Renault Delumiere

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Stefan Delumiere
The Illustrious Healer
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 29
Height 6'2"
Date of Birth 32nd Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon
Occupation Champion Gladiator (Semi-Retired) // Accomplished Large-Scale Merchant
Server Balmung
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Stefan (Formerly Renault/Zork) towers over most Midlanders, standing at 6'2". His bronzed skin is product of prolonged time spent traveling outdoors. By some odd passed down genetics of his ancestors past, he was born with glimmering lavender hair and piercing white eyes that glisten like ice. He isn't a fan of his natural hair color, so it tends to stay dyed a white blonde. While there are no other physical traits that make him stand out among others, his strong posture is an every growing rarity in the midst of those he surrounds himself with. With a condescending tone and a chin held high, most would be certain to remember this douche of a Hyur should they ever have the utmost pleasure of being graced by his presence.


Stefan walks and talks like any man, with a variety of attitudes and moods depending on the given situation. However, his kindness and friendly attitudes are often just a worn mask to get something he wants. His true nature is far more confident, outspoken and rude, though he tends to keep himself educated enough to at least not be ignorant.


Basic Breakdown

While Stefan rarely ever fights his own battles, he has an impressive variety of skills at his disposal. He has become adept at all arts of magic and war known to the people of Eorzea, though he has particularly mastered the art of conjuring.



  • Beautiful women
  • Attention
  • Competition
  • Sightseeing
  • Gil


  • Fat/Ugly People
  • Boredom
  • Law makers
  • Prudes
  • Mud
  • The handicapped


  • He is an exceptional healer, and a great Wizard.
  • He somehow always wins at gambling.
  • His conniving brain rivals that of the greatest tacticians, though he'll never put it to good use other than to make a quick profit.
  • His ability to utilize healing magic in combat is unmatched by all but a few he has met, though he rarely displays his talent.


  • He always seems to have gil. Then again, he's always doing something productive for his wallet.
  • He is not easily manipulated by others.
  • If you think you have caught him alone, you're probably wrong.



Father: Bernard Delumiere

Mother: Gabrielle Delumiere

Fiance: Katrina Lara (Ten cycles/years deceased)


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Backstory: (This information is accumulated of experiences that happened in his life before the calamity, and as such, was not played out in RP) - Born Stefan Delumiere, to one of the richest couples in all of Limsa Lominsa. His father was an emperor of the trade and shipping business, owning several ships and trading companies throughout the western regions of Eorzea. His mother was a religious leader of Menphina, a devout follower of the goddess, she accumulated a fortune off of the unused donations after building several churches. The boy had many mixed experiences during his childhood that would contribute into creating the dashing bastard he is today. His parents were not often present, but he was educated by some of the most intelligent people in Eorzea. He learned magic, steelplay, and most importantly - business. However, as he was never kept on a short leash, he did tend to get himself caught up in the mischief that Limsa Lominsa held for it's youth. Stealing, pranking and the like became his favorite past time. By the time he was 16, his parents had amassed a fortune so great that they had become the wealthiest family in the watery city state. Using this money, they managed to bribe their way into becoming citizens of Ishgard, a people which they adored for their morals and, as Stefan believes, their pretentiousness. The Ishgardians were the greatest of all civilizations, no? Why should the Delumiere's not be among them? So, they gave up their fortune to become one of the lower classes of Ishgardian culture. Over the next year, and now living amongst the Elezan of Ishgard, Stefan's parents showed even worse signs of mental distortion. They had an obsession, a desire, to be Elezan, the most elegant of all Eorzea's races. During his final year in the nest of his parent's, Stefan traveled - with supervision - to the city state of Gridania. He was to learn conjury, and become a grand healer. It's in Gridania that he met the love of his life, Katrina Lara, a midlander girl of 17. They spent nearly a year together *queue stupidly cute montage from a romantic comedy*, when Stefan popped the big question. Katrina wouldn't have it any other way, and so the two of them made for Ishgard to receive the blessing of Stefan's parents.

As they approached the gates, Stefan wouldn't know that this would be his last time in the grand city. His parents were outraged, their son had brought home a Hyur woman and planned to marry her? This was not the Elezan daughter-in-law they dreamed of, the one which would bear them half-breed children and further their ascendance to Elfhood. (Sparing the scenic parts:) Stefan was torn away from his fiance, and he'd never see her again, though he could hear her anguished cries behind him as the guards of his family estate dragged him through the snowy streets of Ishgard, and out of the gates. His next two years are spent wandering and practicing the many different arts of magic and steel that he'd learned during his childhood, with an emphasis on conjuring. He set out into the realm with good intentions, vowing to do good, and to help those in need. It was his way to keep distracted from the loss he had suffered.

Works in progress (actual events):

- Augustine Frost and the Coral Sea

- Sasha Rochester

- Stefan's Trading Empire which almost succeeded but failed horribly

- Stefan's pilgrimage to the north

- Giving up nobility to take up exploration

- The Wolve's Den and The Feast

- Stefan's return and re-ignition of business


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