Reylan Voss

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Reylan Voss
"Hope for the best, plan for the worst."
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age Unknown

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Theme song for Reylan

Vengeance(From The Equalizer)

Reylan in one paragraph

Reylan Voss is a man of honor and loyalty. Through many years as a soldier and covert operative he has been shaped into the man he is today. He will fight for the lowly and needy. Impelled by a sense of justice, he will do what he must, even if it means fulfilling justice outside the bounds of the law.


  • Owari (The End)
  • Onryo (Vengeful Spirit)
  • Wanderer

Through hours of laborious venture into the world, Reylan's strength is reflected through his chiseled body. Medium length, unkempt yet styled blonde hair shines over his tan body. He stands tall for a midlander, around 5'8". People who are sailors or lived a life of sea-faring will immediately recognize his body as that of a sailor. In addition to his bodily appearance, his eyes are deep blue, nearly matching the sea he was raised on.

Reylan was a man filled with darkness and sorrow due to traumatic loss. He is not corruptible; with a very strong mind he follows his own moral compass. He is calm and collected; focused. His driving force is his love and concern for his wife. While he may worry too much at times and can be overconfident, this does not get in the way of his work. Reylan is fiercely loyal to his his wife. He never loses his temper with those he cares about. He always speaks in a kind, calm, and gentle voice (even if it is not emoted).

Common Phrases

  • "May the wind be on your back." ~ A departing wish.
  • "Fair winds and following seas." ~ A sailor's farewell.
  • "As surely as the sun rises..." ~ A preface Reylan uses to signify something stronger than an oath.


  • Poetry
  • Illusions/magic tricks
  • Drinking


  • Women
  • Justice
  • Alcohol
  • Honor
  • Chivalry


  • Dishonorable men
  • Evil
  • Disrespect
  • Stereotypes and racial remarks


  • Does not tolerate liars.
  • Distrusts others until proven worthy.
  • He has a seemingly unnatural ability to consume inordinate amounts of rum.

Reylan's main military strength is his sword. He lent his blade to the city-states after the Calamity, scouring the land of evil Imperials and feral beasts. Though not violent in nature, Reylan will not hesitate to pierce the body of a threatening foe, especially one who disrespects women. A man of a few different talents, he will assume whatever role necessary to make sure he protects the realm and the planet. Reylan himself is nearly a martial weapon and the way he fights is almost like an elegant dance. His movements are precise and calculated, even suffering blows in order to expose his targets to the fatal edge of his blade or a crippling move in close quarter combat.

Reylan is a military man. He served the three Grand City States during and after the Calamity. Currently he runs a private inspector firm that specializes in heinous sex crimes and child abductions. Before that, Reylan was a sailor. His father owned a fleet of ships used to charter goods. After his father passed away in sleep, he inherited the fleet. It was at sometime during the Calamity that all of it was lost; everything Reylan loved was gone in an instant with no recollection of what happened and who he lost. All he knew was that something was missing and he knew naught of what it was.

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Common Gossip (Easily overheard)

  • "Inspector Reylan Voss? Don't let his act or appearance fool you. He's never lost a case. So what if he's always drinking? I swear it makes him more insightful." ~ tavern patrons, market vendors, reporters
  • "Reylan drinks me under the table every damn night. I come in, he's half-way through a bottle. I leave after three hours and he's half-way through a third bottle!" ~ tavern patron
  • "The blonde sailor? I see him in taverns a lot. Always drinking, always drunk..." ~ regular patrons at taverns
  • "He is a longtime seaman, a rootless wanderer." ~ tavern patrons, city-state citizens, villages, essentially heard anywhere.

Uncommon Gossip (Somewhat less common to overhear)

[While this is uncommon gossip, if a character has been in a scenario to hear the gossip, then by all means use it =)]

  • "Reylan was top in all his classes at the academy. He received the highest training in martial arts, weapons, and military tactics. He's been decorated for bravery in the line of duty six times, been promoted five times, and has never lost a case. He has no wife; no children. His only dedication is to his work. He's our best." ~ Merlwyb
  • "His methods are brutal, violent, barbaric, and unlawful. But he's just too damn good for us to get rid of. That's why you won't see him on our official roster. Officially he was relieved of his command. Unofficially..." ~ Maelstrom commanding officer
  • "He's shot people he likes for far less. " ~ One of Limsa's prisoners

Rare Gossip (Very difficult or rarely overheard)

[Since these are said by people, they can of course be heard. However, they are rarely ever said and may not be used without permission. Thus they will not be acknowledged in RP.]

  • "Y'sariel? That's his dearly beloved." "No, it's the woman he calls out in his sleep, Sari or something. Her death haunts him down to this day. There's no cure for that kind of love." ~ sailors in Limsa's Anchor Yard
  • "Ah, Onryo (vengeful spirit). His spirit is full of vengeance and was clearly displayed in Doma. Oh, Reylan Voss? Never heard of him." ~ Doman refugee.
  • "He told me love is a weakness that should be cut out. If you ask me, he was the one who killed his wife. But seriously, don't ask me..." ~ Maelstrom associates
  • "He reminds me of those stories I hear about the drifters and wanderers... Their eyes are filled with sorrow and even though they have lived a full life, they look really young." ~ Doman refugee

PC Gossip (Gossip from the characters of other players. Go on, add one!)

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💑 Love Interest     Romantic Interest      Sexual Desire     Platonic Love      Family      Good Standing     Neutral     Poor Standing    Deceased

💑 Salem Blackstorm: Reylan's dedication was to his work until he met Salem. The conversation started off rather goofy on Reylan's part, but after some random encounters he found himself wanting to see Salem again. He enjoyed her company and conversation. It did not take long for him to fall in love with her. Though there is quite a gap in their age, Reylan finds her spirit of independence attractive, her laugh captivating, and her qualities endearing. He enjoys spoiling her with attention, cooking, and teasing her whenever he gets the opportunity. Her sassy attitude is something else that he loves and he will counter with his own when he gets the chance. Salem is also the reason Reylan decided to start his own private investigation firm, which they run together.

Reylan can be anywhere, really. He's from Limsa Lominsa, so is there often. His work takes him all over and can be found at taverns.

What I am looking for/interested in:

  • RP Friends!
  • A good RP plot.
  • RP partners!
  • People to investigate. Reylan is an inspector of crimes involving sexual assault, kidnapping, and subsequent murders involving the aforementioned. I'd love to put Reylan on the case!

What I will NOT RP:

  • ERP. Period.
  • Character mutilation, including, but not limited to: Killing, scarring, attacking, stabbing, hitting, clubbing, antagonizing, emotional tumult, and more
  • Complete breakage of lore. Honestly, I don't know it all, nor do I really care to. Just don't bring me a character that can fly and is superhuman.

Other Notes

Forgive me if I don't use Eorzean terms. It's enough to remember my character's age and height and weight in real world terms, let alone Eorzean. I follow the KISS principle; Keep It Simple Stupid. When my character speaks, it will be in a way that is easily understood by anyone. Not all understand archaic English. While I avoid terms such as "awesome" and "gnarly" I do use somewhat modernized English.

((This sample is what OOC text will look like.)) Although I use that format, it's only when I'm in RP with someone I'm RPing with. If I send someone a /tell and we aren't engaged in RP, it's pretty obvious it's OOC without (( )).