent after them by C'lai's father, C'nai.The attack left Rathien gravely wounded and C'lai was now convinced that they would not be safe in Thanalan, and so the boys packed up in the middle of the night and moved on from the BRAVE estate, traveling back into the shroud.

Family Bonds

Rathien and C'lai ended up back in the shroud at the home of a friend's; but it was no long lived, as the Academy on which they found their feet no sooner closed it's doors. They were instead approached by some of the Academy's former members, spies and con-artists as it would have it, that had infiltrated the Academy and had now made targets of the married couple. They approached them as to hire them on as mercenaries, under the guise of giving the two a home. They had a secondary compound located in Gridania and even though Rathien refused, C'lai insisted as it would give the two a place to work and sleep. It would appear there was no honor among thieves however; C'lai was tasked with leading his first mission but it had quickly gone sour. There was a spy in the midst who had sold them out to a rival company and on a battlefield of chaos their supposed comrades fled, abandoning the fight one after another. It was with a meager victory that they returned home and C'lai feeling embarrassed and ashamed resigned soon after, unable to place his trust in those again who had nearly sold him out and gotten him killed.

They in turn, turned toward bigger enemies. Unable to hide from his father for too much longer, Rathien had taken the time while in Thaliak's Eye to train and to toughen up. It was finally time to chase after C'nai. With recruited friends Haru'ra, his mate Zohie and their companion Metza'li, the team trekked out into the desert using a device that Za'li had made in an attempt to find the ringleader. What they discovered was a hell beyond measure; C'nai had imprisoned his own people to use as fodder for his void magic. Seeing no sense left in the old man, the group did battle with the Nunh of the C tribe and it was only after a hard fought battle that C'lai was able to wrestle the title from his father and free his people.

With the battle won, C'lai was left with a horrible choice- to kill his own father, or take mercy on the man who had brutalized his whole clan and killed C'lai's first mate. Rathien pleaded with him not to do it, but he knew that in the end it was a decision C'lai alone must make. It was in that moment that the son took pity on the father and spared him, only to be nearly led into another of his sire's traps. It was then that Metza'li moved forward and took the old man's life, freeing him from the will of the void staff of which he carried.

With the staff buried and locked away, C'lai ruled over his tribe, and Rathien kept an exalted status as his chosen mate, one that several of the other tribal males and females tried to steal, but the newly appointed Nunh would have none of it. He kept his status as tribal leader, struck down any who would oppose him and appointed other males to be the breeders of their clan. Rathien, who was an outsider was treated with as much respect as the clan would show someone whom they owed a debt, but would not see him as one of their own.

Once order had been reestablished, those who had brought peace began to take their leave one by one, until it was just C'lai and Rath left to their tribe once more, and for a while they lived out there days there, before Rathien became homesick for the trees and the mountains once more and C'lai felt the itch to return to work. And so, with orders for the Nunhs to protect the tribe, the would-be King and his loyal mate left behind the clan they had come to save to a return to their lives as adventurers.

It was a short while after, that Rathien wanted to return home to Ishgard to check on his own parent; his mother, whom he had had to leave behind three years past. He and C'lai decided to take a trip up north, to return to the home where Rathien had been raised since birth. It was not easy to get past the guards as Rathien was refused entry, and so the pair had to fight their way in. There, the pair of miqo'te were greeted by the lady of the house, who promptly told Rathien that after he had been exiled, she had released his mother from work. The couple then traveled to the nearby retainer's union where she had been rehired by a merchant of Ul'dah, and so after a wild goose chase through Rathien's homeland, the two returned to their apartment in Thanalan to continue the search for the boy's mother.

The CO' Tribe

Rathien and C'lai would return to Thanalan to find that his mother had found work at the house of a Lalafellin lord named Hishono Capono, in the goblet. Grateful that it was close by, the couple approached the manor only to find out that Rathien's worst fears had come true: in their time spent apart his mother had passed unknowingly to him. Speaking with the groundskeeper revealed the truth; that she, along with several other retainers stationed in the manor were abused by the master of the household and H'aru had taken the brunt of that abuse when she had become with-child.

Although devastated, Rathien was shocked to find he shared a sibling in the world. When he pressed the groundskeep for more information, he was assured that the babe did not belong to anyone in the manor, but had been sired by another male miqo'te who frequently came to visit. After H'aru's death, he stopped calling and no one seemed to know what had happened to the child, if, it had been born at all.

It took some time for this all to process and eventually, Rathien wanted to learn the truth, and let the truth be learned. He petitioned the retainer's union to investigate the Capono mansion and the workers there, but those at the Ul'dahn branch refused to go against one of their most valued customers. Meanwhile, he began a search for his mother's body and the whereabouts of the mystery child if it even truly existed.

The couple enlisted the help of an Ala Mhigan refugee who sold information for the right price. She made it her job to keep tabs on members of the syndicate and knew where they like to dump those of they disposed of where the Brass Blades would turn a blind eye. When Rathien explained what he was looking for, the response he got was far more incredible than he believed. Indeed his mother's corpse had been thrown to the wolves, and as fate would have it, the newborn babe with her, but the child had fought to live and her cries had alerted a merchant couple who were nearby. The kitten had been saved, and taken in by the hyur family who had found her that night.

It only took a short time to track down the Ryebakers, who traveled between the shroud and thanalan on a regular basis. Rathien reached out to them, pleading for the chance to meet the child who had survived that night, and they had accepted his offer. When they arrived in Ul'dah they sent word and Rathien, who had felt alone for weeks after hearing of his mother's passing, was able to meet his baby sister, Reiya, his mother's legacy.

With reasons for both sides to remain in Thanalan, the couple finally decided to settle down and bought a place in the goblet to call their own. C'lai could be close enough to maintain his tribe, and Rathien would find work in a local clinic while being able to babysit and take part in his siblings life. Little did they know they would soon be joined by C'lai's kits, and their small two-bedroom penthouse would suddenly not be enough.

O'canto and O'rina were twins, a product from a previous relationship C'lai had with a female named O'kanari. They arrived on the couple's doorstep after their mother had died and had come searching for C'lai, whom they had never met. In their early teens, the pair had only had each other and as such were over-protective of one another. Canto in particular blamed his father for his mother's death and both suffered abandonment issues from the traumatizing ordeal. It was a rocky start for all of them, but the children gradually learned to appreciate Rathien's company and guidance. He helped bridge the gap between them and their sire, and it was the twin's decision to change the suffix on their names to CO'; C for C'lai, O for O'vheyo in honor of both of their fathers.

Tricks of the Trade


"A golden and silver object... In the middle, a silver globe with uneven aether gems that connected to others around the globe through thin lines that seemed to bear the same qualities as the circular gems themselves. Carefully carved runes adorned both sides of the lines, seemingly also in the same material. With this orb, on opposite sides of the box's packing layout, a golden, bright piece with gems ornamenting along its half circle; extending in certain points to the very edge of the container... resembling an expertly carved Sun. The other piece was silver, the same careful adornment followed within, as the same symbols of the orb painted the thin inside of these half circles. Symmetrical patterns in the underbelly of each half-circle extended beyond to its sides in perfect harmony with the extensions that protruded from it. There was a dormant hum emanating from the object... a resonance that was unheard physically, but those sensitive to aether would surely hear..."

The name that Rathien chose for his astraglobe, but will never admit aloud, Equinox was give as a gift by his husband on the eve of their second Starlight holiday together. The astraglobe was exquisitely made for the miqo'te who has been nicknamed by his mate 'Sun & Moon'. Equinox's specialty is honing and balancing the flow of nearby aether to be used with such precision that a skilled healer could wield a piece of aether which such deftness as a scalpel blade.

Aether Manipulation

Rathien was initially taught by a conjurer and thus he has learned a variety of different ways to control the elements at his disposal. It wasn't until recently he started using a starglobe to maximize his efficiency with aether and even chooses to 'freehand' lesser uses of aether as to not wear out his beloved instrument. Throughout his studies and with hours of experience Rathien has learned how to cast several different types of spells, some noted here:

Combust: A hand full of aether was all that he had, still glowing from his wounds. He pulled as much of it into his hands as he could muster, curling his fingers into his palms, both hands glowing maybe he couldn't block the blow but perhaps he could regenerate through it. He grasped for aether in the air, his meager ability pulling tangent amounts to him and then all at once let it go... It was as if the sky fell; the resounding explosion of compressed aether turned cobalt blue among impact, bursting into gold sparks that fell to the ground like the fireworks they had seen during the festival.

Noct (Aspected Benefic): Pulling aether into himself, hands becoming alive with an intense blue glow. Releasing that in a long flaring wave reminiscent of a half moon he surrounds himself with a protective cocoon that protects and mitigates oncoming attacks.

Astral Stasis: Rathien taps into the forces of the astral gares, until the whole room begin to waft in blue and gold, lighting up like the night sky above them. Bathed in an ethereal light, orbs of stardust swirling around him, the serene picture that had painted with his aether combusts, harming enemies while healing allies.


Rathien keeps a journal where he writes all of the events that happen in his life. For those who know where to look it can easily be found.

Rumor has it he used to work as a cook at a very popular bar; this is true, however his anxiety kept him from working on nights when the tavern was busiest.


Romantic     Sexual     Platonic      Animosity     Hatred
C'lai Nunh: Rathien's Husband and mate. A martial artist well trained in the art of combat.
Haru'ra Wilocan: A charismatic and flirty Keeper male. Rathien has mentored him in aetheric manipulation.
Y'shenn Tia: A cheerful Seeker male who is always bright and optimistic. C'lai's sparring partner and Rathien's friend.



Artwork was done by C'lai Nunh of Balmung:

Original Layout is credit to Bancroft Gairn, modifications by me.